Making a Short film to win $200k of Camera Gear

Making a Short film to win $200k of Camera Gear

– Oh my god! Have you guys heard of the
Light this Location contest that Aputure is putting on right now? The prizes, insane! The grand prize winner gets
$200,000 worth of film gear, including a Red Helium 8K Cinema Camera? Oh my, that’s, that’s,
I don’t even have that. I have the older Scarlet-W,
I would, I want it! You win three Aputure 300d Mark II’s, and three Aputure 120d Mark II’s, and literally every Aputure
light you’ve ever wanted. Bunch of stuff from all the top dogs. Chimera, Matthews, Bright Tangerine, Quasar, Atomos, Adorama,
like, the list goes on, and even if you don’t get grand prize, you can still get The
Audience Choice Award, which is $40,000 worth of stuff. Even a Lucky Voter. You can win $10,000 worth
of gear for voting, woo! And best picture from regional locations, like North America, South
America, Asia, Europe, Africa, like, so many people are
gonna win so much cool stuff. Guys, do you think if I enter
this, I could win first place? I mean, this would be
game changing stuff here. Ooh, and also I have friends at Aputure, maybe they can kinda tweak
the contest a little bit, make sure I win, let me give ’em a call. Ben, what’s goin’ on buddy? – Oh, hey, what’s up, Gene, how you doin’? – Dude, so, I just
looked up all the details for that Light that Location
contest, and oh my god, those prizes are insane! So, I need a real solid from you. I’m gonna enter the contest, and I need you to go into the
back door, do a little bit of, like, computer stuff, make
sure I win first prize. Can you do that? (laughs) You know, I don’t actually– – Before you say more, keep this in mind. We’ll split the winnings,
I’m a generous guy, I’ll give you one of the Aputure lights that come in the Grand Prize package. – Gee, you can’t actually legally enter, because you’re one of the
judges for the contest. Did you forget that you’re judging for it? – What if I change my
name legally to Roberto, ’cause I’ve been meaning to
do that for a minute anyways. – I gotta go. – So rule number one
is to pick one location and make the whole short
film in that location, for example, this hallway. It looks like trash right now, but that’s kind of the
challenge of this whole thing, is to light it so that it looks cool. Luckily, I know a lighting master. (claps) Eric! You guys remember Eric from that one video where we did a whole
bunch of lighting set-ups with just one light? So, I need your help, again. – (sighs) Okay. – And while you’re shooting,
make sure you document the behind-the-scenes,
cause you are gonna need to submit a behind the scenes video, so, show us what you’re workin’ with, and also give us a floor
map of how you set it up, and how you lit the location. Now what exactly is just one location? Does that mean we have to film
everything in this hallway? That would be ideal,
but it’s very important for my specific short film
to utilize that bathtub. It’s a very key role,
spoiler, and this living room? So, that’s totally fine. Still part of one space, it’s one house, so we’re still good to go. Some point in the short film, you are gonna have to say the secret word, which is, accent. It doesn’t matter how you say it, or how you put it in there, as long as it’s in there. Another rule is to make sure you keep your video under five minutes. Don’t drag it out like
I do my YouTube videos. All right, so the sun is finally setting, so, I think we’re just about
ready to start filming. Check this out! Eric’s controlling this light from inside, which is kinda cool because this window actually doesn’t open,
so it’s actually useful, so he can actually be inside there, looking through the camera, and adjusting this light
from inside of there. How cool is that? But yeah, I hope you guys
are ready to pee your pants with our horror flick. Here’s how it ended up turning out. (water dripping)
(ominous music) (floor creaking)
(dog barking) (shadow whooshing) (floor creaking) (ominous music) (Rafael screams) Bro, what are you doing in my house? – Why is your house lighting so creepy? – I’m trying to make this short film a little bit more interesting and spooky. – Oh! Well, good work. It’s, it looks really dope. Oh, my hot water’s off.
– Hey! (Rafael screams) Is that my shower cap?
– No. Rude. – And is that my towel?
– No, no, no, no! Nudity gets you disqualified. – Oh, you’re right. And by the way, since when do
you have a Brazilian accent? – What do you mean since when, you’ve known me for a while,
dude, have you heard me speak? – Can you just like go
along I just have to say the secret word at least
once in the video, so, and one more thing! I’m actually a judge for the contest, so I’ve already been disqualified, so I don’t really care. (Rafael yelping)
(wolf whistling) – Six out of ten. (laughs) – [Rafael] Six? (laughs) – So, there’s our disqualified film, let’s take a look at how we shot it. I’m going into nowhere, I’m
not walking anywhere at all. (all laughing) All right, cut it. Coffee! – Yes, this is part of what
you need on a set, right? This one’s the vanilla one,
whoever got that nastiness. – [Rafael] I did. – Now that we have our location, step one, I guess, is to clean up. This bathroom is a total disaster. We have to clean this up
to make it fit the scene. There’s random stuff in the tub, but the shot is gonna kinda
start right around here, so we’ll have to get started
cleaning all this up. Let’s do this. I did my part. What do we got out here? – We’re using my favorite light, which is the 300 Mark II,
’cause I love this so much. – (laughs) Are you trying
to get a free Aputure light out of us?
– Not at all. Not at all, Aputure. Although I only use your lights. Really love your lights. It’s Rafael saying that, by the way. Add @rafaelsaud. – This lighting will be
kind of our outside light, so once it gets dark,
it’s gonna be blasting through this window, and maybe we can shape it a little bit. – Oh, this is a cookie. Getting a piece of something solid, cutting a bunch of weird shapes in it, and that way when we put
it in front of the light, through the window, it looks like, like tree
branches, or foliage, or it just shapes the light,
gives a little texture. – Yeah, look at that artwork right there. – We have it gel’d up. On camera, it’s gonna look a little blue, it’s actually kind of like an aquamarine kind of blue-ish green, and then we have a 120d Mark
II up here that’s gel’d, kind of like an orange-ish
red gel that I had in my kit. Just something to
supplement the candle light that’s happening in here. – The fact that I only nailed
it in the top of the cookie it’s actually making
the cookie move outside. It’s looking like proper tree branches. It looks so cool, I’m very proud of it. – [Gene] Rafael, your
payment for this shoot is you get to keep that towel. We should give shout-outs to
Sam for picking out the props, that hat, and the brush, and the rubber, where did you find the rubber ducky? – Target at the baby section. (Gene laughs) – That’s the wrap on the
bathroom scene, nice job. He’s not actually naked.
(Rafael laughs) I wish he was. Just kidding, cut that
part out, Justin. (laughs) Now we are moving into this hallway. We’re gonna utilize how
this house is laid out by having them come out of there, and then we’re gonna, kinda move with him through this space here, and
end up in this room over here. You gave it a little skirt?
– Yes! It’s got a little bit of skirt here. I’m gonna control some
of the light comin’ down. You don’t want to have
the light just spraying everywhere like a wallaby.
(Gene chuckles) – [Gene] Oh yeah, look
at that, nice and spooky! – Ladies and gentlemen, On the main stage! The man, the legend, the only one, what’s your name again?
(all laughing) – Peanut loves little lights. – [Rafael] What was it
that drove Peanut insane? (Gene laughs) – [Gene] Are you actually
planning on using this for the video, or just–
– Yeah! – [Gene] For the dogs. (laughs) – What I was getting to, what I like about this is
you can have a big spot and you could focus or de-focus the edges. One thing you might do is an interview, say you have a painting,
or something square shaped, in the background, you want
it to pop just a little bit, but not too much, you
can use these to form the shape of the painting and
then just throw a squeezer or a dimmer on it, dim way down, just so you can see it a little bit more. – That is pretty sick actually. Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have
to shoot on equipment from the sponsors. For example, RED is a sponsor, but you don’t have to shoot on a RED, you can really shoot on anything, and we are using Aputure lights, but use what you’ve got, you don’t have to use Aputure lights. Here’s a plus, though, if you do feature some of the sponsor’s gear, we’ll give you a little golf clap. So we got another Aputure
120D Mark II out here, and we’re gonna blast
that through the window, and that’s gonna be a
nice background light. Basically gonna look
like a nice street light coming in from the window. You guys see that beam? That’s what the hazer is for. (triumphant music)
(Gene roaring) It’s too bright. – You can totally make
out the lines on it. – [Gene] Uh-huh. With
all that fog machine. That hazer makes a big difference, huh? – [Crew Member] Yes. – We’re gonna just go funky
with the lighting here, huh? We’re just gonna, whoa, look at that, we’re going all Halloween now. That’s nice. Is this too crazy? Is this too wild? We’re going with it. You know what would be funny? If actually, if I appear,
and we have our dialogue, and then she appears. – Carrie appears right next to you, and she just goes into,
“Is that, is that my cap?” – Yeah, that’d be fun, that’d
be actually really funny. Yeah. – This camera, you’re just walking. – So you stand a little
bit on the mark, generally? – Why do you want just the top? – Makeup, last looks! – [Gene] This is how I’m gonna make it into Hollywood as a breakthrough actor. Bro, look at how sexy I look! Damn! – [Rafael] The magic of movie making! Even Potato Jet looks sexy!
(Gene laughs) What are you doing in my house? – Why is your house lighting so creepy? – Oh, I was trying to make this film a little bit more
dramatic and kinda spooky. – Oh, well, good job. The hot water in the house is off. (Rafael screams) – Hey, is that my shower cap? – No. – Yo, while we got this lighting,
you gotta do one of those, like, dramatic entrances. Like you just came back
from war, or something. (epic music) – I’m home. – [Gene] (laughs) What did you say? – I said I’m home!
– I’m home, all right. What did you think I said?
– [Gene] It was like, moan. And this is our floor map of how we lit this location with our Aputure lights. I really like how we were able to use the Aputure 300D Mark II to
light up the bathroom windows, and we dialed it way down, so it’s just a little ambient light, but as he goes into the hallway, we were able to just crank that up, and that one light from outside the window literally just lit up the
whole path from the bathroom, to the hallway, to the main living room. So, being able to achieve
that with just one light in one spot was pretty sweet. Still bummed out I’m
disqualified for this contest, but super excited to see what
kind of films you guys enter, and good luck to you! Full list of rules and prizes and awards all on so make sure you take a deep dive there before you start creating your submission. Last thing you wanna
do is put all this work into creating a short film,
and then just realizing, “Oops, I broke that rule,”
and get disqualified. I’ve done that before. I once did all this
work to shoot, and edit, and create this entry to a contest, and then as I was uploading it, I read, “Nobody under 18
allowed in the video.” And my main character was a kid, and I was like, (groans). So make sure you hit that
link in the description and let’s wrap this up
by reading a few comments from our last video. Which was about shooting
an entire travel vlog on my iPhone, is this good
enough for a travel camera? Top comment was from Chris Rollins, “The moment my mom asks
‘Is this when to brake?’ I tell her to get out.” Yeah, my mom’s actually a pretty good manual-transmission driver. My mom’s a baller like that. She puts a lot of people to shame. Pajamaboy says, “That double
screen makes it look like “he’s skyping with the
environment or something.” It kinda does, huh? It does seem like you’re on
a FaceTime call sometimes, but I was using apps that
can record your facial camera as well as your rear camera, and it compiles it into
one video, pretty cool. “2019, Electric cars are the future. “Look at me, I summon my car. “Also 2019, Potato Jet
buys a gear stick car.” Yeah, I was really on
the fence about buying a manual-transmission car, especially since I drive
through a lot of traffic, but, I just went with it. I saved a little bit of money
on the car price as well, and it’s just, it’s just kinda fun. I’m excited to go out and
drive again, which is nice. Yeah, I’ve kind of lost
interest in driving for a while, and just the thought of it is a chore, but now it’s fun again! I kinda look forward to driving. It’s like, “Hey, let’s go
run some errands, babe.” I’m still going, like,
four miles per hour, and then I’m really just
in stop and go traffic, but you know, you get the point. (electronic music)

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