Max Steel Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Superhero Movie

Max Steel Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Superhero Movie

We’re home Max Fresh start. Fresh start number 9… No more moving around, i promise. And we have a new student Mr…. McGrath Max Mcgrath. You’re not Jim Macgrath’s son,
are you ? Why does averybody in this town know more about dad than i do ? You knew my dad ? I need to Know. About his work. You’re father was working to find a way to harness energy. Beyond anything than mankind has ever attempted. He was right on the edge of a breaktrough. What’s happening to me ? Hum… Max ? AAAAAAAAAAAH! No ! stay back ! My Name is Steel ! What ? You Speak english ?! Max ? My mum is coming ! Is “my mum” dangerous ? Nooo, no ! Come on.. You gotta clean… you gotta clean in here bud. Did you do this to me ? No Max, your father gave you these powers I’m just here to show you how to use them Let’s get started ! Max you can use your energy in many different ways You can run faster Be stronger And i haven’t even shown you the best part yet. What ? AAAAAAH This is awesome. You’re welcome. Max Sophia You’re ok ? Yeah ! I’m just really late for my uuuuh…. … my Zumba class The girl appears to cause increases in heart rate
perhaps you should avoid contact. Perhaps you should shut up. See ? She has made you angry. The Ultralinks are here to destroy the earth And your energy is the only thing that can stop them. Time to suit up.
COMING IN HARD MAX ! I can’t believe i’m doing this. You have to learn to control these powers. Go right Let’s go… left No let’s just go straight then Go Go Run faster ! SO MUCH FASTER Your father believed he could save the world It’s up to you now Max. Steel now go turbo!! You ok ? Yeah A few more bruises than usual.

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  1. I was looking for this movie but forgot the name so I no joke searched up forgotten superhero movie 2016 and this was the third result

  2. This trailer most likely just summarized the entire movie I didnt watch the movie but I'm pretty sure what happens in the movie

  3. So the boy is half alien and generates electricity lol and no doctor realized during 16 years that he's a half alien. Yeah right! 😂 the movie itself is nice.. Liked it but if I wrote it, would add in it some more of things that would explain that he for example had special doctor and I don't know he was paid by his mother to keep it secret…. Also when in the school he causes the cola automat to throw out cans of coke I guess they were supposed to explode and sprinkle just like when you throw a can of coke…

  4. This was a terrible movie one of the worst cartoon adaptations ever made right up there with Dragon Ball they should have left the cartoon alone never made this movie

  5. Who also grew up with the toys and original animated movies and is kinda dissapointed Max is not just a guy that saves the world against a bootleg terminator and an elemental monster that turns into anything by just being good at sports anymore?

    The tech used to just aid him instead of being him. His "energy powers" came from nanobots his father injected on him to save his life which so happens to be prototypes that could enhance his physique and construct sport stuffs out of thin air. Miss the good old days when he was just the craziest adrenaline junkie

  6. Proves that bigbudget live marvel is unnecessary we need good stories like this movie sick of predictable corny avenger movies , end game was no where what it should have been infinity war was better but who cares right it’s just a movie only my opinion

  7. After watching this movie, it clear that they weren't given enough money to do anything that made the show cool. N-Tek wasn't anywhere, and we didn't get to see Max in his various turbo modes. they also had to include that dumb romance sub plot.

  8. I’m pretty sure I watched the movie, but I remember nothing. Legit I don’t know anything about it, legit all I remember is some Trippy blue drugged up looking stuff and I have no idea. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep during the movie it was actually so boring. Steel doesn’t even look that good and he should be the best part honestly, although I do like his voice actor

  9. This movie should have been so much more.. Critics and most ppl completely disliked it.. I hope this aint the end of Max Steel and Hope the industry realises how Badass Classic Max Steel was.

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