Marvel Studios’ Black Widow – Official Teaser Trailer

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow – Official Teaser Trailer

I used to have nothing. And then I got this job… This family… But nothing lasts forever. THADDEUS:
I heard you had to leave in a hurry. NATASHA:
It’s never easy these days. ♪♪ THADDEUS:
So what are you going to do? NATASHA:
I’ve lived a lot of lives… But I’m done running from my past. YELENA:
I know you’re out there. NATASHA:
I know you know I’m out here. So are we going to talk like grownups? YELENA:
Is that what we are? NATASHA:
It’s good to see you too- Sis. YELENA:
What brings you home? ♪♪ NATASHA:
We have unfinished business. We have to go back to where it all started. YELENA:
Lucky us. NATASHA:
One thing’s for sure… It’s gonna be a hell of a reunion. ALEXEI:
Still fits. Family… Back together again. MELINA:
You got fat. ♪♪

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  1. Looks really cool. Please don’t freak it up with actors and production people insulting fans on all of the socials.

    I really like the animation of Widow walking at the end music is pretty cool too.

  2. this situation she in seems soo small compared to what shes been through…. lol.. she should've just made a call one of her avenger buddy's… Thore take care all that trouble… np

  3. A quick recap from the teaser trailer….
    0:01 : Budapest Location
    0:31 : Natasha en route to Yelena's house
    1:11: chasing Melina (possibly main villain)
    1:18 : 16 digital televisions with various maps on it, Yelena (New black widow) talking to URSA Major in the Black Widow spy programme base (Bear statue can be seen)
    1:21 : attack on black widow spy programme base (captured by taskmaster and his associates)
    1:24 : Training of spy's in the (Red room) Black widow programme (Flashback)
    1:25 : Budapest car chase scene (Hawkeye and Black Widow in the blue car) being chased by taskmaster
    1:26 : Taskmaster attacking on Hawkeye and Black Widow
    1:28 : Yelena's New Black Widow look
    1:29 : URSA MAJOR (Mutant soldier) Smashes the Door (First Mutant introduced in MCU)
    1:34 : Red Guardian's Official look
    1:42 : Yelena wearing Black Widow's jacket from infinity war
    1:47 : Red Guardian and Taskmaster Fight scene(climax),Taskmaster's broken shield
    1:49 : explosion on base
    1:53 : plane explosion, Black widow being chased by Taskmaster's soldiers in AIR
    1:15 : Black widow Sucessfully landed after diving from air without parachute (Captain America 2 reference)
    0:33 : Thunder Ross and his agents in cars coming for questioning black widow
    0:35 : Thunder Ross's look in Iron Man 2 timeline (flashback) (confirmed)
    1:58 : Reference of Black widow's first appearance in Iron Man 2
    2:01 : One of the best Title sequence in MCU (possibly being used in mid credit scenes)

  4. D.C: ok you must get in shape for your part
    Meanwhile over at marvel studios
    David harbour: do I have to get in shape for this role
    Kevim feige: hmm nah I’m kinda curious what the fans will be like if we have another movie with a fat superhero so as long as when you fight you look cool
    David harbour: cool works for me

  5. I am really excited for this movie, finally solo film for one of my favourite Avenger, yet.. I am still sorry they didn't dare to do the movie those few years back, when everybody was talking about a solo Black Widow movie.

  6. I hate myself. I hate Marvel for killing off Scarlett's Black Widow but I love Scarlett & I love Black Widow. I'll go & see it like the sucker I Am!

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