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  1. Mmm… soft gloves on that one. Dings him for using a bad stock photo but ignores Pete lying about endorsements to his plan. Both claiming people endorsed him/it that did not and suggesting that a list of 400 people were fellow African-Americans that supported it when half were actually white people. Of the things you could say about Pete's Douglas Plan rollout, the photo was the least interesting. That is quite a pass.

  2. Iowa must be trolling the Dems, Iowa is obviously Neo-Nazi county, Steve King Trumptards do well across the entire state.

  3. It’s always gonna be Bernie. You can wait all you want, but Bernie is in this for the long haul, and he was always meant to be our redeeming candidate. Reconstruction in 2021 is going to take a President Bernie Sanders, and as we get closer to the primaries and caucuses, polls keep showing Bernie rising and rising. He’s even tied for first nationally with ex-VP Biden.

  4. What is the cost of Lies .? It's not that we'll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies then we no longer recognize the truth at all. What can we do then. What else is left but to abandon even the hope of truth and content ourselves instead with stories? In these stories it doesn't matter who the heroes are all we want to know is who is to blame.

  5. He “forgot” to mention the 400 or so BLACK endorsement for Petes plan that turned out to be 64% white, a few were dead and one lives in Mexico. And the people on there who were actually black, American and alive didn’t actually support the plan in the first place nor do they support mayor Pete.
    One person on that list was actually part of the Sanders campaign!

  6. Interesting that the video title mentions Mayo Pete lacking African American support but Stephen’s only reference to that is use of a stock photo. How about Buttigieg’s support for a racist police force in Southbend?

  7. Buttigieg is a corporate centrist democrat who's working for big pharma and not the American people. He's such a weasel. Plus Trump would annihilate Pete.

  8. Mayor Pete lacks significant African American support in the primaries. Because in the general election, block people would vote for trump. Lol. Not.

  9. I wonder why African Americans don't support Mayor Pete? Blacks don't support homosexual marriage and Republicans don't support homosexual marriage. Sounds like blacks are Republicans and don't know it. Who the Hell forced homosexual marriage on us then? Sounds like an oligarchy. When are the Democrats going to let Martin Luther's people go?

  10. Yeah, whether Buttigieg has staying power or is just another flash in the pan will depend on whether he can win over a lot of the black vote from Biden.

  11. Mayor Pete seems to give intelligent answers all the other Democratic candidates seem to just spout their theory and attack the other people.

  12. Pete is a fake. He faked more than just putting up that fake photo. He faked the endorsements, and when challenged, only gave an "opt-out" option for people that timed out the same day at 4pm. He's only 1/2" away from putting up photos of Justin Trudeau in blackface as evidence of support.

  13. Deval Patrick is a complete asshole. He worked for Bain Capital (remember Obama running against a candidate based on who worked at Bain?). He also screwed over people with mortgages. He was asked to run purely to try to knock out Bernie. Just like Bloomberg and Delaney and Pete and Steyer and Schultz and Klobuchar.

  14. How lazy can your comedy get Steven? Pete's campaign listed endorsements from prominent black Democrats that never endorsed him.

  15. By "lacking significant African American support" you mean 0%? I would call that lacking ANY and ALL African American support

  16. You missed the bigger story about Douglass Plan fraud. It was billed as 400 black South Carolinians, with three above the fold. When the three above the fold were asked about it, not only did they not endorse the plan, but one was a Bernie supporter (his SC co-chair to be exact), and the other two are neutral. Of the others, 40% didn't even live in the state and 60% of those who did are white. The Buttigieg campaign had the nerve to make their endorsement opt out as though they were entitled to it. Something Mayo Pete learned in his meeting with Zuckerberg?

  17. I think you've found the explanation for Pete's appeal to old white Iowans. He also ignores that inconvenient "American" part of African-American.

  18. Mayo Pete is thre single worst and most dangerous candidate in thre Democratic race. He's a two faced liar bought and paid for by the oligarchs, and he'll fold like the cheap suit he is against Trump.

  19. The worst/best part about the Latin Americans one… isn't that Alexander the Great? You know, the decidedly Greek emperor and not Roman and therefore not Latin?

  20. we don't like "Mayor Pete" because he's a sell out and he doesn't stand for the people, Bernie is on the ticket and we need him to get the changes in government going. I feel sorry for a lot of the candidates but this crazy crap's gotta stop they're only hurting the party's chances at overcoming Trump by all this division with so many running all at once.

  21. PB is such a likeable guy. But unfortunately, there are too many homophobics in America, he won't be president… and that's awful for just that reason alone.

  22. The Douglass scandal is actually uglier…. Pete's campaign lied about the 400 prominent black supporters in S. Carolina, for his program. Almost half of them were white. Some were alarmed to find out they'd been included as endorsers, including a leader in Bernie's campaign!
    Pete is intelligent. He is also a smooth talking corporatist backed by more billionaires than any other candidate. (The count in Summer 2019 was 23 billionaires).
    He wants to continue the system that is broken. Don't be fooled by smooth words.

  23. There's an old country saying. Nothing to do but meth and each other. Just hope that the family farm isn't the only company for miles …

  24. FYi it wasn’t Pete’s team that picked the picture, they bought the site from a company that included it, but I get how he’s like the last candidate who needed to have this problem lol


  26. Yeah about that martian receptionist do, but seriously we need more treatment facilities and mental health services. Peace 🌏🌎🌍😇✌

  27. Mayor Pete is by far the most intelligent, well-spoken and level headed candidate.

    The fact that he's not doing better is sad.

  28. Pete wouldn't cancel Norad tracking Santa Claus or the billions of children following Santa Claus, neither would Bernie. Most Dem's wouldn't either, I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! . well, hey, you can choose to have a happy Christmas or a buh Humbug Christmas? it is totally up to you!

  29. Yeah, so … I work in graphic and book cover design and this is how stock images work. What a nothingburger. LOL I went through the last couple dozen images I downloaded, and not a single one identified where it was taken.

  30. Pete is a plagiarist and a mediocre politician; just steals others' words and presents them as his own – without any apparent directive.

    I'm voting Bernie Sanders this term- by checkbox for the primaries, and by write-in (or ideally check-box again) in the General Election. He has thirty years of solid service behind him toward consistent ideals.

    Bernie Sanders 2020, Andrew Yang 2024 and 2028. #FeeltheBern #Bernie2020

  31. Bernie Sanders, Elisabeth Warren, Pete Butigieg, Andrew Yang, and Kamala Harris are the only ones with a chance. Everyone else should drop out now.

  32. I'm a super fan Stephen but your joke about Pete and the photo in Kenya and the remark on LGBLT is just poor. I know your humour comes from family grief…don't make others grieve. Just saying.

  33. Blacks and minorities will never vote for Buttigieg because he will never help us, just look at how he treats the blacks in his own state where he’s mayor of! So MSM and the DNC can stop pushing him down our throats!

  34. i'm a lifelong Demo. but the pandering to races and reliance on narrow hackneyed talking points is utterly disappointing. Where are the brains and courage our party needs? repubs are a lost cause.

  35. Okay, why are people pissed about the photo? It’s a stock photo. It still gets the point across. Does it really matter THAT MUCH that the photo was taken somewhere else?

  36. Holy hell, that lady's hair. It's like she told her hairstylist to give her "the Rachel" but the stylist wanted to pick all the Friends at once.

  37. I knew Pete's anti-black racism would hurt him on the African American demo, while increasing his popularity among elderly whites.

  38. What no mention about how as part of Buttigieg's Douglas Plan he added a bunch of people who didn't actually support the plan to a list of people who supported the plan, made it seem like those people were actually supporting him instead of just the plan, and also the list is mostly of white people. Was that too mean to the mainstream media's current darling to say, Stephen?

  39. Jesus when did this become CNN? I thought late night was supposed to be different from the news. Now it's just a beard for the oligarchs like everything else in the entertainment industry.

  40. It is well known that the majority of African Americans are homophobic, especially those who subscribe to the white man's religion, the Baptists, so he will never be President!

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