Mahaveer No.1 (2013) – Ram | Kriti Kharbanda | Prakash Raj | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Mahaveer No.1 (2013) – Ram | Kriti Kharbanda | Prakash Raj | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Boy…my little boy! Where is he?
Go upstairs. My son! My son…son… Kill him, boys! l’ll save you at any cost, my son. Son…son…get up son! My son! I knew nothing would happen to you! Hey! Stop! Chillie yard 2001 A request to farmers! While bringing chilly to the yard, register at the entrance
with complete details. We wish to inform farmers, separate the chillies according
to the quality for sale, clean and dry it, you can get better rates
for your stock. Requesting farmers, while weighing your produce,
be alert and check it properly, request to farmers, nobody should bring sample produce, request to exporters and
export workers, nobody must do any repair
inside the yard, anyone found doing it,
action will be taken against them. Public announcement to farmers,
coolies and general people, Avoid smoking cigarettes, cigars
and beedis to avoid fire accidents. Fine up to Rs.500 will be
imposed on violators. Obey this and coordinate. Who are you on top?
When you did get on lorry? Did you run away from home? l’m here seeking livelihood, brother. Aren’t the size of chilly,
you want livelihood in chilly yard? Who is it, Raju?
– Don’t know, brother. Ask him to get down.
– Get down! lf you die on the way,
who would answer your parents? There’s no one to seek
answers for me, brother. You must be in school,
you want to trade here, go. Find some job in vegetable market. Go! How much?
– 50 paise each. Give me ten, brother. First sale, give me extra. Hail Lord Hanuman! Lemons…lemons…fresh lemons… How much, boy?
– One rupee each, brother. How much?
– 50 paise. He says 50 paise
but you say one rupee. Old stock is sold for 25 paise also. Last 10 lemons,
take it or go, move brother. Last 10? Lemon….
– Take it, boy. My wife would scold l can’t buy
vegetables also, give me good ones. Take it, entire stock is good. l want lemons. One rupee each.
– Okay. Lemons…lemons… Lemons…lemons…lemons… What’s he doing this time? Kashmir lemons…Kashmir lemons!
– Kashmir lemons? Kashmir lemons…Kashmir lemons! Please come madam…
buy Kashmir lemons, sister! They look like local produce only. Cut it, you can see Kashmir, sister. How much?
– Rs.1.50 each. Looks like you had
bumper business today. Who are you, boy?
You look new to the town. What’s your name? Ravi!
– Ravi? Who named you like that?
– Myself. l’m a business man, right? You came with just 5 rupees, how much
profit you made with so many lies. Business means that,
isn’t it brother? We tell 10 things to sell,
6 are lies and 4 are truths. l think you’ll buy a shop
in the yard too. No need of shops, brother.
– Then? Rule over entire yard, brother! Rule over the yard? Do you know who rules over this yard? Keshav sir! He’s the chairman of this yard.
– Look at sir, how simple he is! Sit silently, sir hates praise. To save the farmer from hot sun and
rain till his produce is sold, he built a rest house
for them in market, he has arranged for free meals
to farmers in the yard itself. Sir, please give me a handful of rice. l’ve already eaten it, no sir.
– Please give me, sir. That’s it. Very good.
– Thank God! l’ve arranged free meals,
came to test if food is good or not. What would we ask if you’re
there for us, sir? Maintain such good
quality food always. lf there’s any let up…
– We’ll never do, sir. lt’s all your mercy, sir. Did you see what a great man he is? lsn’t it wrong for you to think of ruling
over yard which is ruled by a gentleman? lt’s not wrong! Lemons…lemons…fresh lemons… Hey you! Why are you going away
after hitting, bloody? What did you say now? Whom should l ask for compensation? How dare you ask compensation? lf not you who else would l ask, man? What happened to you, boy? Why are you getting down for this
trivial issue? We’ll take care of it, sir? Sir can’t bear even if a small
mistake happens in market. Say sorry.
– Sir, he beat me. All are business men here, would anyone
be silent if he incurs losses? l said l lost but he came
to beat me, sir. So l beat him. Who is this boy? He’s very sharp. Sir!
– Give me money. How much did you lose?
– Rs.500, sir. Give me Rs.500.
– You’re God, sir. You’re very talented. You’ll become a big business man! Start the car. Lemons…lemons…fresh lemons… How dare you beat me!
Come, boy! Sir, they’re beating a little boy,
see sir…see! Nobody can send me out of this market. l heard you did good for
everyone here, sir. But l’m unable to do
business here, sir. lf you help me, sir… Let him do business in
the market from tomorrow. Sir, l don’t want to sell vegetables.
– Then? l want to sell chillies. Okay, do as you wish. Give me the bottle! Give me! You know l wouldn’t spare
anyone if l lose money. Why are you fighting? lf you’ve any disputes, discuss in
chairman’s room and settle it, but if you fight in yard,
you may be thrown out from market. …don’t fight in yard,
action will be taken against them. The fight will result in
heavy loss to exporters. People responsible for it would
be fined according to market rules, and they would be expelled
from market yard. Why are you beating our men?
– Look at them, brother. No…no…they’ll expel us
from market. Always picks up fights
right from his childhood days. He feels he owns the market. Feeling? The market is mine. Did you see how proud he is!
cancel license, send out.- Okay. What else then, brother? ls it wrong to think the
market we work as ours? Business is being done
on highway instead of market, how much market is losing
because of it? Traders like me and
farmers too are losing heavily. When l questioned them,
he sent his men to beat me. lf you don’t interfere,
it may give bad name to you only. That’s why l beat them.
– Yes sir, what Ravi did is right! Ravi fights but not unnecessarily.
– Stop! What he says is right! How important l’m for getting
good name to this market, we need another man to protect,
that is also very important, that’s Ravi! Sir!
– What you did was right! Hereafter the market is
your responsibility. Come. “How hot and fiery red chillies are,
so is the young man’s heart…” “How hot and fiery red chillies are,
so is the young man’s heart…” “I fight war with danger” “I stay with poor people” “I will dance in this chilly market
with my friends” “Hail Sita Rama!” “My job is to give happiness,
everyone loves me” “How hot and fiery red chillies are,
so is the young man’s heart…” “I can go wherever I want,
honesty is my religion” “I am a great human,
I like to save people” “I can teach lesson to anyone” “I can beat the enemies” “I am the hero of this place,
I am very brave” “Like Hanuman is for Lord Rama,
l’m your servant for eternity…” “My job is to give happiness,
everyone loves me” “I can do whatever I want,
I will do everything or my friends” “l’m here as your friend in need,
l’m your eyes…” “I can burn myself for justice” “I don’t care about the world” “Everyone knows I am kind at heart” “I always complete my promises” “My life is to live,
I live it with happiness” How is the place, MLA sir? Area is excellent,
but isn’t it little away from city? Won’t people and farmers
be hurt by it? We’ll be happy, right? How much would you give? l spent this much to become an MLA.
– Rs.100 crores! Let’s get it shifted. No problem. There is problem…Keshav! Keshav didn’t listen
to any previous MLA. He will listen…
he must listen! lf he listens l’ll give 10% commission,
if not l’ll show him my power. because as MLA l’ve the power to keep
him as Chairman of market yard. Market will be shifted to this place. Greetings…greetings… Your arrangements are rocking! You promised to come with your family.
– They’re coming. How much time will you take madam? We’ve to go quickly for
shop opening ceremony. Shouldn’t l offer incense?
Tell her to start first, don’t know how many more
circumambulations she’ll do? Madam, how long will you
go around it? At least you come, madam.
We’re getting late. Should l find ifjunior madam has
finished taking bath or not? Madam Sandhya!
Have you finished taking bath? Come quickly,
we’re getting late, madam. Today is Sunday! Not a drop of
water should fall on Sandy! l don’t hear the sound of water. Wait…shouldn’t l finish my bath? Thank God, she has started taking bath! Madam, please come out quickly. Would anyone take bath on Sunday? You didn’t take bath, did you?
– You know it! No…- lt’s important to be neat
not clean, grandma! Dirty girl!
– l’m not dirty girl! Sandhya, get ready quickly. My name isn’t Sandhya, it’s Sandy.
– What’s that name, madam? ln near future l’m going to marry
and settle down in America, right? lf not as Sandy, should l be
called like old film heroine? Nothing short this, don’t you’ve the sense of taking
bath before attending a function? Who is that fool to inaugurate
the shop on Sunday? Ravi, you’re wanted there. lsn’t she has grown up? l’ll be back in a second. Dirty girl!
– Shut up. Grandma, welcome.
Madam, what’s madam’s name? Sandhya. Sandy!
Call me Sandy. That’s it.
Get cool drinks for them. Who is he?
Why is he overacting? He owns the shop that is
to be inaugurated. Didn’t you find any day other
than Sunday to open? Your father selected the day.
– Come. l’ll not come.
l’ll sit here. What’s this? This side, sir. Mother!
– What? – Come here. Grandma, please wait a moment. Grandma, you’re lighting
the lamp in every shop, she’s like Goddess Mahalakshmi,
why not ask her to do it? No please, you don’t know about her. lf you want, l’ll…
– Grandma! Give a chance to youth. No, please listen to me. Please come. He doesn’t know it,
please don’t ruin his life. He’s calling me,
what bothers you? Please listen to me.
– Sit tight here. Please come. He’s digging his own ditch,
what can l do? You’ve taken the right way
to capture the market, Ravi! He’s dead! Let him go to hell! Madam, please smile! lsn’t it funny? Hi.
– Hi. What happened?
– Look there! Thanks to Keshav and his daughter
Sandhya for inaugurating my shop… Sandy baby! How do you feel? Do you’ve sense? Because my father told me,
l came on Sunday to open your shop, would you take my photo and
put up a banner near my college? Not just here, l’ve put up banners
in 18 places all over the town. 18 centres? Have you dishonored
me everywhere? Couldn’t you at least put
a good photo of mine? What’s this nasty photo
with a nastier write up? Criticize anything but
not the write up. He had drinks and took an
entire night to come with it. Look, how he’s feeling bad! lsn’t it?
– Didn’t you like it, baby? Next time, l’ll have
a half bottle and rock it. Next time smile in the photo,
l’ll rock it. Are you mad?
– Keep this. What’s this?
For lighting the lamp?- No! What should’ve been sold in 6 weeks
got sold off in 6 hours, believe me! lt’s the magic of this hand.
Give it to me. l’ll start my business
with this 1000 note, even if l fall short of
Rs.1 lakh by one rupee, l’ll not meet you tomorrow. Would he earn it? Why don’t you decide it? l’m promising 10% for
shifting the market. l’m making it 20% but
you haven’t yet agreed. Okay, have a drink,
foreign wine, my son sent it. What are you looking at?
– Don’t you know he doesn’t drink? l know, tell him to shift the market. Whatever you may tell,
market yard will not be shifted. Look, don’t refuse the deal
that has come to you. lf you don’t listen, you’ll stay
in this seat for a week only. A new man will take charge, l’ll appoint him as an MLA, l’ll change you!
What will you do then? What will you do? MLA is threatening our chairman with
dismissal for refusing to shift market. We must show our power to him. That’s our vehicle!
– The vehicle is not insured too. MLA down, down! Did you see that? We love this
market and sir loves us! lf you do anything with market
against his wish, What are you doing? Why did you give it to me? He’ll die today,
tomorrow we’re all ready to die. Tell quickly! lf anyone comes here
as chairman instead of sir, we’ll burn down you also! What’s your name?
– Sanjay, sir. Do you’ve any dream?
– No, sir. You must have dreams,
l too have a dream. Do you want to hear it? What is our MLA telling us now
…hold this! He says to shift the market
from here to there, he’s promising to
10 to 20 crores for it. lsn’t it wrong sir?
– lt’s Wrong, right?- Go ahead. What my dream is… lf we shift this 100 acre
market to this side, 200 acres around it is mine, land prices will shoot up, l’ve such a big dream, why are you refusing to give your
10 acre land in between to ruin it? We thought you were like God, sir. To make you believe it, to protect the image of
good name you gave me, since morning when l get up
to night when l retire to bed, do you know how difficult it is
to act like a good man? l’ll tell you, listen! When l leave home to market
in the morning, greeting everyone on the way
gives my hands terrible pain, when he uses the already
used blade to shave, fearing l would get afflicted
with AlDS, but still l’ve to get shaved
in market to get good name, eat from the plates of
low class people, even if it is nauseating,
l’ve to spit it secretly, l always do a bottoms up
with liquor, l’ve to act with same smile
as if l’m a teetotaler. After acting for the entire day
when l reach home, l don’t get sleep at night, do you know when l get sleep?
Stripping out everything… if l tell l’ll lose my honour, even after taking so many precautions
if anyone comes to know about me, bloody! l’ve killed so many like this! You’ve two options. One, give me your land and die, two, l’ll kill and take your land. Sir, please leave me. Only God and l should be there in
the world to know my true self. Not another soul must be there.
– Sir…sir… Now market will shift to
the place we want to, What? What are you thinking? ls it about MLA?
– No, about Ravi, brother. Neither people nor MLA would
be hurdle to our dream but Ravi! lf Ravi is the hurdle,
he’ll be my next victim. What are you studying baby? Sandhya! Why are you going away
though l’m calling? Has 1000 become a lakh? Okay, give me a lakh now,
you can make it a crore by tomorrow. What a great hand this is! lnstead of giving 1000
or lakh every day, why not l own these hands forever?
How nice my life would become? What are you saying? That is…
– Cool, Ravi, she’s in college, can’t she understand this? What’s it? Love? She knows it! Come…come… lt may be good for you to tell
you love a girl like me. But l can’t tell anyone that
a boy like you loves me. Why not? What does he lack?
lsn’t he a man? That’s not my problem. l wished to marry a software engineer
and settle down in America. Don’t ruin my dream. Sandy baby! Don’t ruin his dream also. Ravi!
– Shut up. Whichever country it may be,
you want to me to earn well, right? l too earn well,
l own 4 shops in market. That’s it! l hate that market,
chillie, dust and this Ravi dress. Understand this, our hands too
can’t meet to shake hands. Please leave me alone. Okay, go. Go! Promise? Can our hands meet
at least for this? Go! l didn’t expect this mass boy
from market to leave me so easily. How could you lose in
this business deal? Remember one thing, this is A-1 quality here,
can’t l clinch this deal? Attention all… MLA is here, if we’ve any problem,
our Chairman will discuss… We had warned you but still
dared to come back again. Let’s leave this place immediately. Do you know how hot the market
is with chillies? l know…l know it very well. So, after thinking over it again,
l’ve taken a decision.- What is he saying? The candidate to represent you is… He must tell my name, if not
market would go up in flames. …Ravi! Don’t go, please listen to me. lt looks like silence before a storm. l thought it was very difficult
to buy a man against you, but did you see how easily l got one? Why are you beating them? Are you such a great man to come to
my market and change our chairman? Now l’ve come to your area
and telling you, market will not move,
it’ll stay as it is, you’re not enough to take on
a good man like Keshav, to oppose him
you need another good man, there’s only one man in this world, though he’s little costly, buy him! Who is he? Tell me, who is the man
who can stand against Keshav? l’ll buy him with crores.
Tell me, who he is? Me! When l came here as 12 year old boy, they chased me out from market
saying l wasn’t the size of chillie. l had decided then someday
l must rule over this market! Now l got that opportunity. l want your blessings, sir. Look, l’ve selected Ravi as
my candidate for chairmanship, if you and your chairman don’t
like my selection, l’ll go away. Wait…wait… l’ve served people
for 25 years as their chairman, to give opportunity to youth…
– l told you, brother. What?
– He’s the danger man. Experience?
One must have experience, how can he do without experience? 6 acre market has grown to
60 acres in my chairmanship, does one need experience or not
to look after such a big yard? What’s in experience? When you took over as chairman,
you too were of Ravi’s age only! Well said…did you hear that? l was also of Ravi’s age
when l became chairman, didn’t l get experience?
He too will get. He’ll also get experience. What would a good chairman
like me wish for? He’ll wish only good for you! Sir, you told nobody can
harm market if Ravi is here. Correct. What else do l need? You don’t know, l’m sleepless thinking
about who would be next chairman, l prayed to Lord Anjaneya,
he has shown our chairman, Ravi has all the qualifications
to become chairman after me. Ravi is our chairman! Sir, you told nobody can
harm market if Ravi is here. What’s in experience? When you took over as chairman,
you too were of Ravi’s age only! I will give him money! Why are you beating me?
Have you gone mad? How dare you make Ravi chairman
of this yard? This market is mine. l’ll tell you where this market
should be shifted, will you pay me paltry
10% commission to me? Do you know this?
l kill people too. l thought of killing Ravi,
if he dies you’ll find another man, l’ll kill you. No…no…don’t kill me…
l beg you. Please spare me. l’ll shift market yard to
wherever you want it. Please listen to me.
You’ve a daughter and l’ve a son, let’s fix their marriage
and become kinsmen. l’ll do whatever you order. Please listen to me, don’t harm me. You’re the first man to go alive from
here after seeing my other side. Apply powder. You had announce his name
as chairman, you’ve to announce that he’s not
the chairman candidate anymore. What l’m trying to tell is high command
isn’t accepting your candidature, What? l asked them,
they say you’re very young, they you don’t have much experience, do one thing, join my party
and grow up little, l’ll take care of it later. l guaranty you’d become chairman. You announced him as chairman, when we’re asking about his
swearing-in ceremony, are you saying he’s not our chairman? Are you playing your dirty
politics here also? lf you say no to Ravi as chairman,
we’ll sacrifice lives. Please listen to me.
– See sir…- What? See, what’s happening here, sir? How injustice is being
meted to us, sir? He promised Ravi as chairman
but now says no. That’s why…the promise you
made yesterday… That’s why l say politicians
are two tongued. lf Ravi is not the chairman,
who else is here… Who else other than you! Me? Party high command has taken
this decision. What can l do?
– lt is wrong, l told you, right? Please leave me. Why are you pulling me
into it again? No sir…
– Look at him, young boy! How many dreams he would’ve
dreamt about becoming chairman? Sir…
– l’m telling for an argument. How can you say he’s not
chairman suddenly. l’ve seen my days,
l can take it easily. How can this poor boy take it? lt is wring.
– How can it be wrong? lf l choose another man
instead of you, it is wrong. People want you as their chairman,
what do you say? That is their affection.
– l’m withdrawing, sir. l’m withdrawing. You stop! lf it hurts me so much
afterjust a day, if he’s removed after being
chairman for 20 years, would he have slept last night? No, sunny…
– l said it for an argument only. Can we say no if sir is
our chairman again? That’s it, everyone is happy, right? No sunny, please listen to me.
– What’s there for him to listen? Why no again?
He said okay, right? You go. Please… Please go…
you please go… Why do you love me so much?
– You’re God! Sir, one minute! l’m doing business here for
the past 10 years, l’ve never gone home without
making a profit, if l go today, this will be
the fist day to go home losing. lf l give up this position, it’s profit to you, market
and everyone here but… So if you put some profit into
my account, l’ll also be happy. What do you want? Rs.10 lakhs?
10 shops? l’ll arrange it. Why do l need shops, dear?
– Then? Tell him to fix my marriage
with his daughter. Why did you make such a wish? Why are you asking me that, uncle? lf l had made the same wish
as chairman 5 minutes earlier, nobody would’ve found it wrong, do you know whom l’ve bought? lf you think l’m not qualified
to marry his daughter, tell me. l’ll withdraw from this too. Sir, Ravi is good and
responsible man. Since it is your daughter’s issue,
your decision is final. You said the groom is from America
but now says groom is changed. Who is he?
Shouldn’t you show him to me? Should l show you?
See the cut outs everywhere! lnvitation from fans of Ravi You promised me, right? l’ll tell 10 things,
6 lies and 4 truths. Sandy baby, Ravi is like that,
you’ll understand as time passes. Keshav, please come here. Sir, please call groom’s parents. Priest, l don’t have anyone.
– No? But l’ve a father like person.
– Then, call him. Brother! Why are you crying? No sir, till now l thought l was
just a business partner, he has made me his father now! Please don’t cry, accept it. Calm down. Accept it. You gave up daughter for market,
now we’re stuck with him. l gave a promise among people,
so l got trapped. This marriage will not happen. l want my both my market
and my daughter. You wanted market but earned a girl. Will you leave market for a girl? Did you get it like that, uncle? l want both girl and market. But for the present, Father-in-law! l want a group photo. Who is to put a banner for a poem? Sandy within brackets Sandhya, You came to my shop…
l fell for you on first sight… You took over me with your beauty… You dragged me into your love… Has he put a banner for this too?
Did he? He’s dishonouring me in public. lf he has put a banner, he must
be somewhere here only.- Hello dear… Girl! Sandy baby!
Did you like the poem this time? We put up such a big banner and
waiting for your reaction, why are you hiding your face
and leaving silently? How can l show? l told you l can’t tell anyone
that l love a man like you. Should l paint the town red
about marrying you now? You planned well and trapped
my father, right?- Trapped? Girl, come here.
Protect your complexion. You bloody! ls your father any girl to trap him? l’m unlike my father. That’s why l like you. Hello son-in-law!
Are you here to meet my daughter? Get in, dear. Hey, come here. l’m calling you, get on my bike.
– See father! Nothing father-in-law, You arranged the engagement
without knowing much about her, l must get to know her
before marriage, right? You tell her. He’s my son-in-law,
please go with him. No problem. Come, you may have plenty of work. Where are you taking her to? Why should I tell you? Looks like you’re going out with
future wife making her cut classes. lf you cover your face,
l’ll lose my respect. Remove it. Remove it. “Come my dear, listen to me” “Don’t go away from me” “I have asked you from God” “I will be with you always” “Don’t get angry” Keep this with you, it’s good. “Come my dear, listen to me” “Don’t go away from me” “Write a letter to me, whatever you feel” “Write down the feelings,
don’t think much” “I am your partner for life” “Come my dear, listen to me” “Don’t go away from me” “I love you very much,
don’t break my heart” “I promise you,
I will fulfill all your dreams” “I will be with you at every place” He killed 32 people brutally
20 years ago. That includes my entire family. l joined police force and
came here for him. He’s dead, sir.
– Do you know it? lf he’s dead, someone from his
family would be alive, right? Someone would be there, right?
l’ll not spare anyone. What happened to you?
Without considering her age also. Did you get hurt, mother-in-law? Why are you so angry?
– Shut up! lt’s burning. What happened to you? l dreamed for a man from America. They’ve got me engaged to
a mass man from market. What happened now?
– What has happened? ls he calling you to places?
Call him. he’s young man, you’ve grown
so fat, don’t you’ve sense? Can’t you advise him? First take him to task,
both are torturing me together. Don’t feel shy, l get irritated
to see you feel shy. Why do you say like that Sandy baby? Since they both are engaged… Can he do anything if they’re engaged?
That’s my question. Shouldn’t l do anything?
This is my question. What do you want to do?
That is my question. That’s better way to ask. What was the gap between your engagement
and marriage with grandpa? 6 to 7 months. Got 6 months?
What did you do in that gap? What would we do? l was playing in
my home, l don’t what did he do. Didn’t you play any game together? How can we? l was in my place
and he was in his town. Did you meet again in marriage only? l kept my head bowed,
l never saw him. So, on your first night… What first night?
There were no lights. What can we see in darkness? Don’t know what we did that night? You missed a lot in life, grandma. Missed a lot? What did l miss? Elders told to taste cool ice
and hot youth!- ls it? Old woman, he’s cheating you. lf she disturbs like that
l’ll tell you. You keep shut, he’s telling something
interesting, Go ahead.
– You keep quiet. Do you know how much we can plan
between engagement and marriage? What do you do? Breakfast? Sweet? Full meals? My body is shivering! lsn’t it good?
– Very good. Then, tell her to come
to the place l ask.- Go! What? Do you know where all he’s calling me? Not anywhere, father-in-law,
l’m visiting Dwaraka Tirumala tomorrow, l visit the temple every year,
l wanted to take Sandhya also with me. Grandma, you too can join us. l’ll come.
– lf grandma comes, l’ll also come. Not all of you, first he must
permit Sandhya to go. Temple visit, right? Go dear. He mustn’t come back. A request to devotees,
please leave your slippers outside. Beware of thieves. What’s that?
What do you want? How long will you go on lecture?
Our boy is missing. Missing?
– Yes. What’s his name?
– Devbabu. Devbabu…when and where did
he go missing? l mean near East or South gate? back in my village.
– ln your village? Since when he’s missing? 12 years ago!
– 12 years? He’s missing from your village
for 12 long years, He’s missing.
– Which place are you from? Tripura. Are you mad? Call us crazy l’ll accept,
if you say mad, l’ll beat you. Everyone is crazy
but there’s a reason for it. We’re uncontrollable crazy. Announce in the microphone. Got any identities?
– Show him.- We do. A request to devotees, Devbabu, a boy of Tripura
is missing since 12 years, his father is Rajendra
is searching for him, if anyone knows any information,
inform the temple board office. Hey Sandhya!
– Sandhya. lsn’t he the man Durga
told us about? Lord, take his one leg or hand
so that he won’t follow me. lf possible, take an eye also. Why are you making so violent wishes? How will be live with me
if l don’t have limbs and eyes? Lord, she’s a mad girl,
she made a wish unknowingly, you don’t care about it. Please take care of it, lord.
– Don’t care about it, lord. Devbabu. Why did he turn back on
calling Devbabu? Devbabu. What man? What do you want? You’re Devbabu, aren’t you? No, my name is Ravi.
– No, he’s Devbabu. Devbabu. Same thread, same breed!
You’re Devbabu! Mad girl is blabbering. Yes, I found him. Leave me…
– l’ll not leave. Come quickly. Won’t you understand if l tell?
– What should l understand? He’s running away, catch him. Catch him…catch him…
come, let’s run! Sir, there’s trouble outside. Then, control it.
You too go. They look like killers. Where did you go away?
How long should we’ve to wait? Why are you so angry?
– Why won’t she get angry? You select Sunday to open shop
or visit temple, always Sundays,
won’t you get any other day? What’s wrong with Sunday? She had to take bath
on Sunday because of you. Grandma! Will you tell everyone? You mean she doesn’t take bath…
– On Sundays! Shut up old woman! lf you talk too much, l’ll tell everyone here
not just to him. Mr. Rajendra! l got Devbabu!
l got him! Let’s go. Look at him, he looks exactly
like your son. He’s not my son.
– No? Why are you saying no?
Look at him properly again.- Come. Sorry boss. Take money and buy a new bottle.
Thanks He’s going away.
– Let’s go.- Where? Where did he go away? Hey dirty girl, come. lf you call me dirty girl,
l’ll kill you. Missed him, sir.
– We mustn’t miss him. Get me the details of devotees
who visited temple and offered prayers here. l want their names and
from where they were! We didn’t find him yet,
why is he leaving? Hello, please stop.
– Your bag! My boss has no habits but
why is he watching films here? We hardly earn
anything struggling, entire day amidst hot chillies, look at them they’re making
millions by applying powder. lt isn’t that easy to
apply powder and act? lt is very difficult. Only actors know the pain,
you watch the film. Why are you surprised? Adhi and l are good friends. Shift the money and market
will shift automatically. l can trust you, MLA sir.
We’re partners. But what about that elderly man?
What if he creates trouble? He won’t create any trouble,
there’s a man to silence him. l know how to convince him.
l’ll take care of it. MLA will make him chairman
again by tomorrow morning, work on your project will start
immediately.- Automatically. You enjoy the evening happily. Okay. Where are you keeping the cash? To keep or steal, there’s only
one place, cold storage. Keep my share also there only. Rs.100 crores, where else can you
get a better place? Sir, it’s all over! l mean hero is caught, sir.
What would happen next? l’ll burn down the market. What? Ravi trading company? l’ll shut it down. He got drunk again. Why are you created such a scene
after having little rum? What’s your problem? Who am l?
– Good trader! Who am l to you? Father like person. Then, who is the man searching
you with this photo? My father! The man l didn’t want to see
in this life, he’s that man. My native place is Tripura. Everyone in the village is crazy. But nobody is crazier than
my father in the town. Leave me father…leave me… Be careful…slowly!
Slow…slow… No problem, come…come… lf you run fast, you may fall down. Take rest and come slowly. That’s it. My sweet darling son! My son came last!
– My son came first! Did your father raise you like that?
Atrocious! There are many more atrocities
than this. What are they? That Kali beat me only once, but my father beat him many times. He may kill me today! l’ll never beat your
son again, Rajendra. Stop…stop…
– Please leave me. Let’s sit and talk.
– That’s better, come, let’s sit. The boy climbing tree…
that isn’t me! That is also not me.
This is also not me. This is me! l’ll climb father.
– No son…no… Please listen to me,
get down son. Didn’t you ask him
why is he raising you like that? l asked him strongly. Any father would like
his son to win, why are you raising me
like this, father? l’ll mix water with drink
and tell you. l know what my father would tell. My dear, l fear danger to your life.
He would say! Bloody life! What is life without a victory? l ran away from home and
boarded a lorry, the lorry brought me here, everyone in the market
wanted to make money, but a loser like me,
l wished to rule over this market. You wanted the market but
ended up earning only a girl. Market will come to my hands anyway, but tell me a good idea
to flatter the girl. No use of buy teas,
tickets and savories,- Then? You must give something she won’t forget.
– What’s it? Lip to lip kiss! Not to me but to her! Go!
– Bend.- Why? l’ll climb! l’ll climb the wall! ls the gate open?
– You climbed the wall unnecessarily. Okay, come. Nobody must see us. Oh God! Who is it?
– Ravi! Grandma! Where is she? l’ll also come. Where’s the light? She’s irresistible! She won’t take bath on Sundays! Friday! She’s fresh today! Ravi, l’m stuck in grandma’s hand.
Save me! l’m your partner. l’m not your partner,
l’m a lover now. You know what would
a good lover do now? What would he do? He’ll cut the phone call. Why are you so irritated
in sleep also? Smile please! This is good. “O darling, your kiss has made
me crazy, my heart is restless” “O darling, give me some love,
this is our first love” “Your crazy cheeks” “Your lovely lips” “Your crazy cheeks and
lovely lips are very intoxicating” “Look at my condition,
I am desperate to kiss you” “Let me kiss you once, love me once” “O darling, your kiss has made
me crazy, my heart is restless” “O darling, give me some love,
this is our first love” “Tell me, where should I kiss you?” “Where is your heart?” “My heart is excited” “Take my life, my darling” “Oh my darling, give me a kiss” “Don’t be stubborn, give me a kiss” “Think from your heart
and hug me” “O darling, your kiss has made
me crazy, my heart is restless” “O darling, give me some love,
this is our first love” “Your crazy cheeks” “Your lovely lips” “Your crazy cheeks and
lovely lips are very intoxicating” “Look at my condition,
I am desperate to kiss you” “Let me kiss you once, love me once” What happened?
Why are you shouting? How many times l had
complained to you? Did anyone care about it? Do you know what was he trying
to do entering my bed room? What did he do? He tried to kiss me. She’s lying, grandma.
l kissed her. He didn’t, grandma.
– l did, grandma. No, he didn’t, grandma.
– Did you or didn’t you? l kissed her, Pavuram.
Why is she saying l didn’t kiss her? Won’t anyone believe me?
Shall l kiss again? What’s this? Father…did you see him?
What is he saying? Father-in-law, you had a full
bottle, right? You’re shaking! We both had half bottle only. He never drinks.
Did you see him? How is he talking about you? lf l say anything, he says love.
Anyway l… Abuse me l don’t mind,
if you abuse my love… What’s this? Do you know the greatness
of my love? What’s your greatness? ls it your greatness to come
and create trouble at midnight? Yes, it is great! When asked to choose between
market and you, l chose you leaving the market, but your father, when given choice between
market and daughter, he gave up daughter for market! Would l get scared
if you tell your father? lsn’t it father-in-law? Won’t any man get angry
if anyone belittles his love? l got angry, l’m hurt.
l’m going away. Be careful, that side. Which brand father-in-law?
Secret? Okay! Did you see how he’s talking? l don’t know how you do it, give him the chairmanship
and cancel this engagement. Decide whether you want me
or that market. You go, dear.
l’ll take care of him. Go! Hey elderly man! What’s this nonsense? He said you’re like father to him,
is this the way you raised him? Talk about anything but never
about the way l raised him. l’m not like father to him. But he has a father Rajendra
in Tripura, l raise him properly. How dare you talk about it? l got you, boy! That Ravi got engaged with my daughter
lying about not having father. What would people in market say
if they know he has a father? They’ll cal him a cheat! Vegetable Market
– Call from your brother-in-law. How are you?
– l’m fine, brother-in-law. Where’s he?
– Brother-in-law on line. l want a man.
– You want him dead. l want him alive.
– Give me his address. Rajendra, Tripura. Hey, come here man!
– Are you lame? Where’s Rajendra’s house? We’re not on talking terms,
don’t ask me about him. Go! Where’s Rajendra’s house? l’m not there, right?
How would l know? Who are these guys?
Which place is this? You want to meet Rajendra?
– Do you know him? Next to my house.
– Where’s your house? l’ll tell on getting down. l got down, tell me. l didn’t mean you getting down,
l mean when hangover is down. Tell me! When l drink l forget my house,
how can l tell you? What man? Come on guys! He’s beating me
to make my hangover come down. Move…move… You stop…stop… Already our village has bad name. lf you answer crazily to new people,
what would they think about us? Go away! Tell me, what do you want? Where is Rajendra’s house?
– He won’t. He won’t! Even if you shout, he won’t.
– Are you all mad? Call us crazy we’ll bear it, if you call mad, l’ll break your back. People of Rayalaseema
can have pride, Godavari district
people can have sarcasm, shouldn’t people of
our village be crazy? l’ll pay you Rs.1000 if you tell me
where’s Rajendra’s house? lf you pay Rs.677, l’ll tell. This is Rs.1000 note!
– l’ll tell if you pay Rs.677! That side is Rs.10000 loan,
this side is Rs.1 lakh. Mine is Rs.677!
– Give me change. Show me where is Rajendra? l’ll not show you Rajendra. l’ll make you hear him! Don’t always sing about
your son, Rajendra? Sing something else. “Remembering her…” “My heart is in pain…” “Drinks in my hand…
– Who are you? For drinks?” “lt is consoling me…” “Lord Hari…Lord Adhinarayana…” “A drunkard never lies…” Hail Keshav for getting
elected as chairman again. Hail Keshav! Hello.
– Hello. Brother, l came here for his father,
l got a man we desperately need. How is the film?
– What are you saying? l mean how is the talk? Already l’m irritated
with their craziness. Why are you also behaving crazily? How can say film is not
good without seeing it? Watch it and then decide.
– l’ll tell! “l remember my son…
my heart is in pain…” “Drink in my hand…
lt is consoling me…” “Lord Hari…Lord Adhinarayana…” “A drunkard never lies…” Sugar cane field is shaking! There’s no indication
of wind or rain. Sugar cane field is shaking! lt’s not yet time to cut canes! “ls it ghost there?
There’s God in me…” “Lord Anjaneya’s blessings
are there protect me…” l’m not scared…
My God is my courage…” “Who are you?
What’s your craziness? What’s your craziness?
– He’s my craziness. l’ve a 20 year old revenge
to settle with him. l must kill him. My craziness too is same,
20 year old revenge. On you! He’s my enemy!
– He’s my father! Are you still alive? The life my mother gave
is over when you hit me. l owe this life to my father. lt won’t go.
lt’ll take! l didn’t come to here for nothing,
l’m there on ajob. Since my father is an hurdle
to my mission, l lived away from him
all these years, don’t unite us both now. Then, l’ll unite you and
your father in death! “This is not no moon day, Ghost!
Why did you come then, madness?” “Go away ghost…
God is here…” “lf you’re in Shakini form…
He’ll make you furious…” “lf you’re in Dakhini form…
He’ll cut your nails…” “lf you’re a fiery ghost…
He’ll cremate you…” “lf you’re a windy ghost…
He’ll bang your bell…” “lf you’re a bad soul…
He’ll cure your madness…” “lf you’re a blood sucker…
He’ll bury you alive…” “lf you hiss with anger…
He’ll stamp you out…” “lf you do any harm…
He’ll snuff out your life…” “lf you jump over…
He’ll chase you out…” “lf you scare…
He’ll beat you to death…” “lf you pick up weapons…
He’ll kill you…” “lf you attack from back…
He’ll drag you out of the field…” Son…
– You are right! My son, Devu! Where did you go away for
years leaving me alone? My son has come back to me. My son is back. Oh thick sugar cane field! O babe, your concubines are ghosts! You scared me a lot! Shake now!
You oomph girl! He’s not ordinary man!
He’s not like me. He’s a real man who can create
storms in your fields. He’s a macho man! “Here comes a warrior son…
He’ll take you head on…” “He’ll show you the
power of real anger…” “He’s a raging bull…
he’s ploughing newly…” With your grace, my son has
come back to me after years. Hail Lord Shiva! Why are you offering coconuts? You’ve been found, right? That’s why. This is just beginning,
there’s much more. When l ran away 10 years ago, l thought only my father is sad, but entire village is
offering prayers for my return, how am l to repay your affection? Repay your father’s loan. Do you think we love you? Unable to know how to get back
the loan your father owes us, all of them were dejected, you made the entry
at the right time. Did my father take loans?
– Took loans? Do you know how much loan
he took to raise till you were 10? Do you know the interest on it? Do you know how much loan he took
to search since the day you left? Do you know the interest on it? He drank barrels of liquor
in the sorrow of missing you. Do you know how much he owes for it? Do you know the interest on it? How could you lend him
money without a pawn? You’re the pawn.
– Am l a pawn? Yes!
– Do you know what did he promise me? He said his golden son would come, promising to get my daughter
married to you, he took Rs.3 lakhs from me. l gave him Rs.6.5 lakhs. Sit down…sit… Tell me all your principle and
interest together, l’ll settle it. My Devbabu will marry my daughter. l’m not that great character
to settle such a big loan for me. Not for your character
but for your complexion. Not a Ravi breed in my entire clan! You’re dazzling like
a young Ongole bull! lmagine yourself in my family photo! Brother-in-law, fix the marriage date. No need to delay,
l’ll fix it in 4 days. Shouldn’t l’ve interest
in that marriage? We’re not bothered about
your interest. Get your money with interest
that l owe you from him in 4 days. Play the band! Listen! Come here, Devbabu!
Seek your father-in-law’s blessings. Devbabu will stay with me
after this marriage. Come, son-in-law! We may not have colour
but we do have character. He has hit on my character.
Catch him! Devbabu, run away! Run away…don’t get caught. Stop…stop…
Leave him, he’s innocent. Son, you run away! Why did you come here?
– Are you his son? Had l known you were his son,
l would’ve killed you on day one. Don’t accuse without knowing anything. Do you know my father… When you say 10 things
6 are lies and 4 truths, how am l to trust you? l’m telling you only one truth. My father is a good man. Your father is a murderer
who killed 32 people. What do you know about my father?
– What do you know? l know everything,
that’s why l entered here. Any father would like
his son to win, why are you raising me
like this, father? l’ll mix water to my drink
and tell you. Oh mother! Dev! Father! Dev! You should’ve grown well,
that man is responsible for this. That Keshav! You know what happened
with my father? In Tripura Market, Keshav and
his brother earned a lot of money. But they didn’t have one thing,
that is goodness. To learn business from his brother… Keshav had come to the market
for the first time. Greetings! Move out, Narayana sir is coming! My father never earned money,
he earned respect. And both the brothers understood… …that money and respect
are different things. Results will be out,
l need your blessings, Chennakesavulu. We’re thinking of winning this time. victory and defeat isn’t in our hands. He is great, no one can be like him. Narayana has won in the
election against Chennakesavulu. Move…move… Says he’s not interested. God! This market must always
be lively like this. Farmers and traders must prosper. Shower your mercy on all. What does he have which
we don’t, brother? Goodness. Goodness! Either be born as a good man or
must know to act like a good man. l don’t have both qualities. Make it a habit. lf not it’s very difficult. Never live a life like mine. Hubby! What happened to you? Should he commit suicide for losing? lf he wanted the position,
he should’ve asked me, right? Never do anything silly like that. Stay with me hereafter. Look after market work. Stay here and help them. Okay sir.
– Be careful. lt seems l must work with him. l mustn’t live like this, father. Junior chairman is coming. Greetings sir.
– Greetings sir. Give me a handful.
– No sir. No problem, give me.
– No sir. l’m asking you, please. How could you eat this food? Brought it from home 4 days ago,
can’t go home till stock is sold, sir. Where do you sleep?
– Somewhere here only, sir. What’s this, brother?
lt shouldn’t happen hereafter. We must build free meal centre
and rest house for farmers. No farmer must go back
with difficulty and losses. How much it would cost
to do that for farmers, sir? You know the revenues
of this market, right? You see the accounts, right? lt’s a place of business, sir. This business is dependent
on farmers. Farmer is not just backbone of
this market but to this nation. lt’s our responsibility
to look after him well. Service to farmer
is service to God. This should be the
mantra of this market. To achieve this
we must expand the market. Brother, come here.
– Sir. Look after their needs personally.
– Okay sir. Sir, you know about his father… His father may be bad man,
why should he be branded like that? Let him work to forget his worries.
– Okay sir. Do work. A thought which a person should
never develop… but he developed that. He started acting like a good person. He acted like a kind person. Unlike his father and uncle,
he seems to be a good man. Clear it. Keshav, do that. Sir is telling you, clear it. Clear it fully. Chairman is requesting for donations.
– Donations? What’s going on? Traders are troubling for
asking donations.- Move…move… Why should we give money?
Why should we give money? Stop…stop… Why should give money?
– What’s this, Keshav? Stop…stop… sir… You handed me some work,
shortage of funds, so l asked them. They’re refusing. lf you need funds,
you should’ve asked me, right? Who told you to collect it
from people? No need to panic,
there was a small mistake. You don’t need to pay anything,
l’ll pay for it. You asked for money and
now you say no need. There’s nothing fishy in it, right? What are you saying? l’m asking if accounts are proper
or you’ve tweaked it. Who are you to ask it? Why not? l’m asking for
all of us, right? He’s not bad enough to seek accounts
you’re good enough to question him. We know about him.
How can he dare question you, sir? l wanted to take on him publicly but
not a man trusted me, did you see? But still we mustn’t spare him. l’ll not spare him. Yes, we mustn’t spare him.
Let’s kill him, brother. We mustn’t kill him.
– Then? We must kill your father. My father?
What the hell are you saying? Unless he dies the market won’t
come into our hands. lf we’ve to kill him with goodness,
it’s in our hands. l’ll not spare you. Your father is a crook,
my father was a crook. They’ll never change, how long should we’ve to carry
their bad reputation? My father is dead, if he too dies,
we’ll get food assurance, and good future. Will you kill him? There’s no way l’ll spare… Who hit me?… Hey you… Shall l serve food, son? No, mother.
l’m going to upstairs room. He used to see his real face
in mirror. Why did you do this injustice to me? What’s this? You! You killed my father
for asking accounts. What are you saying?
Why would l kill your father? lf not who would kill him?
Your true colour is out. l’ll also ask for accounts,
will you kill me also? lf you want check the accounts,
get the books.- Okay sir. See the accounts.
– l’ll not spare you. See! What’s this? ls it accounts?
– Don’t raise alarm. All of you and see. All are tweaked accounts, he killed
my father for asking explanation. l’ll kill you today,
you killed my father unjustly. Move…move…
Don’t create trouble. Don’t create trouble,
l’ll lose my respect. You come with me, sir. Did you see?
– You come with me, sir. Don’t create trouble. Come…come.
– What’s going on here? l’m confused. l didn’t kill him.
– l’ll believe you, sir. They don’t have any loyalty,
doing anything for them is useless. Listen to me, we don’t need
this market, give it up. lf we give for raising few questions,
who will look after them? Sir. Brother…
What is he saying, brother? He’s refusing to leave the market. One death isn’t enough for him. Market is burning down! Come…douse the fire.
Come! Nobody is injured, right? Who did this? l know you did this, right?
l know you did this. Douse it…douse it… What’s happening here? Why did you burn down the market, sir? Water…water…l want water… l didn’t do it. l don’t know anything.
l’m innocent. Trust me.
Trust me, l’m innocent. l’m not connected to this incident.
Trust me. Will you betray our trust
for trusting you like God? You’ll be ruined. No…no…don’t stay here…go.
– You too come with me. My father was blamed for everything. No…please.
– Listen to me. Take him, go from here. Hubby, please come with us. Hubby!
– Why are you still here? Go. You too come, let’s go away. He killed all of them and
even my mother. Lakshmi! Hubby! Save my wife. My husband is getting burnt in fire. Please save him. Come…come….get me water! To escape my father ran
away with me. Brother!
– Father and son mustn’t be alive. Kill them! Were you behind all this, Keshav? Now you understood? Was l playing all these days
with my death? Were you father and son playing
a drama with us till now? l’m coming. Till now l wanted to make you
my son-in-law for your complexion, not anymore, l’ve decide to make you
my son-in-law for your character. What a character!
l really like you! l like you, son-in-law,
you must do two things for me. One, you must tie this dhoti
to me in public, two, you must tie the knot
with my daughter. till then dhoti will be on
my shoulders. Then, you too must do
two things for me. What’s that? One, my father mustn’t know
l’m in here, What about the second? He must be with you till my orders. Nobody must know about this.
– Would l tell? Generally we don’t answer straight
to any question. By the way, who is he? He’s Nandubabu. l thought it was my duty to
kill Keshav for my father, but he sent him here
to kill my father. lf we hand over him to market,
his true colour would be out, right? He won’t get caught so easily. We can hit a bad man straight. But he’s a bad man with
the mask of a good man. Greetings sir. l did try many times to unmask him. At age of 10,
l hit his men as he watched. He didn’t come out. l poked my nose into every
trouble in market. He didn’t come out. When l challenged him to
the post of chairmanship, l thought he would hold my collar. Didn’t l get experience,
he too will get it. He too will get the experience. At last l got myself engaged to
his daughter who is his lifeline. Bloody bastard! He didn’t show his true colour. He didn’t steal the market
from my father. His goodness.
lt’s in his mask. What are you planning to do now? Keshav, who is acting like
a good man in public, l’ll show him the hell in
acting good man from today. l’ll unmask him. Dev. Your father is coming! Where’s my Ravi breed? Dev. Where’s he? He ran away.
– Ran away. Where did he go away? We told him about son’s
responsibility for father’s problems. He has gone to fulfill it,
he’ll be back after fulfilling it. Dev! lt seems Ravi has father.
– No sir, he’s an orphan. Am l lying then?
– Can l say like that, sir? lt seems Ravi has father.
– lt seems Ravi has father. Does Ravi has father? Why don’t you answer us? lf he comes to know about your father
we both would be dead. Do you really have father, Ravi? Everyone is asking you,
do you’ve father? l do have a father! But though he’s there,
it’s like l don’t have. That’s why l didn’t tell anyone. l always wanted to achieve something
in life from childhood. l dreamed of coming good in life. My father crushed y dreams
and dumped me in a corner. Unable to bear that hell,
ran away from home at 12 and came here. Won’t you search if a 12 year old
boy runs away from your house? We will search. But do you know
what did my father do? My father conducted my last rituals
though l’m alive. Would anyone say about
a man like him? Whatever it is,
a father is father, right? Okay, father-in-law! Since you’re saying,
l’ll forgive my father. Where’s my father, father-in-law? Why are you asking sir
about your father? lt seems you sent Durga
to bring him here. ls it?
ls he telling the truth, sir? Father-in-law, tell him to bring
my father quickly. Marriage is nearing, right?
l told him…he’ll come quickly… Okay! You’re done, sir. Give his phone to me. Get it. Why is he rushing?
Give it to me. Hello.
– Durga… Who is he? Your father? ls this Durga’s phone? No, Nokia!
– Where’s Durga? Anyone can climb if we use a ladder. ls it 9849012399?
– l’ll check and answer. 984802598. That’s my number, man. l don’t know, that’s what l see here! What shall l do now? What am l asking and
what are you telling me? lf you don’t know
what you’re asking, how can l know what l’m telling? Are you mad? Call me crazy, l’ll agree but if you
say mad, l’ll break your back. Tell me my brother’s address,
wait there, l’m coming. Wait…l’ve finished the
last cigarette. What to do now? He cut it. He escaped! When l called Durga,
someone is answering crazily. You go, check it personally. Whatever it may be
Ravi’s father must be here. Okay brother. Are you driving lorry?
– No, watching a film, brother. A hen has run away.
– What should l do? He wouldn’t have crossed the border,
find and bring him back. Wait, please get down, brother.
– Why? Get down, brother.
– Why? Get down. Why am l meeting only crazy guys? Get down l say! Please walk, brother. Get in, brother. Piece is with me,
l’m coming, brother.- Piece? Hey what are you doing? Ravi is again fighting in the market. lf you’ve any problem,
bring it to the notice of chairman. You mustn’t fight it out yourselves. Why are you beating him like a beast?
Lodge a complaint with chairman. Wait, l’ll come. Why are you beating him, Ravi? 100 lorries are entering
our market without receipt saying
zero business. Rs.1000 per lorry per day
for 100 lorries, l mean Rs.365 lakhs which
should come to our market, l’m collecting it from them. Moreover they’re collecting Rs.10
per bag for lorries with receipt, our market receives more
than a lakh of bags, contractors who feed the farmers
are taking Rs.25 lakhs, Rs.1000 per shop for keeping
a bag in line, they’re stealing crores of money
that must come to our market, whose money is it anyway?
– Who are you to ask me? Husband! Husband to the daughter of
this market’s chairman. l’ll find out who is behind this. ls it you, father-in-law? Did you see father-in-law?
How they’re looting market under you? Don’t worry, father-in-law. l’ll unmask the entire network
behind this illegal trade. Tell me. Who is behind you?
– Nobody is behind us. Then, is he before you? lf he’s not behind or before you,
l’m sure he’s with you. Tell me! What happened, father-in-law? l’m sad for trusting such men. lf you beat and create a scene,
it’ll hurt me more. That’s why father-in-law, to know where all mistakes
are going on here, l’ve called sales, service
and income tax authorities, they would’ve started the raid also. ln cold storage! Sir, there’s lot here. There’s plenty of cash here, sir. Who owns this cold storage? So much money? ls it cold storage or Swiss bank? Money is there, okay! But why an iron box, mirror,
face powder too? Bags of money in sir’s cold storage? Who’s money is it?
– Who said that? Do you think it happened
with sir’s knowledge? Do you say the money belongs to sir? Look at that face!
Father-in-law is God! Tell me, father-in-law,
is it your money? No…
– Then, whose money is it? May be his.
– Who is he? l can’t hear it.
– Durga! Who is Durga? My father-in-law’s right hand, sir.
He too… Never trust anyone. Find Durga. Don’t come to cold storage
again, father-in-law. Nothing, once a doubt arises,
it’s difficult to clear it. That’s why. They’re taking away the money,
this tin…l’ll take it. Hey idiot! Why are you crying
as if you lost your money? Do you think we’re kids from Bombay? Bloody…
– Are you an MLA? ‘lf anything goes wrong,
you can’t find worse goons than us. You assured market would get shifted. Market must get shifted. You may be MLA or MP here, one call to Bombay and you’d get
blown up in a bomb blast. You be happy here,
they’re torturing me. Answer me. Durga mustn’t come back alive. Durga mustn’t come back alive. Why should l be afraid?
God is with me. Who are you? Remove your mask. Stop…stop…
l said stop. Stop…stop…come back. Who are you?
Why are you wearing a mask? What do you want? Phone? Wait, l’ll give. Tell me the number. 98666…
– 98666… 44634
– 44634 lt is ringing. lt’s ringing, speak. Brother, Rajendra is
none other than Narayana. Enough of scaring me,
remove the mask and speak. What are you saying? Come fast.
– Run… What were you doing
when he was running away? Nobody can send me out from
this market. l want this market. Tell him to get his daughter
married to me. Where’s my father, father-in-law? Stop the vehicle.
Come back…come back… Brother!
– Sir, found Durga. Forget about him later, kill Durga. Brother!
Brother, stop! lt was an order
to kill Durga only not you. Brother! What are you watching? Find him.
Go! How did he come here? Your son told me to hide him here. What? Where is my son?
– He’s here. l must save my daughter,
l must save my market. Above all that l must save myself. Hardly 10 days left to the marriage. Why are you matching horoscopes now? Ever since engagement,
something bad is happening. They both must be happy, right? l’ve called astrologer to find
if there are any defects and remedies. lf it doesn’t match?
– Will you cancel the marriage? He’s very famous astrologer. MLA has sent him. Whatever he decides. Will this marriage happen, priest? After studying these two horoscopes,
what l’ve come to know is, God, please cancel this marriage. This marriage will not happen.
– Will it not? No, no, don’t beat me. Take it down! l mean it won’t happen ordinarily. Not ordinarily?
– l mean celestial marriage. Groom and bride with these horoscopes
will unite before marriage. Marriage will happen later. What do you mean by that? Baby, please come here. Your ear please. They applied powder and
told me to say it won’t happen, you applied more powder on it
and told me to say about union. Why this third coating now? Do you’ve any doubts, grandma? Only that coating is balance,
bye, l’ll take leave.- Okay. Marriage is just 10 days away. lf what should happen after marriage
is going to happen before. l’m feeling terribly shy. Oh God, what should I do? l couldn’t bear the thought
that he loves me. l’m unable to bear the
feeling of being engaged to him. How can l bear this union
before marriage? l’m going crazy. Why do you worry? Your father is here
to take care of it. A good man like my father
is of no use to me now. Urgently l need a bad boy! Who are you? Don’t you know
smoking is banned in market? Are you Ravi? Who are you? Are you Black? No, bad man! He looks like a brief seller,
is he a bad man? What do you want to cut?
– Want to see? This is just a sample. lf you’re a good man,
l’m a bad man! here as much difference as Laden
and Obama have between you and l. lt seems you said about
making love with Sandy. Did she tell you also? Nothing of that sort would
happen till l’m here. Are you warning me?
– Yes, warning. Why are you warning so weakly?
– lsn’t it? Why am l getting kick
if you drink? Not getting kick but going down.
– What? Your blood. Tie this. lf you come to Sandy’s house again,
l’ll cut my entire body. Get lost! Ravi, now? He didn’t warn me,
he gave me an idea. Sandy, don’t worry. Don’t get tensed. l’ve given him a strong warning.
He’ll never come to you again. He’s here…he’s here… Why did you remove the fuse? Darkness suits the best for love. Put this fuse at right time. When?
– When everything is over. When will it get over? Don’t you know that, you thief? Put it when you hear a shriek. Ravi, all the best! Don’t get tensed, am l not here? He goes berserk in normal times, if he comes drunk,
don’t know what else would he do! Where have you gone?
Where are you? Sandhya… Sorry, Sandy. Sandy, Sandy! Where did you go away, dear? Where is he? Where is she? Are you hiding here? l’m coming….coming… l got you. Where did he go now? What is this? Same dress! What’s this? Trap? What are you planning? lf i’m in mood, l’ll kill too.
You’re safe from now. You make an exit,
l’ll make an entry. Okay.
– Sandy baby. Where are you? Come…come…come… Sandy is calling me,
l’m coming… Hey stop, I am coming. Oh God! This is not that voice. Coming…coming…
catch…catch… Why do you come in between us? Why are you sleeping here? There’s something strange
is happening here, madam. Come quickly, we must stop it. Where will you go now? lt looks like my boy’s voice. The shriek must come
from there, right? Who beat me? Why are you putting the fuse? l heard many shrieks. l’m confused which shriek is that! The next shriek will be louder,
put the fuse then. Here! Bloody, he pinched me. Will you bite now?
– l’ll chew you. Sandy… Stop…stop… Bad man’s life may get ruined. l don’t know if l’m man or woman. Stop…that was just interval. Where are you, Sandy? Are you here? Come fast!
Sit here! Madam, run fast!
Anything untoward could happen! He’s a pain. He’s not an ordinary man, spooky man! What’s that language?
– l too don’t know. Sandy! Why did you leave in interval? You want a break? Come, l’ll buy you popcorn. Why so many shrieks at a time? What would have happened? Let’s run from here. Sandy! Where will you go, dear? Please save me!
– Are you shameless? You said you’re a bad man,
you want me to save you. He’s worse than me. He’s biting wherever
he gets his teeth on. Go…go away! l can’t take it anymore. Shut up!
– Save me! Sandy, stop! Behave smoothly with ladies. Don’t make them run. Sandy, don’t go upstairs,
father-in-law is there. Come…come… Are you going up? Go quickly.
– Fuse is fixed! Oh my God! When he said he’ll sleep along
upstairs l thought something else. ls he having drinking habit too? l didn’t know till today,
mother-in-law. Why has my innocent son
affected by such a disease? When l see this, l feel father-in-law
is possessed by something. How could he get this disease
without his knowledge? Ghost!
– Ghost? Ghost may have possessed him.
– Ghost? When and how did he take over him? Ghost? Only people possessed by ghost behave
like this without their knowledge. ls it? ln day time it is calm
but at night it goes berserk. Watch now How I’ll overact! Grandma, you don’t worry. What happened? lt seems you’re possessed by ghost.
– Me? l’m fine. Didn’t l tell you?
Father-in-law doesn’t know anything. Father-in-law, without your knowledge,
you’re roaming naked at night. Am l?
No way…why? lt seems you’ve possessed by ghost.
– Ghost? lnjustice has been meted to me,
l can’t bear it, mother-in-law… We must get rid of the ghost.
– How? There’s way for it. How? Not to father-in-law, it must hit
the ghost inside, move away. What? Come again! Witch? How many years are you with him? Didn’t you find anyone else?
Didn’t you desire get fulfilled? Are you living with him?
lt seems its Witch! Wait, l’ll take you to task. Sister! Do you know Witch?
– l don’t know. Who is she? Witch was a famous
call girl 17 years ago. She has possessed your husband. Yes, you drive her out. Hey you, how dare you
take over my husband! Go away…leave him… l’ll beat you!
Leave him… Come out. Come out. That’s our Devbabu! He’s driving out ghost from someone. Go away! Whatever you may do,
you can’t get the real me. Who told him?
How did he come to know? Durga escaped.
Your father saw him. Why are you talking to him?
Answer me first. What are you doing here? Why are you wearing Ravi shirt?
What business are you doing? Do you know which place is this? Do you know who he is?
Do you know who am l? Will you tell him flashback again? What are you saying?
– What am l saying? Did he ran away from home 10 years
ago without you telling him? Did l tell him?
– Yes.- Did l? Yes, son-in-law. You know the truth, right? What are you doing here
despite knowing it? What should l do there
knowing the truth? Can you roam without
covering your face, father? You cover your face
on seeing a stranger, why? Knowing well about your life,
how can l not come here? What are you going to do? You must walk without
covering your face. l must show to people
this is my father’s face. Till that happens and
unmask him, l’ll not come. l’ll get back what you lost!
– Did l ask you? Did l ask you to get back
what l had lost? Did l ask you to give me birth, father? Didn’t you do it?
This is also like that, father. How am l to tell you, son?
How can they both be same? What l lost there isn’t great? The blame l’m carrying isn’t a burden. l got you back alive,
that’s invaluable to me. What if anything happens to you?
– Nothing will happen to me, father. Till now nothing happened to me, anything may happen
if they know l’m your son. lf you stay here,
it’ll be harmful to me. Even if go away,
your life is in danger. Keshav knows you’re my son. He knows, right? Don’t stay here for
a moment also, father. Go away…go away! Please listen to me.
– Go back to village, father. Send him away. How can l go away from here
leaving him in this situation? We’re not going anywhere,
all are staying here only. For son-in-law’s safety. Who is here for your safety?
– Aren’t you here? What about my safety?
– Aren’t we here for you? He must die today!
Kill him…kill him. Do you’ve a weapon? l’m a weapon,
why do l need a weapon? Sandy, don’t get tensed
and make me tense. Why are you both having full bottle? Overbearing sadness.
– Too scared. l’m getting drunk.
Why did he come back? Leave him to me,
l’ll take care of him. Hey baby! l’m your fan. What’s this?
What are you doing? l’m a bad man and
he’s worse than me. l understood it the hard way. Boss, a peg for me too.
– Receive the guest. Are you human? Did you come for me, Sandy? Are you human?
– What happened now? What happened? You jumped over wall
and created a scene in my house. Everyone is asking
if that thing is over. What am l to tell them? Yes, it’s difficult to tell
what never happened as happened. So, my idea to you is… Don’t come near me,
l’m warning you. l’ve a big weapon.
l’ll stab you. Show me. What is she doing? She stabbed my son! She stabbed in his heart!
Who is she? She’s Keshav’s daughter. How is she connected to him? Your son is going to marry her.
– Oh my God! They ruined my daughter’s life. lf you shout and if they know
you’re here, he’ll stab me. Stab you?
l’ll stab everyone here. How can she marry my son-in-law? What’s this? This is what remains
after you stabbed him. Then, he…
– Can’t say if he can survive. Are you blind?
– Sorry, l didn’t see you. Who are you? You lousy girl! Why are you roaming
in this street only? l almost broke my waist. What do you think of yourself?
You bloody bitch! Stop…stop… How dare you come here and
hit Saroja sister, who are you? Remove the helmet!
– Remove the helmet! Will you remove or
shall l slap you? ls it you? Are you here for Ravi?
Why don’t you tell me that? How do you feel now? Are you here for me? Come, let’s go upstairs.
– l’ll not come. isn’t he calling you? Go! This is our house. Get up…get up… A girl will come here in a week. watching TV serials. l don’t know what you like
or don’t like. l’m doing everything assuming
you’d like it. lf you don’t like tell me,
l’ll change it. ls he doing everything for me? He says out of 10 things
he tells 6 lies and 4 truths. But is this completely truth? l’ve brought soaps and scents.
– Keep it there. Generally people buy more
soaps and less scents. Why are you buying more scents
and less soaps? l’m not yet clear about the usage
of soaps and scents by my wife. Once l’m clear
we can buy accordingly. That’s kitchen! Can’t cook! That’s our bedroom. Don’t get tensed, l’ll enter this
room only after you love me. But our horoscopes say we’ll unite
in love before marriage. What shall we do now? That’s bathroom. Should I say something. Why are you surprized? l’ll always say 10 things,
6 lies and 4 truths. But l’m telling
only one thing about you, l like you. l and my home would await you. “Trap, trap, trap
this is the trap of love” “Trap, trap, trap
this is the trap of love” “Trap, trap, trap
this is the trap of love” “Girl, you got me in trap
with your smile” “O Boy, you got me in trap
with your talks” “Come let’s fall in love trap,
this is wonderful” “Come let’s fall in love trap,
this is wonderful” “I love you always,
I don’t like anything except you” “My heart is in your thoughts,
I always think about you” “I like this sweet pain of love,
it’s beautiful” “You came into my heart slowly,
I love your company” “Your color and beauty attracts me” “I think about you and
see you in my dreams” “Your youth makes my heart restless” “I am lucky that I got you,
you are the one” “Oh what’s this drama? “Oh what is this?” “You are in my dreams,
I see your face everywhere” “Come close to me,
come into my arms” “I see you all the time,
I can’t see anything else” “I just want you to be in my life” “My life is for you, hold my hand” “Whatever is yours, will be mine,
I am all yours” “Enjoy this phase of love” “Don’t break your promise
after loving me” Why are you surprized? Minister, you break the good news. File to shift market has been signed. Why are you not reacting?
Won’t you believe Minister also? Happy that it is moving,
l’m afraid people may oppose it. Tomorrow l’ll announce this in market,
Keshav will finish it. Hello, we don’t care about
your govt. or it’s decisions, my people, it must do good
to the market, that is enough. There are few good things
in your decision, l’ve seen it,
l’m thinking over it. He’s here only.
Order a new car, sir. Father-in-law, l see many
bad things in it. Already our market is too big. lt has capacity to take
double of what we get now. Moreover it is near to city
and easily accessible. They want to shift a market
that has no problems. What are you saying?
Come whatsoever it may, the file to shift has been signed,
market yard will get shifted. Nobody can stop this. My father-in-law is there! So many people are here
trusting you, father-in-law. What will you do for them? l’ll fight for them. Sir will start a fast!
Fast? l’ll fast! Hail Keshav
fighting for market! Hail Keshav
fighting for market! What would you do if Govt.
doesn’t change its stand? He’ll fast unto death! l’ll fast unto death! Hail Keshav! What’s this? Please get up. Your daughter has brought
lunch for you, get up and eat. Tell your father. This lunch isn’t for father.
For him. For me, right? How much you love me? Come. It is delicious!
Serve me everything. Call MLA, l fear l may die. Hey Manga! Where the hell are you? l’m begging to live. l’m a VlP, sir.
l’m very famous in my city. l’ll send money order
on reaching my place. Thank you. Which is your place? Tripura. Welcome to Ongole! lt says Tripura. We’re going that side,
let’s take him. Hail Keshav! You’ve achieved your aim! Govt. has come down for your protest. Govt. will not shift this market. l’m dying unable to answer
Minister and those Bombay guys. You want to end up as good man. What happened? You lost both
daughter and market to him. This is what remains with you.
Have it. lf l shouldn’t die,
then he must die. Ravi, Ravi. Load those 16 bags.
Note it down. Hello.
– Devbabu! Till now you tried to unmask me, now l’m going to unmask your father.
Come and save him. Father! Devu! Had l know he was his son, l wouldn’t have fixed
my daughter’s marriage with him. l’m unable to decide
as a girl’s father. What’s there to think, sir? Cancel it.
– He mustn’t sep into market again. Ravi! Don’t move, we’ve to take a scan. Father…where’s my father? Your father…father… He’s safe with police. How can he be safe with police? Ravi, whom l thought was God
till now is behaving like a demon. My daughter’s marriage
is fixed with your son. What would you achieve with marriage
without shifting the market? Market yard will be shifted. Marriage is at 4 am! Market yard will go up
in flames at 4.30 am! ln the lakhs of bags that
will go up in flames, he’s also one of those bags. What are you planning
to do with Narayana? And his father will also
be among those bags. Who are you? Go immediately and save your father. Ravi! What about the marriage? Father…father… Father! Father! It’s 4’o clock,
I have to stop the wedding. Market is burning down! Sir, our market is burning down. Go and check there. Devbabu! Didn’t l tell you
he’s a crook? Look what has he done to us? Did you see what has he done?
He can go to any extent. He’s a crook to the core.
Please listen to me. Let’s go back to our place,
we don’t need this. Stop! What’s this injustice?
Market is getting reduced to ashes. My life is going away!
Put it off! Ravi is doing this. l chased out his father,
he’s burning to retaliate. Go and douse it. Save my market! What an actor you are! With this market would get shifted
and we’ll make crores. You did it perfectly.
– You’ll die first. Call fire engine! That side…that side… Come here, Ravi is beating me! Where’s he? Go…go, he ran away, find him. Ravi is here only! Find him, he’s here only. Entire market must know
your true colour tonight! What do you want? l’ll give the yard. l’ll give my daughter,
please leave me. l don’t want all that. Come out and accept my father
is a good man. l’ll leave you. Don’t ask me that one thing… You don’t have any other way. You must tell. People of the market! Will you kill me?
– Will you tell or die? Kill me…kill me… But one thing if l die
l’ll die as good man. But your father will remain
a bad man. Kill me… Mad boy! Did you struggle all these
years for this? Mad boy! For 20 long years, do you know how much l struggled
to hide myself? My wife too doesn’t know who am l? My children too don’t know. Neither this town nor
your father knows me. Till l usurped his good name. l killed 32 people and
put the blame on your father. 33, l killed my paternal uncle too. Wrong again!
34! l killed my father too! Mustn’t live! Do you know why? l mustn’t get what a bad man
like father got in his life, and to get everything a good man
like your father gets, do you know this? lt’s very easy to show a good man
like your father as bad man. But it’s very difficult to prove a man
like me as bad who acts like good man. You showed me naked, but could you show my real self? Got angry? Will you kill me? Kill me, l’m ready. But l’ll never utter with my mouth
that your father is a good man. Do you know why? lf a statue is installed in market,
it must be mine! When you say 10 things,
it has 6 lies and 4 truths, l don’t have any confusion like that, if l say 10 things,
all ten are lies! Go, spend your life like
your father in hiding. Douse it!
Get water! You go that side!
You all go that side. Come here.
Come. Come quickly, what happened? Bloody crook! Everyone heard whatever you said. You’ve been unmasked!
Your film is over. Don’t act anymore. People will lynch you. Father, you’re not Rajendra anymore. You’re the king of this market! How you acted and
cheated us all these days? How many lives you’ve taken?
– Kill him… Why did you do like this?
What if you had lost your life? The life you gave me,
it would’ve gone for you. That’s all father.

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