Mary Queen of Scots Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

Mary Queen of Scots Trailer #1 (2018) | Movieclips Trailers

England does not look so different from Scotland. Aye. They are sisters. Queen Elizabeth… Your cousin Mary has returned to take up her throne in Scotland. The Queen! My dear cousin Elizabeth… I hope we might meet in person. That I might embrace you. But ruling side by side, we must do so in harmony Not through a treaty drafted by men lesser than ourselves. My dear cousin… Let our nations cherish each other as we would. Two kingdoms united. How did the world come to this? Wise man servicing the whims of women? Mary is our foe! We must never bow to her as we bow before you! You have the boldness to doubt my judgment? She is only your queen if I should not produce an heir. What is it like? To have a man? With heaven’s blessing… …we bring an heir to Scotland… …and to England. It is a clear provocation! We must make war in Scotland. So put your skills to use! Do not play into their hands! Our hatred is precisely what they hope for. I know your heart has more within it than the men who counsel you. You would do well to watch your words. I will not be scolded by my inferior! Your inferior? Are you afraid, Henry? No. Good. Because our swords are not just for show. We have a scourge upon our land. She’s a woman… With a crown Your beauty. Your bravery. Now I see there’s no cause for envy. Your gifts… Will be your downfall. Should you murder me… Remember you murder your sister. And you murder your queen.

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  1. 5 minutes into it I saw two black people and an Indian. Really? Who made this? Netflix? No thank you Mr. Soros

  2. i love Margot, but no one can beat Cate Blanchett's role as Elizabeth. Cate portrayed Elizabeth so well, and, in addition, looks exactly like her.

  3. For all of those sayin that Mary Stuart Queen of scots is made up, she is not. I searched her after whatching Reign and she was a real queen. Who ended being executed.

  4. There are so many amazing documentaries on this fascinating part of history that are accurately portrayed. I can't stand when Hollywood changes history.

  5. I knew about this story. We actually studied about this in my English literature class. Never knew they made a movie of this. I wanna watch this.

  6. Why does Hollywood insist upon sacrificing historical accuracy for the sake of modern identity politics?

  7. Saw the thumbnail and my brain was like: Dang the red queen sure does look different after all this time

  8. Saw this trailer after watching documentaries about the real Mary and Elizabeth I. So now im pissed off on how inaccurate this is.

  9. I go to the cinema to be entertained if I want a history lesson I will go to the library, doesn’t bother me at the inaccuracy of the story I just loved it and the performances especially Saoirse Ronan how this actress has not got at least three Oscars I will never know, she is most definitely one of the best actors in the world. 10/10 for me.

  10. I watched a documentary here on youtube a long time ago and i fell in love with their story. and to see this trailer, its actually a disappointment. you obviously try to make it seem like theres two queens but you keep on shoving mary down our throats as the true protagonist and make the rival a clown. their relationship is more than sisters, their women first in their own right. and the scene where she and mary face each other in person gives all the suspense and mystery away. they did not meet in person, they spoke through letters and their words, theres a distinct longingness there that she and elizabeth had for each other. i just wished they'd stayed true to the mystery of it all because thats what i fell in love with in the documentary.

  11. Too many Black people in this trailer. And Elizabeth looks like Queen of Heart from Alice of Wonderland.

  12. 6090 commenti. .contrariamente a quanto si crede la storia piace eccome ..Non solo a me😍😍😍

  13. I actually paused Cate Blanchet's "Elizabeth" just to watch this trailer again because the depictions are so different.

  14. Lmao a movie got a bunch of people butt hurt cuz some black people are in it 😭😭😭😭 I’m in …stop whining y’all we are all over the world and have been here the whole damn time…pathetic

  15. Me: There can never be a worse depiction of Mary Queen of Scots than the show Reign.
    This trailer: Hold my beer

  16. I tried watching this on a cross country flight. It’s unwatchable, there were black people everywhere. It was cartoonish. I want history movies to reflect history.

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