Make iPhone Text imessage Effect Tutorial for Adobe After Effects template CC

Make iPhone Text imessage Effect Tutorial for Adobe After Effects template CC

– [Instructor] Hey guys,
welcome back to Flat Pack FX and in today’s tutorial we’re
going to be making this. (upbeat music) So stick around, you’re
watching Flat Pack FX. (upbeat music) Alright, so lets get started. So, on today’s tutorial I’m
going to be showing you how to make this iPhone text message effect. Before we get started,
you’re going to need to download a file off my Google Drive. Now, I’ve put the link
in the description below. And all you need to do is
download that text bubble image, and then we can get started. Alright, so once you’ve downloaded
that you can right click, import file, and just navigate
to wherever you saved it. And then, just hit open. Next, you’re going to want to right click, new composition, I’m going to call this one text msg, set this one to be 1080 25, and set the duration
to be about 10 seconds, and then hit OK. Alright, next we’re going to
grab our text bubble layer, and just drag it straight
into that composition. Now, you’ll see by the image
I’ve already laid out the text bubbles of where they roughly need to be. So, next we’re going to
come down to the layer and I’m going to navigate
down to the opacity and I’m just going to
drop this down to 85. Now that will come into effect
later when you drop this layer over your footage. It’ll make the bubbles
slightly transparent. Just to help sell the effect. Alright, so next we need to
separate the bubbles that we actually want to use. So, for my first layer I’m
gonna take this top bubble. So, I’m going to hit G on the keyboard, or switch to my pen tool. And I’m just gonna roughly
mask out this top bubble. Next, we’re gonna wanna
actually animate that bubble. So, we want it to actually pop in. Like, we’ve seen in the example. So the way we do this, is firstly we need to
move the anchor point. So, I’m going to hit Y on the keyboard, and I’m gonna drag this anchor point, so it lines up roughly in the
corner of the text bubble. Then I’m gonna go down
to my transform menu, and I’m going to create a
key frame for the scale. I’m gonna move along slightly, and I’m gonna create another key frame. I’m gonna go along slightly
again, create another one. And a little bit further on I’m gonna create another
one there as well. Now, I’m just going to come
back to this middle one here. And I’m going to scale
this up to about 105. And I’m going to come back
to my first key frame, and I’m going to make this zero. Next, I’m going to right
click on this middle one here, I’m gonna go down to key frame assist, and I’m gonna create an easy ease. That’s just going to help soften that out. Now, if I just played through that, you can see we’ve already got the basic animation of the text bubble. So, that looks pretty good, it’s go that little bounce on the end. Alright, so I’m happy with that. Next, I’m gonna right click
and I’m gonna create new text. And I’m going to type out J.Peterson//3:05 PM Now, this is what is gonna appear above each of the text bubbles. So, this you can change
to whatever initial and surname you want. And the time, again, you can change this to whatever you want as well. Now, once you’ve actually typed that out, you’re gonna want to come
over to your character menu, if your character menu is
not there go up to window, and then down to character, and you’re gonna want to
make this Helvetica Neue. And you’re gonna want to make this thin. And I’m just going to scale this down, and I’m just going to position this, just above the text bubble. Slightly justified in from the right. Next, I’m gonna right click new text. And this is going to be
your actual text message. So I’ve just written, “Hey, finished early, lets meet up.” And for the text message,
I’m gonna make this light. So it makes it slightly
bolder than the thin. And I’m just gonna position
this in the speech bubble. I’m also just gonna scale this
up slightly, just to fill. And I’m just gonna reposition this here. Next, with my text layer selected, I’m going to come up
to effects and presets and I’m simply gonna write type. And this is what we want
here, under animate in, we want this typewriter and
I’m just gonna drag this on. Now, if we select that layer
and hit U on the keyboard, you can see its created
these two key frames. So, that’s when the animation starts and when the animation ends. I’m just going to drag this end point in, just to speed it up. And you can see, that’s
how fast you want it to be. So, if you want it slower
or you want it faster, just drag it closer, or further away. Next, we’re just going to
time that text as it comes in. So, as the speech bubble comes up, I’m then just gonna drag
this start point, just in. As you can see we’ve, sort
of, timed right as it pops up. And we’re also gonna
grab our top layer and we’re gonna create a fade in for that one. So, I’m just gonna use my
drop down to go to transform, create a key frame for my opacity. Go along on the timeline, create. And I’m simply just gonna
drag those ones underneath. And just move them slightly
along on the timeline. So, this is what we
should end up with now. So, that’s pretty much it. That’s the basic effect. So, to do the other ones,
is all you need to do is, basically, just duplicate what you’ve got. So, I’m gonna take all of these layers, I’m gonna come up to edit
and then down to duplicate. And I’m simply just gonna
drag those ones underneath. And just move them slightly
along on the timeline. Now, obviously, the speech
bubbles the wrong way. So, what we’re actually gonna do is select that bubble
layer, go down to masks, and we’re just gonna delete the mask. Now, all I need to do is
just go to my pen tool, or G on the keyboard, and all
I need to do is just simply draw a mask around that bubble, as well. Next, we need to move the
anchor point for that layer. So, with my layer selected,
I’m gonna hit Y on the keyboard and we’re going to drag that anchor point down to this corner now. So, that’s gonna animate
in from that side now. And the last thing is just
to grab those two text layers and just move them down,
and reposition them. So, I’m just gonna change this text. So, now that one should
animate in as well. So, again, here you can
change the actual surname, ’cause obviously its
someone else responding. And that’s pretty much it. You can pretty much just
repeat this process, until you’ve typed out
your whole conversation. Now, a few things to know
as I’ve given you a few different sizes of text bubbles, here. But you can actually take these and resize them to what you need. I can actually rescale this, to make it bigger or smaller. The other thing you can do, is you can come up to effect, you can come down to generate, and you can come down to fill, and you can make this
whatever colour you want. So, on the iPhone they
have the green version, as well, so you can make this green. It’s that easy. So, you can easily change
the colours of these and do whatever you want. Now, once you’ve actually
finished your comp like this, and you’ve got your text message laid out, the last step, ’cause
all you need to do is create a new composition,
drag your footage in, position that how you want. And here, I’ve just added
a lens flare for effect, and then all you need to do is drag your text message layer over the top. Now, one last thing I’ve also done, is I’ve actually done a motion track, so that it sticks inside the frame. So, you can see its
actually stuck to the pole, as the camera actually moves up and down. Now, this just adds a
little bit of realism. And the way I’ve done
this is, quite simply, just done a motion track of that pole and then, I’ve just parented
this layer to that pole. Otherwise, you can just
overlay it over the top. It’s up to you. So, there you go guys. There’s a really easy way to
make this text message effect. Take care, thanks for watching guys. And remember Flat Pack FX is
the Flat Pack anyone can build.

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