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  1. Wish lil peep and me had spoke but I can't get that back just came from Pittsburg damn I miss my homie Mac" -lil peep & mac love you mgk they approve! 🔥

  2. I would like to help him write some material
    I feel like he’s getting better but still needs a little 🔥

    I give you props …the only rapper to continue his career after the eminem diss do have a back bone, now keep writing and hitting that studio..don’t give up

  3. i love this Beat, togetehr with this two amazing voices on it and dis video 😉 great work
    MGK i send much love and respect from Germany 😉

  4. I was just with nipsey now he ghost,
    They even got my homie pete out here like fuck the jokes. ❤
    Rip Nipsey. The marathon continues.

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