Mat Kearney – Capturing My Music

If I’m at home a day, you know I’ll get up, I’ll walk with my daughter, maybe we’ll go get coffee, we’ll come home on maybe go, and work in my studio. When you’re on the road so much sometimes, just like it’s really glamorous and, make dinner all day except really, it feels
like you’re in a fancy restaurant. I probably wouldn’t be a musician without
photography, my freshman photography class was kind of the start of my whole creative journey, and I had a teacher that handed me a camera, and I went out and shot a bunch of images, and she said: “You need to do this, you need to pursue something creative”. You know, for me creatively music as images it’s very like, I love to write in kind of pictures, that’s kind of how I see the world and
how I see songs, you know, they’ll be in my brain, there’ll be this movie playing, and I feel like photography is the same way, you’re kind of capturing these
moments and these emotional memories, and songwriting is very much this accessing
the same place in my brain. Kings and Queens is really
like a started with just me and this other artist talking about how you can be successful at times and happy, and how you can be unsuccessful at times, a miserable, you can be all the combinations of those, and how really kind of outside of music and fame and success, and whether your records doing good or bad, you know, that it doesn’t really equal happiness or fulfillment, and you know your family, and being passionate about what you’re doing, some of those things really become more important, so, we just kind of sat down are like we don’t need this, we don’t need that, you know, we’ll be Kings and
Queens in our own mind, and that really became kind of like an anthem, and the song just wrote itself. Feel like my whole new record is influenced by my daughter, cuz your perspective on life is kind of altered by this other human, that shows up and you love so much. There’s a song called “I can’t wait for
you to get here”, which was written before she came along, and it was just like this anticipation of like what’s this gonna mean, you know, I don’t know what this is
gonna be like, and it’s nothing like I thought. It’s really cool to have Canon support
my music, they’re a really cool company, that makes really cool cameras, and I’ve used them for years, and yeah, it’s really special that we’ve gotten to do something together. What I love about the EOS M50 is that, I like autofocus that recognizes her face, or she’s like running away, it’ll stay in focus then, she was like running back, and all of the images stayed in focus, it’s really cool. I would say: Making memories it´s like our favorite thing to do, you know, some people maybe
want to go, I don’t know buy a car, for us it’s like, how do we create a memory with their family? Like can we go on a trip together, or can we throw a gathering, that’s just like my love language, and how I just appreciate life.

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