Malliswari Full Movie | Venkatesh | Katrina Kaif | Brahmanandam | Sunil | Trivikram | Koti

Malliswari Full Movie | Venkatesh | Katrina Kaif | Brahmanandam | Sunil | Trivikram | Koti

what’s so urgent? 30 minutes earlier l got a
call from Delhi sir. What’s it? The case we filed against
Late Raja Jagadish Prasad’s will. We are losing sir. Accordingly to his will
all his property will, be inherited by his only
daughter Malleeshwari. Malleeshwari on completion
of her 21st birthday, Raja’s properties which
is in your custody, She’ll become it’s
legal heir what else? Accordingly to this will…
Raja’s father-in-law, l mean Malleeshwari’s
grandfather, Rama Mohana Rao and his family
will get one lakh every month. Raja’s second wife’s
brother, l mean you, Would get Rs.50,000
every month. Your one sorry is worth
Rs.750 crores. The fault is not with law,
it’s with you. Because l wanted
to win this case. But you wanted to make a
living out of this case. That’s the difference. That isn’t sir… You were a street lawyer
without a office, l made you go to
the supreme court. ln 20 years you’ve built …21 years old girl! Princess of Mirzapur When all others are giving
flower bouquets on her birthday. l’ve to present her with
crores of worth property. l will…l will
definetely give. But she’ll not be
alive to receive it. Before she lights the 21st
candle of her birthday, l’ll kill her. l’m going to kill Maleeshwari. madam Grandpa is calling you. No one has seen it. Broken a pot again?
You’ll never reform. Lakshmi, wait. l’m asking you, tell me the truth
-what? The matter about of breaking a pot,
only l and the pot know. Neither there’s a piece of plant
or mark on the bumper, How did you find then? Pot is missing from there. Coming sir my car has crashed into your car… Why are you shivering sir?
-cold. lf you feel so cold
can’t you switch off the fan? That’s why, l called you.
switch it off. Find my slippers also. Give me a cigarette. Lighter sir? lt’s next to it, l’ll take it
-Okay sir. Take god’s offering. ls your stomach ache okay now?
-No Madam. Listen to me, fast for 7 Fridays lf l follow you not only pain
l’ll also die. Good morning grandpa lt seems you called me.
-Me? Lakshmi told me. She would’ve told to
make you get up. ls it same thing for
it’s breakfast every day? Can’t you feed idli or
dosa to it? lf it eats all that,
it can’t fly. lt’ll sleep till 10 AM like you.
-Grandpa. Malleeshwari…-what happened? lt is definitely the handiwork
of Bhavani Shankar, father. l don’t know what
you do, Mr. Lawyer. l want him in jail
within next 24 hours. lt is easy to find the gun
that shot this bullet, But it’s very difficult to find
who was the shooter. But one thing l
can say for sure, They are losing the case That’s why, they are planning
to kill Malleeshwari. Can’t we do anything? We can’t do anything till
we get the judgement. What if we send
Maleeshwari out from here? You know Murthy & family
in Vizag, don’t you? -Yes. You’ve to stay with
them for few days. okay? Grandpa You’ll be sad to leave me dear. But we are scared of
your safety here. Nobody will recognize you there
Listen to me. My sweet little girl. Vishakhapatnam Greetings father-in-law.
Please come in. Son -in-law, why did
you come urgently? Can l come in & tell or
shall l tell here only? Will it take so much time?
Then, come in & tell. Thank God Are you doing fine, dear?
-l’m fine. Where’s your daughter?
-She’s in school. Where’s mother-in-law? She went to a movie
with neighbor man.- what? His wife is also with them. Welcome in.-come.
please sit down. What’s the news? l’ve come to talk about
my brother’s marriage. l’ve brought the priest also
-Greetings. Look at his latest photo. l’ve been seeing from childhood
why to see the photo of Prasad now? He has put on weight now. Look father-in-law You refused to give elder daughter
as she’s older to him. we gave up. You said you’ve a proposal from your
wife’s side for second daughter. And said your wife will
beat if you refuse. So, we gave up again. At least you’ve to agree to give your
third daughter to him in marriage. Do you’ve to stress on it?
what does Varaprasad lack? Though not handsome, not well educated
or doesn’t have much property. He’s a bank employee. lf you ask your daughter
about her idea… Let’s ask her right now. Coming dad Their mother loves all the
legendary chaste women. That’s why she named
all after them Savithri…Sakkubai
.she’s Anasuya. Elder brother-in-law…
he has got you a marriage proposal. you know his brother
Varaprasad, don’t you? Tell me your opinion about him. who is that?
how long do you know him? You know him for 2 months! How can your pregnancy
be 3 month old now? What does he do? Does he have any savings or not? l don’t know father.
– l don’t like all this. l don’t mind with many men
you’d affairs before marriage. But you must marry
only Varaprasad.. because he’s a bank employee.
-All Right. l don’t know how to
tell him this, priest. You don’t worry. Everything will fall into it’s place
once they’re married. What are you saying? have you given up
this proposal too? My brother-in-law needs
a girl not a mother Till now 24 proposals
have gone past. One more will make
it a silver jubilee. By the way, is your brother
fated to marry or not. l don’t know about his fate,
but he’s mad about marriage. He used to pester my mother to dress him
like a groom as a little boy. Hasn’t left any temple or any god,
without offering prayers for marriage. Hail Lord Venkatesha.
Hail Lord tirumala. Lord of Lords! l’m in ecstasy. Hail Allah the great! Hail Lord sai Baba! Did you know how nice glimpse
l had in temple today? The coconut split into
exact 2 halves. Moreover a flower too That girl had morning sickness.
-True? Yes, she vomited as soon as
l told her your name. may be she didn’t like my name.
-She loves some one else. No Problem brother.
This is quite common now. She’s 3 month pregnant.
-Pregnant? No proud Sweets we took became offering
for her baby shower ceremony. tears in her eyes and vomits to her.
l’m sick of it. What shall we do now?
-Let’s have lunch. She has cooked some non-sense. l’m not asking about now,
l’m asking about me. Why are you anxious as if you’ll
never marry in this life? lt seems 60 babies out
of 100 born are girls. lf you plan properly you can
marry twice.-But when? Wait! what’s so hurry?
-Hurry? All my classmates are married
and have 2 kids also. No need of all that l brought Horlicks for sister-in-law
when she was carrying her. After birth l brought farex
after grown up complan. Now, l’m bringing her
everyday from school. Why are you staring at me? You future will also be
like mine only. Trusting them is senselessness
find a man yourself.-Go. Do you know how much
l’m controlling myself? 86,87,91,92,93… 97…God damn it!
went wrong again.1,2,3… Are you worried about
not getting married? You are growing thin. l’m not growing thin,
you are growing fat. Krishnaveni is intrested in
everything except work Birthday?-No sir
My marriage is fixed. Take it. His salary is Rs.3000
and mine is rs.9000. He’s also getting married.
why not to me? What do l lack? Nothing short but
little over aged Prasad! Not you.
‘Unmarried’ prasad you ! That L & T… lf you call me
‘Unmarried’ Prasad again. l’ll call you ‘piles’ shankar Rao.
Don’t blame me later. Why are you angry?
There are 3 Prasads here… But there’s only one
Tatineni Veeravenkata Varaprasad. What’s the matter? L&T have asked for the
statement, get it ready. Send L & T’s counterfoils.
-Yes sir… l’ll not count any more. What do you want?
-l want to withdraw money. Go to next counter. l went there & they directed to you
-Then come tomorrow. l need money urgently.
– l don’t have money. What’s this?
-Madam, come here. Why is he behaving like that?
-what did l do? You are wearing toe ring, that’s why. Mr. Subba Rao, take care of her.
-l’ll take care. No her, your work Not a thing works here properly. Would you like to have
coffee or tea? lf you don’t mind, l’ll take a loan
-certainly. What are the procedures
for applying loan? First open an account here. Opening a new account
here is no big deal. One sign and 2 photos
are enough why 2? Do you want
one for yourself? Krishnaveni, your file fell down…
check.-No. Check now. Get me an application. She’s little short.
-Let’s use high heels. She’s thin too.
-l’ll start dieting. Take this. Photos?
-Can l get it tomorrow? Sir, our staff is
asking for sweets Can l offer sweets to
Krishnaveni also? Let you be blessed with
an early marriage. This is a union of lt’s first night for
mischievous young girl. Great fun ! Greater fun is awaiting
in near future. A sweet desire is
getting fulfilled. Come my hero. l’ll give
what you desire. l’ll offer the comforts
of my lap. l’m intoxicated. oh dear! l like the
union with you. Memorizing me with
your first look Don’t vanish by bringing down
the curtains down slowly. Kissing me gently
and charming me Don’t lit the passion of fire
overwhelming me. Suddenly, available of bones
have befallen on me Shall l play the music
of love my dear? oh my dear!
My beauty is all yours How strange this feeling is.
Every cell of mine is excited. Clam down my ruffled
passion a little. What’s this shivering
of your lips & hips? Shall l drench you in
the rain of rises? lsn’t that the greatness
of martial relationship? Every moment is a bliss. Shall l give you all
the life my bliss of love? l’ve become your slave. Why are you crying sir?
Any bad memories? Suddenly l felt like crying.
-Manager is calling you. Okay, come. Please talk to him and…
-l said l’ll talk to him. Please come & sit.
-Coffee?- No please. Tea?
-Tell me the matter. You know about
Krishnaveni’s matter. She have and her husband in
Hyderabad are facing difficulties. He’s also working
with the same bank. So, if you accept for mutual transfer
and go to Hyderabad. He’ll come here. Both will live here
like love birds… They’ll stop working in office
and start romancing. No Mr.Prasad… lnstead of bringing him here,
why can’t you transfer her to Hyderabad? Headache will get rid
once for all. She owns a house here,
it’s difficult to leave… Finding a house for rent in
Hyderabad is difficult for me too. Are you a married man?
What’s your problem? That’s the problem.
l was born & brought up here. No one is ready to give his
daughter in marriage to me. Who’ll be ready in Hyderabad? What’s the solution
to this problem? Simple! Tell her to
divorce her husband, and marry a local man. This is good idea.
-You keep quiet sir. lf you separate ideal couple
like Rama & Seetha, You’ll never get married
in this life. Silly lady! My photographs. Who is he? ls he your husband?
-No. Thank god My future husband. He’s also intrested to
open an account here. You needn’t do anything.
he’ll take care of everything. What will you do then? Will you have one soft drink
with 2 straws? Do you need any documents? One passport size photo.
Tenth class mark sheet. nativity certificate.
lntroducer’s signature. Rs.500 minimum balance lf you wait with the token
given by us for 2 hours. You’ll get your pass book then. You didn’t tell me all
this yesterday. You didn’t bring him yesterday. l’ll tell you a good news
if you pay Rs.3000.- what’s it? Yesterday l got a
good proposal How many months old
pregnant she is? lt happened once. That doesn’t mean every
girl will be pregnant. No, l’ll not see another girl. This is the last.
-Don’t get disappointed Prasad. ln another month
the bad mouth starts, Let’s fix this proposal by then. What couldn’t happen in 10 years?
How can it happen in one month? You’ll not say like this
on seeing her. Don’t think l’m exaggerating.
l’ll tell about her in 3 sentences. She’s beautiful like
Aishwarya Rai. She sings like
Lata Mangeshkar. And dances like
Madhuri Dixit. No need of marriage to her.
Let her try for heroine’s chance. How can a girl with so many
bad habits become my wife? Why do you get irritated
for simple things? They say god has created
all of us with a partner. The boy will be here
and hide the girl elsewhere. When the time comes
he’ll make them meet. Likewise you’ll also have a
partner fated to become yours. Who’s that? where’s she? How am l to know
she’s the girl? Will it rain flowers
when l meet the girl? Will the sky be
lit with lighting? Will l hear any music
from back ground? Tell me about proposals?
l don’t want tales Why are you doing
all this work? My wife will take care of it. No problem..uncle lf it’s Subba Rao, Tell him
l’m not at home.-Okay. Hello, May l know
who is in line? l’m Subba Rao’s wife,
ls your husband at home? He’s at home. One minute, my husband
wants to talk to him l’m Subba Rao,
Can l speak to Mr. Murthy? He’s not available. That her true self. She appears intelligent
like lndira Gandhi. Her true color shows as
she opens her mouth. You are too much. why are you
praising me before a girl? Oh Did you take it like that?
-what ? Shut up and mind your work. l’ve been watching you
since Malleeshwari is here. You made her prepare
coffee the other day. Yesterday you made her
get vegetables from market Today, you’ve made her
fold washed clothes. Aunt is not forcing me to. l’m doing because l like doing it.
-Let her do it. Anyway after her marriage,
she has to do it. She’s not fated to
do all this work. She’s a princes..
-lsn’t she a girl then? One more word, l’ll kill myself. Shut up. Don’t be romantic.
-Romance? My fate! Who do you want sir? l mean…my name is Andhra Bank. Varaprasad came flying like ‘chunni’.
l caught it like an accountant. Okay…control…
My name is Varaprasad. l caught a flying away
andhrabank chunni. ls this your chunni? What’s your name? l’ll give company to
you till rain stops. Okay, give shelter
till rain stops. Who is he? He’s Varaprasad,
working with Andhra Bank. He bought back my Chunni. pallavi, lnvited me for a coffee. Who’s Pallavi? Please be seated. Her name is Malleeshwari.
l’ll get you a coffee. pallavi, what’s your name?
oh ! She said Maleeshwari, didn’t she? Do you’ve an account
with Andhra Bank?- No. Shall l open an account?
-No please. have coffee. – Thanks. You are a good man.- Yes. When l was a new bride my sari
too flew away like this. Nobody brought it back. l never saw you outside. She never goes out, but a t 5 p.m
everyday she goes to the library. her uncle is the librarian. Don’t know how much it!! cost
to become library member? l’ll take leave now. -Okay. Next time l’ll inform on phone
and come. -Okay son. Can you please give your
phone number? 2543348 -lt’s 49 l’ll not call daily
l’ll call just once a day. She’ll say sorry before
l count up to 3. Excuse me. What? lt’s nice…l think it is silver.
-Yes, that’s why l asked. lf lt was steel, l wouldn’t
have asked you. Bye Will you tell him everything
without knowing him? Where’s malli? Father has asked for good
murder mystery stories. lsn’t be happy with
your mother? Will you come to a movie
with me now? -Now? No thanks Actually Prakash and
l are going l just asked you
for a formality. Bye Do you also come to this
library regularity? Are you a member here?
-Member? From years… lf you get a photo tomorrow,
we’ll give you membership card. Why carry such a large book as if
you can understand it? This is my text book. Do you love children?
– l love kids. How many children do you’ve? l’m not yet married. Not yet married?
what’s your problem? l mean…basically l’m not
intrested in marriage. why? Because marriage is like eating
dinner in a 5 star hotel. lt’ll be great fun to eat but
it’ll pain while footing the bill. You mean?
-Didn’t get me? Now, l’ll tell you
in straight words. marriage is like rearing a cow.
lt’ll be happy milking the cow. But disgusting while
cleaning the dung You mean? To tell you the truth,
l too don’t know. Let’s stop this discussion here. l’ll go now .
-Okay, l’ll also come. Read. Time is nearing. Prasad. -sir .
Get me the cheque. He remembers everything now only
Bringing it sir. G.M is coming tomorrow.
Stay back and update the accounts. Call home and inform
about coming late Hello madam, manager will be
coming late to home Bye madam…
l’ve informed madam. Time’s up Krishnaveni, your nail
l think you’ve forgotten. Don’t keep it anywhere.
lt may hurt anyone any place. Bloody idiot.
He has eyes behind also. l’m going out lf manager
asks about me…. l’ll tell him you’re in bathroom.
-lf hje asks when will l come back… l’ll tell you’ll come back
tomorrow morning only. Good! You’ve developed perfectly.
lf you need money sometime ask me. Give me Rs.100. Sometime now.
This will not work out. Thank god! l’m on time. l’ll come to the station…. hey stop….stop man Park the bike & come quickly. Stay here only, l’ll come back
in half an hour. lsn’t it wrong to meet
prakash every day? Yes it’s wrong. That’s why l’m
going to meet Rajesh. Sir…Sir…one rupee please
-Go away. Sir, Please give me a rupee
-Go away boy Why? why should l give you?
Have l taken a loan from you? Why are you asking me like
l owe you interest? Tell me one good reason, why l should
give you? l’ll give you money Never cross my path. Go away. What do you want man?
-Stick lce sir. l’ve mango & grape flavors also
-Good. Buy anyone sir. lt’ll taste fantastic
– l don’t want. lt’s just Rs.2 a stick Not that l don’t have money.
l don’t like ice -cream. Am l a kid to eat your cheap
colored ice on broomstick? lf l see you again on beach., l’ll bury in beach sand
Be careful. GO away. l’ve seen plenty like you. Oh ! You too come to
this beach only. How many beaches Vizag has? Correct lt’s going to dark.
l think you’ve to go home. Who is there for me at home?
-Don’t you’ve any one? Why not? l’ve an elder brother
and sister-in-law. They have a 7 year old daughter
from 6 year marriage.- what’s that? Sorry, they’ve 6 year old girl
from 7 year marriage. Don’t you’ve good
relationship with them? No. no, they don’t have good
relationship between themselves. Brother is short tempered and
sister-in-law has great strength. So, naturally they are always
at loggerheads. They think of divorce
before every argument. They are not bothered about
their daughter’s future. That’s not a home,
but a 900 sq . ft. hell. What can you do? Locket is very good. This is not locket, but
Lord Anjaneya’s amulet. My mother tied it when l
fell sick a little boy. Whatever l ask holding it,
the wish will be granted. Powerful god! That’s why l’ll die but
never remove it. lce cream.
-Shall we have an ice cream? Okay, l’ll get it. Mango, graphs, orange, ice…
-Give me 2 ice creams. l’ll not sell.
-Oh, ls it you? Please sir. We are selling cheap colored
ice on broom sticks. You’ll spoil you health
if you eat this. l think you’ve taken my words
to your heart. l’ll lose my honor before a girl.
-l’ll not sell. l’ll pay Rs.10. Rs.20 -No way. Settle it finally at Rs.50.
-No impossible. Come on take this. Give me. balance Rs.50.
-Each one is Rs.50. Take stick ice. Have it. Good! -Yes. madam, please spare a rupee. You’re also merciful like me. Just now, l gave this boy l don’t want. l don’t want. Don’t know who is mother is. l’m caught. How much? – Rs.100. lt seems he ahs to pay his
daughter’s tuition fees. l generally shell out
about Rs.2000 for charity. lim giving from what l’m
blessed by god… l think my friend will not
turn up…l’ll go now. l’ll drop you
-No problem. Please come here.
Take my bag…come. Please come & sit.
l’m going that side. Guru, make the girl to
turn back once. Excuse me, your bag. What’s all these accounts?
Keep it there. what were you doing
all these days? What sir? By a razor, fair & lovely cream
and keep it in bath room. ls the girl fair?
-How did you find it? why would you buy a
costly fairness cream? lt’s the problem you. You give an inch of liberty,
you take to a mile. ls she beautiful?
-Beautiful? She’ll be like a mixture of
Aishwarya Rai & Kareena. lf she’s that great beauty,
will she marry you? Let’s try, if she marries,
it’s my luck. ls she refuses…
-lt’s the girl’s luck. l mean did you speak
with the girl? Speak? we had an ice-cream
together in beach yesterday. Today also we’ll meet
and eat something. How can you be so sure sir? Asking me how!
l’m a born genius. l left my bag with
Maleeshwari yesterday. You’re studying 2nd class. Don’t you know to borrow one from
side to subtract 9 from 8? You told it’s wrong
to take loan, daddy. Nothing short in this cleverness.
Do your home work. Are you Varaprasad’s brother? Did he do anything to you? He left this bag in
my house yesterday. Why did he come
to your house? Unable to come to your house Are you going out?
-Yes. Can l talk to you for a minute? Sorry, l’m getting late
to my bus. You can get another bus
if you miss one. But, you can’t get a life
if you miss one. Your quotation is right.
But whose life? Why are you so stubborn? This is not stubborness
but punctuality. l can’t do my work if i don’t
go at right time. lf you can’t do one work…
l can do another work. But why are you
telling all this? because you are doing
a wrong thing Who gave you the right to play]
with your wife’s life? Am l playing with her life?
She’s playing with my life. Why are you still hiding?
Look. How she is crying? Are you crying?
-No, l was cutting onions. Don’t tell lies,
You’ll beget girls. No way, she had an operation.
-Don’t change the topic. Who are you? why did you come here?
what do you want? l want you both to be happy. We are happy.
-No Varaprasad told me everything. Can’t you live together at least
for your daughter? What will you achieve
by divorcing each other? Divorce? Why are you studying so sincerely?
lsn’t your father in station? Take the chocolate. Chocolate must be big like this
-Okay. Sister-in-law, get me hot water,
l’ll take bath & go out. lf l refuse… l’ll go out without
taking bath. Why is she so serious? Why are you roaming like
a rowdy with a belt around neck? Did Maleeshwari come here? You said said you’ll be
going out of station. l’ve postponed it. l’ve little work outside.
l’ll come immediately. You postpone it. l think it’ll not be good to
fight before sister-in-law. No problem, it’ll be fine. Dolly will get scared.
-She gave me the belt herself. l’m a little boy… That’s why did you
tell her big lies… Brother no..-Stop. Give me a kilo eggs. One dozen? -Yes. How much? -Rs.12. lf one is Rs.12 then… Rs.144 for a dozen eggs! l didn’t ask…she gave herself.
-will you take if she gives? Leave him. why are you sparing him
rhough he’s lying? Didn’t l spare you? You mean did l lie to you?
Did l lie to you? You mean, did l lie to you? Okay, l did .
Do you know why l lied? So, l can’t speak about
cricket or movies with you. Fate and holy scripts
is out of question What else can l talk with you?
Give me the bag. Whether l told you
lies or truths But it did help you in finding a
good friend like me, didn’t it? They eat & throw away on road
banana peals. On road!
what if anyone slips & falls on it. Whatever l do never
hurts anyone. My sister-in-law or brother
are no ideal couple Sister-in-law sometimes
do beats my brother. after hearing all this. You might feel you’ve
misunderstand this peace. But, l don’t feel for anything.
l’ll forget all the past. Won’t you listen to me?
That’s all. ls it the final.? Are you the only to get angry.
l too get angry. l’ll never show my beautiful face
to you in this life. Your smiles…
are moonlit nights. are jasmines…
are rainbows… Let anyone say anything… what am l to say they are
nothing compared to your smile. Won’t gold lose it’s color
seeing your complexion? Won’t hibiscus consider lucky to
bloom ad reach your hair? make a life size statue
in milk & flowers, Applying the bright
moonbeam on the body And giving it life
with honey. Won’t Brahma, the creator feel proud
of himself for creating you? You never turn back to see me
though l chase you all the day. You’ll never leave me a minute
all night with mischief dreams. lt’s you everywhere l see. You’ll trap in your love
Making me numb. You hug me with your smile. why are you tempting me
so much? Accept the crimes you’ve
committed on me. Are you blaming me after
committing crimes yourself? make it little bigger…
-Okay. Tomato gravy is good. Come, l’ll give you also. No, sister-in-law, but brother is
satiated on seeing you like this My finger got cut. Finger got cut?
Then, eat with a spoon. lf you can’t then stop eating You shouldn’t behave like this
with a young bachelor around here. Why are you so angry? lf you get a wife in future,
she’ll also feed you like this. You’ve been saying this
for the past 7 years. leave about marriage not even
my firs night happened. l meant…engagement. Time must be
favourable for anything. You should’ve intrest. My father refused your proposal as
your people couldn’t dowry. l fought with him and
got you both married. Now, there’s no dowry problem,
luckily father is also no more. But still he’s doing nothing.
Think over it. Why did a girl come home
with brother’ bag? Why did he go to ger house?
why did he forget this bag there? Why did he lie to
her about you? ls he in love with that girl?
That’s why he took all this trouble? Did you think about asking all this?
-No. l didn’t know who she is… That’s her address and her
name is Malleeshwari. Her parents are also here.
Settle this issue quickly. we don’t have any idea about
her marriage in near future. tell us, when are you planning.
we’ll wait till then. We never thought about it. Do you’ve any other proposal?
-Nothing like that. is she in love with anyone else?
-No. What’s your problem then? maleeshwari is not daughter.
That’s the problem You mean… She doesn’t have parents.
She is an orphan. lt’s good that she has got
such a good proposal. You don’t think any more. What are you saying sir?
Do you know who is maleeshwari? l’m talking to then, ain’t l?
you go inside. She has brought her from
native place to help her. You mean…maid servant? yes Then? You keep quiet. l think we’ve embarrassed you
wiyhout having details Please forgive us.
-No problem. Bye…Bye… Whaere’s prasad?
-He is inside. What’s this man? lt seems some one has loaned
Rs.10 lakh to our bank. Rs.10 lakh & Rs.15000 Giving loan to bank?
-That is… Don’t come to bank from tomorrow.
l’ll send your salary home. l want to talk with you. Come yes sir. Please come ….Sit here. What do you think of yourself?
-what happened? Will you send your people with
proposal just for talking with you? did my brother & sister-in-law come? They came with a priest
to fix date & time also. Sorry brother, l misunderstood
you all these days l never thought you’re
such a rogue. l behaved normally
feeling pity on you. And you’re taking undue advantage
and behaving crazily. l got insulted for your doing
in my house., ls it? Do you consider yourself
a great hero? will girls fall for your
toothy big smile? that is… l thought mad men were only
in vizag mental hospital. Now l know they’re on roads
also after seeing you. Look, if you come to my house again,
you’ll lose your respect. Do you want me to come to the library?
-Don’t you’ve any sense? l’ve but, l’ll use it limitedly.
-Don’t unnecessarily incite me. l’m sparing you with
a warning this time. Next time, l’ll beat you.
-All right wait for it. Fro me… Okay…l’ll definitely take you
be ready. What is she saying? She’s creating a scene to
take her to a movie. l couldn’t take her yesterday,
that’s why she’s angry. Movie? lf such a girl request,
l’ll go to graveyard also. He’s an accountant
with Andhra Bank. Look he’s here…
he has long life. My brother.
-Greetings. Prasad, one minute Boy is like sword. He was like a dagger
he’s on diet now. He’s raghava rao from
Bundar to see you. What about maleeshwari? Forget her.- Brother. At last we’ve got a good
proposal on it’s own You don’t have any second
thoughts…just say yes. l’ll take care of other things. Brother, listen to me
-Dear…-Coming. Greetings sir.-Greetings. My daughter’s photo. She’s good. lf you tell him about
your dowry demands… l’ve to tell you about an
important thing above all. Go ahead. l love a girl. l don’t have any objection to
marry your daughter. What’s in love? After bank closes at 5 pm, l’ll go around with her for a hour
and reach home at 7 pm. After that it’ll be with
your daughter only. What’s her name? Name is also wonderful. What are you looking at? he says he loves some one else. You’ve suspecting will l take
care of her properly. We’ve a black & white Dyanora T.V. We brought a color T.V. Recently. Did we throw away the old T.V?
we are using it in bed room. This is also the same. That is love…this is marriage.
Both don’t have any connection. lF you understand that, You needn’t get worried
about public comments. Discuss other details with
my brother.l’ll take leave. He has told you
everything clearly. Shall l fix the date
of marriage? Will he marry my daughter
loving some other girl? Not some girl, she’s Maleeshwari.
She’s very beautiful. did you bring this proposal
knowing everything? lf l see you again in
my street, you’re dead. Where’s he?
-He has left. Left? why? what will happen? your brother
told him about Maleeshwari. What’s it brother?
-what did he tell him? You may also beat
me if you hear that. That concept is so new.
For god’s sake leave me. At last we got
a good proposal, ls this the way to treat them?
-What did l do? Didn’t l tell you to forget
about Maleeshwari? What’s so great about her? No parents, no property,
no caste, or race. She’s a mid to them. How can you be happy
marrying such a girl? When l fell in love with her, l didn’t know she was an orphan
and had no property. You know it now, don’t you?
-So what? Will a lover of sweet, lose intrest
on knowing he has diabetes? lt’s true Maleeshwari
doesn’t have parents. But women don’t have parents
after marriage. Husband is everything. That isn’t a problem with me. Coming to property matter. Character is the biggest
asset to any girl. Maleeshwari is wealthy in that. Coming to caste. Caste which is used only to
fight and divide people. Caste which can’t help
two lovers to unite, l hate it. People ask bride to be if she
can cook & do household work. But my future wife is very good
in that before marriage. You call Maleeshwari
as maid servant. l call her as one who
knows to work. l can tell people who can listen.
what am i to tell people who argue? Do as you wish. l’ve found Maleeshwari. You’ll get her body
by tomorrow morning. l want to talk to you about
an important thing. My life depends on
your decision. Good book! ln that book the
hero kills the heroine. But it’s revealed in the climax.
lt’s suspence. why are you not talking to me?
what have l done? What do you want sir?
-Come later. l know your problem. You don’t have any money, do you?
– l have. You know one thing. My salary is Rs.9000 after cuts. Even if we spend lavishy,
it won’t cross Rs.5000. l’ll give the balance to you. l’ll leave to you. Buy gold or
bungalows. l’ll not interfere. What would you like to have sir?
ldli…dosa… She gave 5 minutes after
chasing her for a week. Can’t you wait?
will you die if you? Talking about idlies & Dosas… This problem will not arise
if wee get married. We can prepare idlies at home. l’ll tell you a secret.
l’ve booked a flat in MVP Colony. My brother also doesn’t know it. Nothing, they’ll feel jealous,
That’s why l didn’t tell them. lt’ll take one and a half minute
to walk from corner to corner. just say yes, l’ll look after you
like a Princes. A foot of jasmine garland every day.
A movie every week. A picnic every month A trip every year to Ooty or
Kodaikanal on LTC there’s nothing rich people
like us can’t do. No need to say it now l’ll come tomorrow evening. Think over it and
say yes. Let’s do it. Hey, two people are sitting here.
won’t you ask or love about them? Are you a waiter or a jogger? Go and get 2 coffee. Food items here are fantastic.
-True? Did you bring it from the
stove or stove itself? What do you say? What is it? l’m asking and
you are saying nothing. ls the book more important than me?
Give me the book. l’m balaji speaking. have you sent the
body to Hyderabad? No sir, l’ve just come
out of hospital. You failed to kill a girl. But claim yourself as
great professional killer. A man hit me at
a sensitive place. My hand fell into hot soup. l hit a pillar and as the door opened…
l couldn’t complete my job. Listen…tell me if you can do it
or else l’ll send another one. No need sir.
l’ll kill the girl. l’m not sending to kill her…
but to kill you. Aunty, it’s me prasad.
Call Maleeshwari please. She’s not at home. Today is her birthday so…
-who’s that? varaprasad, brother of people who came
here with a marriage proposal. Look Varaprasad,
l don’t know who you are. l told your people then
and now to you. Never come to my house
or call on phone. Don’t ever try to
meet maleeshwari. Will you tell her where abouts
to him? -That’s… Why are you talking to him? How can l stop talking if any
one calls on phone? You mustn’t talk to him if he calls
on phone or comes here. Got it? Greetings Who are you? A bouquet delivery to
Maleeshwari on her birthday Silly boy! lt’s not her birthday
but her friends. lt was ordered long back,
are you bringing it now? She would’ve reached
ship yard by now. Why do shipyard? Asking me why?
Party is on the boat. Then, l’ll deliver it there
Bye…sir. Bye aunt. Aunt? Do you know him? -Yes. Why didn’t you talk to him? Just now you told me not to
talk with Varaprasad. You mean, is he Varaprasad?
-Yes. Stop man lf l don’t kill
Maleeshwari today, l’ll not show you my face only
but my body also. Even god can’t save
her from me. party arrangements
look great. -Yes. lt’s leaving…get in.quickly.
– lt won’t go. Don’t be hurry. You?
-l’m Geetha’s brother. l’m Shwetha’s husband. You? – l’m Latha’s boy friend. She might be Geetha.come. But, my birthday falls
next month Next month l’ll not be
in town…so advance. Loss of a bouquet What’s this arrangements? Cake is here.
where’s the knife to cut it? How do you know l was here? A dog can find a thief perfectly.
-Smile is very nasty. Aren’t you ashamed to come
uninvited to a party? Will you stop going to temple if
the priest fails to invite you? How is this?
-Little high class. Do you’ve a match box? – No. Oh sorry! Lady?
Do you’ve a lighter? No more discussions l’ll count to 3, if you agree to
marriage…or else. Will you jump from here? No, l’ll push him.
-why should l die for you love? Lover dying for his love is routine,
it’s variety if you die. Kuwait was bombed in
America-lraq war. Why should l be affected
in your fight? Leave me. What are you looking? Didn’t recognize your own brother?
-Are you also drunk? You are? l’m not Varaprasad.
l don’t know to lie. l love a girl l’m here for her. lf she refuses me, l’ll die. Why are you so proud
though you’re beautiful? Are you considered me so
cheap as l’m chasing you? l’m not such a bad guy
either, my dear. Am l a speck of
dust in your eye? l wished for you only. l’ll make you fall
in love with me. Won’t l take care of you like
a queen if you say yes? lf you say no, l’ll not
leave you so easily. Don’t show airs,
l’ll not leave you. You’ll never get another
chance again. Am l unqualified to you?
why are you angry, my dear? Why do you get into
trouble my dear? Will you remain a spinster
without a partner? You haven’t met a
better man than me. l’m a man so l’ve
asked you straight. lf you are feeling shy,
just a little hint is enough. We are fated to unite,
know it my dear. My heart is expecting
a reply from you. How many tablets l’ve to take?
My BP is increasing. lt’s for B.P. Control. Sir l’m Shankar,
we’ve reached Vizag. Go to Beach & enjoy. -Sir? Don’t just call me as
out going is free. Call after the job is done. Get me a tea.
-Okay sir. Some one is coming. Sir, road is this side. l can see road but handle is
not moving properly. l think we are running short of oil.
– No, you’re over drunk. Sir, one minute lt seems a party is going
on in shipyard. We are coming from there, why? One of our relative Maleeshwari
is in that party, Maleeshwari? l know her very well.
Do you’ve a match box? Who are you to her?
-Parental uncle. That means your uncle. Which car she’s traveling?
-Ambassador. l know the number also 2343. Well-said uncle Look, a car is coming.
Stop…Stop. Get down Maleeshwari. Look, who is here for you.
Your relative. Good people! They gave lighter
for a matchbox. Uncle…here.
She’s Malleeshwari. You grandpa has met with
an accident. – Accident? He’s in hospital.
-which hospital? Nothing to worry, he’s anxious
to see you. come let’s go. Keep the money.
lt’ll help in difficulties. Call me on reaching
Hyderabad, Okay? Your change. ls he your uncle? – No. why are you creating trouble? Till now l haven’t.
l’ll create trouble now. Got lost man How dare you catch hold of
Malleeshwari’s hair? ls it this hand? Say sorry to her Seenu.- Sir. Deflate the tyres. Come. Why did you deflate the bike? Do you want to
deflate back tyre also? l told deflate their
vehicle bloody idiot. Where is the car driver?
-He ran away long back. Okay…come…come. Why did you stop, come? lt all happened because of you.
Do you’ve any sense? Why did you tell them
l’m Maleeshwari? l didn’t tell, they asked me.
-Aren’t you relatives madam? Fool! Got it at last?
-who are they? l don’t know. l must reach
Hyderabad immediately. Okay, book one lll-class A/C
ticket tomorrow. Not tomorrow, right now.
-Now? how will you go? We’ll take lift from
passing cars. lf we wait for another
half an hour. Our uncles will come this side,
we can ask lift from them. This is correct. What else then? Where am l to find a fool to
give us lift to Hyderabad? Lord Anjaneya, protect me. Hey, l’ll kill you. Don’t go against me.
– l beg you. Will you refuse me? lill beat you. What happened sir?
why are you beating him? l’m going to Hyderabad
with a girl at mid night. How dare he refuses
to give us a lift? Do l’ve to beat or kill him? How can l give him
a lift without a car? How can he give you
a lift without a car? Can’t he tell that first?
Bloody fool. What’s the name?
-Qualis. Not the car’s name.
-Padhu…Padmanabham. l’ve a tent house in Hyderabad.
-what? l’ve a shop to rent
marriage tents. What were you doing in
Vizag then? l’m returning after seeing a
prospective bride. What happened? l liked the girl very much. When are you getting
married then? The girl rejected me.
-Lucky girl. Speed will kill you man. You abused him very nicely.
-Tell me the truth. l think you are
a short-tempered man. Oh No, now you’re here. Who are you? who is this girl?
what is your relationship? why are you going to
Hyderabad at his hour? won’t you feel like beating any one
if they ask such questions? Correct Thank god! l don’t ask.
situation would’ve been worse. Drive properly. What happened?
-lt came to halt. But why?-Flat tyre. Change the tyre quickly.
l’ve to reach urgently. lt’s difficult in this
darkness, madam. Tell me the truth.
-There’s no spare tyre. Can’t you tell me that first? l thought of telling but was
scared you might get angry. Di l think like a
short-tempered guy? What do you think of me?
Am l a B.P patient? l never get angry. l’ve come to know
after you’ve said that. What shall we do now?
-Let’s go to sleep. Any good hotel near by?
-Do you want a/c or non-a/c? Why are you staring at me?
You needn’t look that. People get scared when you
look at them normally. l’m not talking with you, shut up.
-Find your own way. That’s why l told you. Though she’s a girl. Tell me the truth. Very proud.
-This is correct. Let’s sleep here. What are you thinking?
-How to go up? No need to go up. Let’s bring it down.
-Correct sir. What are you waiting
for then? Start.. why are you defiling the bottle?
Shouldn’t l drink it? won’t you drink?
-No. Good! Hold this. Give me that. That’s it. -lt’s itching. Come and sleep. Pillow Why are you putting up
a compound wall? l don’t want to see your
nasty face on walking up. lt’ll help us in not seeing
your face all the night. Didn’t sleep yet?
-No sir. l’ve to sing or some one must narrate
a story to put me to sleep. You don’t sing a song,
l’ll tell you a story. Ghosts & devils shouldn’t
come in the story Are you afraid? No, l thought no need of all
that crap at night. Tell me a movie story.
-Movie story? l was returning after watching
‘kashmora’ late night show. lt was winter time.
More over mid-night. Roads were all deserted l increased the speed of bike
and turned in to a street, A street light was burning
at other end of the street. l heard a sound from distance.
-Dog?-No fox. l went further up without
bothering about it. there’s a graveyard
at the end of the street. l’ve to cross it to
reach my house. When l reached the graveyard,
there was a loud noise Street light went out.
l got scared. l increased the speed further,
suddenly l heard a loud noise. Flat tyre Let his mouth get
a paralysis attack. l got down from bike and
started walking fast, l felt someone was
following me. Suddenly l turned back, l saw my friend
standing opposite to me. l was surprised to see him,
and asked him, why are you here? He said l’m staying here
only from past few days. To get rid of fear
l asked him a cigarette. He took out a cigarette from
his ear and gave me. l said l don’t have
a match box. he said no problem and
showed his pointing finger. There was a fire on
the tip of his finger. padhu, l got afraid and
tried to look at his legs. l saw his legs in the light
of burning pyres. Every thing was normal but his feet
were facing other side. Bloody fool wants to
hear stories. Lord Anjaneya protect us. My lover’s beauty is
like tender young leaf. her words are little harsh. Don’t consider yourself as
Legendary poet Kalidas. Don’t follow me. How long do we’ve to keep fighting? Am l not in troubles
because of you? How soft you are
in anger too You complain that l’ve
opened my heart. But never give a serious
thought about it. Am l not the only way to you? You claim to have
been born for me, and say you’ll die for me. What right do you’ve on me? lf you ask l’ll give my life.
why don’t you believe me? Why do you refuse and
keep away from you? Don’t say again and again same thing
don’t torture and kill me. When l come near,
you ask me to go away. When l go away,
you get scared. How am to cope up with this? You always go against me.
lf l say right, you say left. lt’s always trouble with you. Why are you running
away from me? Give me yourself to me to bear you. Charming with your
mesmerizing words You slowly pulled me
towards you. where’s Padhu? he hasn’t come back
getting the car ready. He’ll not come unable
to tolerate you. Where will he go?
He come back. He’ll never come back. That’s why l picked his
purse suspecting it. did you steal?
-Yes, it’s all your grace. Yesterday l fought
today l stole. Don’t know what will
l do tomorrow? What are you looking at? Will you eat alone shamelessly?
won’t you offer others? You said you’ll not eat defiled things
-That was yesterday. lf you join politics
everyone will quit. Keeping another one in pocket. they said eating carrots will
increase your blood content. But now l found
it’s for others How long do we’ve to walk?
-Just a kilometer. That’s all. -After that
you’ll get used to it. Come, let’s cross. l’ll not get into water. My slippers will get wet. Then, give it to me.
l’ll carry it. l can’t walk barefoot. it’s nice. lt’ll be nice to you but
l’m feeling the presure. Can’t you carry properly? Am l a Professional coolie?
You are weighing like a bull. Are you calling me a bull? Okay, l’ll call a bull
as Maleeshwari. Shut up boy. Calling me informally.
-l’ll call you like that only. ‘Unmarried’ prasad! Hold this. This will not do. lf you say that again,
l’ll kill you, becareful. l’ve vulcanized the tyre. Fill the tank please
-Yes sir. Do you want water? You’ve ‘Maaza’?-Yes sir. it should be chilled. How much? -Rs.1200 That’s all. Looks like petrol prices
have fallen drastically. -Yes sir. What happened? My purse. Lost it? Yes. Are you angry? Give me a rupee.
-Can’t you ask softly? Do l’ve to beg and fall at
your feet for a rupee? lt’s enought if you
don’t hold my collar. Don’t move.
-Leave me. What are you doing?
-Listen to me, rowdies are coming. l’ll pick it up.
-No, l’ll pick it up. l’ll pick it say. What’s all this?
Remove your hand. What am l to remove?
-Your hand is on my face. ls it your hand
that’s on my face? Keep the change.
-Thank you sir. padhu, what’s this atrocity? What happened? l was coming slowly
with a flat tyre. Suddenly l felt
l was fainting. When l opened my eyes,
l was here. This is a lie
Shall we talk truth? Hating you for last
night’s incident, You told me to tell the truth,
didn’t you? -Go ahead. l came here to
escape from you. l got the tyre repaired and
filled with petrol tank, l had a soft drink also. l found my purse missing
after drinking it. l met the manager immediately. l got scared on seeing his anger.
-Next? l understood my mistake
and setting his due. l’ve understood the true
value of a purse. Now l remember when
you said purse. l found this purse last night
near the haystack. ls it yours? This is a lie.
Tell me the truth. l took it fearing
you might lose it. No, no. no sir.
How many cars l had cleaned? What’s all his? -Bill. What’s this for?-Money. She’s going away casually. l’ve to rob a bank to maintain
you, not work there. How come you’ve
grown thin Padhu? Do you’ve to work if your
purse is missing? Can’t you give away
your gold chain? Can’t you ask him to take
back his petrol? lf l was so clever
why would l give you a lift? Come quickly we’re getting late.
wait…coming. Ordering like a Princess…
l’m also getting late. Padhu, pull over the car.
-why? Stop, when she’s asking you. You go. there. Try to understand.
women can’t say everything. Even men can’t say anything
before you.-what? Boy, get me 2 teas please. Can l ask you a thing
if you don’t mind? Who is Maleeshwari to you? She’s my future wife. You are lucky to find
a beautiful girl. l didn’t find her, she found me.
-Really? -Yes. Knowing well l’ll be in
library everyday. She used to come to library
at 5 correctly. Once finding library closed,
she came to my house. Later she came to
my bank directly. She came to my friend’s
birthday party on a ship. l had to gave in at last. l was surprises at her perseverance.
-l’m also surprised. What’s so great in you that
made her chase you? Sir, Maleeshwari is going
away in that auto. She’ll not take a step
also without me. Sir, madam who went in that
auto gave this to you. Thanks for giving lift
to Hyderabad and to, ‘Unmarried’ Prasad for
accompanying me. Don’t search for me.
-maleeshwari. Shall l drop you in Jubilee
Hills Bus station?- why? You’ll get bus
to go back to vizag. Will l go away in bus seeing
her go away in a auto? Maleeshwari is my life. l’ll not have a drop of
water till l find her. No sugar in tea.
Get me sugar please. How can you find a girl
in such a large city? This is phone bill, a call Maleeshwari
made to Hyderabad. Let’s find the address
from this number. You are very clever. Tell me the truth. Getting rid of you is
very difficult Uncle Do you suspect anyone
in vizag? No uncle, nobody knows
about Maleeshwari there Who told you that she’s
going to Hyderabad? l told about a bank employee Prasad
saying Maleeshwari, didn’t l? His office peon informed me.
So l came here immediately. why are you still pondering? Let’s file a case against
Bhavani Shankar lf we file a case now,
till the case is settled. Court will grant a stay on
transferring the property. You mean we’ve to escape
if he plans an attack. And get killed if caught.
Even then we mustn’t squeal. lf we do it’ll be heard by
the law of court. ls that all you say?
-No sir. What no sir? we are committing a mistake by
hiding Maleeshwari from public. What she needs now is
publicity not security. That’s why let’s arrange a
press conference.- After that. Let’s announce about
the property. Let’s announce about
the property. And reveal the assassination
attempts on her. But tell them you don’t know
about the killer’s identity. They’ll understand and
take a break. This is good idea uncle.
-This will definitely work out. Even if Maleeshwari slips, people will decide it’s handiwork
of bhavani shankar. Arrange a press meet. May be we are at wrong address.
-No, we are at correct address. You asked me to find the address.
l found it l’ll take leave now. why are you scared? Will they beat or
kill us if we enter? l’ll stay here only.
You go in and find out. Let’s go together. What if anyone steals your vehicle.
-lt’s insured, but l’m not, Keep those chairs there.
why don’t you understand? Come on get going. Keep that on it.
-One minute. -Do it. Hold this mike for a minute. why did you call me sir? Get my cigarette
pack from upstairs. Get lighter. Who’ll bring the ash tray? Give me that ash tray.
-who wants it? l’ve a husband, haven’t l? Expecting he’ll ask l was carrying
cigarette & lighter in pocket. l forgot ash tray and
he asked that only. Like ‘Bharata Ratna’ award, he should
be given ‘King of lazy’ Even that will be a waste, He’ll feel lazy to go
and forego it. My fate. Should l be awarded
as ‘King of Lazy’? l’ll remove your limbs
after the conference. How could you hear all this? Where’s the mike?
where did you go away? You go to the gate…stop. What’ll you do there?
Don’t allow everyone inside? Find out from which newspaper
and then send them in. Go. Go. Don’t be afraid. Which newspaper?
-‘Eenadu’. Come quickly. May be they wouldn’t have allowed if
we bought English paper. -Joke? What would she be doing
in such a big house? Teaching little children
for taking care of old She must be do something
for her livelihood. You must marry
and give her a life. Let her come before me,
l’ll remove all her difficulties. You know about
Mirzapur Princely state. You know a legal battle for property
is going on for 20 years. To introduce the legal heir
of the property to you, This press meet has been arranged. Come let’s go. How nicely she cheated you? She gave a brilliant performance
as poor girl though she was rich. That’s not cheating. Though she’s so rich,
she moved with us normally. That’s her greatness. But still isn’t it wrong to lie? Maleeshwari didn’t lie, l lied to you that she loves me. But your love for her
is true, isn’t it? Wrong, we must wish to see Taj Mahal.
we shouldn’t wish to reside in it. What’s the meaning of this? To publicize us as their enemies What’s their gain? lf a rat announces there’s
a cat in my house. lf the rat dies, everyone will
suspect the cat. You mean us. What should the cat do now? Should it stop eating
non-vegetarian food?- No need. lnstead of killing openly,
You can poison her to death. So, you say knife must be ours
but not our hands. We mustn’t be blamed
Maleeshwari must die. Bobby, buy a organdy sari
a cotton blouse for this knife. -why? Weather report Cyclone warning A low depression has formed
in bay of bangali. lt may strike the
coast at any time. Leave me. l wished your welfare only. l’m going away
from you, that’s why. l’ll change the station. This is the fate of heart. This is the fate of man’s life. A man’s heart will never
be happy. – l’ll stop it. You are always happy and
make others cry. l’m not able to see you sad. Listen to me and
forget Maleeshwari. l forget her long back
you’ve not yet forgotten her. Don’t you feel like going back. lnitally you’ll feel like that only. Once you get down 2 steps,
you’ll get used to it. Come. Auto stop Do you know Jubilee Bus stand?
-Do you know? No.-Get in Prasad, get into the car. l’ve some work with you…go. Lakshmi hasn’t come. She’s sick she has sent her
sister’s daughter. Okay, tell her to clean it. Clean it. Uncle l told about a man saving
Maleeshwari is Vizag. He’s the man. Greetings sir. -Greetings. Thank you very much-
No problem. Did you see those rowdies
any other time in vizag? No sir, their slang reveals they
were from Hyderabad. Can you recognize them? l’ll talk to S.P and arrange
a identification parade. You may have to stay here
for 2 or 3 days Any problem? l’ve to attend Bank there
-will they fold him it? Apply maternity leave.
-Men are not allowed. He’ll take care of it.
First take him to the guest room. Come. Room is very nice.
-what’s your name? What’s this?
-Clothes. Do you want me to take care it? Keep it with you and get it washed
ironed and bring it tomorrow. Balu, one glass of milk Bring it quickly. Why a flower vase here? They don’t know where
a vase should be. This is more lazy than me. Throwing down Rs.1000 worth pant
for Rs.10 worth flowers They don’t have any sense. You? -Forgot me so quickly. who allowed you inside?
-who will allow me? Like drought to Anantapur and
power cut to Andhra Pradesh, l’ve come on my own. lf my grandpa comes
to know, he’ll kill you. Your grandpa BEGGED ME TO
STAY HERE, YOU KNOW THAT? You’re lying. That’s the boon given to you
by god, l can’t lie. Did l say anything wrong?
Did you ever tell one truth? Your name is a lie.
Your plan is a lie. Your phone number is a lie
Your claming orphan is a lie. Did you tell truth any time? Didn’t you lie about your
brother & sister-in-law? Whenever l lied,
it was for good only. Unable to bear your
criminal intelligence, No body dared to give his
daughter in marriage to you. You can talk about anything. But never talk about my marriage,
you’ll lose your respect. What will you do?
-why are you coming on me? What’ll you do? Hey’ Unmarried’ Prasad, this is not
your Vizag. This is my place. l’ll get you lynched
here with my men. Bloody Vamp!
l saved you from rowdies. Will you get me
beated up by rowdies? Shut up and wear your pant. How much you’d teased me?
l’ll take revenge. You’re not Maleeshwari.
You should’ve been named Ghost. Food is ready.
-Bring it here. No way, we’ve to go. Rule or request? -Order. How long do we’ve
to go further? l don’t like you calling
me like that. -Okay boy. oh God! This looks like
not a walk to eat. But a walk to
digest food eaten Coming. Lift? Nice! Maleeshwari’s mother? l can’t walk any further. How far to go man? This is dining hall. l never felt so happy on
seeing god in Tirupathi also. Open the door. This way. Pulse gravy? -Ghee? Yes.-where? lt’s on the other end. No need now l’ll have it
tomorrow when l sit there. l’ll tell you a number
connect me a call. STD?- Won’t it work? lt will Hello, brother, it’s me. Are you fine Prasad?
-Do you know a thing brother? Maleeshwari is not a maid
servant with Murthys. She’s a Princes of Mirzapur. Yes, l read it in newspaper. l’m now in her palace only. They gave me a room. Tub in the bathroom
A/c in bedroom, Phone in dining room.
A servant to massage me. You’ve to see the cot You don’t feel like sleeping
on it if you see. lf you sleep you won’t feel
like coming out of it. Are they taking care of
you so nicely? l’m the king here, brother. Not a wastrel.
what do you say? How are sister-in-law and Dolly? They are fine. Tell sister-in-law to
clean by bike She’s not just wiping it clean,
in fact she’s washing it daily. Dolly is worried about you.
Talk to her. Uncle why are you worried dear?
l’ll come back in a week. Why did then mummy say
you’ll never come back? and we can live happily. Rich people can never understand
middle class sentiments. l think the way you addressed
me earlier is better. Continue with it. Okay. Come, let’s go. lt’s late night.
l’ve to go long way. You carry on sir. l’ve work. Do you remember the way back? lf l see once l’ll not forget
even after 10 years. Sir…not that side…this way. Remambers it seems? l thought it was any bedroom. Finding all the doors similar
l got little confused. Can you guide me to my room? What work do you’ve in that room
after Maleeshwari has slept? Why are you silent? Balu talks more and work less
But you’re not like him. You talk less and work less.
You are very dangerous. Oh ! This one. Your personality is good. But you’ll look like
a girl if you smile. Practice to smile
from tomorrow. Snoopy come. come. lf you touch itis head.
lt’ll bite you. Mind your work. Wrong.
-lt’s not working. Who are you?
-Venkatesh. -You mean? Your inner soul.
-l don’t care. lsn’t it sin to see
a girl swimming? No, because she’s
not seeing you. l’m not able to convince myself.
Mad boy. You are not seeing the girl.
You are seeing the far away building. She has come in
between, that’s all. No, l’m seeing her only Look at her from top to bottom. But see that nobody sees you. That’s important, bye. With her sultry she has
pierced a rose thron in my heart Don’t charm me, my dear. Oh God! lf l get charmed
and arrested by your eyes. l can’t wriggle out
my self free. Do you’ve to be so sexy
to break my penance? Do you’ve to see so desirously
to incite passion in me? Dear, you’re a mischief arrow
aimed at me by cupid Won’t my sensuous heart
get shattered when you appear? Your fiery beauty is lighting
fire to chill water. lt’ll get evaporated my beauty. Your brave acts of love is over coming
my shyness & taking me to bliss Romance will reach the climax. Don’t get dejected
with imagination. Don’t accuse and tease me. Don’t take liberty with me. Do you’ve to light your
mischief like lighted wisps. Shall l search & find it here? Do you’ve to reveal so much to
make open invitations? To reveal your
beautiful ups and downs. Do you’ve to eat me alive to
kindle passion in me? Come to relieve me
from my youthful problem. Don’t tell about this everyone. No, not there..not there…
Leave me. Leave me…no…not there. what did you do
to my snoopy? l’m asking you only. l didn’t do anything
it only tried to kill me. Do you’ve problems
with animals also? lt has such large teeth
Till now l was scared of dogs. But Now l hate after
seeing this dog. l brought your clothes.
How are you sir? Can’t you see me? What’s your problem? with a dog? we must love dogs. Padhu no. wiat sir you are very hesitant.
-Gone. Did you see?
will you believe me now? l too feel irritated
when l see him. What’s wrong if it
too feels the same? Leave him. lt might kill him. why are you creating a ruckus
they both are playing a fun game. lt’s not playing. lt’s hunting. lt’ll bite. How did it happen? lf feel down from the window Did it die falling
from a window? The window was on
the second floor. What a great dog!
lt never barked. lt used to bite now and then. What a nice dog!
lt never bite once. Most importantly it’s mouth and
the saliva it let out. God! lf there’s a separate
heaven for dogs, Let this dog also be
given a place there. On this auspicious occasion, l promise to buy belts & chains
to dogs every year. l swear to build a
marble grave for it. For me? – No, to the dog. Hey stop…stop.. why did you build this
house out of city? Can’t find a auto also?
-lt’ll not come, we’ve to go. They are so rich can’t they buy
few autos & keep it here. what would they lose? What?
-madam is in the car. l’m not sitting in her lap.
l’m sitting in a empty seat…go. madam….-Go. Where do you want to go?
-Shopping. what do you want to buy? l want to know what’s that. l want to buy briefs. l had only two.
One l washed & put it to dry in sun. Another one?
-Dog tore it yesterday. You mean now? will you stop the
car from a minute? l’ll buy vegetables & come. Come lets go. will l get briefs there?
-You’ll get. l’ll use only famous brands
like VlP & Jockey. will l get that brand there?
-l don’t know sir. People who wear it should know
how can l know? You mean… Madam Stop…Stop.
-Nothing has happened to you. Greetings sir. Did you note that truck’s number?
-No sir. Do you suspect anyone? No we both know it is
not an accident. Take my advice and talk to
Bhavani Shankar & settle the issue. Or else this will take a heavy toll. l’ll take leave. Okay Let’s talk to him
as he advices. Talk to him? lt’s a sin to
see his face also. nasty man ! l’ve kept juice there.
Drink it and go to sleep. l’ll go home and send lunch. Keep it there. Doctor told you to take it now.
-l’ll take it later. You’ll feel tried if you delay.
-Don’t irritate me please. Am l a little girl?
Don’t l know? You should’ve strength
at least scold me. l’ve taken it, haven’t l?
why are you still here? Go away. l was little angry so…
-No problem. Government should declare
a holiday today -why? Every time l say sorry
when you scold ,me. First time you’ve said sorry
after scolding me. Who is Bhavani Shankar? Won’t you read newspaper everyday? Little autos are killing who are you the license? Let’s kill people without evidence.
Let’s build house without cement. Don’t give me such lousy advices. Rain without lighting, death without
a cry will never happen. This time… Killing Maleeshwari is
my headache now Your duty is to ensure
there’s no case. Don’t poke you nose
in other things. Go. when are you starting
the floor work? May be in 4 days. lf l leave your shirt, You’ll fall down faster
than the lift. Your head will break
hitting the ground. Next your neck with crack Before you know your minds limbs
are broken. You’ll be dead. No…don’t kill me. what’s your age?
-50? You’ve diabeties, no sugar..
You’ve B.P., no salt. You’ve ulcer,
no hot & spicy food. You’ll die if you eat good food.
why do you want property? lf you kill your father,
you’ll get a job. You’ll find gold if
you kill your mother. You’ll get property
if you kill a girl. Forget all such nasty ideas. lf you touch Maleeshwari again, l’ll kill you so mercilessly that your son
will get scared to see your body. Don’t waste time on
inquiring about me, my name is Varaprasad. l’m an accountant with
Andhra Bank in Vizag. l’m not yet married.
lf you’ve any proposals tell me. l don’t have any caste
considerations. Discharged? Are you the in-charge?- No. why do you disturb then? Every one talks but don’t
know what to talk. Bag, don’t know where
to keep things Did he get discharged
so quickly? Move Move…. You please come… Move madam is coming.
-Please come. why are you over acting? There are steps here. Be careful Leave my hand.
Am l a patient? l’ll open it. Here…sit. Not there…go to the front. Go. Look at there. Big names and big hospitals.
But they leave patients mid air. You watch road and drive.
Maleeshwari is in the car. Are you comfortable? You are acting too smart.
what’s the matter? Nothing.- No problem…come out. You mustn’t get angry.-Okay. what’s this?
-My investment on you. The expenses l incurred on you
from Vizag to hyderabad. You eat in Vizag that one. Flower bouquet Rs.200. l bought it for your
friend’s birthday. lt also comes under
your account only. STD bill Rs.199. the phone from petrol bunk
to Hyderabad… l spent lavishly on you
thinking you are poor girl. l came to know you’re filthy rich
after coming here. l mean very wealthy. l wouldn’t have asked. But l am a little
tight financially. lf you arrange to settle it
at the earliest. Don’t you’ve any shame? will you ask the money
spent on a girl? What’s wrong in it? You said yesterday
we are friends. Friends means you’ve to ask money? Am l asking your money?
l’m asking my money. What’ll you do with
the cross of money? You utter one more word
you’re dead. will l leave you so easily?
l’ll get it from your grandpa. Madam, l’ll go to my home & come.
-Okay. Malli, come out quickly.
-why? Balu…run away we’ve won the case.
-ls it? Here’s the copy of judgement.
-l’m very happy. Come. Get up & come. One minute.- what? Do you’ve to
shop now also? -You come. why do you want a umbrella
going into the complex? Mummu, buy me a baloon.
-Okay. Don’t move.
Please stay here only. what’s the cost of a baloon? Rs.2.-that one.-white one? That green one.-lt’s Rs.10.
-Okay. They are there…come. l’m a blind man.
Please help me sir. Can’t you give hand him?
-You come. where are they? Where’s Maleeshwari?
-Please sit down. l don’t want this formalaties. All these clashes & cases
must be settled. My grand daughter must live happily.
what do you want in return? Lands, factories, money or gold.
what do you want? l want your granddaughter to
become my daughter-in-law. Get malleeshwari
married to my son l’ll stop everything. l’ll stop everything. Come. l know they’ll kill me. Listen to me and
please go away from here. l’ll go. l’ll go when you’re smiling
not when you’re in tears. l’ll go after seeing
you as princes. The malleeshwari l saw on
road in vizag. The malleeshwari who
had coffee with me She’s queen of a palace. Where ever l think of it
l feel proud. l’ll do anything for you. why do you want to
take risk for me? why should you get worried
about my welfare? Nothing will happen to you. Till l’m here, nothing will
happen to you lf they’ve to kill you.
First they’ve to kill me. Come. lt’s our luck to
become your kinsman. Take care of his health. Are you hurt my dear? Come…Come. we were waiting
for you only. We’ve discussed everything. No more differences or
fights between us No more battles of supremacy Form today Bahvani Shankar
is our Kinsman He made a little wish. He wants you to become
his daughter-in-law. What’s there to object? Any way someday our families
have to come together Seek father-in-law’s blessings What are you looking at?
Seek his blessings. Good luck l was sad for not
having a daughter, uncle. from today l don’t have
that worry also. l’ve got a golden
daughter-in-law They’ll give lot of gold
along with her. Take it, sister-in-law. No, please. Doctor has advised
not to take drinks. You’re too much. Doctor advised me also
not to take drinks. Am l not drinking? Doctor advised to stop liquor
and she soft drink. why are you still
making her stand? She’s already wet.
She might catch cold. why are you watching
with a smile? Take her and wipe her dry.
-All right. Take her quickly.
Lest he might catch cold. One minute Prasad You’ve to do me a small favor. You’ve to sleep in Balu’s room
tonight if you don’t mind. You see lot of guests
and commotion. Moreover Bhavani is very
particular about protocals. He might take it bad if
you also stay here. Elderly man ! we’ve to adjust.
what do you say? l’ll go…my clothes.
-l’ll get it. balu, get Prasad’s bag. Then…-Brother.
Any secret?- Nothing. prasad wants to leave,
l’m trying to stop him. Tomorrow is Maleeshwari’s birthday. You stayed here till now,
why are you leaving today? You help my collar form them
they held my legs. will l leave crores worth
property for that? All that is a lie Do you know the truth? l’ll kill malleeshwari
by tomorrow morning. Foolish man Like allowing Veerapan to
guard Sandalwood farm They’ve allowed me
to enter this place. Come in brother-in-law…
Food is getting cold. You must be here tomorrow and
arrange everything personally. Sir…no problem.
l’ll carry it. They are like that only. Only their homes are
large & spacious lnside very small and congested The man who tried to
kill madam till now Suddenly he has
become a relative You risked your life to save her
but you’ve become a burden. What sort of people they are? Even madam didn’t thank you. You’re wrong balu. You can work and ask for salary
You can lend money and ask interest. But never ask thanks
after helping someone. l’m working here for
the past 10 years. l never saw a king here. First time l am seeing
how a king would be. Go away sir.
People like you shouldn’t be here. l’ll go away.
l’ll go away after this night. l felt like someone entering
Maleeshwari’s room. l came in to check. You came in and say some
one else had come in Door is locked.
How did you enter? True, some one had
entered this room What’s he doing here
at mid night? Don’t act smart. He told me he’ll kill
Maleeshwari tonight. What are you blabbering?
Are you drunk?’ Just think over it.
They stage managed the accident. They tried to kill her using
professional killers. Will you believe them or me?
Tell me sir. Malleeshwari, you tell them.
First you tell us. why did you enter the room? l don’t mind if you
don’t believe me. But please don’t believe him.
He’ll never allow her to live. malleeshwari, he’s like a snake.
Never trust him. Shut up.
-Calling him disrespectfully. why are you talking with him?
Throw him out. -Go. Sorry, l lied last evening. Go man. go man. Please listen to me sir. Listen to me. Listen to me. lf l’d beaten the day you came
with a marriage proposal. Things wouldn’t have
reached this situation. lt’s our mistake to allow street
people into the palace. Leave him
-You don’t brother. We mustn’t spare him.
we must kill him. wrong we, don’t have any right
to kill another man. lf you shout like this,
my son will wake up. He’ll ask why are you
beating him? we’ve to tell him everything. tomorrow we’ve a function
Do we need this trouble now? lf you want to enter a room,
knock & then enter. Don’t break windows to enter
lt’s wrong. Come. when and in whose heart you’ll
enter as the flowing season? why do you wipe out smiles from
the couple that trusts you? Nobody knows it.
unsolved puzzle. That’s why your story
remains without an end Love without banks
reach you. A temple with deity
of sadness Separation is a hell. Grief is the lamp.
pain is the Veda. Curse is the blessing.
ls it Justified? Consecration of tears.
Dispair the offering. heart burn is your sacrificial fir.
oh my love. No dream ever crossed
the boundary of eyelid. No shine of lighting ever
remains on earth Moonbeam is a mirage
deceiving eyes. Through the wild forests, lnto the lanes of
cheat & deceits, ls it sin to travel with you?
Oh my love! whose name should l offer
special prayers? Greetings to everyone Today is Maleeshwari’s birthday. A candle will increase as
the cake for anyone on this day. But, on this birthday Maleeshwari’s bank
balance will grow to Rs.750 crores. Bhavani Shankar who had the
property under him for 20 years, will legally handover
everything to her. Likewise he’s making Malleeshwari
his daughter-in-law too. From now you’re the legal heir
to the property with all rights. Please sign it madam. The property my father
bequeathed to me, the property for which my grandpa
knocked the doors of law. Few people tried to
kill me for this. Failing in it, they’re trying to
make me their daughter-in-law. Allow me to speak, grandpa. l’m a girl before
l bacame a Princess. l too have a heart. l too have desires. They are not
bothered about it. l’ve great wealth
everyone wants it.

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