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  1. 司会者のテーブルに手を置いてるところがちょっと不自然。掃除は得意だけど人と人との距離感とるの苦手なのかな。

  2. It's funny that the comments on this video is full of the words like "racism", "asian", "respect", "cute". Is that what she was talking about?

  3. この通訳の女性平然としてるけど

  4. ahhh this is funny, a made up celebrity that don't speak english walks around with an interpreter, hollywood is running out of ideals lol, anything will do.

  5. Basically she uses the gratitude, love and joy energy before tidying up and creating that book, that makes tidying up easier, heart become less cluttering and joyful and she becomes successful. Her energy is so good. I love how she smiles all the time and have such great attitude throughout the interview. Wow such a lovely and inspiring lady.

  6. Ellen made her really uncomfortable.she always cuts people off and is condescending.she looks happy here.

  7. That's a good method for the sheet! My Mom can fold fitted sheets perfectly, and I could never catch on to how she did it. Well, that and she'd iron all her Queen sized sheets and then fold them perfectly and….I don't do that, not patient enough. This is a nice alternative to the fitted sheet that anyone can master.

  8. Marie does understand quite a bit of English, the translator is to avoid miscommunication on more complex verbiage and to help Marie be more comfortable. She understands better than she speaks. You can see Marie often laughs at his jokes before the translator starts talking.

  9. I don't have a problem with her entire concept, except for the "waking up books and thanking inanimate objects," all of those things come from cult religions. The only thing I like about this method is the ability to see is how truly attached we are to material things, the fact that there are lots of hoarders in America, and the idea of being able to let go of those things that only bring sad memories…and not feeling bad about it. I've decluttered my house after watching her netflix show…feels good to work in a clear space.

  10. Our grandmothers used to fold and organize their spaces …What happend after that generation…In other countries women take pride of their homes…In Canada and Us you're devalued as a woman if you do and being called old fasion…its Our grandmothers used to fold and organize their spaces …What happend after that generation…In other countries women take pride of their homes…In Canada and Us you're devalued as a woman if you do and labeled as old fashion….its sad

  11. ok props to ida for always translating for marie- interpreting is really hard! thank you for helping us english speakers out!

  12. Her translator is amazing. I want to give her a moment of recognition. It's not easy translating in real-time like that even when you're completely fluent in the languages.

  13. It takes more than the translational skills to do interpretation for a late night show. Gotta know and understand the "art" of late night comedy!! The interpreter did the awesome job!!!!

  14. So enjoyable. I think that if decluttering can be seen as an exercise in "joyfulness" it certainly will be done each day. So many people find tidying up to be drudgery.

  15. Watched how Ellen treated her and it was really cringey to watch her refusing to understand Marie, not only does Stephen show respect but he actually listens to her and wants to hear what she has to say👏❤

  16. LOVE you Stephen; you are brilliant, funny, ethical, witty, incisive and adorable! (Fair to say this after, I don’t know how many years of watching you).

    Forgive the nit pickiness, but I know you are precise, so I just wanted to clarify that translators work with the written word, and interpreters are oral. Simultaneous interpretation is what you’d think; verbalized as the person speaks.

  17. I half-expected Jon Stewart to come bumbling out from under that desk during their cleaning it up.

    What a lovely and charming woman Marie Kondo is! I miss being in a culture that values things beyond their financial worth.

  18. 1:43 Some white people laughed hearing her speak her language not knowing what she is saying is far more profound than all their lives.

  19. This is asian culture. We respect people, living beings and trees. We see life as interconnected where religions like Christianity tells that human being is the supreme being

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