Man with a Movie Camera (1929) movie

Man with a Movie Camera (1929) movie

MAN WITH A MOVIE CAMERA A recording on 6 reels of film. Production VUFKU, 1929. Extract from the log book of a movie cameraman. Attention, viewers: The film you are about to see is an attempt
at cinematographic diffusion of visual scenes. WITHOUT USE OF INTERTITLES (the film has no intertitles) WITHOUT USE OF A SCREENPLAY (the film has no screenplay) WITHOUT USE OF A THEATER (the film has no sets, actors, etc.) The purpose of this experimental work
is to create an absolute and universal
cinematographic language completely free of theatrical
or literary language. Author and conductor
of the experiment: Dziga VERTOV Head cameraman
M. KAUFMAN Assistant – editor
E. SVILOVA M. GORKI Certificate of marriage Certificate of divorce The director Cultural questionnaire Suggestion box
for the wall newspaper A few words about sport… The “Proletarian” movie theater Club Vladimir Ilyich Ulianov
at the Odessa train station The father of fascism Lenin Club, 2nd floor

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  1. Hoy me encontré con este documental…quede perplejo por infinidad de temas e imágens movimiento vistas tomas etc etc etc…maravillosa. que moderno se pasó.
    gracias por compartirla.

  2. I would like to know ow much the Soviet authorities had in making this flattering portrait of everyday live n some of the main cities in Russia. There is clearly a working class, middle class representation here with heavy industrialisation and bourgeois diversions as well.

  3. It's amazing! This movie has been made in Ukraine almost 100 years ago and now I'm watching it and I'm really excited. Last Saturday I've visited the Dovzhenko Film Studios (VUFKU) and I've been amazed how great and at the same time how empty it is. Now only one movie in last 5 years is shooting there.

  4. clip 1: 2:40
    clip 2: 21:55
    clip 3: 45:30
    clip 4: 39:30
    clip 5: 50:15
    clip 6: 54:35
    clip 7: 59:20
    Clip 8: 1:01:17
    clip 9: 1:03:45

  5. The story of a city and our sorroundings, the story of a man with a camera, the story of the making of a film which camera behaves like an eye. Vertov's experiment is just much more than a film. It's a visual representation of why and how to enjoy the simple and rutinary happenings in life.

    This is a revolutionary film, far ahead of its time and deeply underappreciated. Also, the synergy between the musical score (by The Cinematic Orchestra), pacing and camera shots is superb. It makes this movie a pleasure to watch, and kept my eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end. In addition, Vertov's wife, Yelizaveta Svilova, made a wonderful job with the editing. It's just mesmerizing.

    Easily one of the absolute best documentaries in history, and a landmark for experimental/montage filmmaking.

  6. In the British Film Institute's 2012 Sight & Sound poll, film critics voted Man with a Movie Camera the 8th best film ever made. In 2014 Sight & Sound also named it the best documentary of all time.

  7. Wow! What an experience it was to watch this movie.
    It was one of the best edited movies from that era which I have seen. Everyone should watch this movie to understand the development of different cinematic techniques and the level of knowledge and talent these filmmakers had. It is pure genius.

  8. Once the Russians were ground breaking artists, writers and musicians. …now they are world class criminals..what happened?

  9. I mean
    It's not really the best film ever made is it
    Innovative for its time? Of course
    Historic? Absolutely
    A great film though? I mean, it's just clips put together, there's nothing really captivating about it

  10. Indeed a good admixture of natural clips, but sorry cannot stand as good movie as language is absent which is the prim-movers of Civilization and without development of language in the articular format Man never be a Man – but a creature not be able to architect of Nature !!
    Due to this absence of language (at least in the for of scrips an in the movie of Eisenstein, the Great director of "Battle ship Potemkin" ) many events can be interpreted in just almost opposite way!!

  11. Es uno de esos pocos ejemplos del arte cinematográfico de los que podemos decir con confianza: Trascienden.

  12. This work is something far ahead of its time. It is surreal to see the last moments of where industrialisation really makes it presence known, inducing not only the routinely work in dark rooms, but the chance to capture the beauty of sun filled boulevards and make it timeless. No color or sound is needed for this movie, yet The Cinematic Orchestra treaded carefully not to overpower the movie itself.

    I found it so mezmerising to see the people completely ignore the existence of the camera, because the concept is so foreign at that moment. This to me felt like a tour with a time machine, where the author takes you on his shoulders to immortalize the current freedom currently being taken away by industrialisation, but its ok. Its ok, because he encapsulated the experience. He set the bar. He saw what the future holds. He held nothing against it, but the head of the viewer from the future, with your eyes wide open and your mind primed for consuming the mundane and the exciting of 1929.

    Wonderful. Playful. Grim at times, but with sun shining. A free moment of fresh air, fleeting away in between both World Wars. I loved it.

  13. This masterful piece of cinematography speaks for itself. It will remain unmatched for all time, it is one of the ultimate examples to transport the term "unique" to those unaware of the essence of its meaning.

    When the DVD was released by Ninja Tune, featuring the accompanying audio track by Cinematic Orchestra, it changed the world as humanity understood it.

    The circle finally got to be a circle as audio- and visual perfection decided to go full on in terms of diving into that symbiotic relationship we are blessed to being able to exoerience here.

    Everyone should, at least once in a lifetime, experience this piece of humanity at its best.
    A cinematic piece up with the Eisensteins, the Kubricks, with Citizen Kane, and Casablanca.
    Simply put:

    A magic piece of unexplainable greatness, lifting human kind above its possibilities.

  14. I am surprised that there is no mention of chess game since this is a Russian movie. Regardless this is an absolute masterpiece and can hold many great artistic interpretations!, thanks for sharing

  15. The whole point of this film is that it is silent (i.e. without sound!!). It is supposed to be enjoyed for its cinematography without being ruined by a standard youtube overlay of standard music. A shame….

  16. Both the cinematic and music pieces are still unmatched, uncomparable pieces of what all of humanity should consider to be art. Thus, art should be defined as what will be achieved beyond reach of perfection of craftmanship.

    These finest pieces of audial and visual crafting have each left their own orbit.

    And as a whole, in symbiosis, there are no words, nor anything else, there is just pure beauty.

  17. WOW ! Watching this film was an astonishing experience. The sound track fit quite well. The editor of this film should receive as many accolades as the cameraman. Some of the clips must have been just a few frames. Some scenes are shown backwards, unless there are left handed cranked cameras. Brilliant work. So glad it has been given the status it deserves.

  18. Genial!!!!!!! Me sigue emocionando como la 1ra vez que la vi!! Y la música de The Cinematic Orchestra 👏👏👏!!!! In my top five of films!!! Forever

  19. Is that annoying soundtrack part of this great film? It can't be. Tell me it's some you tuber ruined it. Please.

  20. It's a shame this video goes too fast. The images didn't used to move too quickly. The standard film rotation speed was slower back then, and people in old black and white movies walked at a normal speed when these movies were shown.

  21. а звуковая дорожка здесь точно с оригинального фильма?

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