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  1. 1:03 did any one chatch that??? Is anyone here from jenna??

    Edit: omg! Thank you so much 29 likes!?!?!

  2. Lady GaGa sucked. This was a good performance. Yes it was not a great one like MJ or Prince but damn. A bunch of haters out here. It's always the same shit. Build a performer or band up then enjoy your self tearing them down. Gotta love social media. LMAO

  3. This performance really surprised and confused me. I have always thought that Maroon 5 is an exciting group and their Live Performances are/were a big reason why. In fact, I always try look at the clip of Maroon 5 when they did the 2013 Victoria Secret whenever I need to get pumped up and perform myself. But this performance seemed very subdued/restricted…..and I believe they may have been told to keep it that way. Anyway, I hope they get another chance because I’m sure they will Bring It! next time.

  4. The best way to watch this video is by trying all the different playback speeds….it's actually legendary

  5. 5 months later and I'm still mad.
    This year's Super Bowl was so laughable. The halftime show was probably the biggest reason. I hope Super Bowl 54 (2020) isn't like this.

  6. Adam Levine's voice doesn't even fit their songs. All he did was sing with his downgraded voice and take off his clothes . 😂

  7. They tricked us into thinking they were going to play Sweet Victory and instead we got Travis Scott yelling (not singing) Sicko Mode.

  8. I bet Coldplay could have pulled this off.. They're much fun to look at with their presentation at superbowl.

  9. Dang… this is actually a bit disappointing. Gaga jumped off a stage, Perry rode a tiger, Queen Bey was.. Bey… Y'all should have known better smh

  10. My Top 5 Favorite Bands(no matter what anybody says):
    5. Twisted Sister
    T3. Maroon 5
    T3. Imagine Dragons
    2. Linkin' Park
    1. GREEN DAY
    I won't let anybody change my mind

  11. Maroon 5 wasn't that bad.I think it's the rapping parts that made it hard to watch.

    edit: Lady Gaga's performance is just stunning!

  12. 2:53, Awwww, Fish Paste!! We needed more than just 15 seconds of that. I'm pretty sure most fans of Spongebob Squarepants was just devastated when "Sweet Victory" wasn't even played. If it was- that would've pretty much won the entire Super Bowl of that night (but not overtaking Prince).

  13. Nickelodeon should sue for the damages incurred to the Spongebob brand when they had Squidward introducing the “musical genius.”

  14. Wish they would allow Maroon V to do all of them.. I haven’t watched a half time show since Michael Jackson, but this was worth watching!! Watched it live and now all this time later it was nice to see it again!!

  15. GAGA’s Super Bowl: expensive, well-practiced, well-prepared, perfect

    ADAM LEVINE: poor, disgusting, did not practiced, did not prepared, did not even care just showed off his wet body and tattoos

  16. Maroon 5 ft. Travis Scott & Big Boi – Halftime Show (Live in Pepsi Super Bowl LIII 2019)
    #Maroon5 #TravisScott #BigBoi

  17. The woman screaming in Girls Like You… 😫😫😫😫 Still love M5, but this performance was really really awful 💔

  18. 🤣🤣🤣 why man why 🤣🤣🤣 the NFL wrong for this shit it’s their fault first mistake was that loud mouth ass woman screaming like a knock off tina turner second was Travis auto tune was off 🤣🤣 they (NFL) was being cheap this performance I love maroon 5 but bruh y’all ain’t look right collabing with hip hop artist 🤦🏾‍♀️

  19. I remember when this was going on, my grandma showed me a picture of my aunt with Adam Levine.

  20. What made this bad was that they teased it would happen. If they didn’t show any Spongebob content then it would have been a little better

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