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  1. So he is retarded? Makes sense… Fucking hate this guy. Used to think he was just creative but he's just drug fucked, and not the good kind

  2. His voice is hypnotizing, he is art and will forever be king of rock, I get an old Manson vibe from this video

  3. When all your wishes are granted, many of your dreams will be destroyed.

    Johnny Cash cover, while continuing Man that you fear in the visuals.

  4. Old version/cover but still great. Seeing as he was on SOA and so was this song,I'm kinda surprised they didn't put this version on there.. wasn't the original by Johnny Cash either. Epic song no matter what version 👌🏻

  5. MARYLIN MAnson black rider apocalypse ghostrider GHOSTRIDERS in sky god kick your ass god gonna cut you down come jericho god die live legend cemetary lost souls ring of fire devil tato burn my skin crazy saloon whore tatoed me god gonna cut you down she was satanicwhore ride desert im outlaw grate tribute johny cash love it masterpiece hellgoodcountry good be outlaw ihhaa

  6. If you are ever sad remember that the earth is 4.543 billion years old , and you are somehow exists at the same time as MARILYN MANSON 🤘🤘🤘

  7. Manson:omae wa mou shindeiru people in man that you fear video:Nani some of will get this most will not but I know what I mean lol

  8. Масса людей объединяет общая беда но всегда найдется твари которые заработают на пулях и бентах их лозунг, это бизнес и не чего личного. комментарий родился сам по себе

  9. siRRkoVV and Abandoneer covered this song a few months ago.

  10. Don’t you all just love his pedophile tattoo that he is so proud of?! He and Johnny Depp have matching pedophile tattoos! That’s just the best thing ever isn’t it?!!! My entire Manson collection is going to be burned. PEDOPHILES ARE THE SCUM OF THE EARTH. That’s it for me. I know when to draw the line and walk away. Good luck to the rest of you and those who got a pedo tattoo just like his. He can worship Satan or whom ever he chooses. Pedophiles should be shot. That’s crossing the line. Children are not sexual objects. I guess “smells like children”, takes on a whole new meaning after this open admission of child love. Now I know why he has had so many children in his videos, the sick bastard. A HOLLYWOOD TOOL THAT JUST LOST ITS GRIP. A friend just asked me why don’t I sell my entire collection, I said because this shit isn’t worth a fucking penny. When everyone opens their eyes his career will go into the toilet. Too bad that gun prop didn’t take his demented ass out when it landed on him. One less Hollywood maggot would do the world some good. I hope he loses every damned penny he’s ever made and has to live in the shitty streets where he belongs.

  11. других способов заработать нет? верни себе своё имя.Всевышний не карает,карает дьявол и ему без разницы кого лишь бы страданий побольше было.

  12. To the youngins out there, Manson's only 5 years older than me. LOL he did not write this. It's a cover to Johnny Cash

  13. It's a song by Johnny Cash but on some verses Manson's speaking as if he'd actually had the conversation with such said individual, he's done a great job at portraying it as such – something along the lines of Nick Cave and his work!

  14. You know what. I've been thinking. They always talk about redemption and the ultimate sin. I've had a come to JESUS moment. As long as you don't sell your soul to the DEVIL!!! You can be redeemed. But once you cross and sign that dotted line. Your fate is sealed. To all those people who crossed and signed that dotted line. Hope it was worth it. 😢Cause your fate is sealed. The rest of humanity still has a little time👍😎🐶

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