Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Special Look

Marvel Studios’ Black Widow | Special Look

Natasha, my sister. After all this time. What brings you home? ♪♪ NATASHA:
I’m on the run. ♪♪ NATASHA:
I was trying to do something good. Be more than just a trained killer. YELENA:
You’re fooling yourself. YELENA:
We are still both trained killers. ♪♪ NATASHA:
We have unfinished business. YELENA:
Who’s we? ALEXEI:
[Celebratory growl] ALEXEI:
Still fits. Family… Back together again. MELINA:
You got fat. ALEXEI:
It’s mainly water weight. ♪♪ NATASHA:
There’s a new world of Widows. New enemies. NATASHA:
I’m done running from my past. ♪♪ NATASHA:
Who the hell is that guy? ♪♪

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  1. ഈ teaseril പുലിമുരുകൻ സ്റ്റൈൽ എത്ര പേർ കണ്ടു 😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂

  2. Does anyone else think that guy is Hawkeye before Black Widow and he became friends? In the first Avengers, Natasha mentions Clint being sent to kill her, but they ended up becoming good friends because Clint spares her.

  3. The story is not that you go back to the past like the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. You try in any way to benefit from the fans of their money, as you know The history never mercy. When you live with his character from its beginning, it is more wonderful, but you come to me with a character who died in a movie and returns to the past no, no,no
    When you suffer from the past, never return to it.

  4. Me: Extremely pumped that Red Guardian is in this movie and that there may be Winter Guard in the MCU
    Also me: Realizing that this happens before infinity war thus making it a standalone film

  5. 2020 is the year for female-led comic book movies – Wonder Woman 1984, Black Widow, and Birds of Prey ft. Huntress and Black Canary… and no Captain Feminist to show – THANK GOD.

  6. Tony holding Spidermans certificate,
    I didnt know dat

    Hulk was using a pencil,
    Nobody knew dat

    Black Widow died,
    Everybody doubt dat

  7. These trailers are meh but I really wanna see some regular combat without the op powers which is why liked winter soldier so much so I should like this too

  8. You know whats crazy
    I literally was just thinking to myself I wasn't gonna see this movie if Taskmaster wasn't in it and what do you know he shows up

  9. You would think after facing off with someone as fantastic at their craft like taskmaster. She would have at least mentioned once or twice, like Budapest lol

  10. Shear feminism.
    Marvel is nothing without iron man.
    So defamation will be started.

    Why you want to stretch a thing beyond its limit, mean to say that why you are still creating problems to get them solved and also these problems are on a very feeble basis almost of no existence.

  11. Looking forward to this movie when it is released. Just love the Marvel stories and movies in the theaters. Also looking forward to another buttered popcorn binge!!

  12. Hey Hollywood enough of these superhero movies, guess I should be grateful Matt Damon or Mark Wahlburg is not in it. Enough alreadt

  13. Black widow:- well well well let's see how you are Mr taskmaster.
    Taskmaster:- kaboom yes it's me Clint barton, just checking whether you survived the snap.

  14. When you see the shield and freak out for like a millisecond until you remember that he's supposed to be the "Russian version of Captain America"

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