Mahankali Telugu Full Movie | Rajasekhar, Madhurima | Sri Balaji Video

Mahankali Telugu Full Movie | Rajasekhar, Madhurima | Sri Balaji Video

This is old city. Even though the entire
world is changing.. ..this remained the
same owing to it’s name. No! They made it remain. Gambling, drugs.. ..hooch like illegal
businesses continue smoothly. From chain snatchers and kidnappers.. professional killers,
there is no dearth of anything. Though it is a small
area in the world map.. has connection with the
terrorist activities of the world.. ..and it is in the eyes
of many countries ranging.. .. from Britain to America. The recent blasts at
Lumbini part and Gokul chat.. Mumbai’s Taj hotel.. And the blasts of
twin towers in America.. Crime report says that
its roots are spread till here. Two gangsters are the reason
behind the atrocities happening here. One is Harshad. Second is Naik. Harshad’s passport size photo reached
police station at the age of 11. By the time he attainted 22.. ..his big size wall posters
were seen everywhere. He got bored of crime business.. ..and showed inclination
towards terrorism. From creating terror in the city. ..with bomb blasts to.. ..kill innocent people
in the name of Jihad.. With the support of enemy
country like Pakistan.. ..there isn’t any crime
that he didn’t commit. At present he is operating from Dubai. And creating terror in India. Naik! Once he worked for Harshad. As he got closer to Harshad.. ..he increased his intelligence too.. ..and made him to escape to Dubai.. ..and formed his own gang. And then he declared
himself as a gangster.. ..and trying to take
Harshad bhai’s place. Harshad didn’t like
it and he is trying to.. ..kill Naik and his gang from here. Naik too is giving counter. Because of these two gangs.. how these doves
are flying in air.. ..daily few lives are lost.
– How dare you and.. ..Naik interfere in
Harshad bhai’s business. Rascal! Take the money. There is
money money in this. All for you. No, sir. Listen to me. Don’t irritate me.
Naik is very bad. He will kill. Sir, they took thumb
impression and signature too. If something goes wrong then
Harshad bhai’s men will kill us. Shut up! Are Harshad’s
men greater than Naik? Don’t talk further and sign here. Sir, they will kill us. Why will you die unnecessarily?
Sign it. – Sir.. Hey, rascal! For how long
I am asking for this land? Since one week! Who had settled your problem?
– It is you, sir. So who is Harshad bhai? If they attack us in the night.. No! No, sir! Mother! Father! Father! Uncle, don’t do anything to my father. Hey! – Please, uncle! Please don’t do anything. Is Harshad bhai greater than me? Who is Harshad bhai? Tell me I say! Who is Harshad bhai?
Who is Harshad bhai? – Bhai! Harshad bhai’s men has killed
our Mallesh in Sultan bazar gang. Harshad bhai! Naik brutally killed one
family day before yesterday.. ..when they were
favoring Harshad bhai. Within short time after
this incident took place.. ..Harshad’s gang retaliated. They kidnapped the lone daughter of.. ..noted Industrialist
Srinivas Chaudhary. They raped her brutally
and therebye left her injured. His father stated that the birth of
his daughter brought him good luck.. ..and they would start
every aupicious work.. .. in his house by her.
In order to prove their supremacy.. ..these mafia leaders are committing
killings, kidnappings, rapes.. ..and land grabbing
very often and thereby.. ..instilling fear in Hyderabad city. Sir! – Greetings. Like everyday, yesterday too.. ..I dropped her at
9 o’clock in the college. I received a phone call at 10.30 am. We are Harshad bhai’s men. What are you talking?
– We have kidnapped your daughter. No! I don’t believe it!
– What happened? Father! Our daughter is kidnapped!
– Father, they will kill me. Srija, where are you, dear?
– They will kill me. Don’t do anything to my daughter. Please, father. We will do as you say! Will you do anything we say? Talk to him. – Take five crores and
come to Kachiguda railway station.. exactly 6 o’clock.
– I will definitely bring it. Sir, I went and have
them 5 crores they asked for. We thought they took money
so they will leave our daughter.. See how they committed the crime. Your father gave the money. You can go. Hey, don’t shout! I will kill you! Sir! Leave, sir.
Don’t do anything to us! Don’t kill us, sir! Please, sir!
Sir! Sir! Don’t kill, sir. Sir! Sir! Don’t shoot us! Sir, I begn you! Don’t kill me, sir. Sir, I beg you. Don’t shoot us! I beg you! Kill him! Mahankali! A boy aged six asked.. ..father, how are guns mad? When he was asked why.. He said he wants to kill
the rowdies in his area. He is the special task
force office Mahankali. Don’t know the time when
this name was given to him.. His leg is always seen
trampling the necks of criminals. His gun punishes the evil doers.. ..and it never relaxed till now. Reforming criminals
and teach them lessons are.. .. the words he hates the most. Because the tiger that
feasts on blood and flesh.. ..always asks for them whether
it lives in forest or city.. Therefore he says
it is correct to kill it. That’s why he earned the
name of encounter specialist.. department and with public.
Money and alcohol.. ..power, luxury, fear.. He is unaware of such things
and know only to surge ahead. He is a police missile. They say lord of death comes
when a person’s days are over. Maybe he is not free.. To kill the gangsters
like Harshad and Naik.. He sent Mahankali. 100 foxes. One hunter. Now we will see the fun of hunting. Hello, I am Naik, sir. Yes, your encounter was superb. You killed them like hens. Rascal! Don’t talk more. Next wicket is yours. Where are you hiding? Mahankali sir, what should I do? You have put me in wanted list. I have to flee and hide
in order to escape from you. Hey, keep running like that. If you stop anywhere
then I will kill you there. It is my wish to die with your bullet. But you cannot catch me, sir. I know. I know few greedy dogs from
my department are helping you. Tell me. Why did you call me? You did my work.
Harshad bhai’s men are good shooters. You killed them. I wanted to say thanks. Hey, first think of your luck. There is a huge dent in it. Scoundrel! Rascal! He alone has the guts to
talk like this in Hyderabad city. Harshad bhai’s game
is finished in his hands. Harshad bhai is causing
terror to entire India.. .. as an International mafia don. He is living in Dubai
safely with his family. He is Harshad bhai’s son Salim.
He thinks less and acts in haste. That’s why Harshad bhai
keeps him away from the business. He is marred with two kids. His name is Ramakrishna alia RK.
Harshad bhai’s right hand. Harshad bhai trusts him a lot. What are you all doing? Two, three people
are killed every day. We are thousands and he is alone.
Don’t you have shame? Don’t spare the rascal! No business is being carried out.
Everyone is taking only one name. Mahankali! Mahankali! Mahankali! Who is Mahankali? Mahankali looks like this. Rahim! Harshad bhai’s
distant relative. He suffers from Mahankali phobia. In order to save him from Mahankali
he spends his entire day by.. ..offering prayers to Goddess
Mahankali even though he is a muslim. Mother, I don’t know anything. Mahankali killed two people again. My god! Did he kill two more?
Wait! Where are you going? “It is coming! I am going to pee!” “I will die! I will die!
I will die in Mahankali’s hands.” Greetings, bhai. – Greetings, Mahesh. How are you? – I am fine, bhai. When did you come?
– By morning flight. Okay. Didn’t your brother Anil Kumar come?
– Brother Anil Kumar is not there. He went to London. London? – Yes, bhai. Bhai, take this money. – RK. Bhai, with this our account
related to last project is closed. Mahesh.. – Bhai.. I am hearing a lot about
you and your brother these days. Public, brother. Public.
What is there for them to lose? They will talk whatever they want. Okay. So what are you talking? Bhai, our old previous
project is completed. What is it that you don’t know. If some land settlement were to
be done then we should at least run.. ..behind court and government
for a minimum of two years. That’s why it will be good to have
a person in power as business partner. We thought about it and have
started a business with new partner. What is your partner’s name? Name.. It is.. I forgot to ask the name even
after meeting him so many times. Brother Anil knows it. You have made such a big deal. Why didn’t you tell me a word? It is.. Brother Anil and I..
– Tell me Anil Kumar’s number. Brother Anil’s number..
It is London number.. One minute.. 00.. One minute.. One minute.. Now.. Number is.. 0091.. 401.. 233.. 811.. Correct? Hello, yes, sir. Hello.. Priyam is brother Anil there? Call him fast! Bhai.. It is not mistake.. I already told him not to cheat
Harshab bhai. I also said it is sin. He didn’t listen to me.
Forgive me, bhai. I want to meet Mr.
Anil Kumar. – Just wait. Yes, sir. Wait for a while. Hello! Brother Anil,
everything got messed up here. Bhai has learnt everything. You come urgently and
say sorry to Harshad bhai. Hey, Anil Kumar!
You committed a big mistake. – Please. Please, bhai. Listen to what I say.
– Now you don’t say anything. Come urgently and say sorry to bhai. Otherwise you will
not stay alive to talk. No, bhai. I didn’t cheat you. Your talking time is finished. Now your time is to listen. Listen. The moment you entered
into partnership.. ..with Home Minister Sudarshan Reddy.. ..I received information
about it at the same time. I helped you hundreds
of times for your business. I am the reason behind
this position of yours. Right? – Yes, bhai. Now you got Home Minister, right? He gave more money than me. That’s why you left with
him by wagging your tail like a dog. You feel secured because
Naik is there behind you, right? I too will see.. ..which Naik will save you. Okay, sir.
Sir, you can go, – Thank you. Harshad bhai, give one chance. I will make one time settlement. You will not do one time settlement.
I will do it. Anil Kumar.. Today morning realtor Anil
Kumar was brutally killed.. his office by Harshad bhai’s
main follower Laddu and his gang. Business differences between
Anil Kumar and Harshad bhai.. the reason behind it. Special Task Force ACP Mahankali who
is investigating this case has said it. Rascal! I am Naik speaking.
Will you kill my partner? If you interfere in my business,
I will chop you into pieces. Shut up! Talk to him! Stupid fellow!
Why did you enter this business? Hey! This is not
your father’s business. Anybody with courage
inside him can enter it. I will show myself and my power. Hey! You rascal!
What will you show? Crap! Idiotic rascal! Scoundrel! I am doing business
like a man in Hyderabad. You and your brother are hiding in
Dubai and doing business like a woman. If you guts and if you are men then.. ..come to Hyderabad and talk
to me by standing in front of me. Hey! I will come!
I will definitely come one day. But remember that the day I come.. ..I will cut you into pieces!
Scoundrel! Come! Come! Come! Rascal! Tell me
the time and flight of your arrival. I will send my men and
get you killed right there. Aunt! – Have you come? Come! We are coming!
– Yes, you were missing! See this! Aunt, see this one! It is very nice! Mahankali likes it very much. Stop! I said stop. All the grown up girls
from neighbourhood.. ..bring sweets and laddoos for my son. Neither he tastes them
nor looks at your faces. Is Basha found? – Sir,
yesterday his phone was out of reach. I will try, sir. – Hey! He has come! Aunt, please give it to me. Let’s go! Let’s go! – Let’s go! Hello, – Sir.. Hello.. – Sir.. Did you find out anything about Laddu? No, sir. He is still underground. Inform me immediately
after he comes out. – Yes, sir. Don’t do any other work.
– Okay, sir. Fine. Is it a family function today?
Why are they gathered here? This is a daily affair for my son. Take this! This is very nice.
– Mother, what is this? I don’t want anything. Please. Leave it. Take a small piece.
– Yes, it is very good. That’s why I say no. I am talking a serious matter.. I am too talking seriously.
When will you get married? I will marry tomorrow. Leave. You always scold like this.
I am suffering from knee, joint.. and back pain. I am dying. Mother, I will talk later. You leave.
– Son, you will kill with smile. Come! I like sweets very much. Go inside. They will give. – Okay. Since his smile is good
so he throws a smile at you.. ..and you keep quiet. Where is the angel
who will marry Mahankali? Hey! What is this? Change the gait! Salim and Harshad bhai? Who are they? Who are you?
I don’t know anyone. Leave! Leave! I said I don’t know. Take them away! – Come! Hey, tell me! Sir, it is true that the
girl was cheated and sent to Dubai. Sir, we don’t know
what is happening there. Harshad bhai’s brother Salim
takes care of everything. – Hey! Is everything happening
without your knowledge? Get up! Are you playing dramas? Tell me! Tanisha! Why are you acting like a good wife? You bloody!
For how long should I wait for you? I provide finance to every producer.. ..who makes movies with you. If I go crazy.. Hey! I can do anything to you now! But I want to enjoy with you. If you don’t call me by
tomorrow evening 6 o’clock then.. ..I will show you
what hell looks like. You can drink later. Try the call. Vicky! Come to eat food! I will eat later. You carry on. Hello! Did she lift? Yes, Tanisha! Are you acting smart? How many times should I call you? Why don’t you take the call? Look, the time given to
you is finished. Now do as I say. I will send car tomorrow at 7 o’clock. Shut everything and come
to my guest house in car. Otherwise you remember the
Vijayawada rape and murder case.. You will die a worse death than it. If he is a cheetah then I am tiger. Did you understand? Hell with her! So you mean to say you
never compromised on anything.. your career till now, right? No chance. Whether it is CM or PM.. Anybody who commits mistake.. Mahankali never spared them.
He will not spare too. Not only with gun,
you can do encounter with words too. Go! Who has come?
– Heroine Tanisha has come. Sit down. What is your problem? Sir, we got entire details about him. He is the son of Laxma
Reddy who deals in tobacco. Sir, he is very sadist guy. Sir, he doesn’t spare
any girl whom he likes. Recently he made an acid attack
on a girl in Dilsukhnagar college. Also he clicked nude photos of
a girl in Kukatpally medical college.. ..and put them on net. Poor girl. She committed suicide, sir. At what time he said
he will send the car tomorrow? 6 o’clock. N camera, Key camera.. Likewise there are many cameras.
There is a main camera for it. Okay.. I will follow you. Please, come. Hi, Tanisha!
Welcome! Welcome! Welcome, baby! Come dear lassy! Come! Arrogant! Women go with anyone
who throws money at you. Call me if there is any problem.
Come on. Let’s go. It’s okay. Hey! Not only me,
no girl will like a fool like you. Oh my dear!
Don’t say like that! Hell with you! What did you say? – Get down? Have you seen my muslces? I have cars,
bungalows.. What else you want? Get in! Come! Come! Come! Hands up! Move! Leave me! – Hey, wait! Please co-operate with me!
Please! Please! Who are you? Police! – Police? Sir.. No.. No, sir. You are mistaking me. I can explain. Sir.. Hey, Shanti! Come here. Take him away!
– Why are you calling others, boss? If there is something then
we will settle it. This is my love. I want her, boss.
What do you want, boss? Flat, bungalow, diamonds, gold.. Promotion.. what do you want? This.. I want this. Don’t ever do these stupid things. Get in! Did you call me, sir? What do you think? Do you know whom you beat? Kingmaker Laxma Reddy’s son. They have contacts
with high command directly. Moreover you beat him in such a way
that he is became useless for marriage. Why do you fight with big people? Sir, I don’t have the habit to see
if the wrongdoer is powerful or weak. You will not see. I have to see. I have to die in between. Give the recorded material to me. Is it this or is there something else? Mr. Reddy sir,
just now I scolded Mahankali. Recorded material is with me. You don’t take tension. Why do you take not to take tension?
Do you have sense? Watch TV once. Everything is messed up. Tv, internet, youtube, paper.. It is about my son everywhere.
You take lakhs of money. But you don’t do the work. What are you talking? Mahankali! Mahankali! Mallidi Vishall Reddy.. ..misbehaved with Actress Tanisha.. ..and tried to rape her. This crime has been
proved with evidence. That’s why under section 354.. ..he is sentenced to five
years rigorous imprisonment. What are you doing?
– Don’t worry. I will take care. Mahankali! My god! He is taking out the gun. Mahankali..
Because of officers like him.. ..public trusts police. I feel he is trustworthy. You asked me many times
about my favorite hero. I never answered you. But today I have an answer. My favorite hero is Mr. Mahankali. Because he is not a reel hero.
He is a real hero. Thank you. Greetings. Sir has come. Greetings, sir.
Laddu has entered the city. Anil Kumar’s brother Mahesh
has joined hands with Harshad bhai. They both are going to exchange
money tomorrow at Jubilee bus stop. Sir, we worked very hard. Keep this. Thanks, sir. Right! Right! Start! I am at bus stand. Where at bus stand? I am in front of Durga cafe. Okay, take right from
there and come straight. Are you coming? – In front.. Go little ahead. Are you coming alone? Hope nobody is there with you. Yes, I am coming alone. Stop. – Yes. Stop there and look
to your left. – Left? See here.. here.. here.. Yes, I have seen. I am coming. Come on.
Come on. – Has everyone boarded? Brother, he gave the money.
– Give the phone to him. Talk.. Greetings, brother Laddu.
– Listent to me carefully. Give the entire amount to him
and go to your house directly. – Okay. Mahankali and his team are searching.. .. for me extensively
after your brother’s death. Okay, brother. I will take care. Give the phone to my brother.
– Okay, talk to him. Yes, brother. – Be careful. Okay, brother.- Come home carefully. Hey! Who are you? What do you want? – What do we want? First clear them. What happened? – All of you get down.
– What happened? Why are you beating? Who is it? Who is it? Your boss! Rascal! Hey! – Come! Sir.. sir..
please, sir.. please.. – Hey! Quiet. Hello. – Greetings, madam. I am Mahankali speaking. Is DCP sir there? – Yes. He is cooking food. Call from Mahankali. Yes, Mahankali. Are you cooking food, sir? What should I do? I am unable
to eat your madam’s cooking. That’s why my daugher
and I started cooking. Sir, Laddu escaped. But we caught his
brother and associate. Yes, sir. What do you want to do now? They both are in our wanted list. Yes, sir. What is there that you don’t know?
Extract maximum information. After that.. Hail Mahankali. Okay, sir. I will call you after
the work is done. Please, sir. – Thank you, sir.. -Sir.. Sir.. Sir.. I don’t know anything..
sir.. – Shut up! Shut up! Idiot! Sir.. sir.. save me, sir. Mahankali has arrested
my brother, sir. Sir, if he is arrested by him
then he will encounter him. Please! Sir, tea.. Good evening, sir. Mahankali, where are you? Sir, I am at a barber
shop in the city outskirts. What are you doing there? What will one do in barber shop, sir? I am getting my beard shaved. Don’t think that you are
talking like an intelligent. I know you caught two
persons at Jubilee bus stand. You and I know who they are. Don’t act smart and release them. I received orders from high authority. Oh! Sir, you should
have called bit earlier. I killed them just before
I got my shaving done. Mahankali! You are misusing the powers
given to you by government. What should I do, sir? How can I watch quietly
when I see them shooting suddenly? Life is same for all. Sir.. sir.. sir.. Sir, at least you tell him. I beg you. Sir.. – Hey, get up! – Sir.. sir.. Get up! Don’t play dramas! – Shut up! Sir.. sir.. Sir. – He is not giving
complete information on Laddu. Do you want to say something?
Speak out! – No, sir. Hey, you? Anything else? Speak out! Sir.. sir.. Nothing, sir. Sir, I told everything. How many people did you kill till now? Sir.. I.. Speak out! – Sir.. sir.. Nine.. nine..
I killed nine people, sir. You? Sir, I don’t know anything. I was by his side when he killed.
I beg you, sir. Leave me! Sir.. please, sir..
don’t kill me, sir.. Sir.. don’t kill me, sir.. Sir.. Sir, I have wife and children..
don’t kill me, sir. – What? It has become a fun for you. Did you spare the people
who had wife and children? You will kill anybody as you wish. But I shouldn’t kill you. Sir.. Raghu.. Sir.. – Call the ambulance. Killers of realtor Anil Kumar.. Harshad bhai’s main
gang member Laddu and gang.. ..were killed in an
encounter by Mahankali.. .. on the city outskirts
near Manasa dhaba. Though Laddu missed
in this encounter.. Sources say his brother
Nani got killed. Encounter of these
most wanted criminals.. ..have increased the heroic
image of Mahankali in public. Public is appreciating
Mahankali as a true policeman. Mother.. Yes, son. I saw you on TV in the morning so.. Congratulations..
– Thank you. – Very fast. You work is done, right? Do you want to talk anything else? What is it? Why don’t you
tell her to sit for sometime? All the neighbours are inviting us. Mother.. – He is like that only.
You come inside. You are beautiful,
handsome and glamorous, right? Madam, time to leave for shoot. Let’s go. – Okay. Today is his birthday, right? – Yes. Where is the party?
I want to wish him. Okay. – Where could he be? Vidya centre. Nice bouquet. Yes.. Keep it there.. madam.. Happy birthday. – Thank you. Thanks a lot for coming. I am very happy. Nothing, this is for you.. Your house is very nice.
– Thank, aunt. Raghu.. – My god!
Sister Jaya’s birthday. She is not an ordinary person. She offered prayers at the temple
after giving food and donating blood. She distributed school
books to poor children. I used to ask my
mother in my childhood.. Mother, why are our
telugu people suffering.. .. without food, clothes and shelter? After I grow big,
I will become a political leader.. ..and stand by them.
I said this to her then only. That’s why if you get married
and have children then.. This sister is Harshad
bhai’s local apparent owner. Sir. she is very strong politically.
– That murder.. She is looking after his business. The love.. – She is very generous. I will sacrifice my life in doing
public service till my last breath. Hail! Sister Jaya! Don’t you know to wear uniform when
you go to meet your senior officer? Sir, I washed my uniform
and hung it to dry. What do you think of yourself? Do you think you are too smart? How many times it has
been since I asked you.. .. to bring the file related
to the encounter of Laddu’s file? Will you bring it now? Look.. Hundreds of people like
you are working under me. Government has given guns to them all. But only your gun is
shooting like anything. Sir, whatever senior
officers like you is correct. Hey! I know your dramas. Now I am telling you. Write it down. One day you will learn the lesson.. That day..
the heroism that you are showing now.. ..will get lost in minutes.
It will be crushed! Thank you, sir. Come, madam. Come. Sit down. It is okay. Do your work. Madam, this is not a big matter. Mahankali, we will meet later.
– Yes, sir. Mahankali, I heard a lot about you. Whenever you are free,
come towards bungalow for fun. We will have tea together. I don’t have time to
spare with you in having fun. Bye, sir. Why did you come here, madam?
I would have come if you called me. What will you do by coming? You didn’t take any action
on Mahankali till now. But you are doing over
action in front of me. Not over action, madam.. – Sir.. Madam, we are trying
to transfer Mahankali. But his popularity has
increased with media and public. Madam, we cannot do anything
to him in this situation. We have wait and strike. Have little patience. Will you have patience
if the money from bhai.. ..comes late by one minute? Moreoever you ask more money
by citing daughter’s marriage.. .. and son’s higher studies.
We too should think of it. It is not that.. – What? By taking advantage of Mahankali.. ..Home Minister and Naik.. ..are playing with us as they want. Elections are nearing. If this situation continues.. ..then I will lose
my deposit too this time. It shouldn’t happen. This time Home Minister
should lose at any cost. Give the file. Yes, sir. – Okay. Thanks.. Hello, CM sir?
Greetings, sir. I started just now. Sir, I will be in front
of you in ten minutes. Greetings. – Greetings. Today morning few unidentified
assailants have fired.. .. at Home Minister Surender Reddy. Because of bullet proof
car he could save his life. The reason for this is
his potitical enemy sister Jaya.. I will not say sister Jaya.. You have to imagine
it and write it on your own. That is your habit. What is it, sir? Being a Home Minister, why are you
shouting like a dog with the press? That’s why last time
I said not to give him seat. You didn’t listen to me. You take crores of rupees.. .. from us in the name
of party fund and personal fund. Moreover you ask us for money
when hig command needs money. But you will not
give us seats and posts. I don’t know what you will do.
Don’t give him seat this time. That seat should be given to me. He should bend his head
in front of me in humiliation. If you provoke me unnecessarily
then the result will be bad. One ISD call us enough
if I want to get him killed. Look, madam. Now you leave. I will talk to him. Brother, how do politicians
like you get these ideas? By the way, what should we call you? Should we call you cunning,
dangerous.. How should we address you? Should I tell you, brother? In pure
telugu, you should call us as rogues. Brother, you planned
attack on yourself and.. ..made everyone believe
that sister Jaya has done it. Now she will under tension
by becoming mad, right? Naik bhai, I am a Home Minister
and after taking such a big risk.. ..I came to you and drinking here.
Do you know the reason behind it? Tell me, brother.
I want to make you big don.. ..and I should become CM. I should kill Harshad. – Correct.. Correct, brother..
– Don’t say correct. We should act. If this were to happen
then you should do as I say. Brother Reddy, do you know something? I never trusted anyone
in my life till now. In fact I didn’t trust my shadow. I came running from Kenya.. ..after you called me.
Tell me, brother. I will do whatever you say. I will work with you. Tell what our next step is. Keep watching.. ..what my next step is. I studied you very well totally. I too studied you totally. I want the help of a sincere
police officer like you. I am not running a helpline.
I am doing my duty. Yes, I am telling you to do the duty. Her case doesn’t come under SOD It will come. I will do it. Look.. Sister Jaya enjoy Harshd
bhai’s total support. She is a lady. She takes every small
opportunity as advantage. Altogether she became a speed
braker to my political career. Half of the crimes committed
in Hyderabad are done at her behest. Do you know? And the remaining half?
– You are wonderful. I am openly telling
you that I am not a saint. She is responsible for 12,
13 murders in the city.. ..and have put them in my account. Of course I am too
responsible for two, three. Anyway these are all
needed to grow in politics.. Sir, Mr. Chaudhary has come. Oh! Make him sit. Give him boost,
horlicks or something. Go! – Okay, sir. Look, Mahankali. If I want then I
can put an end to her. But I will not do it because.. ..I have complete
faith in law and order. I trust you more than it. If not for me then at least
for the sake of your duty.. will definitely do this. It is sufficent if you
find only one evidence.. .. in Sister Jaya’s stupid deeds. I will take care of the rest. What do you say? – Bye, sir. Bye? Mental rascal! Madam, Home Minister has
called Mahankali to his house. They talked about you for long time. What did they talk? – Madam,
I couldn’t hear what they talked. Home Minister is a big fool. How did you fell trap
by listening to his words. Sir, Harshad and Home Minister
are not on good terms now. They are dying by fighting
against each other. They are asking me to kill the rest. What is there for
us to lose in it, sir? From the time I joined duty,
I only heard of Harshad.. files and papers.
I never dealth with him directly. But now I got a chance
to enter his kingdom. Sir, we will use Home
Minister’s power for it. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. It is not easy to arrest Harshad. Many countries have filed many
cases against him all over the world. But nobody could do anything. If we wish to do something.. ..then he has a big
network in our department. Look, Mahankali. If you act in haste and take
some decision in this matter.. ..then it will become
a huge risk for you. Sir, if we are getting an opportunity
to totally finish Harshad.. ..and his network then I am ready
to undertake any risk. Salim, sister Jaya has not come yet. Did you send the car to airport?
– Look, brother. She has come. Bhai! Come! Come! – Bhai! How are you, Salim? – Fine. How are you, dear? How are you?
– I am fine, bhai. – We are all fine. Rakhi.. This is
Mahankali’s vermillion. No, madam.
Sir is frightened of Mahankali. Who is afraid? I am not afraid. Apply it, dear. Your sister is good in sweet talk. Rakhi.. give.. Yes. Come.. Bhai, Home Minister
has become a big headache. He is making a big plan
by joining hands with Mahankali. Who all stay here? Tell me!
– Who are you? Who do you want? Where is Damle? Tell me! With whom do you have links? Damle! – Who all are with you? Dalme! – Hey! What is happening here?
Do you know who am I? Damle! Sir.. there is a gun here.
– What is happening here? Hey, what is happening here? Leave it!
This is mine! Do you know who I am? I am Jayalaxmi’s important person. Remove the hand!
– What should I remove? Policemen like you are nothing to me! Are you doing hooliganism? Sir.. sir.. I don’t know anything. I do whatever sister Jaya says.
That’s it. What work you do? Come, sir. What is it? We have to check it. What will you check?
They are packing set. Go away! Hey, move aside! Get away! Don’t move!
We are from police department. Stay wherever you are! Shutter down! What is this, sister Jaya?
You came and left. We talked for so long. You didn’t say anything
about Mahankali. He will destroy you and our business. What are you doing there? How dare he do this!
– Why are you shouting like that? Listen to me! Mahankali is not an ordinary person. He is very dangerous. It is not easy to attack him. Moreover this is election time. If anything happens to him
then everything will fall on us. He enjoys great support
in public and media. So what do you want us to do?
RK! You talk! She says he has media support
and we should lick his feet. I will talk to her. You wait. What is it, sister Jaya? He is conducting raids
according to his wish. He is killing our members. And you are watching it. Kill him! RK, first you understand and then
tell Salim so that he understands. I told Harshad bhai what I should say.
He will take care of everything. Did you understand? 78568.. Our guy will bring it. Okay. Fine. You put the phone down. Mr. Haripreet Singh..
Yes, I am Haripreet. You know Laddu?
Santu working under him has sent me. Okay.. Santu.. Sit.. sit.. For how long will you talk
over the phone. Go and bring the file. Look, Mr. Singh.
You should do 15 lakh rupees hawala.. Nigeria by tomorrow evening. Bhai said this to you. This will not happen.
No friendship in business. We don’t do hawala business
less than one crore rupees. Now you leave! I will not ask anything. You tell me. Mahankali,
why are you troubling us? Rascal! What do you want? I know very well about police. Tell me how much you want. One crore.. two crores.. Tell me! Tell me!
I will kill you if you act smart. What will you do? How many people you killed till now? Do you know how many people I killed? Hey! Next count is
you and your brother. Tell me your brother’s lucky number. I will kill him on that day!
Scoundrel! Dog! If you take my brother’s name.. ..then I will come and
kill you wherever you are. What is your brother’s
greatness, rascal? You don’t have the freedom
enjoyed by a beggar in Hyderabad. If you are men and have
guts then come to Hyderabad.. ..and talk to me by
standing in front of me. Scoundrel! – You police dog! No man is born in this
world who will kill my brother. Shut up! One who talks doesn’t do anything
and who does something will not talk. Scoundrel! Put the phone down! For the past few days,
ACP Mahanakali is destroying.. ..Harshad bhai and sister
Jaya’s properties completely. You! Look, sir. 20 members were
encountered in this operation. 50 members are arrested. Since we have enough evidence
to prove that Jayalaxmi is.. ..apparent owner to
Harshad’s properties so.. ..this is the right
time to arrest her. It is no so easy to arrest Jayalaxmi. There is no use of going
to commisioner in this matter. He is her biggest support. So we should try to bring
pressure from high authority. No need, sir.
I already talked to Home Minister. It is sufficent if you approve it
after seeing the file. We can proceed. Good job. Proceed. Thank you, sir. Hello.. – Harshad bhai.. Who is Harshad? Very good. I liked your style very much. Only you could interfere
in Harshad bhai’s business. You could kill Harshad bhai’s men. But listen to something. Harshad bhai never killed
any policeman till now. He didn’t even threaten any policeman. In fact Harshad bhai
befriends policemen. Now too I don’t have enmity with you. I have it. I have enmity with you. Do you think Harshab
bhai is a great person. You think everyone
fears after seeing you.. ..and nobody interferes
with you, right? It was till yesterday. From today it will not happen. Mahankali will not let it happen. Hey, I am.. ..talking to you with respect. But you are talking
to me with disrespect. It is okay. This is also fine. I liked your determination to kill me. Do it. Do whatever you.. ..want to do. Hey! Your downfall
has already started. According to me you
are a roadside hooligan. You file will close
where it has opened. Good. Carry on.
What did you say before? Who is Harshad bhai? Correct. You are absolutely correct. The day you come to
know who Harshad bhai is.. You cannot tolerate that day. Get ready! Hey! I am ready for anything. Do whatever you can do! This is not your arrogance.
It belongs to your uniform. Had everyone wearing
uniform displays arrogance.. ..then dogs like you
would never take birth. This is not arrogance.
This is Mahankali’s power! Nobody can stop this power. Harshad! Get ready! Your time is over! Time? You are talking
about time, right? Do you know that time is a big game? Don’t know when and how
it changes a person’s fate. Get lost! Greetings! Hail! Sister Jaya!
– Police! Down! Down! Hail! Sister Jaya!
– Police! Down! Down! – Move aside! Move aside!
– Police! Down! Down! – Move! Hail! Sister Jaya! Hail! Sister Jaya! Police! Down!
Down! Police! Down! Down! Big people don’t attend cell phone. That’s why I had to call on landline. Hello, Harshad bhai. After long time.. After many days.. what is the matter? You should stop Sister
Jaya’s arrest immediately. Is there a remote control in my hand.. that it will stop if I press it? No remote control! If needed then
you should turn off the main switch. Because if your parents.. ..fields, factories in
your native were to be safe.. ..then Sudarshan Reddy.. ..should hold the remote in hands.. ..and press the stop button.
He will press it. Phone is ringing. Speak. Our men have finished
ground work in your village.. ..and calling you. Hail! Sister Jaya! Hail! Sister Jaya! Hail! Sister Jaya! Move aside! Move! Move! Move! Who are you?
– Jayalaxmi’s personal lawyer. Hey, if you touch my men
then I will kill you. Rascal! Rascal is under tension! Don’t argue. Harshab bhai, stop them. I
will try to stop sister Jaya’s arrest. Hey! Not trying.. you are stopping it. That’s it.
– Hey! What happened to his phone? Phone is not getting connected, sir.
– What happened? You shut up!
– What are you watching? Try it! Hello.. – Hello.. Hey, Naik. Listen to me carefully. I don’t know what you
will do and how you will do. You should stop Mahankali
from arresting sister Jaya. I will take care of the rest. Okay? Mahankali!
What do you think of yourself? By attacking four places
and encountering four people.. you think you
became a great hero. Okay. I am Harshad
bhai’s apparent owner. I am running all these businesses. All the people whom
you arrested are mine. Do you know something?
Until now you could.. ..touch only 5 percent of our kingdom. If you were to shut my business.. will take lot of time. You are talking unnecessarily
and wasting our time. It will be good if
you co-operate with us. I am co-operating, mister.
That’s why you.. ..came to my house and you are.. to stand in front
of me and talk like this. Police! Down!
Down! Police! Down! Down! Police! Down!
Down! Police! Down! Down! Do you know what
will be your condition.. ..if you arrest me? That is my headache. I will see to it. Will you come? I will definitely come, mister. I don’t have any objection
to come with you. Police! Down!
Down! Police! Down! Down! Police! I don’t know what you
will do and how you will do. Stop sister Jaya’s arrest at any cost. Okay, brother. I will take care of it. Police! Down! Down! Police! Go back! Police! Down!
Down! – Sister Jaya! Hail! Hail! Sister Jaya!
– Police! Down! Down! – Time to leave. Come. – Police! Go back! Sister Jaya! Hail! Police! Down! Down! Police! Down!
Down! Sister Jaya! Hail! Police! Down! Down! Police! Down! Down! Police! Down!
Down! Police! Down! Down! Sister Jaya! Hail!
Sister Jaya! Hail! Sister Jaya! Hail! Police! Go back! Home Minister issues arrest warrant
against Sister Jaya and today.. ..morning police went to
arrest her from her residence. Her supporters and her fans gathered.. huge numbers and protested
her arrest by the police. Encounter specialist
Mahankali and his team fired.. the protesters in
which two innocent people died. Mahankali’s firing became controversial
and therefore Hyderabad police.. ..has set up a special inquiry
committee, says our sources. Altogether this encounter has
left a blemish on Mahankali’s career. Sir, you called me? I have been waiting since long time. Why? What is the
important work you have? By the way,
you will have lot of time from today. Do you know how big
this matter has become? Sit! Why do you do over action? Home Minister said no, isnt’t it? Why did you go to arrest
sister Jaya forcibly? Sir, I have arrest warrant with me. What if you have arrest warrant? Will you go and open
firing in public blindly? Do you know that two innocent
people died because of you? Sir, first they started the firing. Anyway they are not innocent.
They are shooters from Naik gang. Can you prove they
are shooters sent by Naik? As you said if they
are Naik’s shooters then.. ..did you find weapons with them?
Did you find? Sir, till date I encountered
more than 80 people. I never committed mistake
in indentifying criminals. Their gang members came and
took away the guns from their hands. Sir, all this happened
according to a plan. Hey, why are you shouting like that?
Slow down. Sorry, sir. I heard you took money from Naik.. ..and working for him. This is also one more
allegation against you. – Sir.. Now every inquiry against you.. ..have begun. You acted in haste by thinking
Home Minister is on your side. This is what happens
if you take on Harshad bhai. You behaved like a hero.
Do you know how badly you are trapped? How will you know it? Enjoy. Sir, give me once chance. I can prove everything with evidence. Sign it. Sir, I can prove it. Special commision members
are coming to conduct inquiry. Prove it with them. Sir, I have completed the
entire formalities from my side. I will send the file
to your place in half an hour. Sir, this uniform
is very important to me. I cannot live without it. Please, sir. Sign it. Also surreder your guns. This is injustice! Is it a police
officer’s house or thief’s house? This is prayer room.
Will you not spare it too? All these years he worked
honestly for police department.. Hello! Excuse me!
– Sir, I have to go inside. No possible! – What is there in it?
Why are you searching? Hey, sacred thread..
– Hey! I am heroine Tanisha! Don’t you understand when
I am telling you? Go away! Sir.. Sir! Are the allegations
levelled against you true? Give an answer, sir.
Please, sir. – I said leave. Why are you standing here? Raid is being held inside.
Outsiders are not allowed here. How will we know your connections? What will be there in
the kitchen except food items? See this! Lentils.. Green grams.. Empty utensil.. Check them.. check them all.. Mother.. – Yes, see this injustice. See what they did to the house. Is it the result of your honesty?
Tell them to stop. Mother, you keep quiet.
Let them do their duty. Sir! Sir! – Mahankali sir.. Mahankali is my colleague.
But whoever commits a mistake.. ..will treated the same by the law. His has illegal connections
with Hyderabad’s mafia leader Naik. We received intelligence report on it. ACP Mahankali is guilty
of killing two innocent people.. .. and also has connections
with underworld don Naik.. These are the
allegations he is facing. There is information that
he is having many illegal properties. Thereofore police has conducted
a raid in his house today. The report given by special inquiry
commission working on Mahankali.. ..says that if the allegations
against him are proved then.. ..there are chances
of arresting Mahankali. These are the rumours
that are being heard. You preach a lot but you
behave quite opposite to them. These days even beggars
are paying money.. ..and becoming a
news in paper and media. By killing innoncent
people for no reason.. .. to become a big
encounter specialist.. ..and like a hero trying
to help the society.. are trying to act
smart in front of everyone. Why doesn’t media care
for a sincere officer? Unless a person like you
is handcuffed and taken on streets.. ..this public and media
will not learn the lesson. And then we will know
who are hero and zero. Hey! Handcuff him and take him away! Sir.. Sir.. Stop! Stop it I say! Stop! Will you call me criminal?
– Leave! Will you arrest me? Keep quiet I say? – Take him out! Get out! Get lost! Hey! I will kill you!
– Mahankali! Don’t be emotional. I am not emotional, sir. Grief! He is a dog serving in department
and supporting criminals. Will he call me criminal? I have been working for
so many years in department .. ..and have put my life at risk.. Is this the reward given to
me by department for doing all this? Come on, Mahankali!
– Will he call me criminal? Be cool! I encountered many people. Sir, we should encounter
all such people from our department. What is it, sir?
– Nothing, you don’t worry. Mahankali, that stupid said
something and will it become true? Public and I know who you are. Why are you getting so emotional? Look, I am here.
I will look into it. Please. This arrest is just a formality.
Listen to me, Mahankali. Yes, sir. Are you too put in jail? Greetings, sir. Famous heroine.. ..Ms. Tanisha who is molested by.. ..Industrialist Laxmi
Agarwal’s son Vicky.. ..has been released
on bail today morning. Will you get me arrested by Mahankali? Will you put me on youtube? You don’t know me well! Enjoy this! Mahankali! Yes! Is it good? Actress Tanisha.. ..under the influence of alcohol! Let’s party!
You are going to enter youtube. Come on! Come! Come! Videos of famous actress Tanisha.. ..was dancing with men
under the influence of alcohol.. ..were released on youtube yesterday. Before media could come
to terms with this shock.. morning actress
Tanisha was found.. ..lying semi-nude near river Durgamma.
This incident has suprised everyone. Marks of drug injections
on her hands.. ..and minor injuries
were seen on her face. What has happened?
Who were the persons see on youtube? Have they raped her? Or Tanisha partied with them and.. ..met with an accident in intoxicated
condition has become a mystery? Has she fell down after
boozing or taking drugs? Or did someone rape
and threw her there? Guess it and send
SMS immedaitely to 5733. This is Neha with
Cameraman Malli. TV5. No! Tanisha! Tanisha! Doctor! Sir.. Sir.. – Why do you wink? Sir.. I called you secretly
with gesture by winking.. What is the secret? Harshad.. Harshad bhai’s phone, sir.. Hello.. – I am Harshad bhai speaking. Do you want to kill
the people who harassed.. ..your girl friend? What Mahankali wishes to
do is already done by Harshad bhai. I got Vishal and his
gang killed in a accident. Mahankali,
do you at least now understand.. ..who your realy
friends and enemies are? I will be waiting for
your friendship forever. Greetings. After earning the name of a sincere
police officer all these years.. Mahankali was arrested after
facing allegations of corruption.. now acquitted. Reliable sources say Harshad bhai.. behind Mahankali’s acquittal
and therefore he got released. Congrats, brother. You went somewhere. Until yesterday
Mahankali was an honest officer. You pretended very well, brother. But we are greedy dogs and slaves. What are you now? Whatever it is, now
you are released and I am very happy. Come on, have sweets. Don’t want? Hey, Raghu! Take sweets. Go away! – At least you take. Hey, aren’t you happy
that your boss is released? By the way, how do you
set the deal with Harshad bhai? Why don’t you tell the secret to us? We too will make our relations strong. Sir, JC sir has called up.
He wants to talk to you. Tell him I left the office. Oh! Duty finished so early?
What can we do? You have a great background.
There is nobody to question. Enjoy, brother. Excuse me..
– Tell me, sir.. – Please.. Please move.. – Sir.. Move aside! – Please! He will speak. Wait. Stop. Stop. Come, let’s go. – No! What should I answer the
mediapersons when they ask.. many people raped
you and how they did? How should I show my face to public? Everyone is talking bad of me. I want to die. For whom should I live? Put your right leg inside and enter. Tanisha, they both tried to
marry my son and you snatched him. It is okay, sister. We will flirt
with your husband. You don’t feel bad. We got used to it.
Otherwise we will feel bored. Aren’t we there? – You were not seen. It is paining badly here. What is so great about Mahankali? Why, brother? What is there?
What is there in Mahankali? Hey, Mahankali is
not an ordinary person. I had never seen a gutsy person like
him in 287 years of my experience. He killed around 140 people. Tiger! He is a wild tiger! Do you know how hard I had
to work to make Mahankali fall line? First I got Mahankali’s enemy
Vishal Reddy released from jail. I made him to kidnap Mahankali’s
girlfriend and also torture her. And then I got Vishal
Reddy killed in accident. By doing all this,
I made Mahankali believe that.. ..I am his true friend. That’s why he.. ..shows off as
government officer but.. ..he will work as Harshad
bhai’s man in reality. It means he is a gangster
carrying a licensed gun from now. He will backstab us in future.
What will you do then? Hey, why do you taken
tension like that? We have to take this
risk in our business. In case if he betrays us.. ..we will kill him. – What will you
do to the scoundrel Sudarshan Reddy? I gave this word to Laddu.
He will do it. What about Naik?
Bhai, you call up Mahankali! Call him! Tell him to kill that rascal!
– Shut up! Mahankali will see what
to do with Naik and how to do it. Laddu is Harshad
bhai’s trusted follower. Harshad bhai uses
Laddu as his shooter.. ..whenever he wants to murder
any person in Hyderabad city. It seems something went
wrong between them these days. That’s why he came to join us. Sir, he will be of great us to us. I will go and send him.
You talk to him. – Okay. How dare you come to.. directly? Do you know that Harshad bhai and I.. ..are childhood friends? Sir, I also know he cheated you badly. Really? – Not only you.. ..he cheated me too, sir. Now too he has sent
me as shooter to kill you. Sir, I have spent my entire life
locking his boots and serving him. But he is ignoring
his trusted followers and.. importance to
Mahankali who killed my brother. That’s why I came to you. Sir, I will rub my nose to the ground. Sir, I will serve under you. Bhai.. I feel very sad to
tell this matter to you. But I cannot avoid it. Your trusted follower
Laddu has joined hands.. ..with Home Minister Sudarshan Reddy. Thank you, Mahankali. – Greetings. Where is your father?
– He is upstairs. Take this chocolate. I bought this chocolate from Dubai.
Have it. – Thank you, uncle. What is this? What is this? Do I look like a beggar to bhai? He has sent these useless gifts to me. Yuck! Srinu bhai, I worked for
10 years with utmost loyalty. I said I am in need of 10 lakhs. I am asking him since six months. Will he sent one and half lakhs? Laddu bhai, what are you talking? If Bhai comes to know
if it then he will get angry. What will he do? He is treated me like a wastrel. Rascal! How angry I should be? Bhai doesn’t know me. He is thinking that Mahankali
will do something better than me. Let him do it! There is no need for me to care for
the person who doesn’t care for me. I will see. Bhai is crap to me! Go and tell him. I am not frightened. Yes, Laddu bhai. I will give you the best betel leaves.
– Okay, Laddu bhai. Laddu bhai,
how far is the lodge from here? Lodge is one kilometre away fromhere.
That’s it. Are the rooms good? – They are superb. This is the number
one lodge in Tandoor. Srinu! Hey, Srinu! Srinu! – What is this? Very good. You are very fast
than what we thought. Harshad bhai is
appreciating you very much. You overtook all of us and.. ..reached number one position.
– Thank you, sir. Laddu is killed. Harshad bhai replaced
Bottu Srinu with him. Harshad bhai to me to
tell you to do anything.. ..that he wants. You go and meet him. Okay, sir. Hey, get up! Get up! Go out! Srinu, Mahankali sir has come.
– Mahankali? Where? Wher is he? – See there. Sir, I felt tension after seeing you. Why do you still feel
tension by watching me? What are you talking, sir? Until recently people
like us feared you so much. How will the habit change, sir? Hey, order special tea for sir. Sir, why do you drink tea daily? Tasty butter milk is
available in the next shop. Hey, go and bring
two butter milks for sir. Sir, should I shave
the remaining beard? Hey.. – Where is Zakir? Sir.. If he too is called
then I can talk to him.. front of you and finish
the matter once. – Okay, sir. Hey, take STD Balu
with you and call Zakir. Don’t tell Mahankali sir is here. Tell him that I called.
Otherwise that rascal will not come. You know how smart he is. – Okay. Sir, he is frightened of you. Hey, give it to sir. Give. Come here. Do it. Tell me. What do you
want to do in Hyderabad? Sir, Bhai has given the
entire business of Laddu’s to me. I will do them properly. What is my role in it? What is it, sir? Nobody can do anything in
this city without your blessings. It seems it will take
time for Zakir to come. Tell him I will meet him later. I am leaving. Call up Harshad bhai and tell him
that I came and met you. – Okay, sir. Harshad bhai’s important gang members
Zakir and Bottu Srinu are killed.. afternoon in an encouter carried
out by Mahankali in a saloon shop. All these days Mahankali
faced allegations of working for.. .. Harshad bhai has silenced his
critics with this encounter. This is wonderful! Wonderful! There should be a six
and four in this over. One six and one four. Okay? Okay. – Hello! Hello! Mahankali.. Yes, Mahankali. Tell me. Harshad bhai,
when media persons and everyone are.. ..talking that I am working
for you and therefore I got released.. ..and I didn’t know
what to tell them.. ..and I couldn’t face the society. And today you brought old
Mahankali in front of media. Harshad bhai,
I don’t know how to say thanks to you. Look, Mahankali. Do you know.. ..Zakir and Srinu
are very important to me. For the fist time in my life.. ..I have cheated the people who
trusted me. Only because you asked for. I know it, Harshad bhai.
You sacrificed Zakir and Srinu for me. Bhai, I will give you the feeling
of having 1000 Zakirs and Srinus.. ..with you. If it doesn’t happen then
you know very well about me. You too will face the
same situation they faced. How far you will
continue our friendship.. ..from now onwards.. ..lies in your hands. Believe me, bhai. I became
a police officer again today.. ..and it is only because of you. I will never forget your help. Mahankali is your member from today. Bhai, I will never hesitate
in giving up my life for you. I talked to sister Jaya about you. Go and meet her once. Okay, bhai. Did you think I will make you
uncomfortable by reminding the past? Politicians like us
have certain qualification. We will wipe the spit
from our faces happily. We never think of
past but only future. Invite me for dinner to your house
once when you are free. I will come. Appalraj! This is the gift given
to you by Harshad bhai. Take it. Thank you. Sit down. This is for you. Take it. Let us forget the past
and work together from now. Should I work with you?
Keeping one’s head in tiger’s mouth.. similar to joining hands
with you. I don’t have such scene. Leave me, sir. I beg you. By the way, why are you showing
so much love on me suddenly? I want Naik. Who are you?
What do you want? – Police. Where is Murthy?
– He is not here. He went out. I said he is not here. Can’t you hear? – Who are you?
Why are you creating nuisance? We came to ask for Naik.
– Naik? Who is Naik? Hey.. – Hey! Your husband is working
under wrong people. That’s we came to interrogate.
Sit down. Go. I want full details on Naik. I don’t want anything else.
– No, sir. I will tell everything. What are these sounds? – Who is it? Police! Hey! Take out the vehicle. Move! Move! Murthy! Murthy! Hello! Brother, it is Mahankali! It is Mahankali! Run I say! I will die if I run like this. Brother, he will kill
you if you don’t run. Take out the car! Start! Don’t go back! Go forward! Go! Brother Reddy, what is happening? I am not finding place
to hide from Mahankali. He killed my entire gang.
What should I do? Tell me, brother. My situation is worse thatn you.
My plan received a setback. So what should I tell you? Then listen to me. – Okay, tell me. Make my passport ready
immediately and send me to Kenya. Sir.. Surjit Singh! Come! Sir, I don’t believe
what you are saying. You never compromised
with anybody all your life. You have frightened big people. You always carry gun in your pocket. I never saw you as a policeman.
I always considered you a hero. That’s why I like you very much, sir. So you too.. I am sold.
These days I am getting sold. Anything can be sold in this world. But the person buying it should.. ..have guts to pay the right price. Sir! Tell me your demand.
I don’t have time. Sir, my life is in your hands. Ask how
much money you want in releasing me. Please, sir.
Tell me fast. – Five crores. Give your phone, sir. Get down. Get down. Where are we going here, sir? – Move! Sir, they too are our boys.
Settle something and release them. Settings? Rascals! Are we whores? Setting with politicians
after we wake up in the morning.. Setting with businessmen..
Setting with police.. These are our lives. I have set it. Do you know why I killed them? By now the entire world
must have come to know.. ..that I arrested you
and your gang at airport. So if Harshad bhai asks for you then.. .. I cannot say that I
let you off after taking money. That’s why.. Not only your gang.. I want to do something to you too.
What should I do? No, sir.
No, sir.. – Hey, bring his gun. My gun? Your gun? Where is my gun? – I brought it. You tried to escape from us. You fired three rounds at us. I fired one bullet
at you in counter firing. Tell me, rascal!
Where should I fire you? Legs, hands, nose, mouth.. No, sir. – Tell me quickly. Otherwise you will die a worse
death if I fire anywhere I wish. Tell me! What are you talking?
Naik escaped from you. Are you mad?
Will you get hold of that dog again? Hey, why are you shouting like that? We tried maximum.
We killed three of their members too. Somehow Naik escaped. Enough! Enough! How easily
you are telling that Naik has escaped? What are you doing without
informing us when you caught him? You behaved as you wanted. Don’t ever repeat this stupidity.
Keep the phone down! Bhai, let me go to Hyderabad. Are you mad? Will you go to Hyderabad?
What will you do after going there? Mahankali is doing our work. He is killing Naik’s
members one after another. What will you do
by going to Hyderabad? But Naik is still alive.
He is escaping us all the time. Do you know he is calling
shooters from Nepal and Bihar? Brother, listen to me.
You said Mahankali is our friend. But let me go. Let me go. Please. I too want to see who
is playing what kind of game. No need for it now. I will decide when
you should go to Hyderabad. You go. Go! Greetings, Mahankali.
I am bhai’s right hand RK speaking. Bhai told to give an
important information to you. Our boy Azad is inside the jail.. Sir, the one who made you
talk to bhai when you were in jail. The same boy.
Tomorrow he is coming out of jail. He has entire information on Naik. Bhai said you go and meet him once. Mahankali sir, greetings. Did you recognize me? Mr. Azad, what is the matter? What is there that you don’t know,
sir? After long time.. ..I am getting released tomorrow
by Harshad bhai’s blessings. I too heard about it.
Call me after you come out tomorrow. Okay, sir. Greetings. Yes.. – Look.. You call up Naik and give him the
information that I had given you now. But it shouldn’t look
as if I gave it to you. Naik should believe that you
gave that information. – Okay, sir. Hello.. – Hey, Mahankali!
What is happening in Hyderabad? I trusted you and gave my
entire business in Hyderabad to you. I never asked you about
anything till now, right? But Naik is still alive. Why? Bhai, I am working on the same. Our
entire network is working to find him. I will inform you immediately
if I get any clue. Okay, listen to me. We could have got entire
information on Naik from Azad. But Naik acted smart and killed Azad. It means Naik came to
know that we bought Azad. He is becoming aware of all our works. Not only that,
you still didn’t do anything.. the shooters who killed Azad. And Naik is becoming more dangerous. Bhai, I traced the two
shooters who killed Azad. I received information that
they are in a lodge in Suryapet. I am going there now. There will be a breaking
news on TV within an hour. Watch it. Don’t talk.
I want action. – Okay, bhai. Sir, madam’s call. Give it. Hello. – Hello, where are you? I am going to Suryapet
urgently regarding a case. I will come at 5
o’clock in the evening. Suryapet? Mother suffered heartattack. She is admitted in the hospital. Doctors are saying it is very serious. I am frightened a lot. You come fast. Sir, any problem? Nothing. Mahankali. ACP Tast Force. Sir, call from your house. Hello.. Mother.. All day he is engrossed.. duty but.. ..he doesn’t remember to eat.. ..and sleep. Even if I pass away
you take good care of him. Take care of my son. Mahankali,
your decision involves lot of risk. If even a small mistake occurs
then your life will be in danger. Sir, I never cared for
my life since childhood. The day I had to seek Harshad’s help.. ..I died the same day. But I have learnt
something from him, sir. We shouldn’t miss the
opportunity when we get it. Sir, I got an opportunity
now to finish Harshad. I don’t want to miss this opportunity. What if Harshad comes to know of it? He will kill me. Isn’t it, sir? I cannot avoid taking this risk.
– No! No! How can he kill you? Impossible. Mahankali,
nobody can do anything to you. You will definitely
achieve what you wanted. I will tell father.. – No.. Hello. – Greetings, bhai. Greetings, Mahankali. Tell me. – Your work is almost done. Naik is caught. Naik is coming to meet Home
Minister Sudarshan Reddy tomorrow. Sudarshan Reddy is going
to hand over Naik to us. What? What? Sudarshan Reddy is a dog! How does he trust him? Salim! Keep quiet!
Don’t talk in between. Bhai, don’t take tension. Home Minister is completely
under my control. Okay, you take care
of Sudarshan Reddy. I trust you. But last time Naik escaped from you. It shouldn’t happen again. This time who will kill him.. .. and how they will kill him..
– Bhai! Send me! – Send me! I will kill him.!
– Salim, you keep quiet! I will decide it. Okay? Okay, bhai. The person
whom you will send to Hyderabad.. ..tell him to call me. Bhai, allow me to go.
– Salim! Keep quiet! Mahankali, we lived as wastrels all
these years by wearing white clothes. You have the brain that
this clothes should possess. In fact if you become a political
leader instead of police.. You will create wonders! That’s why I will help you totally.
You can proceed. Forget your helping me,
you have helped yourself. I made Harshad bhai believe
that you are helping me. That’s why I spared you. Otherwise you would
have been killed long back. That’s why I am saying that
I will do whatever you say from now. I will give whatever you ask for.
Ask me! Ask me! You shouldn’t talk to
anybody until I kill Naik. You shouldn’t go anywhere.
I will be with you. Do you have any objection? I don’t have any objection. Come, sir. Whose buidlings are these? Sir, these are the new apartments
built by the present minister. Isn’t there a lift?
– Sir, it is getting ready. How much more to climb? What is status?
– Sir, model apartment is ready. Sir.. – If model apartment is
ready then why isn’t the lift ready? I think I will die of exhaustion here.
– Sir, only two more floors. Yuck! You are saying
this from 10 floors. Rascal! You called
me to Hyderabad, right? I came! Will you kill me? Kill me! Kill me! Kill me now! Will you touble bhai? Will you frighten my brother? Die! – Stop! Stop! Hey, Salim! Leave him! – No! I will not leave him today.
He should die! Die! Die! – Salim, listen to me! Hey! He is dead! – No! I will cut you into pieces!
– He is dead! RK, leave me! – Hey, leave him! Come! – Hey, Salim! Hey, Salim! He is dead! Dead! Mahankali sir, we enjoyed a lot. Do you know something? Harshad bhai said he will
not send me here at any cost. But I troubled him a lot. Because this is about my respect. I challenged that rogue
Naik that I will kill you.. .. by cutting you into pieces. Whatever work I do..
Eating, sleeping, walking.. Three things.. Three things
were always there in my mind. Number one. Naik. – Finish. Number two. Mr. Sudarshan Reddy. Greetings, Sudarshan Reddy sir.
Greetings. And who is the third one.. – You! Don’t mind. Sudarshan Reddy sir, you wanted to.. ..enjoy your life by driving
us out of Hyderabad, right? No! This is our Hyderabad. Today’s VP’s here may
become VIP’s tomorrow. VIP’s might become
VP day after tomorrow. Anything can happen here. That’s why forget
everything that happened. Henceforth let’s stay
together and work together. Everything is superb! – What superb? We are eating groundnuts
by sitting like thieves here. We should go to streets
and commit murders like a hero. We should frighten Hyderabad. Then it will be superb.
– Brother Sudarshan.. This has become hot. Take some ice. Yes.. yes.. Thank you. Thank you, brother. Sudarshan Reddy sir
has become our member now.. I should kill him right now. Now.. now.. right now. He is Home Minister. We will see that later. He showed hell to my
brother and my family.. ..all these years. Do you know how he cheated us? Think.. think once.. It has become cold.. Uncle, you helped us many times. Once now.. please..
please.. I will take care of brother. Please once.. Hey, Salim bhai.
Have cold water with hot chicken. Eat. Are you still using 8 mm pistol? Isn’t it getting stuck? Bhai, our work gets done. Our police department
too is given 8mm pistol.. Sudarshan Reddy’s ministry. They told to return all the revolvers. But I didn’t do. Because I believe in it. .38 calibre 9mm service revolver. And never misses the target. What happened? Salim is finished! Now electronic media will go
berserk non stop from morning. About? Harshad bhai’s brother Salim.. ..has killed Hyderabad
mafia leader Naik. And the great encounter
specialist Mahankali.. ..encountered him. Sudarshan Reddy sir, there
is a slight correction. – What is it? As you said, Harshad bhai’s brother.. ..Salim has killed Naik. Mahankali encountered Salim. But before Salim died,
Home Minister Sudarshan Reddy.. Salim! Don’t cry, Muskaan! Don’t cry! Brother! – Have patience. Sister Jaya will take
care of him in Hyderabad. Mustafa, take her away.
Go. – Come, dear. Come. Greetings, bhai. I am Mohan Chandra from CBI. What? – You are under arrest. Today morning Indian police.. ..arrested Harshad bhai with the
help of local police at Dubai airport. The recent killings of
Andhra Pradesh Home Minister.. ..and mafia leader Naik.. Along with it, the blasts of last
year at Lumbini park and Gokul chat.. Harshad bhai is linked to
the terrorist acitivities in India.. ACP Mahankali has submitted
the evidence to CBI. CBI asked the Dubai government
to hand over Harshad bhai. Hyderabad bhai police is trying to
arrest Harshad bhai for many years.. ..and today it has come true
because of ACP Mahankali’s dynamism. Dubai government has handed
Harshad bhai to the CBI.. CBI is bringing
Harshad bhai to Hyderabad. Harshad bhai is reponsible
of killing many people.. ..and the people
of our state are happy.. .. that he is finally
getting punished. People from all walks of life
are appreciating Mahankali for it. Hang! Harshad bhai!
Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai!
Harshad bhai! Down! Down! Stay calm! – Please sir.. Hang! Harshad bhai!
Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai!
– Harshad bhai! Down Down! Hang! Harshad bhai!
Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai!
Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai! Hang! Harshad bhai!
Harshad bhai! Down! Down! Hang! Harshad bhai!
Hang! Harshad bhai! Harshad bhai!
Down! Down! Hang! Harshad bhai! Harshad bhai!
Down! Down! Hang! Harshad bhai! Harshad bhai!
Down! Down! Hang! Harshad bhai! Bastard! Hey! You shouldn’t be
beaten with footwear but.. should be stoned
to death on street. Since government didn’t do it.. ..they are displaying
their anger in this way. Will you kick her stomach
by forgetting she is a girl? Mahankali! Stop it! Sir, don’t provoke me unncessarily. Are you supporting him? Tell me! Why will I support him?
You carry on. Carry on! Hey, terrorists like you
think they can buy Indian police.. ..and plant bombs anywhere. I brought you all the
way from there to here.. .. for showing you
the power of Indian police. Otherwise I would have come
to your place and killed you brutally. Hey! If some useless people don’t
come and stop us due to bad politics.. Forget dogs like you coming
to this country and planting bombs.. You cannot even remove
the grass anywhere. Hey, I will hang you
in front of everyone.. .. until their anger gets pacified.. Until then this
Mahankali will not sleep. Hey! Handcuff him! Sir said not to put handcuffs. Who said no? Tell me! Hey, why are you looking at me? Do it! FIR headed by ACP Mahankali.. According to the report
forwarded by CBI against you.. CBI has approached the interpol. So a red corner notice has been issued
against you and brought you here. Case number one.
Home Minister Sudarsha Reddy murder. Case number two.
Gangster Naik’s murder. These two murders were
carried out on your instruction.. Salim after he came to India. Case number three. Crores of properties
in your brother’s name Salim.. Look, I am a businessman. Not only these two case, I
am not related to the third case too. If you want more information.. ..then ask the Dubai government. There isn’t any case against
me over there for the 11 last years. To prove Harshad bhai innocent.. ..all the necessary evidences
are submitted to CBI. We fully co-operated
with them as per their orders. Harshad bhai has lot
of trust in the judiciary. We all believe that he will
get justice and get acquitted. So what do you say? You didn’t order
for those two murders. Are you sure? You are saying that your brother
is not linked to those murders, right? Salim fought with
me and left the house. I didn’t know where
he went and what he did. Recently I came to know of something. ACP Mahankali is making
friendship with Salim for money. And after that Salim went to
Hyderabad saying Mahankali called him. In order to seek revenge.. ..ACP Mahankali must have.. ..killed Home Minister
and Naik with Salim’s help. And also to wipe off the evidence.. ..and also to escape from this case.. ..Mahankali must
have encountered Salim. Sir.. – They say you are friends
with Harshad bhai’s brother Salim. They also say you killed Salim. They say Salim came
to Hyderabad at your behest. Tell me, sir.
What is your connection with him? Sir, are you cross questioning me.. .. after listening
to a criminal’s statement? Who doesn’t know that
Harshad bhai is a big criminal. 116 cases are pendinng against him. I already submitted
the details of that file. Harshad and Salim are doing
every illegal business in the world. Not only that,
they are linked with every.. .. terrorist attack
carried out in our country. Their network begins in Mumbai.. .. and it is spread to Singapore,
Malaysia, Bankgok and Kenya. You too know that from politicians
to police commissioners.. ..everyone is sold out to him. That’s why not even a single poilceman
can do something to him till now. Sir, according to me Harshad
and Salim are number one bastards. How can I make friendship with them. The blasts of Lumbini
park and Gokul chat.. I have submitted their
links to it with witness. Sir, this evidence
is enough to hang him. Many times I requested you
saying I will interrogate him. But not only you refused it bluntly.. didn’t even provide
me a chance to meet him. I don’t know why you
people are safeguarding him. Mr. Mahankali, mind your language. Sorry, sir. Sir, all of you should
understand something. Harshad is playing games
by misleading all o fyou. I have been working very hard
to arrest him for the past 8 years. Also he got me
transferred many times.. .. by using his influence
and also escaping. All of you know it. Sir, this time I risked
my life and caught him. If you give him clean chit even
now then we will neve catch him again. Whenever bomb blasts occur,
politicians and police.. ..make false promises
to foolish public by.. ..saying they will
never let it happen again. What else we could
do other than it, sir? In case if we catch
a terrorist by mistake.. ..then we are providing
him royal treatment instead of.. ..punishing him immediately
and also running the case shamelessly. Mr. Mahankali,
we know how to punish a person. At present there is
an inquiry against you. Now you can go. But you should come
whenever you are called for inquiry. Sir, IB officer Kishor Tadia
is a very powerful and tough person. We managed him too. So our case is totally clear from CBI. This friday is the final hearing. So according to me all
the reports are in our favour. So there is no need
for us to take any tension. By god’s grace everything
was fine till now. What else? Another two, three days. You will receive clean chit. After that.. – I gave you some work.. What did you do to it? It is.. It is..
Bhai, I discussed with the madam. Final hearing is on friday. It is very danger
if we do anything now. Media persons will create
a big issue out of it. After that it will become
a big problem for you to escape. You tell him. Bhai, try to understand. We worked hard and spent
a lot and managed everyone. Think of it. What did we achieve with this enmity? We already lost Salim bhai. How did Salim die?
Because of foolishness. I said no ti him. He didn’t listen to me.
He came to Hyderabad. He died in the hands of Mahankali. Look, henceforth I will
decide what to do with everyone. Look, What I told you should happen. Sir, Harshad bhai is
getting clean chit tomorrow. He is talking rubbish with media. Sir, he bought everyone from peon to
senior office in inquiry commission. Sir, the judge for tomorrow’s
hearing too is their man. What is it, sir? After working so hard
and risking so much all these years.. ..and brought Harshad here, But
these fools are fooling us in turn. Sir, we shouldn’t encounter
the gangster and goons. Sir, we should shoot every
person who is doing government job.. ..and cheating the
public and government. Mahankali, don’t act in haste. We are all in danger. We received information that Harshad.. .. brought killers
from outside to kill us. We all should be very careful. Especially take care of Tanisha. Keep the lugguage inside. Another two days
we are going to be here. I am afraid. Fear? Why? Harshad shouldn’t do anthing to you.. Where are the gunmen?
– Sir, they are on their way. Two gunmen too will be there.
It is just a safety precaution. Okay? Yes. Greetings, sir. I came two, three
times yesterday night to meet you. I was told you were not there. Harshad
bhai wants to meet you urgently. Long awaited case of Harshad bhai
has finally come to the final hearing. Entire media is waiting with
lot of curiosity since morning. Harshad bhai’s sources
are confident that.. ..he will be released on clean chit. Media is waiting how
Mahankali will reply to it. Mvoe! – Sir.. sir.. tell
about your links with Harshad bhai. The hearing of this case.. Sir.. sir.. give a byte, sir. Sir.. sir.. please, sir.. Sir.. give answer.. sir.. Sir, finish the meeting soon. We have
to take Harshad bhai to the court. Okay. Sir, you go. Come, Mahankali. Come. We feel very happy when we see our.. ..own people when we are in trouble. Isnt’t it? Do you know why I called.. here? I know. You got me arrested
by taking so much risk. So what did you achieve now.
You called me to ask this question. Or else you called me
to threaten by saying that.. .. you will kill me and
want me to leave this case. Hey, do you know something. The day I had to wear
my uniform with your help.. ..this Mahankali died the same day. What is there to kill now? I know you are not afraid of death. Look, you interfered with my business.
I had forgiven you. You shot my members like birds. I had forgiven that too. But you committed a
big mistake in your life. You interfered with my family. You killed my brother brutally. You will pay for this deceit. Look, like how devil hid its life.. ..far away from seven seas.. too have hid
your wife somewhere. But you.. ..forgot something. Many people who are close to you.. ..and who love a
lot are still outside. I will kill everyone. I will not spare anybody. Nobody will be left! Dear! Father! Father! Nobody will stay alive! Madam.. Nobody will stay alive! In the road accident on
National Highway number one.. ..tast force joint commissioner
Krishnarao, his wife Mahalaxmi.. ..and his daughter Pallavi have died. Nobody will stay alive! Hey, bastard! Fight is between you and me. Don’t play with the lives
of my people unncessarily. Scoundrel!
If you have guts then fight me! I am fighting you. I started my fight with you! Look.. Bastard! No! Hey, Mahankali! You thought you became
a great hero in the world.. getting Harshad bhai arrested. What happened now? All your close people are dead. Go. Go and do what you can do. Go! Go away! I am going to receive
clean chit in short time. Do you know what
will happen after that? The public that beat me with
footwear will turn into pieces. Because of the bombs that I planted. And then you will be running like.. ..a mad dog on streets,
unable to understand whom to save.. .. and whom to approach for help. My men will kill you brutally. Like a great hero.. got me arrested as
a terrorist by the government.. The same government in some
time will give me a clean chit.. ..and send me out of
this country with due respect. You have committed
a big mistake in your life. You interefered with my family.
You killed my brother brutally. I fought you.. I fought you.. Look, sir. There are
continuous calls to your phone. Guns down! Tell them to put the guns down! Guns down! Guns down!
There is no enmity between you and me. There are many things that
need to be settled with him. Listen to me and drop the guns. Guns down! Guns down! Otherwise I will shoot him.
– Put the guns down! Open the door! Open! Sir, vehicle is ready.
Time to leave for the court. Open the door. Sir, there is an emergency. They said not to bring sir out. Go! Go! Okay, sir.. okay, sir. Come on! Move! Hey, Commissioner.
They have put me in cell.. saying there is some emergency. If I don’t go to court on time today.. ..then everything will get destroyed. Harshad bhai! Mahankali, put the gun down! – No! You..

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  1. Non Sense movie, there is no meaning killing everyone. Story line is good but could have narrated in a better way.

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