Manchester by the Sea Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Casey Affleck Movie

Manchester by the Sea Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Casey Affleck Movie

If you could take one guy to an island with you and you knew you’d be safe because he was the best man and he was going to keep you happy if it was between me and your father, who would you take? My daddy I think you’re wrong about that Hello this is Lee What happened to my brother? So that ‘The’ Lee Chandler I don’t understand Which part are you having trouble with? Well I can’t be his guardian Well, your brother provided for your nephew’s upkeep I think the idea was that you would relocate Relocate…to where? Well…if you look Here? It was my impression that you’d spent a lot of time here Hi sweetheart I’m just a backup Lee Nobody can appreciate what you’ve been through and if you really feel you can’t take this on I mean… that’s your right Where we going… to the orphanage? Shut up Just get in the car Can’t obey your orders until you unlock the door Whatever you decide, he can always stay with us if he wants to come up weekends Do you wanna be his guardian? Well… He doesn’t wanna be my guardian for christ sakes… We’re trying to lose some kids at this point Hello? Hello? Lee? I just wanted to call and say I’m sorry How’s Patrick doing? He doesn’t really open up with me Do you actually have sex with these girls? Strictly basement business What does that mean? Means I’m working on it You don’t wanna be my guardian? That’s fine with me It’s not that, it’s just the logistics. All my friends are here I got two girlfriends, and I’m in a band You’re a janitor in Quincy What the hell do you care where you live? I’ve said a lot of terrible things to you My heart was broken And I know yours is broken too. No, you don’t understand, there’s nothing… It’s not true I think there’s something wrong with me Do you want me to call your friends? I don’t know! What do you want me to do? I’m not going to bother you I’m just gonna sit here until you calm down Alright, I’m calmer now Would you please just go away No It’s not a shark! Come on! Pull it up! It’s not a shark!

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  1. Definitely won worst movie of my life award, slow and felt like it was 5 hours long. This preview shows the "best" parts of the movie, and they sucked it up pretty bad.

  2. Them- "So, where are you from"
    me- "u know that movie Manchester by the sea?"
    them- "yeah?"
    me- "yeah"

    Best part of living in Manch

  3. I'm deeply in love with this trailer that never seen the movie fearing the trailer won't remain interesting anymore. I see this every three or four months periodically and get shiver☺.

  4. The only reason I am not watching this movie is because I live in Manchester by the sea and these accents are the worst Boston accents Ive ever heard.

  5. Amazing Movie I felt every part of it with all of my heart.
    But lets say Joaquin Phoenix was good for this role too

  6. I cried, I laughed and I felt sad and happy. this movie IMHO is all about those emotions that make us truly human.

  7. I used boxxy software to watched all movies and series I want fo free. This movie is’n an exeption. I was completely knocked out by the depth, the intelligence and the humour of this masterpiece.

  8. i don't know if i've ever watched a movie and thought multiple times while dumbfounded "wtf. this is just real life" no frills, just raw emotion. I also grew up in new england and the accuracy of the set, the locals just everything was so uncannily perfect. a true masterpiece & i'll be watching more casey affleck films as a result. the trailer definitely doesn't do it justice so please just watch it lol

  9. 1:00 I live there! That fence to left is a graveyard, I live a few blocks away from it. It’s right near the ocean in beverly!! I can’t believe I missed them filming there

  10. I wish they didn't do the accents. Manchester by the sea is posh. Nobody there has an accent… or maybe I just didn't notice at the time because I grew up around ther.e But from the looks of the comment section everyone really liked the movie so I guess I'll have to check it out.

  11. I expected this to be set in Manchester, with them having Mancunian accents tbh because of the title. It's strange for someone in England. I Googled it & apparently it's in Essex County, which is even weirder lol. I'm literally in Essex (county), England typing this, now.

    I've always loved Casey Affleck. He's so underrated.

  12. Michelle Williams? Again? Playing the obligatory female character? Ugh. Can she go away and let someone else do that role? Is she good for nothing else? She’s everywhere. Can’t escape her.

  13. The saddest yet Best movie I've come to watch in a while, don't know why it took me so long to watch it, Casey acting is brilliant and the kid that plays Patrick too.
    Such a real and emotional history. Sometimes people just don't get over things and the movie just shows this so well, wanted it to have 3 hours.

  14. I have mixed feelings about this movie. On one hand, I regret watching it because it is really messed me up. On the other, I'm glad I didn't miss out on such a masterpiece…

  15. My wife's never seen this movie and I was just explaining the plot of the movie to her cause she said she probably won't find the time to watch it and I broke down halfway through the plot. Amazing movie and amazing performances.
    and tbh, the song used in the trailer is what got me really excited for this movie in the first place.

  16. They make the lines seem cheesy and ldk hallmarky. The acting is actually incredible and so REAL. This movie destroyed me, yet gave me hope. Yet it showed not everything resolves the way you want it to, and sometimes your still trying to reach for a resolution your entire life. It’s one of the most depressing movies I’ve ever seen—I’d only recommend seeing it once— But I recommend that you DO see it. It’s a masterpiece.

  17. So he got drunk and in his drunken state, caused a fire that killed all his children, and people felt sorry for him?!!

  18. Sheee we made a boring movie how can we sell it so people will actually go and watch it?

    Just make the trailer has ann inspiring muic who never appears in the movie so they will fall for it. No one will know this is a depressive movie yeah…but disappointing boring depression level 1

  19. A movie that shows REALITY..sometimes you cannot just get over or move on..beautiful tragedy..Don't let the trailer fool you ..Well it fooled me so I did not bother watching..but now that I did,I can't get over how good this was

  20. I don't like this trailer. This movie is finally not a usual Hollywood story and filmmaking, it's deep and beautiful and at the same time it's so realistic. Then here's this trailer which tries to make a bad impression of it. Don't believe this romanticised trailer, just watch the movie. It's worth it.

  21. this film was allright, you just gotta get in a certain head space to watch it, i watched it while being very jokey and happy and thought it was really boring.

  22. I can't think of any film from the last 20 years, or even longer, that hit me more emotionally than this one…….

  23. Manchester by the Sea, Moonlight, La La Land, Lion, Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival and Fences. 2016 really was a wonderful year, wasn't it?

  24. I am not one to cry over a movie EVER. The scene with the fire however made me so emotional I couldn't help it. This is a great movie but you will need tissues.

  25. Jesus, I just want to cry when I think of this movie and what his character would have gone through. I understand when he says there's nothing. I would have nothing left too.

  26. Why Manchester? Thought this was going to be set in North-England. By the looks of the comments it’s a great film though so I’ll give it a watch

  27. This movie is like real life… Life goes on, it doesn't have a good or bad ending. And in this case, a superb sad life but idk there's something. Great movie all in all

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