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  1. My husband bought the Cricut Air Explorer 2 for me on my birthday in October of this year so I am still in the learning process. I have learned so much from watching your tutorials. You are very creative! Thanks so much!

  2. WOW! I hope you can continue a weekly series similar to this. I love how you show each step, you are clear, concise and very thorough. OH! And very talented. I like how you mention both the Explore and the Maker during your instructions. I have an explore air was thinking about getting the Maker, but I’m not 🤔sure. So thank you again for this fabulous series.

  3. I LOVE this idea! Thank your for this tutorial. I would have never thought to make a puzzle using the Cricut! Thinking I will make some for Christmas for grandparents with kids pictures. 🙂

  4. Just wondering, is there a reason you didn’t unlock the photo and fit to size instead of slicing it? Great tutorial ❤️

  5. I saw on YouTube how to cut Cricut chipboard for making puzzles with sticker paper, they turned it face down so the sticker paper wouldn’t be cut on so many times. Try that and let us know if it works that way. I just love your videos and all you do for us. Thanks Jennifer

  6. You are an excellent teacher! I've had my Explore for 3 years, and I am learning new things every time I watch one of your videos. Thank you!!

  7. The only issue I have run into with removing items from the mats is when I rolled my mat, after having done this successfully many times, my mat snapped in half. Now I am leary about rolling the mat. Love the puzzle svgs you made. Thank you, once again.

  8. Thank-you Jennifer! Full of great tips and ideas. Thanks for the breakdown on the chip boards. Looking forward to tomorrow because I haven't done any wood projects yet.

  9. So glad I found your you tube channel Jennifer. I just got my Explore Air 2 and can't wait to try these projects. I was just thinking if you stuck your picture on the brown side of the cereal box, you would have a double puzzle.

  10. I recently designed my niece her very own My little pony character ( to her & her mommy's very specific requests ) for her 4th Bday in October. I think a puzzle with her Pumpkin spice pony would make a great christmas present.

  11. What Printer do you use? I have an Epson WR and it will only print half of a picture and that's utilizing the measurements that Cricut says I have to use. Please help

  12. Hi, I love this project but When it starts on the 2nd cut, it cuts in a different place. I taped it down. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  13. Hi and thanks for the tutorial. I am trying to make a puzzle for my twin nieces but I do not have the "cereal" material in my custom materials. I believe I am up to date with design space but the closest thing I have is Light Chipboard in either 0.37 or 0.55. Which would you suggest and would you still put it on 3x cutting with the deep cup blade? Any help you could offer would be great! Your tutorials are always very helpful and straight forward. Thanks!!

  14. I have been working on this mine does not cut all way through dont know what im doing wrong follow you to a "T" lol but i love love all your videos!!

  15. Thanks so much for this video. I love all of your tutorials. Question, however, when I get to the attach stage of the project, my puzzle lines disappear on the canvas view. The puzzle lines reappear in the make view but the picture sits on top of the puzzle lines versus the puzzle lines being on top of the picture. I followed every step but am so confused about this one aspect of the project. Do you happen to know what this is happening? I am using my iPad for DS if that provides any additional info.

    Thanks so much in advance for your help in any case.

  16. I Love this project, but I can't figure out how to search the custom materials. I tried what you said in the video and it didn't work. Maybe I'm misunderstanding? Did you say Ctrl ask or Ctrl exe? I tried both, but it brings me to a google search. What am I doing wrong? I did manually scroll and found the cereal option, but I would like to know for future reference. TIA, Joann 🙂

  17. Hi! How were you able to do a 8.5×11 page in Design space for print and cut? I thought it you only do 6.75×9.25? Did I miss something? Btw, ❤ all your videos!

  18. Thank you, so much. Are there other puzzle patterns that you can add your photo. Also can you make yhis larger and cut the puzzle in sections.

  19. This amazing! I'd like to know how to put the puzzle in a border after cutting the pieces to arrange them. Please let me know. Thank you so much!

  20. Ugh! The Cricut sticker paper will not go through my printer so I used printable vinyl – had a nightmare of a time getting it on the Kraft Board (a few mess-ups) but in the end, it worked! Thank you for an excellent tutorial!

  21. hi i am trying to make this on my explore air 2 but my cricut i guess is having trouble finding the collabrations, what could it be?
    i had to create a custom material for cereal box, maybe thats it? but other than that it stops when its time to cut

  22. I downloaded the file
    But is is all white with the cut
    Lines, isn’t it supposed to be clear we’re you see the pic inside , I don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  23. How do I attach printable vinyl onto my cereal box. Asking because my printable vinyl doesn't have adhesive on the backing.

  24. So my first puzzle on the maker got shredded on the cereal box. Will try on my air 2 see how that one comes out. Thanks

  25. I just tried this on my cricut maker and it was going well until the last cut and then it did not line up and shredded the pieces. Any suggestions?

  26. Hey Jenny. I love ur channel but can i put another message other than "love you to pieces" with a "will you marry me" msg instead?

  27. I have tried to make this puzzle for hours I have a new deep cut blade for my maker I have uped the setting for cereal box to 8x plus more pressure. It still wont cut completely through the cereal box
    Please help!

  28. Awesome video. Just tuning into your channel for the first time. Looking forward to watching more. Very easy to follow along. Question: how does one go about creating/designing my custom puzzle template? Thanks for any feedback!

  29. HELP I have tried two times to make the puzzle and each time cricut starts on second cut it shifts about an 1/8th of inch. I have it on strong mat and taped down. Looks like it is not moving/shifting/ What is wrong???

  30. Jennifer, this is fantastic. What size are your images? It looks much bigger than the 6.75 x 9.25 (???) that cricut allows.

  31. So sad. I used printable vinyl on a cereal box. I have the Explore One. Changed to the deep cut blade. There was no cereal box option in my custom materials so I made one with your settings. It did not cut all the way through. All that ink and a sheet of Cricut printable vinyl all wasted. Suggestions? Can I run it through again? Would it line up? I can't afford to waste all that again.

  32. I absolutely love you!!! Thank you. Thank you for showing us the possibilities with the cnc machines. I don't even own a cricut, but watch you anyway!! It would be amazing if I could use your files for the silhouette (I have two of those). Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I appreciate you and everything that you do!! 🤗

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