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  1. lol yeah but that was before they seen what the liberal screaming she /it creatures are today , now mars doesn't want them , heck nobody really does except no balls liberal soy boys lol !

  2. This runs a very close second to Plan 9 From Outer Space as the worst American Sci-Fi movie ever. Simply terrible.

  3. Earth is going the way of Mars. Fizzling out. Some other beings on another planet will look at Earth and wonder.

  4. An old Disney mouseketeer Tommy Kirk, Batgirl Yvonne Craig, a backup WFAA sports caster Roger Ready, and the famous Neil Fletcher, famous for his State Fair "Corn dogs" and a whole cast of Dallas actors making up this Alzalea Picture. I believe the old actor John Agar was a partner in this movie company. Most of the shots were around the White Rock lake area in NorthCentral Dallas. This was a very B movie made on a shoestring budget. Don't laugh at the pathetic special effects. I lived in the neighborhood back then and happened to see some of the shoots at the time.

  5. Does anyone know the serial numbers of the F-111 and the P-80/T-33 featured in this film? I can't look them up on IMPDB, as the pages on that site won't load!

  6. This film was released into theaters. There was no such thing as a TV movie until the early Seventies.

  7. So they are advanced but leave empty handed? Im sure alot of horny High School girls would love to go

  8. I'm headed to Mars–sometimes a gay guy will do in a pinch. I like the short dude with the stripey pullover.

  9. Another make a millennial type a paycheck channel…too many adds destroys a good viewing…

  10. 1967 fleshpot film … one woman is called “ Bubbles “. Everything in Miles, Inches, measurement in degrees F …

  11. I wish I could have been in my 20's in the 60's but I was a teenager, but my draft lottery number was 260:)

  12. I have never understood why the Martians would be concerned about marital status. This movie brings back memories of Oklahoma City in the mid and late 70s when I was a teen. The movie, already pretty old, was popular at drive-in movies (you sat in your car and put a speaker on your window. There were poles all over the lot with 2 speakers on it. The speakers had a cord on them and a cable to keep them from being easily stolen. They were open during the summer only in some places, but other theaters played all year)that played from dusk to dawn. Lots of movies like this, "plan 9 from outer space" and "The Queen of space". I miss them still.

  13. Invading Martians with Ray-O-Vac flashlights. I guess they had to come here to raid the hardware stores for 'D' batteries.

  14. How are weh going zu know, Charlrs if El. goes through with es zu write es down. Captain Spaulding, du weren't getting anything du aren't going zu like es." Captain Spaulding Billboard DTLA.

  15. If thats that when they thought du couldn't do es after die Los Angeles Sparks.. El. Cha. Dou. Je.

  16. I too need women. You will give me all your wives and daughters or i will cause you great harm and suffering by tying your shoelaces together.

  17. wow !!! why…no women on mars ???!!! and only men there ???!!! gay men would be very HAPPY HAPPY INDEED

  18. Sometimes Oscar gets it wrong, as he did in 1968 when not enough members of the Academy took advantage of the write-in provisional ballot to make this Tommy Kirk must-see evergreen the top film and Tommy the finest actor of that year.
    5 bags and a little model of the solar system to remind Oscar of his universal error.

  19. At the very first part of the movie three Ruths went missing. a little later the military is informed that there were 3 materializations that did not work?

  20. I have to say this. At the beginning of this film all Mars wanted was earth women. Immediate military action seems to be the reaction! Why not talk to them and find a common point. From viewing most all of this film it is rather disjointed and seems to be theatre fodder of the time and genre. Have not seen the last of it as of this time and my server or whatever communication system works my link is flicking in and out. Do not know why or how! Welcome to WindStream in Kentucky!

  21. I was really hoping Yvonne would hop into that spaceship & go with them for a Red Planet gang bang! There really needs to be a porn spoof of this.

  22. they should have asked for Mexican and black women and mars would be repopulated double quick, not an insult a compliment. just came to me but I can't call {resident Johnson in 1967 to give him the tip.

  23. Immediately send all ghetto ho's and assorted trashy bitches to Mars! They have a kfc there, and all mooncrickets are welcome

  24. Lol.
    This the same deal we got from the various alien species around the universe…
    "We want to probe you guys, and in return we will give you humanoids a couple of our spacecraft to test drive".
    These guys are not thinking this through completely,Ha ha.

  25. Silly film, lots of story errors. Main ones 25mph spaceship; upset when the spoke to the American Military; only five women needed; why did they not goto Greenland to pick up FIVE women to save their race it would have been easier ?

  26. The schlock was made for driving theaters for young teenagers to f*** in their cars, how most gen-xers were born 😆

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