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  1. You are good young man. And Hollywood will NEVER agree with integrity, morals or values if it will take away fame or money.

  2. These women on tbe panel no damn well they have called these dress wearing man worse names than what this man has called his cousin.

  3. He has the right to speak his mind and is entitled to his opinion, but, he will always be wrong because he is a heterosexual male.

  4. You choose to do what you want in life . You don't born gay o lesbian. You decide to leave that life . If your parents are pool and you decide to study and educate yourself to have a better life . You are making a choice to have a better life . If You have gay inclination and decide to continue with the transformation. That was a choice that you decide to take . We are what we choose to be . We need to respect people for who they are and also accept them. But don't play the victim that you born gay because that is not true.

  5. You come from a family of "thug life" and you don't see a problem with that?
    But it seems like the cousin has deep seeded resentment toward his cousin for stuff from childhood. Like hes jealous that his cousin had a stable upbringing.

  6. what has the world turned into. now we r being forced to accept the lifestyle of people. I will sure block him if he was my cousin. after all its my page. what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. the fact that people are doing what is wrong does not make it right and acceptable, and the fact that people are not doing the right thing does not make the right wrong. people, Hell is real. Jesus is the only answer to this thing going on in the world. God help the future generation

  7. Why send your cousin an inbox of yourself in a damn dress and expect your masculine ass cousin to respond in a positive. They need to leave him tf alone. He’s a bumbling idiot because they’re making it seem like he should be FORCED to accept that bullshit. If my female cousin sends me an inbox of herself dressed as a damn dude and she knows that’s not something I’m with, I’m gonna block her ass because as much as I love her, I’m not gonna entertain that bullshit, and she knows I’m not. So if she inboxes me some bullshit and then has the audacity to caption it “How do I look” I’m gonna think the bitch is playing games with me. She knows I’m not gonna say “bitch you look handsome” which is what studs want to hear. I’m gonna be like “wtf you want me to say? Put on a dress. Don’t play with me like that” I’m not bending because the gay mafia actually thinks they can “make” people go along with their life choices. Do you, but leave me out of that shit if you know I’m not gonna go along with it

  8. The dude in the dress is disgusting and the women pushing this agenda is even more of a disgrace 🤦🏾‍♂️ nonetheless it’s expected, the Bible reveals them to be children of satan not of Jehovah the true God. Gods agenda reproduce anything that gets in the way of that or does the opposite of that is opposite of God

  9. With everything going on in the world, they take time to use their platform to discuss social media. Just because you are not friends on social media doesn't mean that applies to real life. Talk about ways to clean our planet. Help children get better cheaper education. Help feed these people around the world that are hungry.

  10. He's a handsome well dressed heterosexual young black man & not a homo thug or on the dl…why force him to be exposed to a life he doesn't care for? We should support heterosexual black men as long as they aren't misogynist.

  11. His analogy made sense if the hosts would actually listen. People are quick to discredit or ignore the thoughts of black people & black men in particular. Cousin is also really creepy to send revealing pictures to his own family like that…are the females receiving these pictures also?

  12. Look as a lesbian the whole transgender thing is a pain in the ass they are so self absorbed. Sexual orientation period is a choice. When sex isnt a choice its called rape. Young brother you are str8 dont let no one bully you. You build yourself do what you need to do… I do not like this panel at all nope nope nope

  13. Since when did blockin on social media become the ultimate disrespect 🤦.. It ain't that serious people the whole purpose is to see what you want on your feed..

  14. There is nothing wrong with choosing to not have whatever you want on YOUR PAGE! The mean words is the problem but, not liking pictures is his right!

  15. He said it right. It’s the choices of sin that make us sick and we need Jesus to guide us and clean us all so that we are sick no more! Jesus is Lord

  16. These ladies are annoying. Why won't they let the man speak without interrupting!? Ugh…and it's wrong to shove their point of view down his throat🙄

  17. These women are the new downfalls of the mentality of women today vivica happily go fuc yourself. You still have never found your own niche in still come off like a q card reader damn shame to old nothing left

  18. Why is it the free opinion is only accepted if you’re pro gay, stop trying to force it down everyone’s throat. most people are against it and just pretend they’re not to avoid backlash.

  19. Done with Ultra Liberal Feminist and their agenda. I'd cuzed that entire panel out, STARTING with Vivica A. Fox

  20. These people are going to far. This country was founded on tolerance not acceptance. There's a big difference between the two.

  21. How the world has fallen so low…
    We used to debate on the economy. Now we debate about argument on gay guy putting on dress.

  22. It is a sickness, a mess mind, go to the Bible says what it is. God did not created Adam an Steve , God created Adam an Eve. U have line up what Bible says.

  23. So what if someone doesn’t like gay people not everyone doesn’t have to love gays I fucking hate gays fuck them

  24. This show is bullshit talking about gender equality and sexual equality when we aint even seeing it on that stage.🤨

  25. This is just BS this dude cannot decide what he want to do or say! I don't like gay you can't force me to like him.

  26. This guy has right and these ladies all over him forcing him to love gay people and stuff. None of them would want her son to be gay for sure. Hypocrisy big time!!!

  27. He blocked him because he sent a picture of himself in a dress… I'm a woman and don't inbox pics of myself in sexy dresses to my male cousins….

  28. Fuck all them!! FACTS! He never said he do t love his cousin, he just dont agree with his lifestyle! POINT BLANK PERIOD! So he WRONG because he dont agree with it? I'm so tired of ppl FORCING the gay lifestyle on others! What the fuck is with ppl?! Stop trying to MAKE ppl seem homophobic or a bad person because their not with this gay agenda!! Leave that man DA FUCK ALONE! He loves is cousin he didnt disown him or anything they just dont c eye to eye. Its ok ppl pick your battles live your life and stop worrying about the WRONG shit for VEIWS. If I didnt want to c my Male cousin in a dress I'll probably BLOCK HIS ASS TOO! SMMFH.

  29. That analogy went over vivicas head… I said to a friend gay ppl ain’t born’s a feeling..if he wants to block dude he can…why they forcing all this hug stuff..America is crazy.. u tv show cos he blocked his cousin…this is how dey keep ppl stoooopid instead of just regular stupid..

  30. It's is his page the world has gone mad and these women are such idiots male and female that's what God created stop disrespecting the creator

  31. GAY. has been around for a minute….so whts the fuss about…it will continue to be bashed…cause when you stsrt cutting body parts off or a nan adding tits wuth a 9 inch dick….theres definitely something wrong…. duh. go figure

  32. He is allowed to his opinion and he is struggling with his beliefs and the pove for his cousin.. cut him a break… and his cousin looks beautiful and needs to live his best life and accept that not everyone will react or deal the way he or she hopes

  33. His analogy wasnt complicated yall ladies say yall intelligent you didnt understand what he was saying. Wtf probably should listen instead of being ready to ridicule. His statements were inaccurate but a lot of that was how he felt vs truth.

  34. Your cousin can respect your choices but not want to see you in a dress. It's inappropriate. His butt is almost showing. That picture is for your mate.

  35. Its not bout forcing to accept cousin being "gay" its bout accepting the person as they are when they love who they are as a family member u love n care :/ doesnt matter wat they are as long as they are a good person

  36. Why do these people think they hv the right to force gay down people's throats. Live your gay lives but let man be! Damn!

  37. (rollseyes) these ppl like to attack other ppl who dont like gays. damn thats his opinion leave him alone! but at the same time the gay cuz cant force the str8 cuz to accept his life style.

  38. Homophobic or not he has a right to his opinion. He doesn’t have to jump on the lgbt bandwagon they actin like it’s only his cousin has a legit opinion

  39. My question is why are those girls attacking him? HE HASN’T DONE ANYTHING WRONG. people are allowed to have their own opinions!! l

  40. what a bunch of horseSheeet. They are riding him for not accepting his cousin,but then not accepting him saying he loves his cousin, but doesnt like seeing him in a dress. He is entitled to his personal opinion. Doesnt make him homophobic or hateful.

  41. That women so rude but the guy handled it very well he have such a good ethics I stand beside him ✅✅👌🏻

  42. i feel that they were wrong. Like she was sending him videos or pictures saying "Do i look good?" like urm you dont ask your cousin that when they not into that. but like yk ? you ask your gfs or your friends or girl cousins people who wear dresses or some.

  43. Man tries to explain something by using cancer as an example.

    Show Hosts: How did you go from cancer to sexuality.

    Me: Wow these hosts as dumb

  44. this is why i can’t stand gays. just because you have a opinion, don’t mean we have to agree . it’s not like we have to accept you being gay .

  45. The cousin is 100% right. The gay cousin had no reason to be sending his cousin pictures of him in a damn dress.

    People from the lgbtq community need to stop throwing their views on other people.

    We don’t need to agree with you, and no we don’t find you sexy. Sorry.

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