Max & Ruby: Picture Perfect / Detective Ruby / Superbunny Saves the Cake – Ep.54

Max & Ruby: Picture Perfect / Detective Ruby / Superbunny Saves the Cake – Ep.54

♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ ♪ Ruby and her little
brother, Max ♪ ♪ ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ [laughter] ♪ (gasp!)
It’s so beautiful! Look,
Max! ♪ This locket is the perfect
birthday present for Grandma. Excellent choice, Ruby.
Grandma will love it! Thanks Rosalinda. We’ll take it! ♪ There you go. ♪ Now, you know what would
make that locket even better… Even better?
What? A picture of the
two of you inside. And I know just
where you can get it. The new photo booth. What a great idea, –
thanks! (chuckles)
Have fun! Guess what,
Max? We have enough money left
over to get some pictures taken of us in the
new photo booth! (giggles)
You look very silly, Max. And it was nice of Rosalinda
to let you borrow them… But this is serious. We have to get a perfect
picture of us to go inside Grandma’s
new locket. C’mon. ♪ Up you get,
Max. (effort)
Hup. ♪ There. Okay, now we get four
pictures for one coin, so that means we have
four tries to get the perfect picture. That should be easy! ♪ All right,
here goes… Smile at the camera,
Max! ♪ Okay. Let’s go look and
pick the best one! ♪ The pictures come
out over here. Oh, I can’t wait to give
Grandma her present! I just know she’s going
to love the locket – especially with a perfect
picture of us inside. Here they are,
Max! Huh? ♪ Oh. Max,
you look silly! Silly! But Grandma won’t want a
silly picture of us in her locket.
She’ll want a serious one. ♪ We’ll just
have to try again. ♪ Now this time,
try to look serious, and sit up straight. Up you get.
(effort) Hup. There. Okay, Get ready, Max.
– [Max laughs] Here we go again. Smile! ♪ Okay, let’s go look,
Max. There has to be at least
one perfect picture this time. Ooo,
here they come… ♪ Oh no.. ♪ Silly! Max, Grandma is going to
have this picture forever. Do you want her to be
looking at a silly picture or a serious
picture forever? Silly! (with a laugh)
Try again, Max. I’m almost out of coins,
so we’ll have to make this one
count, okay? That means no
silly business! One more time.
(effort) Hup. There. Now, I want you to look
right at the camera. Let’s make this the
best one yet, okay? Okay.
Here we go… Smile, Max! ♪ Perfect! Let’s go see how
those turned out. ♪ Okay,
here they come… [long gasp]
Max! Schilly! Like I said, we’re not
supposed to be silly, we’re supposed
to be serious. ♪ (sigh)
Come on, Max. ♪ Max… Thanks. Now, let’s try to get
one perfect picture. (tired) Up you go.
(effort) Hup. Okay.
Whew! Now I only have one coin
left, so this is our last chance to get a serious
picture for Grandma. This time, I’m going to
put my arm around you so you can’t move. And no more silly
business, okay? Smile, Max! What’s this? Max!
What did I- Hold on,
I wasn’t ready! Wait!
Whoops! Oh no! ♪ All I wanted was one
serious picture for Grandma. [Sigh] Well, maybe it’s not
as bad as I think… Oh, no. ♪Well, I guess
this one will have to do. ♪ OH MY! What a beautiful locket! And there’s a
picture inside! Oh, Grandma – we wanted a
perfect picture for you to have forever. but then Max was Looking
the wrong way and then I found the funny glasses in
max’s pocket and then – [laughing] Oh, how very clever of my
little grandbunnies to give me a picture that’s
just the opposite of what I’d expect! Max is serious
and Ruby is… Silly!♪ [gasp] ♪ ♪ Something mysterious
has happened, Max! I was reading my favorite
Bunny Drew detective book to Curly Shirley, when we
decided to take a break and brush Curly
Shirley’s hair. I reached for Curly
Shirley’s Curly Whirly Hairbrush but
couldn’t find it. It’s mysteriously
vanished! Disappeared! Gone! I can’t brush Curly
Shirley’s Curly Whirly Hair without Curly Shirley’s
Curly Whirly Hairbrush! We have to get to the
bottom of this mystery! Lobster. Luckily, I have
help right here. Bunny Drew is a clever
detective who solves mysteries. To figure out who took our
Curly Whirly Hairbrush, I just need to see what
Bunny Drew would do. To solve a mystery, a bunny
needs to be very clever! That’s no problem! When faced with a mystery,
the clever Bunny returns to the scene of the
crime to look for clues. Hmmmm-
I can do that! ♪ All I need is my Junior
Detective coat and hat… Then I’ll look just
like Bunny Drew. ♪ Ta-da! ♪ And … with my Junior
Bunny Detective Spy Glass, I can find clues! It makes little
things look huge! So you can see
the tiniest clue! ♪ (Gasp) ♪ Lobster! I’m sorry, I can’t play
with you and your lobster right now. I must return to the
scene of the crime and look for clues! ♪ Lobster! I came back to the scene
of the crime and it’s worse than I thought,
Max. My Diamond Princess Tiara
has disappeared too! I bet Bunny Drew has
something clever to say about this turn of events. Lobster! If two mysterious
disappearances happen close together,
the clever detective puts two and two together. Hmmmmm. “Puts two and
two together”. (Gasp!)
Aha! So, maybe … whoever took Curly Shirley’s
Curly Whirly Hairbrush also took my
Diamond Princess Tiara! Two and two makes… Lobster! I can’t play with you and
your lobster right now, Max. I have to be as clever as
Bunny Drew and solve this crime! ♪ (Gasp!) Now Curly Shirley’s
mysteriously disappeared too! The thief must have struck
while we were upstairs. A clever detective checks
all windows and doors to see if anybunny’s
gone in or out. (gasp)
Lobster! Sorry,
Max. Now Curly Shirley is
missing and I have to check the windows
and doors. ♪ All the doors are shut
and the windows are shut. So nobunny’s
been in or out. We are dealing with a
very clever thief, Max. A mastermind. But with Bunny Drew’s
help, I’m even more clever. [sighs] ♪ The clever Bunny can
outsmart a mastermind by tricking them into
committing another crime right out in the open. Hmmmmm.
Aha! What if we made a trap
to catch the mastermind! That would be very clever! ♪ We need something to tempt
the mastermind out into the open. Maybe there’s
something in here. ♪ Lobster! Not now Max…
– OOOF! ♪ My Junior Bunny
Detective Spy Glass! Come back! ♪ Bunny Drew never had
to deal with Lobsters. ♪ You got your lobster,
but where’s my Junior Bunny Detective Spy Glass? ♪ Here it is! Huh? (Gasp) All of my other
things are here too! Curly Shirley and her
Curly Whirly Hair Brush. ♪ And My Diamond
Princess Tiara! We’ve cracked
the case, Max. The Lobster did it! I told you we could
figure it out. And all we had to do
was be … Clever! ♪ ♪ ♪ (humming to herself) ♪ Easy does it… Is that a bird?
Or a plane? Or is it…? Superbunny! ♪ Whoa! That was close! Max. Max… …mmmmmmmmmm aaha! ♪ Superbunny! ♪ I have a super
mission for you. Can you do it? Superbunny! ok..
Great. I’m just finishing this
birthday cake for Grandma. See? I need to ice it and then
decorate it with beautiful red roses all
over the top! I have to get it done
in time for Grandma’s birthday party. And I need your
help, Superbunny! While I’m finishing the
cake, I need you to go in the living room and see if
there’s anybunny who needs rescuing
out there. Okay? Superbunny! Aw,
thanks Superbunny. I knew I could
count on you. ♪ There..
Now I can work in peace. ♪ Superbunny! ♪ (humming to herself) ♪ Perfect…
huh? [toy airplane
sounds] ♪ Max,
I thought Superbunny was going to do his
rescuing huh… in the living room! ♪ ohhh! Superbunny! Max! It was great that you
caught Rabbit Racer before he fell in the cake… but it would be even
better if you just played Superbunny in the
living room, okay? I still have to decorate
the cake with beautiful red roses –
and we can’t be late for Grandma’s birthday party! So, I really need to do it
without any interruptions, okay Superbunny? Vroom, vroom,
vroom! (sighs) Finally,
peace and quiet. ♪ Now I’ll make some
pretty red roses – Grandma loves roses! Perfect! ♪ Superbunny! ♪ [toy dog barking] [gasp] ♪ A little petal here and one more there and… Tada!
It’s a perfect rose! Now, a few more
just like that! [toy dog barking] Huh…? ♪ Oh! ♪ I believe this
belongs to you. Max, I really
need you to play Superbunny somewhere else. ♪ Max,
what are you doing? ♪ (giggles )
Thank you! [gasp]
Oh no! ♪ ♪ Superbunny! That doesnt look like
a little red roses! But I think I can
make them into something even better! A little more
red icing here… and there and… Perfect! What says love
better than a heart! Max! I finished the
cake for Grandma. Isn’t it beautiful? Come on, we’ll just be
in time for Grandma’s birthday party. And no more Superbunny,
okay? ♪♪ I can’t wait to see
Grandma’s face when we give her the cake! (gasp)
Rain? Oh no! Grandma’s cake is
going to get ruined! We’d better hurry.
Come on Max! ♪ This is not time for – Superbunny! [gasp]
Great idea, Max! Oh, I mean,
Superbunny. ♪ [knocks] Max!
Ruby! Oh! What are you doing
out in this rain? We have a very special
surprise for you! Oh? Happy birthday,
Grandma! A birthday cake! Look at those pretty
red roses and that big red heart! Ohhh It’s the most beautiful
cake I’ve ever seen! Did you decorate it
all by yourself Ruby? Yes
I did Grandma! But it all would’ve been
ruined in the rain, if it hadn’t been for… Superbunny! ♪

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