Making It – Ep4 – Film Casting & How to Hold an Audition

Making It – Ep4 – Film Casting & How to Hold an Audition

– So today is auditions. We’ve got a lot of people. We’ve got something
close to like 80 people. Let’s get going. ♪ ♪ “- Yes, this is Hollywood. The city of the stars. The famous, the fabulous,
the glamorous, Hollywood. Here are the big
contracts to fought for. The contracts of the actors on the chance
that may be getting into pictures.” – So if you’re making a film and
you’ve never worked with actors before you can use a casting website. “Mandy.” “Actors Access.” “Backstage.” You’ve got “Production Beast.” “L.A. Casting.” We’re going to switch over to “L.A.
Casting” which is the website we’re going to
be using for our casting submissions. We had five characters listed. And for each character, there was at the
very least 250 submissions per character. What you do is you get them
down to a group of selects. The small group of people that fit into the parameters of
what you imagined for the character. Now we can start moving
forward with auditions. – So there are a few
essentials you definitely going to need in order
to hold your auditions. First of all,
you need a dedicated space. Don’t do it in your living
room, it’ll be creepy. There are plenty of spaces that
are available in your city, wherever you are. – If you’re working
on a low budget film there a lot of
inexpensive spaces. You can try places like “Pure
Space” or “Liquid Space.” – Secondly bringing the sign-in
sheet for the actors to sing in. You definitely want to keep
a record of who you’re seeing as you’re seeing them. ♪ ♪ Next,
you’re going to need sides. Sides are a few pages of the script
the best showcase the characters. It shows you what the
actor’s abilities are. And the basically the high point of
what those characters will be doing. – You will get all of the
scenes with that person in a row so that that way there’s not
all these extraneous things that they don’t really
need to look at. With StudioBinder’s
it’s really quick. ♪ ♪ And I’m coming to here and I’m going to sort
my script by characters. It takes a fraction of the time. ♪ ♪ – You’re also going
to need a camera. You need a visual representation of everyone who signed
in on that sign-in sheet. – If you’re casting
a type of person, you’re going to have 20 of the
same kind of person coming in. I mean, you literally can
start mixing people up. You want to be able to go back and
refer to the audition in a video form, so bring a camera. ♪ ♪ – It’s a lovely day for some
casting, don’t you think? – I’d have to switch it on you. – Okay, good. I’m quite looking
forward to this day. – That’s so bright… – Auditions. Probably one of the most fun parts
you can have in pre-production. You really get to see the words
come with a life for the project. – So, Tyrone. Okay, so whenever you’re ready. What we look for
were strong actors. But when you audition a
large, large amount of people you have to say no
to a lot of people that you were never
going to consider. – Don’t drop that! – Ahhhhhh! Oh, dear, God! Certain people were very
confident in their audition. Other people were scared
and frankly nervous, which I totally get. – Be the man who is
victorious over his demons. – Excuse me, Hi… – But there are other
people who came in and gave us the
performance of a lifetime. – Good morning, Billy. – Good morning, Dr. Bell. – I need help, doc. – Well, that’s why you came
here, right? – No, I mean with the jacket,
you can’t tie these things alone. – You’ve got an
active imagination. – Trust me. No matter what path you
find in front of you, I know,
that you are going to become… a productive, member of society. – Okay. Cut it. – Hey, buddy. – Sorry, lady. Not interested. Go sell your snake
oil somewhere else. – Billy enters. – I’m busy… – Can we speak privately? – Not as long as the NSA exists. – A moment, please? – I just need to go along with
me on this one. Okay? Trust me. – I’ve never trusted anybody in
my lifetime, not even my mother. Especially not my mother. – Hey, Buddy. – Sorry, lady. Not interested. Go sell your snake
oil somewhere else. – Ugh…
I don’t have time for this… Do you know where I
can find a Dr. Bell? – And who are you? – Oh, I’m Daniel Moss. – Oh,
I just heard you on the radio. I’m Dr. Bell. – Oh! – Well just think about all of
the good that you could do with a position like this doctor. I mean leading medical research. Redefining psychology
as we know it. You can help more
patients in a single day than most therapists help
in there entire lifetimes. – On one condition. – Name it. – And great. Yeah, that was great. ♪ ♪ Good day. – Cheers. To great auditions. We got some great
talent in there today! I’m pretty impressed. – Do you think you have a “Tim?” That you want. – I have three of ’em here. – So you have three Tims? Three “Tims”,
I have three “Danielles.” – And then what about “Dr.
Bell?” – Oh, that’s a
no-brainer at this point. We know who we’re going with
there, right? – Yeah – that guy came
in and crushed it. – And then we have some
self-tape still to get through. – Hey, buddy. – Sorry, lady. Not interested. Go sell your snake
oil somewhere else. – I don’t have time for this. – Don’t be afraid of self-tapes. Far and wide,
talent will come to your production, if they believe in the project. – It’s supposed to be
public radio or like NPR. – All right. And you said to have been financing
a massive ivory smuggling operation that bought the bulk of
its supply from Isis. – We had to be patient
with a few of them because they were self tapes. One of them was an actor
I’d worked with before. – Let’s talk about Billy. – I’m pretty sure
we got a “Billy” that I had in mind from before. – And what’s the
name of your Billy? – Greg Couet. “- Second thing – Bumble.
There’s babes on it. Crushing leads. Right, right, right, right. That’s me swiping.” – I’m gonna have to go through
each of these auditions, rank the people and then I’m gonna
to have to pick. – Yeah – it’s all your
decision, brother. ♪ ♪ – We ended up securing a
great voice-over artist for our news anchor roll. We also were able to secure four super talented
on-screen actors. – Start rolling. You’re gonna
be talking to me. – Okay. – Not looking in the camera?
– Not looking in the camera. – Where are you..
Where am I cropped? – I just want you to introduce yourself.
– Cool. – Say your name and what
role you will be playing? – So my name is Timothy Blewitt and I’ll be playing the
character, Tim. – My name is John
Henry Richardson, and I’m playing. Dr. Brown. -I’m Jasmine Stone and
I’ll be playing Danielle. – I’m Greg Couet and
I’ll be playing Billy. – It’s a really
well-rounded cast and I can’t wait to see
how it meshes together. So what’s next is to
actually hold a table read. What’s great about a table read
specifically for our project is that it’s going
to double as things. It’s going to be
both our rehearsal. It’s going to be a
chemistry reading. It’s going to be a chance to go over
thoughts and concerns about the script. The first thing you have to do
when you’re preparing a table read is to find a space to hold it. Pure space,
you can get stuff on there for like 50 bucks. We happen to be lucky enough to have an office here in
Santa Monica at StudioBinder so we decided to hold it here. You have to bring
some things with you. You want to bring your script. And you need to have multiple
prints out of the script not only for yourself
but for everyone there. And you need to be able
to mark on these scripts because you’re going to be going
over thoughts and questions. Obviously, bring pens. You know, you can have
some refreshments at least, you know,
some drinks if nothing else because people are
going to be speaking. How does everyone feel?
Does everyone feel good enough to jump in and
everything like that? …and begin the table read?
Okay. This is one of the most exciting
things about being a director and writing your own idea is to see our
characters come to life. Dr. Bell. shuts the door,
Billy kills the radio with his nose. – Good morning, Billy. – Good morning, Dr. Bell. – Well, I’m happy to say that you’ve
made some massive improvements. You nearly eliminated any
episodes, personality confusion over these last three months. – I was glad you’re happy, Doc. – Hey, buddy. – Sorry lady. Not interested. Go sell your snake
oil somewhere else. – I don’t have time for this. Do you know where I can find a Dr. Christopher Bell? This way or whatever. You don’t even know what
you’re talking about. – What was so nice was to see the actors get
to meet each other and to see them
just kind of gel. – When you become a
doctor, you take a little thing I like to call
the Hippocratic Oath. – Everyone calls it that.
– Fantastic. – We now have other human beings who are invested not
only in their own resumes and their own reels
and their own careers. – That was great,
you guys – that was it’s always so much fun
to see it come to life even in a table read. They’re going to bring
everything they can and their expertise of performance
to the characters that you wrote. There’s not a better
feeling the world. And now what we’re
going to move on to is getting the rest of our crew buttoning up our
gear considerations and starting to actually
prepare for the production. So check out the next episode. Maybe kind of a dark
way of explaining it is. these are your children that
you wish you could drown. Hey, everyone. Do you have a great idea for
a film or a television show? Want someone to
help you produce it? We’re looking for writers
and directors for season 2. So if you have a script
that you want to direct, click the link in
the description and submit your project
to StudioBinder today. Thanks for watching and we’ll
see you in the next video. ♪ ♪

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  1. I don't get it why do they make a table read, where actors are sitting at the table, half-acting, without body language. Why not to make a real rehearsal instead?

  2. Studio Binder you don't know how much I love your channel and the information you give us, you're pure gold. Thank you!

  3. I am really loving this series, its really nice seeing how its all coming together. Hopefully the end product is worth it.

  4. Is there a way to know to names of the actors that were in the final consideration list mentioned here for the Doctor and Danielle? I thought they were amazing! Would appreciate the information share if possible. Thank you!

  5. We didn't have a table read but it's good to see that we conformed to all the other tips in the video when casting the feature film you can watch on our channel and the one currently in production!

    DEFINITELY record your auditions! I'd completely forgotten how good one lady was on the day and without looking back at them all I would probably have missed out on picking someone who made the character so much better than originally envisioned in the script….

    Good to see you chose a couple from self-tapes that ended up at the table read. I'm always wary of them because if someone can't make the effort to get to auditions will they go out of their way for the actual shoot?

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