Make a Roblox Group Icon Picture with Photoshop Mrs. Samantha

Make a Roblox Group Icon Picture with Photoshop Mrs. Samantha

Hey guys! Welcome back>It’s me Mrs. Samantha
with my Christian Mommy Grammy Gaming channel, and today we are going to find
out how to make this icon pitcher for your o box group using Photoshop.Let’s
go see about that. 🎶Mrs. Samantha the Christian Mommy Grammy Gamer.🎶 So here I
am on my Mrs. Samantha’s official Roblox group page. Here’s some of my people down
here. Hey Coco bananas. But to change this icon
you go over here to a group admin, and group info, and it’s not showing up right
here for some reason. Hmmm. But we have to make a picture to
fit into that. So a really easy way to do that is to go over to your profile page.
Looky there, there’s my Mrs. Samantha… my, well my me
actually! And you can left click that and drag it straight to your desktop.
So once you’ve drug that to your desktop you can close out of that for
now. I’m gonna shrink it down because I’m gonna need it later.
Let me find what did I do with it okay, here it is
Boop I’m going to just set it right there. Stay right there. I’m gonna open up
my Photoshop. Okay and we’re going to make a new project. And the width is
going to be 500 pixels by 500 pixels. Ooh And name it. We’re gonna name it, we’re
gonna name it Roblox icon. Icon, yeah! okay And there we’ve got a 500 pixel by 500
pixel. I’m gonna click on our saved image. Boom! And there it is now that actually
you could just make that it if you wanted to. I’m gonna use the backdrop
that’s on my desk my screensaver, for the backdrop of this icon. So I’m gonna open
up another, whoops! I’m gonna hit check I’m gonna hit check. And then I’m gonna
open up another man I’m gonna go find out where I put that. I believe it’s in
August thumbnails. hmm Okay, here is where I put that wallpaper.
So I’m gonna control all control A, that makes the control all. Control C that
copies the whole thing. Click over here on the first project page. Control view
control V makes control view. Okay now we got that pretty little wallpaper. Let’s
make it big again so we can see everything.
Lovely! Select tool drag it down behind, there we go! Look at that. That is just
lovely. Alright I want to make my icon a little
person a little bigger. So I’m gonna use edit, transform, scale. Now there are
shortcuts for this. One day I intend to use the learn how to use the shortcut
buttons. But today is not that day. Aww, that looks nice. It looks really nice. Actually
I think I’m gonna use the one I’m making right now, to replace the one I had
earlier. Alright click yes. I am on the background let’s see I think I want this
the opacity a little lower. Make it a little lighter. Oh nice nice. Not that
light. Okay I’m going to edit and see if I can’t make this oh my goodness this
thing’s huge! okay. OOP There we go I want more flowers.
Yep Yep That’s it that’s lovely! That’s very lovely! Check I’m gonna go to
the background I’m gonna unlock it. And then I’m going to go back up to edit.
Hit, what am i doing? Stroke stroke. It’s already on ten pixels, that’s my
favorite color. But if you want a different color you
click on color it brings up your color thing. You can use the eyedropper, pick
whatever your favorite color is lighter darker. I just like the dark blues. I
really am fond of those blues as you can tell my shirts all blue. okay okay okay
and bam. I have that icon but I’m actually I
still want the Miss Samantha a little bigger. So we’re gonna make go back here
to transform scale just a little bigger oh oh yeah actually I like that when the
icon just pops out like that oh that’s so nice all right let’s do a little more
poppy here I don’t even this is the layer style if you double click what you
have selected it’ll bring up the layer sale box so I can make a drop shadow I
can do inner stroke mmm don’t like inner stroke outer glow nice inner glow I’m
all I am so glowy extra glowy beveled contour hmm do I need I need a stroke on
that I don’t need a stroke nice okay I love it I love it I love it – love it
I love it click OK come over here file save as this is very important
August thumbs nope that’s not don’t want an August thumbs February thumbs yeah
every thumbs that’s what I want roll blocks icon we want to save that as a
PNG or wash I can blah blah blah safe yes I’m actually gonna save this as
a template so I’m gonna save this as a Photoshop file also so I can just come
back up here and redo it so save click yes okay
there we go this is this is lovely alright so let’s go back to roblox
where’d he go roblox boom sound effects I’m sorry I always do sound effects go
over to my groups Here I am again yep I do like the new one better I’m so glad I
did this I so glad I did this okay group admin group info info excuse me choose
file find out wherever you put your file it’s
not in February videos it’s in February thumbnails I have so many folders I try
to stay organized but you know ok so that’s the old one this is the new one
roblox icon I’m gonna get hit open and save now this takes it takes a few
minutes to get to the part where it shows up but it will give it give it a
couple of minutes I take an hour depends on how how well everything’s working but
I’ll come back when that icon is up there so you can see what it looks like
as a finished product it’s gonna look good thank you so much for watching I am
so glad I needed to do this so tick tock tick tock and here it is my mrs.
Samantha official roblox group icon it looks great
now you guys can do this using any editor editor program you have just make
sure it’s 500 pixels by 500 pixels and you can layer it up and do stuff like I
did and I bet you can make ones that look even better than mine because I’m a
total new come come join my roblox group remember to like and share and subscribe
and come and join in my next roblox video I’d love to see you there say hi
say you saw my video and I guess I’ll see you in the next video or the next
livestream bye you

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  1. I was trying to make the icon yesterday and Googled to find out the dimensions, and I couldn't get a definite answer. So when I got the answer from Roblox, I decided to make a video about it. I know others want to know too. πŸ™‚ Here are some other helpful videos.

  2. Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching. Pretty please SHARE the video, with the share button. πŸ™‚ It really helps me out. Oh, and like. πŸ’•πŸ‘

  3. Thanks Mrs. Samantha you helped me with the sizing of my group picture! Love your channel keep up the good work. πŸ˜€

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