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  1. He says “I need more like mandy yeah” but most assume he’s talking about MDMA when he says Mandy but if you flip it around from more like Mandy to Mandy more you realize Mandy Moore is an artist known for her debut single “Candy”

  2. I like how they picked the white little kid to represent mgk this song is an eye opener for people wondering why kids are so gone.

  3. Im confused? Why the kids wanna buy fucking cough syrup? Like even if it get you high or som i dont take it even if im sick😂

  4. everyong in 2011: let's pretend everything is okay and just smile and go crazy and have fun….

    everyone in 2019: Let's get real about our shit and speak on our issues.

  5. Old school mgk was way better u remember that? This is mediabullshit

    1 minute intro
    Verse 1
    halab alaalaa lalaaa yeah
    Himihumi lalalaa can de yeah
    Habahaba fana pana yeah
    Plo plo tata bebe yeah
    Imi humi hampa that
    Skra papa tamtam that
    Rete rete tata that
    Ama fama ratla that
    20sec outro
    Finished a more than 3 minutes music where yeah ryhmes yeah and that ryhmes that

    You're not a rapper yeah
    Just tattooed mumbler yeah
    MGK was better yeah
    Get your shit together yeah

    You made better music than that
    Please just think about that
    Your fans will be like that
    Dont fade away like that


  6. Machine Gun Kelly the s***. I'm sorry. But, this man is talented and it's undeniable. I just hope he's not dead soon. Please don't die.

  7. i dont fucking care if you hate coleson.. hes the only rapper i can relate to.. as im 14 and ive been smoking for 2 years.. took mushroom.. drink alcohol.. thanks coleson ❤

  8. I really love MGK in this video, it’s well done and the song is really well written, but I cannot understand for the life of me why Trippie Redd is here, it’s so out of place, doesn’t really contribute to the message of the song, isn’t good and ruins the flow of everything else.

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