Maanikya (2015) Full Hindi Movie | New movies 2015 full movies | Sudeep, Ranya

Maanikya (2015) Full Hindi Movie | New movies 2015 full movies | Sudeep, Ranya

Where is she? Always late.
– Yes. Where is she?
– Where is she? Can I have all the students here,
please!? Please listen to me carefully.
– What is she doing? What you have giving you this. Why hasn’t she come yet? Okay friends. We have gathered
here for a good cause. Okay. – We are collecting
fund for a good.. ..cause so this box
is given to each. So you need to put in the
funds in the box and.. ..hand over the fund
list in the evening. Is this clear? Okay guys.
– Shall we leave? Excuse me. – Yes. – I am from
Singapore university. We are collecting funds
for UC organization. Would you please help us?
– Oh sure. Wow!
– Thank you. – You are welcome. Excuse me. Will you please? We are collecting funds
for UC organization. Can you please help us? That’s so nice. Thank you so much.
It’s for a very good cause. Hi Sir, we have been collecting
funds for UC organization. It’s for the children. Would you please contribute
something? Is this okay?
– Yes sir. Of course. That’s alright. Manisha, where are you? – You are
with us at the fund collection. But you are not coming
for the programme. I am very tired. You guys carry on. Okay.
– Bye! Hey!
– Hi sir. Shall we?
– Sir? – Go for a drive. Sorry.
– Please don’t be. It’s give and take.
I give what you want.. ..and I take what I want. Sorry. I am not those. Leave my hand. You are an Indian. Be with me until morning.
I either buy or snatch what I like. I gave you what you wanted.
Now it’s your turn. Leave my hand. Help! Chill! No one comes to help no matter
how much you scream. This is a foreign land.
No angel will come to help you. Leave my hand. I like wild cats. Help! You are asking for help
unnecessarily. No one will come. He is the man with
a plan in action. Nobody in the world got his
passion. Making dashing. Making dashing star. He is a killer boy. Looking on the way.
Everybody make a way for display. He is number one..
Get up! Everyone.. Come on. Come on. No matter which land you are. If an Indian girl is
in trouble some.. ..angel is around to save her. If the angels are busy.
I will do their duty. Angels may come.
But do you know who I am? The King of Singapore.
Gaurav Singh. Senator’s only son.
Spoil brat. Rahul! Oh! He knows me. You came to save her even
after knowing it. Will you hit me? Beating up creates problems.
It doesn’t get solved. If we talk we will find a solution. I don’t know how much you paid her. But I understand you
have paid her well. He will come first.
I will push and punch him. He will be in air for 5 seconds
then land on the ground. Next him. He won’t stand still
watching his friend. He will try to hit me.
With this hand. I will give a solid side kick.
He will fly and dash that wall. On seeing this that one
will not keep quiet. He will come forward
with all his guts. The same kind of block and
a punch on his chest. That would be.. ..something. After being beaten up you don’t
have a psychological fear. Everyone attacks together. What do you think?
I will finish by talking. You don’t understand
what is inside.. ..the book on seeing its cover. If you still don’t
change your mind.. ..then you will have to fight me. If you have the guts then
win over by love. Everything is not for sale. If you give love you will
get love in exchange. He is a killer boy. Everybody
make way for this display. He is number one a heart giver.
Everybody make a way. Hey what’s up?
– What happened? Why did you let him go? To love. Thanks a lot. I am Manisha.
– I am Jai. Shake it up! I don’t know what would happen
if you wouldn’t come by. Relax. Are you from Mumbai? No. From the village.
– Village! – Yes. Beautiful girls must
take care at night. Keep smiling. You don’t know who he is.
You are tensed about it. You don’t know if you
will meet him or not. Why are you even thinking
about him? Forget him. Is he the one?
– Yes. It is. Did you recognize me? Oh! You live here somewhere. I remember dropping you.
That night those goons. Your name. Look how he is flirting with you? Manisha. Manisha! Right. Look at this co-incidence.
My bike broke down in this area. Coming dude. One sake! So what’s up? Strange. Your bike is working. You know what a co-incidence. I know. By the way girls, I am Jai.
– Hi! Hi! – Now you will ask for the
number, start flirting. Right? You think too much. Coffee? You have the coffee.
We will join you in some time. Bye! The bike is working so. Shall we go? Some other time. What did he say?
– Jai!? Hi girls!
– Hi! Bye! Bye Manisha! Sorry.
I offered coffee. It’s old fashion. How about some dinner or wine? Sorry Jai. I have to go home
and do dusting and cleaning. Some other time. Some other time? How about the rest?
– It’s fine. Oh! Hi Manisha!
– Hey! Anyway,
dusting and cleaning is done. I prepared Chinese food
as you like it. It is ready. You like Chinese food.
Count stars in the sky. You like to hear music
in your free time. Beside this. Sorry. I have
got only this information. Sorry Manisha!
But he’s been so sweet. That’s why we gave him
some information. Okay. Can we eat now? By the way what is your
programme for tomorrow? I mean I am partying as it’s
weekend. It’s going to be fun. Will you want to join me? I know next time.
There’s always a next time. But anyways I will be passing
from here so just in case.. ..if you want to join me then. You can. Okay. Bye! You live here. You die here. I am enjoying the world. I run like a racing horse.
My life is crazy. It is easy to reach your
goal if you want to win. Jump up in the sky and dance. Jump up in the sky and dance. You live here. You die here. Everybody bow to the star.
He is superstar. Kannad rock star. Everybody dance to the beat. Step in on the beats to
the Kannad rock star. I for see.
C for the see. H for the A. Icha. I for see.
C for the see. H for the A. Icha. No matter what happens
don’t lose hope. Win hearts with love.
Make relationships. Make fun and enjoy. Dance. Dance. Jump up in the sky and dance. Jump up in the sky and dance. You live here. You die here. On the Gloria. Let us do the disco.
Shake it up. Move it up. We are like birds. We want to fly. Let’s sing and forget our sorrows. Let speak sweetly.
Forget what it means. Let’s show the world.
Dance. Dance. Dance. Jump up in the sky and dance. Jump up in the sky and dance. You live here. You die here. Let the world watch how I enjoy. Hey! Nice breeze. You are okay? I don’t think so. Something wrong? Nothing Jai. Actually this is the best
time of my life. It would be so nice if life
was going smoothly. That’s the way we think. Things are easy for the one
who is always happy. What I thought in life
never happened. And it won’t happen. My family. My village. The people
there are different. Enmity. Hatred. Fights. Those people don’t know
to love like you. I faced lot of problems to
come here for studies. After I finish my education
I will.. ..have to return to that hell. After meeting you,
I feel like living life happily. Fill it with happiness. What is wrong in living
life with joy? The number of days I was
here I was happy. But very soon this happiness
won’t last. I have a small request.
– Yes. Stop whatever has started. It will be better if you
don’t meet me again. Sorry Jai, you have to forget me. But. Everyone goes abroad to study. But why did you come
to India from there? For a girl. Hey! Hi Susy! Hey Rita! Oh no! It seems no one respects
this uniform. Do you know a hero acted
wearing this uniform? He was above any super star. These fools won’t know. Just a minute.
This face, height, look. No. There is no chance. That big
moustache. Yours are small. And this chocolate face.
You won’t be able to fight. About whom are you talking? About whom?
– My boss. ACP Kamal Chaturvedi. You worked with ACP
Kamal Chaturvedi. You are here in this uniform? Are you asking after seeing this
uniform. – That’s a long story. – Yes. Actually he came here and
disturbed everyone. That’s why he was transferred
from here. But after he left my
life is in trouble. Everyone thinks I am
ACP Chaturvedi. And they want to kill me. The police department is asking
to take a promotion. Why should I take advantage
of some one else’s post? I will tell you a secret
I am happy here. I come when I want and
make money and return. I will tell you another secret.
– There is less competition here. You are right. Who is he? I am crazy for him. The college
throws him out but he returns. He never pass his exam.
But the college failed.. he likes to fight
then to study. Where are they? In the class. Get them here. Get aside. Go quickly. As my senior got transferred
everyone is showing their colours. God knows when someone
will come to stop it. There he is.
– There. Hey! He is running. Hey, where are you running? Will you be able to live
by picking up fights? This is the last warning.
I am forgiving you instead of them. Don’t be seen here again. Go away! Who are you? I am your friend. Your enemy is my enemy. Let’s talk about this later.
First let me deal with them. Tell me how will you maintain
your level.. ..if such people will
fight with you? Why do you need to come here
to hit such people? Can’t they handle such things? Hey! Go away.
– Are you a new admission? Yes. I have just taken admission
in post graduation. Where do you live?
– I have applied at the hostel. Until then I will be around.
– It is not needed. Robert,
he will live with me in my room. It’s fine. Veer Pratap Singh!
Bank manager, Veer Pratap Singh. The whole city shivers
on hearing my name. You are making me wait for
a suitcase. Where is he? Where is he?
You are taking so long. I have made a house so big. There is enough place
to jog inside. You are applying nail polish
sitting here. What do I say? Brother-in-law, what happened? Goons are coming here to harass me.
Go inside. Jagtap! Not Jagtap but Pratap. Right. Are you going to the office? Right. This is Vijay, my friend.
– Hi Dude! Hello sir.
– Nice hair style. Thank you.
– Our owner. Veer Pratap Singh! I am Veer Pratap Singh. But after he came I removed Veer.. ..and let Singh aside. Use only Pratap. Stop kidding. Go and bring tea for us. We are sitting upstairs.
– Hello sir. Tea? It’s time to go to the bank. Brother-in-law, I will prepare tea. As you are going to the bank. You will make tea. Go inside. You will prepare coffee too. When did you learn to prepare it?
Go inside. There is only one bedroom and it
has no space. – Adjust yourself. Hey! You are habituated
in living anyhow. Why do you need a bedroom? You be here. He will stay
with me in the bedroom. Where is Raju? He can’t be seen
around. – He will come in some time. Brother, tea is ready. Take it..
– Thank you! Welcome. Keep it down.
– What? – Your leg. I want to keep the tray. Take it. What have you thought about him? What to think? – Rent will be
Rs.500. And Rs.2000 for food. Why do you need extra?
We are using the same room. You are kidding. Brother, does anyone let you
in if the theatre is empty? You need to take a ticket, right?
– The same rule applies here. Jagtap! Not Jagtap but Pratap! It’s my birthday tomorrow.
– Oh! Happy birthday sir.
Congratulations! Don’t forget to get a billion
from the bank. What? A billion. Why? For the party. How much more?
You wasted so much already. Hey! What happened?
Why are you laughing? Though god didn’t give me
the physical strength. But he has given me intelligence. Alright. I will get it. We will party. Hey! Hey! Happy birthday! Congratulations! Happy birthday Shiva! Thank you. Sorry! No problem baby. Carry on! Elders say no matter how old you
get your habits don’t change. Did you see?
You saw everything quietly. I am very impressed by you. I was not like this earlier. How were you? That Pratap was different. Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey Shiva, come out. What happened, sir? What is this? It’s a jeep.
– What? I got down from this vehicle.
Don’t I know it’s a jeep? When a Mercedes comes you.. ..keep scrap on the road.
Remove it. Remove it.
Remember I am Veer Pratap Singh. The party isn’t over.
Watch the next episode. Hey Shiva!
– What happened, sir? Why are you asking what is wrong? What is this?
– A beer bottle. I thought it was phenyl. How many times should I explain? If I see any beer bottle
again I will break it. Go away!
– Sir. It’s was ego. Ego. Bachelor’s drink beer
as lime water. It’s fine they smoke the whole
packet of cigarette. But we must keep quiet
after seeing it. They are not quiet. As it’s ego. Watch the next scene. What’s the time?
– 11.30, sir. You are saying so easily
that’s it’s 11 o’clock. How dare you come to the house
of a young girl so late? Do one thing. My wife and her
sister is sitting inside. So go in quietly.
I am waiting here. Where are you going? You are
rushing in after a word from me. Hello! Excuse me.
Listen. Can’t you understand? Do you go deaf at night? Not only this. He got angry on me. And broke my bones. To tell you the truth
we have nothing.. do if anyone does anything. Why interfere? He could come home early,
eat and watch the news. That’s alright, right? It’s their wish. If we ask why are you doing this? This is how a owner like
me will be treated. It’s ego. Ego for people like me. Where are you going? Don’t tell.. ..him anything or he
will beat me up. Relax! You want to dance with him. Get ready! Boss,
it’s your birthday so I thought.. ..your men will be around you. How can we stay around?
Everyone has a fear. If you don’t mind can
I have a drink. Your loved one stay close to you.. ..not far out of fright. Got it? Thank you. Boss! There is only gang and
fights in your life. And nothing interesting? What else can be more interesting
than this at this age? Girls! Excuse me. Can we dance? Sure. Try it. It’s a magic. Shiva, may I dance with you? Come. Come on. Someone has done some magic.
Changed the course of the wind! Before he changes..’s better we find
another option. Sir! What did you say? So much respect all of a sudden. I came to pay the rent of last
month. It was pending. No brother, you can slap me
if you are angry on me. But I fear the respect
you are showing to me. There is no need to fear.
Accept it. The Shiva here is different
from the one you know. Is it?
– Yes. This change should have been then. Why? What happened? Where are you?
– Where? At Sultanpet before Bidar village. That is my village. Your village?
– Yes.. – Where do you live there? Until the government doesn’t
give me a house.. live I will live anywhere
I get to stay. – What? Will you live in a government
quarter in my village? No way. Mother, there is a uncle who
is coming to the village. Arrange for his stay. – Not a
trouble. This was my old Shiva. You are right. Right values. I spoke to mother.
You will stay in my house. I don’t want to hurt you by
refusing you. Thank you. Okay sir. Will I live in a quarter? He is innocent.
I paid for this transfer. Why?
– Why? The way he made me spend money.. exchange I will live at
his house and extract money. I am Veer Pratap Singh. Veer Pratap? Are you going home? Everything will be fine. Okay. Thank you. Brother, we have found the
people of Adi Shesh. Watch. Watch here. I can’t bear the pain
of losing my heir. I am dying daily remembering it. Watch how I kill the enemy. Look carefully. Unless I don’t deal
with the people.. ..who made your condition thus.. ..until then I will want to avenge. I won’t spare anyone. Bro! We have a holiday of 30 days. What do you say?
Shall we go to Singapore? Who will go to Singapore
for a month? I was thinking of visiting
places here. It’s better you come to my village. You got ready so easily.
Give me some time. I haven’t finished my packing.
Let’s go. Did you see how he changed
his clothes so soon? I feel he is going to
do something fishy. Who is he? Sir. Sir, pick the luggage. Dude, some one has sacrificed
something as we are coming here. Come with me. Dad, how are you? Don’t go out alone. The situation is not good. Got it? Alright.
Dad, he is my friend Vijay. Hello uncle. He is from abroad.
He has no idea of things here. Let’s go in. Mom! You are here. Shiva!
– Mom! My darling. You thought of home so late. Didn’t you think of your mother?
– Forget that. Mom, he is Vijay, my friend.
– Hello! God bless. You are a goddess. I saw this look after years. Did you eat food? We are very hungry. – Go to your
room. Food is getting ready. Alright. Make it spicy.
– I’ll call you. Alright. Wow! Aunt.
– Yes. How are you?
– I am fine, Shiva. She is my aunt.
– Aunt? Yes.
– Oh! She doesn’t look like an aunt. If she was little elderly
then I would have agreed. But aunt..
– Forget it. He is uncle. Hello uncle! Brother!
– Manisha! Hey! When did you come? – Forget that.
New style. New clothes. It is his doing. He is a cheater. My friend, Vijay.
My sister, Manisha! She is aunt’s daughter. Baby, I love you! He is the reason for
the changes in me. Uncle, he is my friend, Vijay. We study at the same college. This is a village not a city. Dude, he is dangerous.
– Let’s go from here. Be careful of uncle. Is he a don?
– Let’s go. He is your uncle, right?
– Yes. Come with me. Jai!
– Hi! Take care of yourself here. Manisha, we have only one life. I don’t believe in re-birth. If we don’t live this life
nicely then it’s useless. And I want to see you happy.
That’s it. It is not so easy to change
everyone in the house.. ..the way you changed brother. I know. Let us try. Anything is possible. Anything baby! Baby, I love you! Baby, I love you! Brother,
the enemy has crossed their.. ..limits by killing our men. I must know everything
Veera does hereafter. I vow on the goddess I
will sacrifice him. Go! Hello sir.
– Hello! Hello sir!
– Hello! Moosa. Pratap! Sir, not Moosa. Pratap but Pratap. Sir, why do you call me Moosa? What does it mean?
– Forget that. What were you doing
so late at night? I had lot of work at the bank. You think so much of me. Thank you for your concern. It’s not that. If the enemy finds
out that you are.. ..our man then they will kill you. Okay bye. Love you! Bro! You will have to speak
to my family when.. get the opportunity. Please! You have just fallen in love. Enjoy for a few days.
What’s the hurry? Hi!
– Hello! – Hi! Sir, how are you? Veer Pratap Singh.. ..likes our house so much.
He decided to stay here for a year. Yes. – Even my dad is
of the same opinion. He likes him so much he calls
him Moosa. – Okay. What is Moosa? Your dad calls me a monkey? Yes. I thought Moosa meant a great man. He gave me the right name.
– One sake. Hello! I told Vijay about our affair.
There is no need to worry. Sir, I was well off in the city. I feel like a old man here.
What should I do? L am a big fool to pay money.. ..and get transferred in
a place like this. What are you saying? What happened? Imagine yourself. How is a village? Correct – The cock crows.
Farmer yields. Eats rice and sauce. With this imagination. I will stay here for a year. I have promised everyone. What happened now? Sir, in this village.. ..people talk with swords
and choppers. Just like they cut trees.. ..the people here cut
hands and legs. If you explain to them.. ..the whole family comes to fight. They say who are you? Don’t laugh. I am very serious. I am having a headache.
I am thinking of home. Why don’t you go if
you are troubled? Sir, we are bankers. When we grab people who take loan. I will think of an idea
if I am attacked. I thought..
– What? I had settled down in the city.. ..they came there and
brought me back.. ..when I asked them they
said it is their love. I feel like.. ..burning a fire. Sir, did anyone here what I said? Should I tell them? Don’t speak.
You keep frightening me. I am leaving. Sir, come here. This is my daughter. Her name is Padma. She has topped in the
village this year. She wants to study further. The new college is asking
for lot of fees. That’s why if you would
speak to them. Enough of studying.
Send her to work. What is wrong if she works
in a house just as you’ll? Before speaking one must know the.. ..difference between high and low. You are asking help for
her studies today. Some day you may ask
for a proposal. Will we see an alliance for her? Listen to me and send her to
work along with her mother. Mother! Why are you standing? Go away. Alright. Alright. Let’s go. The behaviour of people
here is so strange. No one knows how to speak softly. Are you thinking of changing them
just like you changed me? You taught me to love and giving
up fights. But they. You won’t change them all your lif. I will change them. Life is beautiful, dude. I will change them. Why is Fatima coming here? Maybe she needs money. Listen sir. Though I objected.. husband worked for
you and this house.. ..all his life. He later died. I never asked for help after
I became a widow. Sir, I have an only son. He is just 16 years old. He says he will work with you.. ..and kill his father’s murderer. He doesn’t listen to me at all. Talk to him. And send him back. He is a man. And men live among the strong. Go.
– What if anything happens to him? I am a widow as my husband
worked for you. I have only one support.
You want to take that away? He won’t go anywhere. He will
avenge his father’s murderer. No one will interfere. I will kill
even if it is his mother. Shiva! Excuse me, ma’am.
Where is your brother? – Yes. He is speaking on the phone inside. He is always on his mobile.
Forget that. Where is Vijay? Does people in this house
like talking with.. ..their hands instead
of their mouth? Can I ask why did you hit me? I will not slap but kill you.
– Why? – Brother Vijay? Why? Did he ask you to call
him a brother? – He didn’t. Even then he is your brother’s
friend, right? If I call him brother.
He will be respected. Is it a rule?
– No dear. It is not a rule. It’s my mistake.
What are you doing? Can’t you see? If you keep looking like a hero.. ..then no girl will call you
a brother in this world. Sir. Hello sir. Hello! Hello! Sir, do I tell you the
latest news for today? What is it? Sir, only men don’t slap
people in this house. Even women slap like men. Who hit you? Sir, what did you do.. make this villain into
a good character artist? I beg of you. Change his family just like him. How is it possible? I made him busy with
your sister-in-law. The people.. not yours. But mine. No. His.
– What do you mean? Are you making my sister-in-law
a scapegoat? – No! That’s not true. He and your sister-in-law
is in deep love. What?
– Yeah! He is happy talking to
my sister-in-law. If his family finds out that he is
in love with my sister-in-law.. ..they will kill me. How can they? I will stop them. I will stop them.
– Alright. Ram is with Hanuman. That’s why I live here with
so much guts. – Actor. Sir, ghost and devil only frighten
us. They don’t do anything. If you see anyone at night. I get scared. Don’t worry. Relax! I want to go home. I am leaving. Okay. Bye! Ma’am!
– What happened? Fatima tried to commit suicide. She has been taken to the hospital. I told her not to worry
for her son. But she didn’t listen to me. What I feared took place. Carry this and go with her. Nothing should get spoiled. Let’s go to the hospital. Sir, when you go to kill
anyone next time. I will come along with you. Come with me. Hey! He will not leave this place. His mother is hospitalized. Brother, has anything happened
to my mother? Is she fine? Tell your mother.. ..I am living for you and
not for my late father. Your mother will come back alive. Mother! Mother! Mother! What have you done? I won’t go anywhere. Trust me. It was my mistake. Forgive me. Brother, talk to mother. I will study and live with her. He will listen to you hereafter. Take him away and educate him. And live happily. I am not giving you this money. The head of that family
has given it. Is it? What did you say? Oh! Okay. Okay. If you don’t hit me.
Then there is a serious matter. What is it? It’s two days I haven’t
spoken to my wife. Can I ask about her whereabouts? I am worried. I will ask. Doll, my brother-in-law is asking
how is everyone at home. Brother-in-law?
– What about him? He is enjoying. Everyone is fine. Tell me what were you saying? Yes. Did you ask?
– Yes. Alright. Continue speaking. I am talking. Please go on.
– Yes. Tell me? Absolutely. I. Attention. Good night. Alright. Your brother-in-law. Hello sir.
– Fatima, what happened? You are here so late at night. I thought people staying
in this mansion.. ..have a heart of stone. I found that today.. ..that a good hearted person
like you also lives here. I cursed you’ll.. my husband lost his life. Please forgive me. You are an angel for me. Be happy. And flourish. You helped me.. give my child a good life. I will educate him by
working for him. I will make him a good human being. My child’s life belongs to you. I will pray to god.. ..for your health and happiness
of your family.. matter where I live. I am leaving now. I considered hatred my goal. But you thought everything is
useless before a mother’s love. What is use of living
if the mother.. ..who gave birth to me is no more. I want to serve my mother
till the end of my life. Bless me! I am leaving. Can I come in? I will speak to you later. Yes uncle. I am seeing since my childhood.. ..whether it’s about the
house or the family..’s the first time someone
spoke well about us. I heard that you are
the reason for it. You helped them with the money
but you took my name. They belong to you, sir. They live trusting you. They don’t know who I am. If I would give them money. They would think someone felt pity
on us and gave the money. It was possible that she
wouldn’t accept it. It was your love which she
got in the form of pity. By the way the people
in this village.. ..come to your doorstep.. ..or to your house.
Why do they come? Not because this house is big. But they think that
a large hearted.. ..person lives in this house. To show your power on
others according.. me is not being great. But accepting people and loving
them is being great. People are ready to die for us. But it is wrong to take
advantage of it. I am not in a position to say so. I am sorry. Listen. Yes.
– Sit down. She is my child.
I told her not to study. But she didn’t listen to me.
She has topped in the village. If she studies in your college
then she will flourish. And bring fame to your college too.
– Correct sir. But there is no seat vacant. You need to give donation
for her admission. Donation?
It is not that I can’t give it. But if I give then only I
will earn a good deed. Earn a good deed. Give her a seat. Sir, if we give seats for free
then how will we earn. Have you made education
your business? You will earn a lot if
you open a wine shop. The girl will come to college
from tomorrow. Seeing her other girls
may come too. Don’t talk rubbish again
in this cabin. Got it? I have spoken to them.
Come here from tomorrow. Thank you! Sir. Brother, I have seen an
alliance for Manisha. The boy is from the neighbouring
village. He is coming tomorrow. What about the wedding?
Is everyone crazy? Girls feel happy on hearing
about their wedding. But you..
– What is this? Wasn’t it important to ask me? We just found out about this? Brother-in-law has
seen the alliance. I don’t care.
I don’t want to see the boy. Take these fruits and
keep it on the table. Jai! Uncle has seen an alliance for me. I know.
– You know? Even after knowing.. Do something. The boy is coming to see you.
You are not getting married. Cool! I will manage. Don’t worry. Please come. The son of my elder brother,
your brother-in-law. Hi!
– Ravikant Nayak. You may have heard about me. I am the one.. ..who killed six people
at Udaipuri. Moosa Pratap. Where are you going? Sir, not Moosa Pratap. But Pratap. I am going to the bank. Stay back. There is a good thing
happening in the family. Oh! A good thing in the family
of people who kill others. He is Ravikant Nayak. He has come with an alliance
for Manisha. Hello sir. That’s good.
You have come to see a proposal. Have you got only friends.
Haven’t your parents come? It is a problem to take
everyone along. We have more enemies. What is the matter?
Why hasn’t the girl arrived yet? Call her quickly. I can’t stay in one place for long. Hello! Which village are you from? Yamrajpur. Everyone is the same. How many cars have you got? We have six cars.
Two are here. Four are ahead. How many people are there?
– 30 people. What will be traveling expenses? Rs.30,000. How much for tea, snacks and
other expenses? – Rs.50,000. Okay. Total Rs.50.000.
– Why? I asked generally. She is here. The girl is okay.
What is your name? Manisha! I am Ravikant Nayak.
Will you serve me coffee? He wants to have coffee.
Give it to him. You are very stern.
We will make a good pair. I liked the girl. How much have your studied? You have done your
primary education? I have done M.S from abroad. Just M.S? You didn’t do your
primary education? Hello! There is more interest
without payment. He doesn’t know that people
don’t waste things here. I like the girl. I will speak to you’ll after
I speak to the family. He is illiterate.
You want me to marry him? I can’t accept him as my husband.
He is not worthy of me. You wanted to study so I somehow
made them accept it. But I don’t have the
guts to tell them.. ..of a proposal of your choice. Try to understand. – The boy
is so bold. He is handsome. If you like him so much
you can marry him. It won’t look good if she
marries at this age. Hello! Can I come in? Yes.
– Thank you. What is happening? Did you find anything
lacking in that boy? He is strong.
– Right? – Yes. Yes.
– There is a problem in his name. Ravikant Nayak. Nayak is fine. But his name has nothing
to do with him. Imagine. He got down from a large car.
Wearing white. He may have got the cars on rent.
Okay. No problem. The goons surrounding
him were horrible. On seeing them,
I feel he may be a smuggler.. ..and many enemies and
that is what I feel. That’s fine too.
He is a bachelor now. His goons will protect him.
It’s okay. But tomorrow? Who will live with him
after the wedding? Correct.
Imagine the enemy will attack.. ..him on seeing the correct time. What will happen then? Everything will be over. If he dies doesn’t matter. It is her ill luck.
We will forget everything. But if his hands and
legs are broken.. ..and if he alive then
it will be a problem. Just as you serve uncle while
he is sitting in a chair.. the same way Manisha
will serve him. Do you want to see such a scene? You take hours to choose a sari. You are confused which to take.
Then you decide. And this is about your
daughter’s life. If we forget such trivial issues
then the boy is great. He is a superb. A superhero. Brother! We mustn’t wait any longer. Call the priest. Ask him the auspicious time. Alright. Brother.
– Yes. I feel this alliance is
not good for Manisha. The girl is educated. It will be difficult to live
life with such a boy. Even though the boy is
not much educated.. ..even if he is working
in an office.. will be fine.
– She is your daughter. If you don’t like the alliance.
No one will force you. What’s the hurry?
We will find some good alliance. What is happening here? You know her. Don’t tell anyone. What are you saying? She and I were friends from abroad. You came here searching for her.
– Exactly. Is it?
– Yes. That’s why you befriended
her brother.. ..then you came to my house. You found a reason to enter
this house. – Yeah! You are in the right path.
– Right. You are in the right path.
– I know. I know. You are handling everyone well. I know you are using me too.
– Using you. I am using you. If you tell me what you
are going to do next. I won’t tell anyone. I will tell you when it’s time. We will get along well. Rum. He will use me. They don’t understand anything.
They are crazy. Why are you looking at me?
Get the spare. Get a tea. – I will be with
you by tomorrow evening. What is going on? Why did you come here? Just imagine what would happen
if I wouldn’t reach here. That’s fine.
The next attack will be by me. If you agree I will
give you an idea. What if you don’t attack at all? Imagine. They will live in the
fear that we will attack them. Wow! Why do we need to do it? Let them die in fear.
No need of taking tension. Living in terror.
Unnecessary fights. I don’t take money for such ideas. Take it if you want. Doesn’t it stop moving.
It’s keeps moving. It doesn’t stop. It stops when we stop it.
– Wow! Even the cattle takes rest after
working the whole day. Absolutely right. I have seen you’ll in the
kitchen all the time. I didn’t like this. You know how the men
in this family are. It is our work to cook
to keep them happy. Superb! It is nice to hear it. Staying indoors is your fate. In the morning you discuss
about breakfast. Then you discuss for the lunch. After you finish having lunch
and it’s evening.. start discussing the snacks. Correct.
– After that. It’s time for dinner. You discuss the dinner.
Fish or chicken. Exactly.
– I know. The next morning. The same life.
The same routine. Oh my god! If you think about your
past 10 years. I feel you will only see snacks. A variety of snacks. You maybe dreaming the same
thing in your dream too. What do you want to say? I want to say.. ..that you stop cooking for a week. You plan to get food
from the hotel. The idea is good. Continue. I mean let’s go for a holiday. Holiday? Wow! Superb!
– I know. Hey!
– You want to go for a holiday? You ask as though I am asking
you to do the impossible. A holiday close by. But..
– What? It’s a long time we have
gone for a holiday. I had gone to a pilgrimage with
my husband 25 years ago. Sir,
I had seen a film three years ago. Oh my god! Their habits is bad. A visit to the city is like
visiting abroad for them. Aunt,
please let’s go out for a vacation. I am cooking. Don’t disturb me. Please aunt. Take permission from dad and uncle. Okay. You have missed so many
good moments.. ..of your life sitting
on the chair. Come with me. I will take you out. I will take you around the world. Pratap! Pratap! Yes.
– Pratap! Did you find out?
– No. Vijay is taking everyone
out for a week. Come along. Come along. Take heed.. ..he will use you. No one understands this. Why am I worrying? Uncle, everyone is bored
staying in the house. Let’s go for a picnic.
Please uncle. If you say yes everyone will agree. Please uncle. If you take a step out.. ..the consequences
will be very bad. Go in. Go in. Manisha! Wait. Veera, Adishesh and his family.. ..are going out. I was waiting for such
an opportunity. I will kill their family members
with the fire they lit. Let’s leave from here. What’s the matter?
– Brother has left. Then let’s go.
– Alright. No one from Adishesh’s
family must be alive. There is no question
of them being alive. Within the next 10 minutes.. will get the news
of their death. Whether it’s children or women.. one must be alive. Kill them. Trust me.
No one will be alive among them. We are ready. Yes brother. Why isn’t my brother picking
up the phone? What’s wrong? Maybe he missed the call. But we won’t miss him. Then be quick. Pick up the phone. Pick it up. What is happening? What happened? Pick up the phone. Hey! Tell me what happened? Is Adishesh’s family killed or not? Tell me quickly. Speak up! My family is safe. I sent 100 people to kill
Adishesh and his family. You are saying some masked man.. ..killed my people. Who was he? Who frightened you? Hey! Tell me you said there is no.. ..such person in that village. I didn’t see him anywhere. What did you say? You said
Adishesh’s family is going out? Veera, that..
– Tell me. To save his father.. ..the son comes and
changes my game. Despise on you! I have an army like you. Adishesh! Adishesh! Adi! By god’s grace nothing
happened to anyone. Not god. It is his mercy. He hasn’t left us. He is around. Brother!
If he wouldn’t come today then.. ..maybe god wouldn’t save us. Brother, I wanted to speak
something important to you. Yes. Since the time Vijay
is here as a guest.. ..there are many changes
in Manisha. If we want Manisha to be happy
then without wasting time.. ..we must get Vijay and
Manisha married. Yes. Since that child is here.
There is joy in this family. Yes dad. There won’t be a
better boy for Manisha. Earlier I didn’t know who you are. I told you the state of my family. You came here and showed
them the right path. You made my life, Jai. I love you! I wanted to see you happy always. But I don’t have such a
wish for your family. You don’t know who and what I am. Since so many years your family.. waiting for eagerly. I am the son of that Adishesh. A different Vijay is here
with love in his heart. A different one. Do you know.. ..why I wanted your family to die? Ani, one sake. Come here. Ani, come here.
– Coming ma’am. Why so clumsy? I will fix it up. Make it fast. Did you get the bouquet?
– Vijay is getting it. – Oh god! Why are you so late? Will everyone wait for you? Mother,
you must wait for me, right? We get bouquet everyone but
not the one you like. Ma’am.
– Go and prepare it quickly. I am safe from this trouble. There is no one who
can do that to me. Mom, are you okay? I hid one truth from you. Your dad is still alive. I met him in the flight
for the first time. There was some feelings
in his gaze. We fell in love. We went to his house to inform
his family about us. Serve him too. Did you want to say something? Dad, eat your food.
We will talk later. No. Enough. Time and dignity
is with you.. ..if we respect it. If it is lost once then it’s lost.
Got it. Nothing like that dad. Sir! Sir! Look what happened?
Look what happened to my kid. She was to marry after 3 days. When my daughter was returning
from the field.. ..the boys of other
village raped her. How did this happen
in your presence? Sir! I can’t return your daughter. But I will surely kill
those scoundrels. I don’t say what you are
saying is wrong.. ..if someone has lost his path.. ..then a responsible person
shows him the right path. You can hold an elephant with
chains when it loses his senses. But if a man is lustful
you can’t hold him. You can only kill him. But who gave you this right? Your dad who lived for love and
peace thought very gravely. But the rituals and customs of
that village were different. That house filled with
fights and quarrels. We left that village. After we left that house.. ..we got married. And you are the sign of our love. That day was his birthday. He had left everything behind. He had come far from that house. One day he got a call
from his home. When your grandpa was returning
from some function.. ..he was attacked by people
from other village. Because of someone’s mistake.. ..there is blood shed
between two villages. A spark flamed into fire.. ..that the both the villages
turned into ashes. There was hatred.. ..between the people of
both the villages. Sir, we could catch only one.. ..the rest ran away. They can attack us anytime
if anyone.. ..from their family is alive. They will attack when
they will be alive. Sir, pick up the sword. Why are you troubled I
have lost my father. If we kill each other in this
manner no one will be alive. Don’t become inhuman in
the name of humanity. Be a human. They don’t think like you do. We have to keep our thoughts right. Only then a change can take place. Our life depends on you.
What if anything happens to you? We will be orphaned.
– What about your family? If you won’t live they
will be orphaned too. Think about this. Hereafter any person
in this village.. ..will not attack anyone. If anyone thinks of doing this
then I vow on my father.. one from this house
will be alive. You may leave. We must leave.
– Where? Our home. Isn’t this our home? It won’t be right to go
at this critical time. If you leave the village
they will be restless. Once we leave this village
they will start fighting. So we must stay back. So that we can overcome
their hatred. We will make them human once again. I fear seeing the sword
in your hand.. ..will make you a Satan trying
to make them humans. Don’t you trust me? I don’t trust people
who are around you. I can’t live this village
or the villagers now. You want this village
and the villagers.. ..or me and our child. Tell me after you think about it. My wife is leaving this village. Return her the child. Your dad kept us away from him.. ..because of those villagers. If we forget this.. ..then there is no one like him. I want to see him once. Hey! I won. I dress you up every time.. ..even then no one likes you. Sindhu, I doubt whether marriage
is on your cards or not. Aunt. – Yes. – I will
surely marry. – When? If I would apply the make
up that I did for you. I would get an award
for Miss India. Try it now.
It doesn’t make a difference. Listen.
I don’t need an award or a crown. I desire to play with your kids. Since childhood I went to the
choice of your school. I wore clothes of your choice.
Did what you said. But I will marry the
one whom I like. God knows the boy of your choice. Go away from here. When you will find him.
– The boy who will marry me.. ..he will love me like
a crazy person. I am more than crazy. Let me show you. Little one. Wait. Can’t I go crazy in love? Stupid, she said she wants a person
who loves her like crazy. Not a real mad person. This is valid. Compromise silently. You shut up.
You want a chocolate, right? What’s the matter? Little one, tell me don’t I
look like Shahrukh Khan? You definitely look like a
joker if not a film star. In films the joker
is more valuable. Don’t get excited. The boy coming
here is from America. I know. Listen. She is mine. I am her life partner. And no one can take my place. You won’t marry until
you stop being crazy. Stop being crazy until you marry. You are too much. I don’t know whom you will marry. I have a request.
The alliance that is coming today.. think about him once. I can understand what you say. I will pray that this
alliance gets fixed. Wow! May god bless you! If anyone sees us,
we will be blamed. I feel like committing suicide. You scary fellow. Instead of
helping a friend in trouble.. want to commit suicide. It seems he is here. Get down! Do you remember what to say?
– Yes. We love each other.
Don’t separate us. We have broken four alliance
saying this. Alright. Go. Be quick. He is a hero. He is very handsome. But I don’t want to marry him. Go! Are you going to Adishesh’s home? Then don’t go further.
I will speak to the point. The girl you are going
to see is her. She is very lovely. We love each other a lot. For god’s sake don’t break
our relationship. If you turn your car and leave.. ..then we will thank you as
though you are our god. Will you go? Hello! Who is he? Are you going to Adishesh’s house? Well,
the girl you came to see is her. It’s her?
– Yeah! Actually they love
each other a lot. If you return their love will win. They are here to tell you this. Correct. Very good. Superb.
– The girl is pretty, I know. But this girl loves him. So..
– Oh no! This happens to me always. That’s great. Empty everything and take
it to the storehouse. Take anything that is left behind. Do you understand? Who are you? Adishesh’s son. Sir, your son is here. Your dad. Hello!
– Aunt. – Jai. You thought of us after
so many years. Where is your mother? – She is
busy. So she couldn’t come. How did this car reach here? This is his car, right? What’s the matter? Everything
is standing in one place. Did everyone find out? Where are you going? How do you know I am going? Stand here. We did everything together. No. You did everything. You trapped me in this.
And making me stand here. Go inside. Hello! Nice gathering. Shantinivas. Very good. What are you looking at? He is Jai. Your childhood friend. Come inside. What happened Jai?
Aren’t you feeling sleepy? No. Just like that. How is your mother? She is fine, sir. This is the only bad habit I have. I need it daily. It is my company for
the past 20 years. Will you have it?
– No sir. Thanks. You don’t drink or you aren’t
drinking in front of me? No.
Actually I don’t drink. Thank you. Alright. What do you do? I am an architect. Oh! Good. Sir, it’s late.
I want to sleep. Good night. Vijay!
– Yes. You can sleep here. God knows
if you can adjust upstairs. No sir. No problem. Thanks. Did you pack it as I wanted
it to be packed? Yes. Absolutely.
– What are you doing? Brother is asking you something. I was checking whether he
drank the coffee or not. You don’t get coffee if anyone asks
you. – But you worry about him. You are so worried
about his coffee. For whom are these gifts?
– It’s for Jai. I ordered it. Don’t touch it.
– I won’t. Why is this for?
– It’s a ritual. Okay! Thank you. My darling. Is there some function
in the house? Happy birthday! Congratulations to you. Thank you. It’s your birthday, right? The villagers celebrate it
as a festival for years. If you ask a farmer
the crop lovingly.. ..he will donate it. But if you ask for
150 acre of good.. for your benefit
it is wrong. I have heard that you get it at
a good price in your village. We will pay that amount. Do you know whom you
are talking to? You know who has sent us. Brother Veer. Do what he says. Only then the enmity that
he has for you.. ..may calm down a bit. I don’t want to do such a bargain
and calm down our enmity. As I have no right.. bargain the life
of the farmers. We will pay whatever
their price is. If you cut the hand of a person.. ..and keep something in front
of him to eat, it is useless. Don’t make a hardworking
farmer helpless to beg. Yes. But. You have come from very far. Arrange for their food and drink. You were sitting quiet until now. Continue doing it. Where has the pride come from? If brother finds this out.. ..the people who think
you are god.. ..we will get you kill
by those people. You had come to talk.
The talk is over. You may leave. The whole village lives
trusting that family. How dare you threatened them.. bringing a few goons? It is their goodness that you are.. ..going out of the village alive. This was justice for 27 years.
But today it has changed. Go and tell him that
his son is here. We were quiet.. ..because of our brother. We were waiting for
a strong person.. teach a lesson to our enemies. We didn’t know our own.. ..would come here as a strong lion. Brother mustn’t know this
in any circumstances. Or he will kill me. Adishesh isn’t the
one to keep quiet. If we continue the fight.. ..he is ready to die and kill too. Coffee! Thank you. Jai, you are brought up in
the city all your life. In another culture.
How did you find our village? It’s good, right? More than the city. Aunt is pestering me. Why?
– To marry. It is 39 years she is married. You are stupid. Tell me. Do you have any girlfriend? Yes. I had one.
– What do you mean? She got married.
– That’s good. My path is clear. Sorry!
– What happened? I was kidding. Alright. Have you thought.. ..what type of girl
you want to marry? Actually I am tall so she must be.. ..a little tall. What will you do with the height? She must be healthy like me. And pretty too. Got it? What else? The girl must be modern. Modern? How? Do you want trouble? Look when
you return home from office.. ..she will leave you
and go for a party. You will repent. Have you no sense? Instead if you marry someone
from the village.. ..she will take care
of you and the.. without leaving the house. Think about it. What else? It is better if the
girl is an orphan. She will serve my parents well. The one who didn’t get
love from her.. ..parents how will she love you. If you marry a girl from
a family then.. ..she will know how to
deal with people. She will have concern for the old. Give an opportunity and fall
in love with such a girl. What else?
– Just a moment! Take this. Why? You must eat it if you are hungry. You and Kapil are in love, right? Talk to the family and get married. Love? And him? There is
nothing between us. It was a joke.
I never had feelings for him. He is like a brother to me.
– No! Because of these people Adishesh
doesn’t care about others. Before dawn everything
will be finished. Let’s see what he does. I am ignoring many things.. the enmity of our
families shouldn’t.. ..spread among the villagers. They have shown hatred to us. We only endured but never
attacked them. If we didn’t reach there
on time last night.. ..the whole village would
have turned to ashes. The crops were ready. Maybe your people set it on
fire under intoxication. Sir. Without thinking of the
rich or the poor.. ..trusting what is said.. shouldn’t have
called us here. Remember that next time.
I am leaving. Sorry Adishesh.
I know they have done this. I can’t take any action.
Please forgive me. No sir.
The sun sets in the evening. But I don’t know when their
hatred will calm down. I am leaving. We thought they would
fight with us. But they went to the police. This time only the house got burnt. God knows the next time their
families may burn. Go away from here. Go away! If we keep quiet. You plan everything before
entering our village. But I have grabbed your
neck in your village. If you try to attack
my villagers again.. ..then I will kill you. Go and sleep. Jai! Where are you coming from? A few friends of Jai had come
to the neighbouring village. He felt like meeting them.
So we went to meet them. Jai! – Dad. – The situation
in the village is bad. It won’t be right for
you to stay here. It is better if those people.. ..don’t know who you are. Alright. They never reacted even after
attacking them in their house. Then who has come to their village
who dare to challenge me. He is not a ordinary man. Who is he? Who will be killed by me? He is the son of Adishesh. We have to be careful. He may prove dangerous to us. If we try to harm that village.. ..then not only we will be caught.. ..but shattered completely. Where does he live? He lives with his mother. I heard that he is in the
village for a holiday. Our hard-work mustn’t go waste. Before his courage.. ..spreads among the village,
get him killed. Little one, I consider her
my own since childhood. But today she is getting
married to someone else. Where is she going?
She is going to work. – Oh! She is so educated that she
will get a good job. Tell me. What is the difference
between Jai and me? What do I don’t have that he has? What is the difference!? Hey! Did you spit at me?
– It was a mistake. Sit down.
I will tell you the difference. His height. – If I wear heels shoes
I will be as tall as him. Even if you stand and he sits
the difference will be there. There is no similarity between you
and him. – Topic change. Next. Colour.
– I work hard. Otherwise I was fair.
– You? Forget this topic. Next. Education. Sit down. Did he study? I don’t want to insult you. Next?
– Job. Hey! Sit down. Everyone is running away. Does
educated get jobs? – Absolutely. Forget this topic too. Go ahead.
– What is next? If you want to forget everything
there is nothing to talk. Do one thing. Go to her and tell
her your feelings. You will get your answer. Got it? Wait! I want to talk to you
something important. What do you want to talk about? Speak up quickly. I am feeling shy. Do you want to say or not? I..
– What is it? I am feeling very shy. How do I tell you? How do I start? I don’t understand it. I am in love. I have grown up looking at you. My heart, heartbeats. I have given it to you. Should I tell you? I love you! Say it again. Love you uncle. What is wrong with him? Nothing. He gets attacks sometimes. It’s getting late. Sit inside. Yes. Let’s go.
– Don’t get over excited. Help in the work. Bye! You look like Vijay’s elder sister. Go and check if he is ready.
Let me serve food. Dear.
– Yes. Is the situation in the
village the same? It has changed.
Because of your husband.. ..everything is calm.
I will go and freshen up. Good morning sir.
– Good morning. Kishor,
she has just joined the office. Help her. Thanks. Come. Your cabin.
– It’s my cabin. So we are trying to just.. ..just. Just take it down. I will get it for you. Sir, it’s a commercial project. What were you talking about? Sir, she is new to the office. I thought of explaining
the job to her. Who told you she is here to work? She has come to pass her time. It will be better if you
focus on your job. Sir, she is a good girl.
– She speaks to everyone lovingly. She speaks to everyone lovingly. Do one thing. Bring all the files
and sit opposite to me. In my cabin. Okay sir. Leave now.
– Yes. Kishor! Kishor! Whom do you want to meet? A boy from our village is here.
– We came to meet him. He is not at home now.
He will be here in a while. Please sit down. – There are others
with me. Let me call them. Alright. If you have the guts
to challenge him.. ..then go alone. If he doesn’t die.. ..then..
– Will you stop supporting him? Hold this. Brother, some people from your
village came to meet you. I told them to sit inside. – But
they went to meet their other people. Hey! 30 people left this place
and only three have returned. He is a human, right? He is not a human but a lion. I will kill that lion. Where is he? I will bury him here. It seems they are going to die.
I am running away. Hello!
– Aunt. The family is searching
an alliance for me. Oh!
– But I like Vijay. I don’t know how to
talk to my family. I won’t be able to love anyone
else beside Vijay. Do something. That tall fellow is here again. Those people liked you a lot. The alliance is from America.
He likes you a lot. Your dad will be so happy today. Be happy. No matter where the
alliance is from. She won’t be happy there. She wants a boy who loves her. Instead of sending her away look
for an alliance close by. Search such a boy who
is liked by her. The one she loves. It’s the question of your best
friends daughter’s life. She is very lovely. If she finds the right person
who will love her.. ..then she will be happy.
– She lost her parents as a child. After that we brought her
up as our daughter. Even we want her to be happy
just like other parents. Give me an opportunity. Give me a place in your heart. Hello ma’am. Hello! How are you? I am fine. How are you’ll?
– Greetings will be exchanged. Please come in first. Adi, how are you? I knew you wouldn’t change. No one can change your heart. I went away from you
with this hope. No wife will do such injustice
to her husband. But I.. did that mistake. I agree that I stayed away
from you. But I.. ..made our child like you. An example of love. He won’t leave you.. ..and this village as
long as he lives. Adi, forgive me. I know what you are waiting to see. I will bring the blood
of the person.. ..who put you in this condition. What happened? Listen.
Eat the food. S.P, please come in. There is nothing lacking
in the wedding. I have only one son. I have come to speak
to you about that. Because of your calm nature.. ..there is no bloodshed
in this village. But it has started again. And the reason is your son, Vijay. I don’t know about the future. But it is your responsibility to
douse the fire in the forest. I am leaving. Everyone is at the same place.
I won’t spare anyone. I will kill everyone together. Until he is alive he won’t
allow anyone to get hurt. Attack him first. Go inside. Aunt! Sister-in-law! Take your weapons. Let’s go. Let’s go. Where are you going? The one who is responsible for my.. ..mother’s death won’t be spared. Keep your values and
principles aside. I will finish the fight that didn’t
finish in these 27 years. We just need a few hours. Go inside.
– Do what your son is saying. Before ma’am is cremated we will.. ..kill everyone in that village. Yes. What wrong did I do that a child
like you was born to me? For the welfare of this village.. ..for the past 27 years.. ..didn’t see my wife’s
face even once. Why? To turn these animals into humans. But as they set their eyes on you.. ..they turned into animals again. You were brought up with love.. a symbol of love. Your mother told me this. But you proved your mother wrong. The fear for which she
left this village.. that fear came true. You got her killed. If I knew if this village would
get spoiled because of you.. ..then I would send you
back on the next day. If I knew you would be the
reason for her death. I wouldn’t let you be born. Instead. Go away. Leave me and this village. There is no place for you here. If I die.. ..don’t come to light
my funeral pyre. I was hurt by my dad’s words.
But it was true. If I wouldn’t go in that village
there won’t be a problem. I have decided to return abroad
so I don’t go to that village. I have to finish the problem
that I started. At that time I met you. As a good friend.
I met your brother through you. Manisha, I agree that this
is for my benefit.. ..but the goal is good. My family has changed so much.
Everyone is happy. You are the reason for it. You have done enough. Return from here. I can’t put your life in
danger for my love. God knows what will happen if
you stay in this village. I am scared of this. When history is created there
are many obstacles. But I don’t want to run
away from trouble. Sir, Chandu returned the money.
The interest. Jai! I want to speak something to you. The family is happy and me too. The whole family wants you to be.. ..the son-in-law of this family. Our daughter is not hard
hearted like us. She is delicate.
If you don’t mind.. ..then call your parents. We want to speak about
your marriage. You are going to accomplish
your goal. Even he wanted someone like you. The one who doesn’t have
the guts to fight. How did the family like you? Keep this aside. Don’t speak about being
a man and manhood. Who is a man according to you? The one who laughs like
a girl and the.. who isn’t courageous
is not a man. The one who has the strength to.. ..finish his enemy is a real man. Who can attack anyone
without any weapon.. ..and make his enemy run away.. called a real man. Is killing each other manhood? Is it? This happened during
the times of kings. Those people have monuments. What are you talking? Guts. Nerve. Winning the heart of the enemy
with love is manhood. You need guts for that. Will you want to try? Brother,
his manhood is only in his talks. If you talk about fights he
gives excuses like a girl. Hey! You may have the principle.. ..of winning enemies with love. Our principle is to hate the enemy. A stubborn person will
never accept logic. Brother, show him what a man is. I did what you told me. Now do what I told you to do. My men are hospitalized
because of you. The doctor says they are
paralyzed for life. Wow! I was searching for you. You have the courage like me. You are absolutely
right for Manisha! You will fulfill my dreams. You will kill my enemies son.. ..who defeated me for the
first and last time. Kill him. I will always serve you. I promise you. You won’t change.
You will never change. You can never change. Instead of beating up people
from that family.. ..and the one you lost your
sleep for is dead. The lion that attacked you.. silent now. He is standing before you
after losing everything. No brother! The one whom you want to
be your son-in-law. Do you know who he is? He is the son of Adishesh
who came.. kill people in this family. Listen. Listen. Listen carefully. Listen how I am yearning
to kill you. You cheated my family. You won their hearts with love. I will break your bones today. I won’t spare you. Hey! Uncle! Uncle, please stop them. Your life is in your family,
villagers, right? You keep yearning for them, right? Hey! The way I killed your mother.. the same way I will
kill your father. You are still alive after you
killed my mother at my wedding.. you think that
is your manhood. You are saying that you will
kill my father too. You will have to pass through
this protector.. ..of that temple before
reaching to that god. If you have the guts
then cross over. You think killing women and
children is manhood. I have taken the form of Vishnu
to kill people like you. If I enter your house
with the sword.. ..then I will finish
your whole family. What will you gain by this? Only weapons will be left behind
if you kill everyone. There won’t be anyone
in this village. There won’t be anyone to light
anyone’s funeral pyre. Thank god for your family. You are getting their love. What else do you want? What else do you want? Tell me. I didn’t want to beat
you even today. Your pride and your enmity
is everything to you. Then pick this up. Pick it up! Don’t think I am a coward
because I am quiet. It’s not that I can’t fight. But I don’t want to fight. If you want to finish the enmity.. ..then someone has to be quiet.. ..and give the other to
rectify his mistake. You were talking about manhood,
right? I am standing among your people.. ..on your land empty handed. Look! This is manhood. If you would find out that he is
my son, you would kill him. Knowing this. My son stayed with you’ll. This is manhood. Instead of frightening
someone with a sword.. ..try to win someone’s heart
that is called manhood. You killed his mother. Even then he stayed with you’ll. If he wanted.. all would be
killed in a jiffy. But he didn’t do that. He burned the anger in him.. ..with his mother’s funeral pyre.. ..he came here to plant
love in you. He is my son. I kept him away from me. I kept him away from my love. And he left without a word. To unite both the villages.. bring happiness in
both the villages.. ..the one who brought a change
in you is none other. It’s my son. My younger brother attacked
you to kill you. Who saved you? My son did. Hey! Careful! He is our teacher. Living in hatred.. ..he thought us love. That child is a good hearted one. Such good people must be alive. God resides in that soul
which is full of love. Kill him and let others live.
– Right. Everyone changed their path on
seeing our family members. No one saluted us with respect. If the whole village loves
us and respect us.. because of this boy. He lived
with us without hurting us. It means he is not here to kill us. He wants only love. Brother, throw away that sword. Veera, even I love red colour. But not blood but the red colour. Your mother liked a girl for you. She is still waiting for you. Go! I am very tired. It’s already late. Shall we marry?

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  1. M a jawad this is my wtsup nom 00966596677473 ye filmon valy roz purany storis pr film kion bnaty hy kisi ko agar new storis chahiey to mujsy contacet kry hr naxt weekly ko nai satori wo be new dailog and new sogs ky sath to abhi radta kijiye hamary sath tab tak ky liy good bay

  2. South indian actor Prabhas ka ek moive ke saath ye moive copy huwa hai.Dono movie ke bich koi farak nahi hai.100% choori huwa hai.This is a faltu moive. Bah Sudeep…Bah Sudeep kya baat hai yaar?

  3. Thanks RK Duggal sir u make south film industry more sharp than Bollywood . Bollywood have no story they trust only love story & biopics & truth events etc.

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