Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures) Gameplay Part 2 Ghost Ship

Man of Medan (The Dark Pictures) Gameplay Part 2 Ghost Ship

Wow alright guys so welcome back to my
channel off don’t forget my fly my name’s Joe so it’s pretty tight without
your reader he write about that he write he write about that who was this ok yeah inna welcome back
to my channel of Tulsa commercial sup so welcome back guys so welcome back so on
my last gameplay what’s a chance Oh somebody died you see was it Wow hmm I see a female I can tell was it o-o check me get okay so there’s a way to brush off the
other way oh you real nice Oh their gun the holy gun Wow that
jump-scare weak-ass jump scare gotta be plane crash hi I’m Alyssa waste perish all right they check out
Wow ooh easy how this that’s been down here
a long time true try to move it oh ok ok alright let me go back yeah I try to get on gun five oh well
okay they get out here easy follow me by saying there ha we only this way – oh no guys check around okay I don’t see nothing
guys so what I’m looking for all right we did that one okay they got
here so I don’t see nothing guys oh something happening you know Oh grab it grab it
oh it’s a great week sharp not interested in us let’s go how about a
good now what schools to call very close what
are you doing why are you fidgeting I wanted to bring something up with you
but it’s it’s not the best time okay your brain buddy nothing nothing just
kind of shake it up by a little brush of intrusive and meaningless death it
doesn’t matter let’s get back to the top okay hey seriously what’s going on nothing
no but you’re freaking me out just get it died
should I said anything come on we’ve really got to get up top okay so today dr. wall yeah something happened Julia we gotta
decompress here no sale we we have to decompress I’m sorry I’m sorry my brothers up there
Julia this is crazy you just gotta wait a few
seconds tell her go Wow
god it’s taking too long this is torture just a few more seconds okay now go go Hey what the hell happened it’s cool man
everything’s all right now there was a little mishap with the
barbecue Jesus looked like the whole boat was lit up Wow so why are you
paying the ocean a group of fishermen came by and damaged their boat but they
got caught on the dive line oh that’s what happened
yeah so then ambassador Conrad figured the best move is to show him he’d rather
throw away his money than give it to them you’re an asshole
whatever who cares right what I want to know is what you guys find well we found
the plate I need it’s huge full of cool stuff unfortunately we did not leave it
as pristine as we could have what why the dive line actually how bad
there’s no cockpit anymore for starters well that’s just fucking perfect
Wow Abby they’re cheap is you’re getting to know these intrepid
adventurers then Alex and his little brother Brad trying to swim with the big
fish both seem out of their depth and Julia the love of Alex’s life and he the
love of hers what about Conrad a bold fellow you
might say well maybe you’d say arrogant and then there’s captain Flitz strong
forthright stubborn she appears somewhat immune to Conrad’s charms so far at
least let me reassure you you’ve helped them to make some decisions they’ll
value later on you’re doing well oh thank you
they’re right thing about the guys oh no oh no about it guys oh no how well-preserved was his plane pretty
much what you’d expect Brad it was insane it was like traveling through
time no shit well it was like traveling through time and accidentally ending up
in a dimension where the past is underwater and like everything is
covered in barnacles and sharks sharks it was a great reef hey I thought it was
pretty intense wasn’t Conrad gonna get us some more beers after he helped Flis
maybe he decided hey I’ll drink some and then he got drunk and since he was drunk
he forgot to bring it to us and he just kept on drinking and he
drank all of it sounds like you’ve had some experience with this kind of
phenomenon yeah I’ve been studying it for you I’ll go look for him okay Alex
you’re like an open book with a 50-point font
I can read you from a mile away something’s up it’s nothing
bullshit you’re like Monsignor moping 10 over here Julia are you happy whoa well
yeah of course why would you ask me that I guess I’m just kind of anxious about
like our future no what’s next follow-up horrible but be
careful no II better be careful by that because
you never know which or is going to die I don’t know which ones are gonna die
could be Julie or Alice could be know what I think could be Julie going die
first or our mess although guys that were thinking right
now tough toys I can’t deal with this right now where’s that brother I’ll find
him you just hang out here hey you seen my brother or Flitz no I
got distracted let’s go get him sure so which one is
you know where the magic happens okay on behalf of my family I’d like to
apologize for my brother acting like a horny fifth grader it’s okay I can deal
with children Conrad beers where are they
oh yeah the beers oh just get him now seriously you’re the familiar all right now that everybody’s here
let’s take a look at the navigators pad we found maybe we can figure out why the
plane was out here where’d you put it it’s in your case okay I’ll go get it
Hey okay so I go get it you all right you seem kind of okay so I go through here there we go in
here no we can’t how about here oh let’s check in here I see oh there is that he also nervous you want to marry
her almost time for barbecuing got the bad yet right here wait can we talk
about what just happened later Alex okay right here damn I don’t know how to spent another
guy’s all right everyone check it out men cheering gold who wants to find some
sunken treasure so what do you think Adam coordinates those are coordinates
all right maybe the planes destination you think
we could get there by tomorrow it takes a couple hours if the weather stays
steady Wow you find anything else well from the outside this thing was a bomber
but on the inside it was filled with life rafts uh yeah
after the war they refitted a lot of the long-range bombers to be risky planes
what was it doing at the bottom of the ocean reckless all of you excuse me
I told you to leave everything down there alone oh come on we’ve been
through this already I’m not talking about the law no hey they were
respectful you shouldn’t have taken anything from the wreck
see right about that you’re right we should have been more careful That’s not
me I’m sorry okay maybe I don’t know you should have never gone down to that
claim in the first place it’s bad luck you think you can scavenge down there
and it makes no difference but every single thing you bring back has an
essence it’s like a ghost you invite to the surface here we go huh
I never thought about it like that you never think about much of anything well
maybe I never heard about such cool ghost stories they’re not cool ghost
stories not like for fun people drown in these waters and you have to respect
their resting place damn straight bread you got a fun ghost story right
yeah I heard a story it happened right around here – let’s hear it we could all
use a good show okay let’s hear it I bet you can spin a good yarn it’s kind of
messed up actually scare away a little bro okay here goes this story is true it
had happened – right near here in an old lighthouse classic setup wait
true story where’d you hear this if you need to know it’s ripped right from the
rotting pages of the terrifying ancient in-flight magazine I was perusing on our
way here the lighthouse stood atop an atoll isolated from the rest of the
world of lone beacon in the night a sailor’s respite the lighthouse keeper
would hear the waves pounding the rocky shore one misty morning he comes upon a
woman hovered in blood she’s stumbling down the beach he hurries to her aid and
she falls into his arms sobbing as he hurries her back to the lighthouse he
asks where she’s from he doesn’t waste any time let’s move whoa the woman answers I live here in the
lighthouse my parents are upstairs right now twists
of course the lighthouse keeper says that isn’t so of course he’s lived there
alone for years and the woman becomes hysterical and it’s just her parents are
upstairs so they go to the top of the lighthouse and they’re splayed out on
the floor it’s a man and a woman brutally murdered with an axe
always an axe I mean do people even use exes anymore I’m just reporting the
facts cliches and all chopped up into little tiny giblets we have an axe cool so gross
okay so who did it the woman says it was my husband and she
turns to the closet says he’s in there I asked the husband and that’s why I’ve
always been a little weary of marriage so the lighthouse keeper creeps over to
the closet opens the door and sure enough there’s a man inside but he’s cut
his own throat what a night he looks closer to see the
dead man’s face in the dark closer closer and he sees it’s his own face and
then its eyes bulge out and screams oh super twins nice nice one Squire whoa you have me goin pretty cool I think he
told it better last time a good effort okay you’ve all had your fun
we should all turn in there’s some weather hitting are we uh uh no no no
cuz according to standard vessel regulation we’re all required one more
beer before hitting that what regulations are these its standard-issue
regulatory institutional protocol subdivision 1099 uh-huh where’d you read
that the Internet oh so you found a website that tells you to drink beer
under every circumstance I’m just following orders man I’m into this
website oh crap Wow holy shit what the hell oh hello what the fuck
ah sit Cal there wake up Oh area damn what’s going on and who these people so you know got the cafe nabela Parker okay until this on just in case if any arm
went talk take some strategy okay now her where his brother
I mean his brother okay I think so Hey damn almost free now I wish I could do that I can’t get
any worse bad news is these are kind of maybe the fishermen I pissed off earlier
home god damn it Conrad great just great the good news I recognized how was that
good news I thought you were gonna ask the good news first there’s such an
idiot Jesus hey are they gonna do to us thank you I don’t wanna find out teacher we gotta get untied like now hey working only thought all right okay I’ll be back for you
later holy crap nobody knows they’re out there
little lady you’re all alone with us now let’s make the Moose over you can go
fuck yourself you piece of shit damn you’re the little lady damn Wow damn can’t mess a lie what do you fuckers watch I’ll sit you got a knife no damn slow down
easy – Stockman finish read it later
down whereas brother damn oh Jesus Conrad really dipstick shut the fuck up
damn I don’t think they’re gonna hear they have an influence flush sure seems
to be getting buddy-buddy with him she’s my brother yeah he’s hiding he’s
okay all right era so we gonna fight with your hands once
we get Julia back maybe one could take in my surprise okay they’re coming all
right fuck what fuckers hey hey okay looky jewel you I’m fine
they didn’t touch me they asked about our parents what how much money they
have okay now we just have to wait and see what
they want to do with us damn this guy good in seconds
storms a miles away I came here on a boat maybe we can take it yeah yeah it’s
a speed boat I mean guy he’s got a gun well at least one of us can get another
boat get some help um these fuckers need to pay
we gotta take him down they can try to fight back but if we had the gun they’d
be forced to surrender seven seconds I can get out through the window we gotta
break these off first you’re loud they’ll hear it we’re gonna
break them during the thunder good call I climb out the window climb around the
side and hit them from there we’ll take them from the other side don’t leave us
here okay let’s do it remember they got a knife take a nice
nap you do it after you okay I don’t know there’s a good idea try my
best okay okay I don’t good grab a knife always yeah drop it buster it’s amateur hour over here bliss I got
this let me handle it
got a gun got I always say
think about what you’re doing Roy oh just get to the boat
this kids trying to kill me or sir take it
oh shit remember downstairs deepness use a TV
laughter now you go work try it ah hey tipo deco similar to stop firm la
gusta me maracas down Olsen
come here which one of you is gonna tell me about
this Manchurian do we found it we don’t know Wow you fucking blew our best shot we could
have gotten the boat back and you blew it
yeah I get it all right shut the fuck up all right there is no harm in just
talking you want to talk keep the volume down
I’m just gonna say this has gotta be in on this
she these guys they travel in the same waters she’s the captain they barely
laid a hand on her I bet she told him about the Manchurian
goal their coats well true I can’t believe what I’m hearing
I just lost everything I have and this is what you think you’re all in this
together this is a trap bye-bye guys since do polio you come with me by now the London storm is gonna last you try anything anything and they be
consequences damn Duke of Milan requesting weather
update over
we read you everything okay hey just requesting any information
about this storm you can give us a little bit hairy out here over
storm coming in from the east and I hit you very hard it should pass through
your corners with sound of stress do
assistance not used to a little weather freaking you out nothing wrong thanks for the info we’ll
see you for drinks back on shore in a couple of days yeah I try not to mess up okay Echols fall very close down good luck wait okay yeah just cut it all while there we are
Hey move it
now okay thanks I guess anyone know about Brad be
hiding somewhere brad is under the bunk bed okay keep a lid on it it could be our
ticket out Brad stays hidden better off down there
than with these psychos oh yeah great you could get killed down
there turns up there’s probably better for us if he stays put I’ll set now freakin ghost ship you know down everyone’s still alive things could have
been quite different a guy very creepy kind-hearted creature
I am I’d like to offer you some forewarning of what’s to come or attempt
it where is it you’re going it alone independent admirable possibly foolish anyway now that you’ve reached a point
of significant distress I presume you’re eager to get back to your story but
here’s a thing everything may not be entirely as it seems what probably
shouldn’t have said that what I don’t get it the ball Knepper picks up I’m not going there Jr I think that bar they go get kill okay sir Wow so rather go in there what fuck dad nope no dance Wow damn Brad to go got no choice yeah we had
lost voices about the skies I don’t like this Oh whole place is a floating deathtrap is you know really
i it’s a freaking scary so damn alright so right keep going the mask of madness
Oh what is this other coughs Oh Oh what is this I Jesus Christ Kanaka kisses ass cuz you’re that I
heard something oh man let’s get me a little bit scare me a
little bit guys oh gosh damn very creepy D what hey it’s pitch black in here give us the
light Thanks ah there what the hell is this fucking place oh
no a battleship given our observations that this is some sort of ship and seems
to be abandoned I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s some sort of abandoned
ship no shit Sherlock you know write a book about it give him a break Flis he
needs one okay well should we do sit around need a plan we’re not exactly in
the best position to be making any moves second they let their guard down we’ve
got to take advantage of it and get off the ship
true true yeah man this whole rust buckets one tetanus shot from the bottom
of the ocean we already tried to escape didn’t exactly work out we got to get
back to the boat and find Brad they swiped our distributor cap gonna be
difficult to get anywhere without it true so okay what exactly is a distributor
cap now pretend you’re talking to someone who doesn’t know anything about
boats yep makes the engine work no it gives me –
did in the water without it while those guys are up Anning for manchurian gold
or whatever they think they’re gonna find on this floating coffin we got to
take advantage and look around for a way out of here
plis I just wanted to say that I might have gotten the thing that’s kind of
wrong back there excuse me I may have kind of prematurely
come to the conclusion that maybe you know you’re working some kind of side
deal with these guys or whatever but I I mean obviously that’s not true they’re
being just as bad to you as they are to us oh yeah
allow me to translate he’s saying that he’s sorry
well I well your apology is kinda accepted
cool all right then okay guys so go something
right here so thank you for watching I’m Mike a play
alright Boucher don’t forget put the light scry caught me share think four
check out my channel just came off life all right

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