MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nani, Sai Pallavi, Bhumika Chawla

MCA (Middle Class Abbayi) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Movie | Nani, Sai Pallavi, Bhumika Chawla

Take care of the patient
and make sure he gets his dose on time. Okay, madam.
– I’ll keep visiting for the checkups. Doctor?
– Yes? When will consciousness be regained? I have told you numerous time that
if patient is in coma, no one can tell when
he’ll gain consciousness. Not even I.
We are really doing our best. Son, why are you
so worried for this patient? How are you related to him? When he breaths, I feel alive. Tell me. On which table
will that drink be served? Table number two. Five thousand. Table number five. You are crazy, really. Yes! Today bad luck is on high. What now? Now whichever girl
will enter from there, we’ll just see her for once
and then we’ll answer about her. Okay. Thirty thousand. But I’ll not answer, he’ll answer. Oh! There are four girls together. Ask. Yes, that one.
I told you about him. Tell me the colour of
the belt of fourth girl. Orange. Next. Tell me how many bangles are there
in the hand of first girl. Three bangles. Awesome! Next. One of those girls have
tattoo on her body. Where is that tattoo? Almost 4 inches below neck,
on her left side. It’s a butterfly tattoo. Oh yes! How correctly you have answered. This all belongs to us. Serve tequila to sir,
bill on my account. Why did you serve him
the drink on our cost? We have won thirty thousand and he is crying for meager
six hundred rupees. By the way… But how was he correct
with every detail? It’s the God gift to him.
Once he sees anything, it gets printed in his mind
and he never forgets it. His eyes are camera
and his ears are like recorder. Enough of my praise. You are so talented that
you can clear IAS exams. Talent has nothing to do here. I just live as per the flow. What do you mean? I mean MCA batch. Is it some educational degree? No. It’s mindset. If the button of shirt gets loosens, have you ever managed with a safety pin?
– No. If your jeans gets tore then
have you wore it as a rip jeans? No. He needs a detailed explanation. Come on. Wake up, Munna. Come on wake up it’s time for a meeting. Uncle, does anyone goes for
a meeting early morning at 11am? Brother has kept a meeting,
you need to go there. Where?
– At Vapi. For career sake. Tell him that I have not yet
thought about my career. If you have the sense of responsibility
then you’ll think of career, right? You don’t have any responsibility
and hence you do not think about career. Listen! Get his cloths. I have just soaked his cloths. Oh! Now it will take
three weeks to dry and ironed. Isn’t it, aunt?
– Of course. I’ll dry your cloths on roof.
You get ready. Uncle, let me see my sisters coming
from school for once. After that I’ll come with you. Okay, my son. Have a look at them. Pammee! Vimmee! Yes, dad? What! You didn’t go to school today? It’s Sunday today, brother. Do you have any other excuse, Munna? What’s going on?
– It’s my seat. Move ahead. Have you placed luggage properly? After many years
I am going to meet brother. After the death of my parents,
brother took all my responsibility. He is not just a big brother
for me but he is my God. For entire week
we used to be like brothers. But on Sunday evening
we used to become friends. But in this love story of two brothers,
there entered a villain. People say that life changes
after marriage. They are right.
After the marriage of my brother, even my life changed. I was dependent
for every single penny. Even our friendship broke. It’s very tasty, have it. I know she can’t replace me
in brother’s life. But I couldn’t tolerate the importance given
to sister in law by brother. Therefore I thought of
moving to uncle’s place. I felt that brother
will stop me from moving out. But… When are you going? I am visiting brother after long time. I know the way he’ll welcome me. “No friend is like you anywhere,
your friendship is exceptional.” Brother! Chote (younger brother)! He is very emotional. Brother! Why are you late? Uncle said that you left in the morning. “My heart implore that we never depart.” “The day without you,
must never rise in my life.” How are you, Munna? Listen, I have called you for… Directly on the point.
Let me freshen up first. So I have called you here because… I am hungry.
I haven’t eaten anything since morning. Shall I eat something? You must be tired.
You take rest, we’ll talk later. No. Tell me the reason of
calling me here. Don’t waste my time. Your sister in law has got transferred. What? – I said your sister in law
has got transferred. You are telling such great news
after such long time? Our days of party will be back. Movie on Friday,
drinks on Saturday, we’ll enjoy. I’ll inform uncle and aunt right now.
– First let me complete! Tell me, brother. Today I’ll listen to everything
that you say. You and your sister in law…
– I and sister in law? You…
– I… You both are going. What happened, Munna? This is the reason that you called me for? Are you a brother or my enemy! It’s not like that, Munna. Your friend Darshan lives in Daman, right? So your sister in law
will not have any problem. Let anything happen but I’ll not go. Don’t say like this, Munna.
I have training at Delhi. Once it gets over I’ll be there with her.
– I said I’ll not go. I have never asked for anything from you since your childhood. As an elder brother, for the first time I am asking
for something from you. Please go with sister in law. When did you learn to
blackmail emotionally? You are being sentimental
and capitalizing on me. Now I’ll have to listen to my brother. I don’t have any other option. I’ll go with her. He is very emotional. Come on, sister in law. Hi, Munna. – Hi.
– Hi, Munna! Hey Munna, we are meeting after long time. How are you?
– I am fine. Come on make it fast. Be careful. You brought even this Shorty along? You remember my name?
– Forget that. Tell me what is this mark on your face? Munna, he is been beaten up. Father hit you?
– No. Then brother?
– No. Boyfriend?
– No. It’s his girlfriend. She was with him
when he was flirting with other girl. His girlfriend thrashed him
and he came here crying. Brother Munna, where is your girlfriend? His girlfriend?
– Yes. He will never propose any girl but if any girl will propose him
then he’ll think about it. And that would never happen. Look brother, understand one thing. Boy’s love is like a water tank. Open the tap and water
will start running. And girl’s love is like
the water stored under ground. Where one need to repeatedly
work on hand pump for even a drop of water. This must be for you, not for me.
– Hey Shorty, come on hurry up. Get that bike down.
– Hurry up. I saw him once when I was young. He has not changed at all.
No improvement in him. Greetings, madam. Greetings. Come. Please move aside.
– Let us be in queue. Move back.
– Let it go. What are you doing? When will our turn come? Nothing going to well. Good morning.
– Good morning. Welcome. Madam. Thank you. Best of luck, madam. Thank you. Greetings.
– Greetings. Hello?
– Jyoti, how are you? Hold on. Munna? Water the plants. Yes. Tell me. How is Munna? You must be punctual at work.
– Yes. If your performance is good, you’ll get an appraisal of rupees
two hundred every month. How much?
Two hundred! Who is she? She is a house maid. Come here.
– Yes. She’ll water the plants,
do house chores, purchasing from market,
she’ll do everything. You tell her.
– Yes. We are just two people.
Then why do we need a maid? Send her back. She denied because two servants
can’t live in one house. Who is the second one?
– That’s none of your concern. Munna, cloths are washed,
dry them on the roof. He was offering me
two hundred bucks appraisal. Now keep the money for self. Munna, you are screwed! Cloths are shining like new ones. Which detergent do you use?
– Triple X. It’s a very ritualistic soap. Even I use the same. Also use your brains sometime. Aunt! Munna, what happened? She is oppressing me like a terrorist. What did she do? She is making me do all house chores. I condition is like a new bride, aunt. She is making me do all house chores? I have become a washing machine,
dish washer, vacuum cleaner
and everything of this house. Is there no maid for doing all this?
– Of course. You come back right now. Okay. I am hanging up the phone. Bye. Good bye! Hello? I can’t hear you.
I am not able to hear you. Talk louder. Oh yes!
There? I was thinking… I will reach there…
– Excuse me? You…
– Excuse me? Me?
– I liked you very much. Will you marry me? Got it! Listen! “My friend is very handsome
as he has won over a girl.” “My friend is very handsome
as he has won over a girl.” “In first meeting itself he is flatten.” “In first meeting itself he is flatten.” “What to think now,
marriage is on cards soon.” “We all will sing and dance.” “What to think now,
marriage is on cards soon.” “We all will sing and dance.” “We all will sing and dance.” Shut up! This must be opposition’s gimmick. If someone among
you have played this trick then I’ll thrash you hard. Munna, when hungry people get food
they do not share with anyone. And you are lucky that
she herself proposed you. Am I some filmy hero that
girls will fall for me on seeing me? Yes. Some girls have bad taste
therefore she proposed you. You stupid!
– Calm down, guys. Phone is ringing. It’s mine.
– Hello? What happened, Munna?
You have still not come? Aunt, I was coming to you
but I got fever on my way so I turned back. What are you saying?
Did you see a doctor? Did you have any medicine? Yes. I had just. Consult good doctor only.
– It’s an excellent medicine, aunt. I think I’ll be fine by morning. Have medicines on time.
– Okay, aunt. Take care.
– Okay. Bye. Who is that girl? He has gone crazy over that girl,
he’ll stay restless. Lock? She has locked it? It’s all because of you
my brother from same mother. Hello! What happened? I just had a peg, single peg and now I see the door is locked
when I returned. She is sleeping peacefully inside
and poor me is standing out. I do not even have a key.
Shall I knock the door loud? You call her right now.
Tell her that brother has come. Open the door. Brother, I have reached home safely. You sleep peacefully. Okay, brother? Bye, brother.
– Thanks, Munna. She thinks that she is a queen. Everyone must fear her on her entry. House keys. 8801670774.
It’s my phone number. I heard that
you have very good memory. She makes me work as servant and wants me to fill
the application form of police? Don’t you need this application? Why not? I absolutely need it. Throw this waste out as well. Get married, then you can relax. Now you don’t load me with new tension. Already there is been
enough chaos in our house by a marriage. If I get married… My marriage? Bus stop. Let her come then I’ll ask her. Who are you? What do you do?
Where are you from? What do you know about me to marry me? She’ll be panicked. What have you thought
about our marriage? We have holiday in college on Friday.
Shall we get married on that day? Pallavi, come on hurry up!
– Wait. I am coming. You’ll miss the bus!
– Are you mad or what? Are you drunk? Okay. Give me your number,
I’ll call you in evening. Make it fast!
– Give me the number. 9885027684. Okay. Bye.
– Listen… Await my call, okay?
– When will you call? You never get signal by
sitting under tower. Munna, it might happen that you too will get hung
like this tower in her love. Don’t obstruct my signal. Move. Hey move! Can’t you see that our Munna
is getting restless for the signal? Come on, lord signal,
do good to this lover. Do not talk like this, sweetheart.
Try to understand. I didn’t switch off the phone.
It got switch off by its own. First of all I’ll call you on
buying a new phone. I promise. Neelu! What happened, madam? Actually I wanted to
buy flowers for worshiping. I forgot to buy.
– Give me the money, I’ll get it. You are off duty and this is
my personal work. You go. Don’t hesitate, madam. I’ll get it. No need. You go.
My brother in law Munna will get it. Okay, madam. Take these files. Hello?
– Pallavi. Who Pallavi? Whose call you were awaiting,
that Pallavi. What did you see in me that you proposed me
immediately on seeing me? When I saw you for the first time,
I fell in love. Love at first sight. That happens with boys only. What? Why not with girls? She is smarter than I think. Where do you live? Young women’s hostel, room number 114,
Marine lines, behind post office. How can I believe you? What should I do to make you believe? I come to your hostel right now, meet me. Right now?
We are not allowed to go out after 7pm. I can’t come. Liars always have excuses. I am not lying. Really. I am reaching your hostel
within 10 minutes. See you. I said I can’t come. Listen… Hello. Bolshie! Hi. She has actually come. I wasn’t lying.
Do you believe me now? No. What else shall I do now? Jump like a super woman and go back. I am here with such fashion adorned
and you are telling me to go back? No. Come on. No. I don’t even know this city. I am there with you. No… Where is she gone? Hurry up. Come on.
Else our warden will come here. Stop here. Come on sit. Is this all real? It might happen that
I wake up from my sleep and it turns out to be a dream. I am not a dream but reality. Is it? If I tell you come close,
will you come? Yes. Still closer? Will you not object if I kiss you? I will kiss, okay? Sure? Actually I didn’t think that something
like this would happen. So I couldn’t kiss properly
in nervousness. If I’ll get another chance
then I could properly kiss… Don’t think much. Kiss me. My son Shiva,
when he was 12 years old, he killed his friend
by hitting him with cricket bat since he lose the game. After that he was sent
to children’s home. Even after being in jail for six years,
there was no change in him. Even today he wears same type of cloths. There are many cars at home
but still he travels in mini bus. We don’t understand
what does he think, what he has turned to?
After all what he wants? Though being his mother,
I cannot read his mind. He can kill anyone to win. If he’ll be so passionate for winning,
how will he lead a happy life, Guruji? I fear that his obsession will ruin him. Help me, Guruji. When our desires have selfless intentions
the whole universe unites to fulfil them. Being a mother your desire is selfless,
it will get fulfilled. You just need to keep patience. Shiva.
– I know. I know who you are
and also know why you are here. The owner of Shivshakti Travels. Owns one thousand buses
with no license for even a single bus. Many buses have same number plate. You don’t even pay road tax,
you carry heavy luggage in bus. Whenever you like
you increase ticket rates. If any officer troubles you,
you bribe him. If he does not accept your bribe,
he gets transferred. Deep research has been done on me. You can write my biography.
Isn’t it? So what do you think? Why am I here? Three months back
forty people were killed when your bus caught fire. Because of leakage in diesel tank,
breaks fail. Emergency exit didn’t open at all. You were responsible for their deaths. Because your bus didn’t adhere
to safety norms of roads. I have evidence
against you of that incident. You are here to take the same, right? No, uncle.
I am here to do business. You are elder, you must forgive the
small mistakes of a child like me. How can I forgive you? The people who died in bus
are not just forty in number. The family members of those forty people are still dying every day
in the memory of deceased. I had only daughter
who had gone for an interview. She was happily returning to home
since she was appointed. But… Have you ever thought
how it feels to search won daughter in the crowd of corpses? Sad. Very sad. My heart cried on listening
to uncle’s story. Don’t trouble uncle. Give him whatever he asks for
and take away all evidences. Okay, brother. Listen. After losing my one leg in war, I still strongly fought with the enemies. Even today I’ll fight until I defeat you. Don’t even try to hurt my ego
by talking about my defeat, uncle. Why are you forcing me?
My ego has never lost. It has the habit of winning. If I die, will I win?
– No. And if this uncle dies?
– Then you’ll win. Burn down all evidences,
nothing must be left. My child, Cheeni’s warden
has complained about her a lot. I thought she’ll get spoiled
if she stays there so I brought her here. Is she any good? What has she done? She only knows to
complain about all. That’s it. Look my child, if she’ll stay with you
then even I’ll live peacefully. As it is it’s her last year of college. After that I’ll get her married
to a good boy and then I’ll be free
from my responsibilities. You don’t worry about her.
I’ll take care of her. I was expecting the same. Jyoti, you are married
since four years. Have you not thought about having kids? You smile on everything,
you are still the same. Munna, did you find any job
or are just wandering? Why will I wander alone?
I wander with my girlfriend. I am very busy. Your girlfriend?
– Yes. Sharada, it’s a very good joke,
you’ll laugh throughout our journey. Mauna, from today onwards
my sister Cheeni will live here with us. It means I’ll have to chop 2 more
tomatoes and onions for her? Okay. She is one of her kind,
God knows how her sister will be. Why shall I see other girl? ‘How do I tease him now?’ Now the easy way to chop onion. You won’t have to wear your
helmet while chopping onion. It’s the easiest way to chop onion. It is user friendly as well. So dial the number
given on screen and call us to order vegetable cutter. Call us on 4455…
– Tell me. What are you doing? Hold on. 4455918. – If you order now,
you’ll get 50% discount. Now tell me.
– Looks you are too busy. Yes. I was doing an important work. Can we go for an outing tonight like
we went last time? Hello? Hello. Hello?
– Hello. Why are you silent? Nothing. Warden was here.
She could’ve caught me. But she couldn’t, right? I am coming to your hostel,
jump off the wall. Warden is on a round up in hostel. Hello? Hello.
– What happened? Here even I am under a watch of warden. Sister was there?
– Sister? Sorry. I mean your sister in law. Yes. My warden is again on a round,
we’ll talk tomorrow. That’s better.
Rounds are going on here as well. Bye.
– Bye. Someone has stolen my footwear. That new pair of footwear is yours. Madam has bought for you. Servants are gifted cloths on festivals. These days foot wears are being gifted? But there is no festival today. Munna! Munna!
– Munna! Munna! Munna! Every day you must drop
my sister to college and also pick her up at evening. Now I have become a driver as well. Concentrate on studies. I must not get any of
your complaints from college. Go. Please get down! On first touch I felt that
it must be by mistake. But you are trying to touch me
again and again. I don’t like this.
How will I ride the bike then? Shall I sit on handle now? Please don’t cry now. Sorry. You must’ve got slipped
on seeing a boy like me. But I have a girlfriend. I have also changed
my status on facebook. You can check it. Please stay away from me. I cannot deceive Pallavi. Come on sit. There must be at least half foot
distance between two of us then we’ll be able to reach college. Not towards me. Move backwards. Keep your bag in between us. This is Pallavi’s college. Hello?
– Where are you? I am in college. Where are you?
– Outside your college. Why have you come to college? I won’t reveal.
– Tell me. I have come for you.
– I see. Meet me in college canteen
then I’ll see you. Okay. Who is that girl?
– Which girl? The one that was on your bike.
– So you saw it. She is very beautiful.
– Really? Didn’t you see her?
– Absolutely not. I swear on you. Great! What an actor! Who is she? She is my sister in law’s sister.
– Is it? And where does she lives?
– At my house. She is your sister in law’s sister,
lives in your house and you didn’t see her? Don’t you believe me? I cannot believe.
– Then check yourself. I have spoken about that matter,
he is ready to buy the land. If you and your uncle agree,
I’ll reply them. You know everything.
Do whatever you think is right. Okay, my child.
I’ll come and get the papers signed. Okay, uncle. Bye. Deliver a vegetable cutter on time. Discipline is important.
Didn’t you go to hostel? What are you doing here? You followed me here? Don’t you trust me? Come here. My sister in law
and her sister are in house. I am here to find out the same. Why don’t you trust me? If she sees you,
she’ll tell sister in law. And she will be very sad
on seeing my girlfriend. Is it? You care for her feelings a lot! Is there an affair going on
between you two? Come on. Call her. Hey Sister in law’s sister, come out! Are you mad? She will not come. Is it? She listens to you only? We can discuss this in college also.
– Leave me. I want to buy vegetable cutter online.
How can I… What is going on? Sister, he wanted to know
how to shop online. Yes. You… ‘Sister, he wanted to know
how to shop online.’ Sister? Are you sisters?
You are her sister? Yes.
– Cheeni? Fooled me! It means that since so many days,
you are fooling me deliberately? I hinted you many times,
you didn’t understand. I saw you for the first time
in my sister’s wedding. You were not even
able to handle your dhoti. Seeing your innocence,
I fell in love with you. What kind of dhoti is this? I am following you since then. And every year I used to come
to meet you during vacation. But you never noticed me. That means I wasted four years. No problem.
We still have four months. Then shall we cover it? Don’t waste time.
– Yes. Time is running out. Even now you want me
to keep bag in between? Absolutely not. Stop this bus.
– Stop! Park you bus on side. Why did you stop the bus? RTO checking is being carried on. Sister. So what?
You think I am scared of her? Will I shiver on seeing her? It’s RTO checking.
All of you get down. Hurry up. Pick this luggage as well. What are you doing here? Since bike was not working,
we took the bus… You tell her. Yes, Sister.
His useless bike got defective. Will you drop me by your car?
– No. Go in rickshaw. Did you hear what Sister said? Yes. I did. Madam, without seeing the papers,
why did you make all to get off the bus? What is the number of the bus? Can’t you see? Tell me the bus number. 2844. If this is 2844 then what is that? Shrinivas.
– Yes, madam. Give all these papers to him
and cease both the buses. Okay, madam. Madam, do you know whose bus is this? It belongs to Shiva Bhai.
Shivshakti travels. Check all the buses of
Shivshakti travels. Madam, don’t you understand? Newly appointed on job
always show arrogance. You don’t know Shiva Bhai. Every day accidents happen on roads. What is the name?
– Shiva Bhai. Did you hear?
– Yes. Issue a notice to him.
– Okay, madam. That new lady of
RTO is ceasing our buses. If this continues,
we’ll not be left with even a single bus. We must make her realise your power. Mr. Lawyer, talk to commissioner. Okay, Shiva. Good morning, sir. What all is going on? I heard that you are stopping the buses
that are working. Hey! Where is the chilli? Getting it, sir. Sir, three years back
forty people were killed in a bus at highway due to fire. I checked the history of that travels
and the report is not at all fine. So what? Shiva’s buses are like this. That man is crazy.
No one knows what he thinks and does. We’ll have to adjust. No, sir. It’s the question of
common public’s life. You ladies always have
this problem of not listening to men. I am just doing my duty, sir. I know what your duty is. Government servant’s duty is
to listen to their seniors. Sir, please listen…
– Stop your nonsense! Now listen to me. Shiva’s buses will be on road
from tomorrow morning onwards. Now leave. Hey, where is my tea? Getting it, sir. Good evening, madam.
What are we going to do? First of all send
all ceased buses to godown. Take the pictures of buses
with same numbers and attach it to documents. File the case.
– Okay, madam. If anyone asks anything about this,
make them talk to me. Okay, madam. Sister in law is here. What’s wrong with the lights? What are you doing?
Sister in law will come. Let her come. Is it? What happened? Let it be. Your sister is here. Sister in law, in dark,
she mistaken me for a pillar. Disconnect the call.
I have sent her back to village. Rather than wasting your time on love, it will be better
if you concentrate on your career. Got it? You do one thing…
– Jyoti? Uncle?
– How are you? Fine.
– Great! Today you woke up early? I am very happy to see you disciplined. No one in this world can improve you
other than your sister in law. Take this.
Your aunt has sent this for you. Come in. Have a seat, uncle. Why has police come here? Looks like that officer has disagreed
with commissioner. She has filed a case. Warrant has been issued.
I handle the police, you handle that officer. We tried a lot, but she is very strict. Ladies are very sensitive.
We must handle her with love. These ladies don’t
even listen to their husbands, how will she listen to us? I’ll handle. Okay. I’ll take a leave. Uncle, stay here tonight. No. I need to hand over
these papers. I’ll leave. Munna, drop me at station. Take care, my child.
– Sure, uncle. What are you thinking, Munna? Nothing. Excuse me, madam.
– Come in. Shiva from Shivshakti travels. Have a seat. Thank you. Would you like to have something?
Tea or coffee? Whatever you like. Raman?
– Take care, son. I too will come with you. How can you come with me? Sister in law will have to stay alone. Let her be alone. Why are talking like this?
What’s wrong with you? She is a witch, uncle. She took my brother away
from me after marriage. She has made me servant here. And she also sent Pallavi
far away from me. She is very bad, uncle. If I’ll stay here she’ll ruin my life. I can’t live here.
I too will come with you. What can I do for you? I mean to bail my buses out. Paid tax and just follow the rules.
We’ll release your buses. I never follow rules. I have never made a request to anyone
before but today I am requesting you. And even I am saying it for last time
that I’ll not release your buses. Madam, you trying in vain
to test my patience. And you are wasting my time in vain. Entire city fears Shiva. If I get defeated by RTO officer,
will it feel good? You know that this entire
department respects Jyoti a lot. If I’ll compromise, will it feel good? It’s fine if you are not able
to understand. But never get it someone wrong. You are your brother grew up together. You sister in law had told before
that you’ll behave the same if someone gets in between
you and your brother. You were not sent away from home
after her marriage because she doesn’t like you. You were sent to my house
so that you become responsible. She didn’t want to make you servant. She just wanted you to realise
your responsibilities. She didn’t send Pallavi
away from you forever but to bring you together. Do you know why did
she call me here all of a sudden? She wants to sell her land given
by her father at half the rate. So that you can get settled with Pallavi
and I could fix your marriage. We are middle class people, son. If even a single person
gets added to family, our expense raises. And when I asked her that
why is she not planning a child even after four years of marriage? She said that Munna too is her child. Let him get settled first. She is not ruining your life
but wants to make your life. She is trying to fill your life
with happiness and it better. Relationships are like delicate threads. If we try to join the broken threads,
it gets knotted. Therefore bring change in your thought. Madam? Don’t trouble me.
Whatever you want is not possible. Is it? Whatever I want is not possible? I have never lost since childhood. Maybe you don’t know this. If I die, will I win? Are you out of your mind? You’ll die if you shoot yourself. Correct. Munna? Here? Uncle told… Munna? And if you die, will I win? What did you say? I said that if this sleazy
woman will die, I will win. The woman whom you abused… is like my mother. Greetings, madam. Madam? I am worried for you
after that incident, madam. It was our luck that Munna came there. Else he was going to
kill you for buses. I know Shiva very well
he’ll never give up. Please tell Munna to be careful. He is very dangerous. A meagre girl obstructed Shiva’s business. What were you all doing? Go. Get her here. Come on. Munna, whatever happened
was a professional issue. You shouldn’t have hit him. Come on. Say sorry. Sir, we are middle class people. We feel happy and sorrow
for small things. If we are hit by a pedestrian on road
and if he abuses us we feel humiliated. We want to reply but we are not able to. Because we have our family. Since we do not want to
put them in danger, we keep mum. We get panicked even with a thought of getting
our family into trouble. You threatened to kill sister in law,
I was baffled. I am sorry. Forgive me. You hit us in front of all and now you seek forgiveness secretly?
So shall we let it go? Hey Subbu? I hope that our fight ends here
and there will be no problem hence forth. Let’s go. Why did you let him go? We could have shot him. Entire city must know
what it means to raise hand on Shiva. Entire city doesn’t need to know. Only he needs to know. What happened?
– Hold on. I think I left keys inside. I’ll get it. If he dies, I will lose. He hit Shiva for just pointing a gun. He has hurt my ego, that lady must die. Then I’ll win.
– Sir? Just a minute. I wanted to talk. You didn’t react on
whatever happened right now. By looking at these faces
I don’t think they’ll leave me alive. Look how he is staring. I already understood that
your plans are different. You’ll leave us now
and will kill later. You have guessed it absolutely right. But you will die.
Your sister in law will die. I hit you then why are you targeting her? Your punishment for
your mistake is her death. And the way you’ll agitate
later will be my real victory. I told you that we middle class people
get sentimental for our family. It’s the fact.
But this has another angle to it. It’s better to prepare yourself
to face the problem before it arises. If onions get costly by
even just rupees two, we buy extra four kilos of onions. If we wish to travel,
we book the tickets 3 to 4 months prior. If petrol price gets hiked by
even 50 paise per litre, we wait in long queues
to get petrol filled before 12am. When we care so much for small things, just imagine how caring
we’ll get if it’s about our family. I think you’ll not give up on your plans. Even I am like you. You keep trying, I’ll keep saving. Keep saving? Till when will you save? You have a point. Let’s fix a deadline. Okay. I grant you 20 days from today onwards. You’ll need so many days? Okay. 10 days. Deal. Deal. If your sister in law dies
within ten days, I’ll win. And if she stays alive
then you are the winner. I’ll forget you forever. You want to kill me? 20th of this month is auspicious,
is it fine with you? Auspicious for what? For our marriage. I left the house
and you thought that you are saved? I have told about us to my dad. He is here to talk to sister.
Come on. If anyone wants to plant
a tree in there garden, he will plant banana tree
rather than banyan tree. If people wish for
a tree that gives fruits, can’t I even expect
a working son in law. All dads are same. Liars. You don’t worry.
Even if my dad, sister or you deny, I will marry you only. Next year I’ll be completing my B.Tech. Then I’ll work and
he’ll manage the house. Simple. Did you see the way she is talking? I am fed up of her chit chat. It’s a big mistake of mine that
I allowed liberty to her. First liberty is granted
and now when I am librated, you are troubled! How can I marry my daughter
to a hot headed man? He fought with that hooligan Shiva. You fought? Dad, I am fortunate. I got a bodyguard along with a cook. My life is set! That fight is over.
You are taking him wrong. Fight is like fire of jungle.
It burns everything to ashes. You try to understand…
– Don’t try to explain me. I trusted you and left my daughter here. And you handed her over to
an irresponsible man? What kind of sister you are? You failed to care for your
younger sister as well? Enough! I warn you if you utter even
a single word against sister in law. We don’t need you
and your daughter as well. Get lost from here! Munna, please! You said that he is a peaceful boy. Look at the way he is speaking. If possible he’ll even kill us. Are you coming with me
or you still want to humiliate me? I am waiting for you outside. Bhai, I can smell gas here. Yes, Bhai. I knew that you would come. Therefore I was making
arrangements to welcome you. Gas is totally leaked. I don’t care for what will happen to me. You people have
ten seconds to think. 1, 2. It’s not a child’s play to threaten. Not only we but you
and your sister in law will also die if cylinder will bust. Sister in law will not be harmed. I have planned everything. And as far as I am concerned, I have always spent brother’s money, I have had food cooked by sister in law, I did nothing for them. Today I’ll repay them… by giving up my life. Five. Hey what about 3 and 4? I forgot since I am feeling sleepy. Bhai, he seems to be awry. Once this cylinder gets bust, the temperature here
will rise to 100 degrees. Then you’ll understand
what third degree burns are. Your skin will melt, blood will vaporize
and the pain will be excruciating. To die is easy but a slow death
is very difficult. Six. I forgot to tell one thing that the gold rings
and chains that you are wearing will help to identify
your bodies after death. Else who will guess that
you are here at mid night? Your corpse might
get labeled as unclaimed. Seven. This crazy will burn us alive.
We must leave from here. Eight. What shall we explain to boss? We’ll be able to explain if we stay alive. Bhai, I’ll start the auto. Come on. Nine. Munna? What happened?
– There was gas leakage. Therefore I switched off the light
and opened the door for safety. But everything is fine now. Boss, he is very clever boy. He is ready to even murder
and die for his sister in law. It is not easy to kill her
until Munna is there. If a run gets missed at any ball,
that doesn’t mean match is over, Subbu. We have to wait
a little for hitting century. But for wicket only one ball is enough. Target her at perfect time
when he’ll not be around her. As of now you sign this form. So your training will start. I? Yes. You. But by selling land and paying this man… Sir. Pay sir. For me this job
and looking every day at this man… Sir. Looking every day at sir seems risky. What if he elopes by
taking away our money? No, sister in law. We’ll keep our money,
you keep your job. Don’t joke, sir. This is not any crook or fraud company. It’s a software company. If you do not get the job after training,
your deposit will be returned. But if he doesn’t come to office, the money will be credited
in fixed deposit account of company. Three months of training,
five days a week. I forgot, sister in law. It’s Tuesday today, very unlucky day. Today is the luckiest day of the year. I always check horoscope
before leaving from home. Today is a fantastic day to start. This man gives training
or fixes appointments… – Sir. Sir gives training or fixes appointments? Sign it. But for my job you are
selling your only property. My property is not important
than your future. Sign it. This is your desk. All the best. Bye, madam. You will be seated here.
You get all facilities. Any questions? I need ten days of leave.
– No chance. Work. Look. Munna is here. Are you all fine? What’s going to happen to us?
And what is this tag? Have you joined any job? Yesterday itself.
It’s been 24 hours since I joined. Job of security of sister in law. For these nine days
I’ll be on duty for 24 hours. Hasn’t this idiot come? No.
– Sir! No, sir.
– Okay. He joined yesterday
and today he is absent! It’s been ages since we left school. What question paper is this? It’s not a question paper
but daily program. Why this secret mission? We can do this by informing sister in law. No. I just fought once
and she made me apologise. If she comes to know about this,
she’ll send me back from here. Oh.
– Then the risk will be even more. Sister’s office is here. Then go and meet her. But come fast. We’ll be shopping there in the front.
– Okay. We’ll park the scooter here.
– It’s nearby. I’ll be back.
– Take the bridge and then turn right. Where is Munna? He is neither answering my call
nor messaging me. Tell him to meet me soon at hostel. Why will I convey?
You conveyed it yourself. Why these formal cloths? You joined at job to impress dad! Oh I am so sorry. I took you wrong
and scolded you in front of all. But how will I know?
You didn’t say anything to me. Oh! You wanted to surprise me! Yes. Correct. He wanted to surprise you. Then what are you doing here
at office hours? He’s caught. Actually… You guess it. You must’ve come here to meet sister
if you have left early. Correct. Even tomorrow you leave early from office. We’ll celebrate.
– Celebrate? It’s our love anniversary
the way sister and brother in law have. It’s the day
when I saw you for first time. Bye. Congrats. Marriage anniversary. Is the luggage placed properly? Why are you sending me
to your brother all of a sudden? It’s your marriage anniversary. If you’ll meet brother tomorrow,
he’ll be surprised. Please go, sister in law.
– It’s not easy to get the ticket. And also I have not carried luggage. How can I take a leave
without applying for leave? Ticket and luggage is already
been kept on your seat. And leave letter, right?
Get one paper. Here.
– Lean down. – Give him pen. Don’t bother about matter. I’ll write it. You just sign it,
I’ll give it in your office. Why are you behaving childish? Sister in law,
I wake up early in the morning, ties this tag around neck
and goes to office only for you. And you can’t even take a leave for me? Give it to me. I thought you must celebrate
this special day together. Am I wrong? You all speak up. Sister in law, sign it fast. they have made even shorter,
my back is wrecking. Tell her.
– Please sign it, sister in law. Sister in law,
click a photo of surprised brother and message me when you reach there.
– Okay. You take care of yourself.
Cook rice in cooker and get curry from restaurant. You don’t worry, you enjoy. Bye, sister in law!
– Bye, sister in law! No one must know that
sister in law is in Delhi. Put some other place’s
name on leave letter. No one has come to know till now
and no one will know further. But she’ll be back in four days. Then what will you do? I have planned such a plot that sister in law will not
return before eight days. – Superb! Enough of our talks,
now look there. Brother. How did he come here? Munna!
– What a sudden visit! I’ll come there. You are here without any prior intimation? Wow! What are you doing here? How did you know that I am coming? He was sending me to you to surprise you on
our marriage anniversary. Thank God you saw me. Else we had to celebrate
our anniversary separately. What timing you got.
You can’t do anything properly. What did you say?
– Why are you talking like this, Munna? You wanted us to celebrate
anniversary together. So here we are together. You must feel happy.
– As you say, sister in law. As sister in law says! Stay blessed forever. Have blessed life. I have no one other than
Jyoti and you in this world. I used to get worried
on seeing the differences between you. But now I am very happy. You brought sister in law
in our life by marrying her. You sent me here
even though I denied coming. I got an opportunity to
understand sister in law. Thanks, brother.
Now go else you’ll miss the train. Come on. Okay. Hold on. Come here. Finally you made me cry, right? Now go safely and take care of yourself. Tell me. What happened? Sister in law is leaving for office,
come fast. Okay. Boss, Munna is not leaving
that lady alone even for a minute. Yesterday his brother
and his relatives had come home. There was a party at their house
and they all were dancing. What party? Some anniversary party. Anniversary party. Dad is looking for another guy for me. If you didn’t do anything,
I’ll do something and you’ll cry for lifetime. Give this. I know that you are stubborn
but have patience. I myself will talk to dad on right time. If you both get married, I’ll be happier than you, Pallavi. My lovely sister! Thank you! Sister in law,
why did you come to this market? It is not good. We do not get
fresh fruits and vegetables here. The shop beside
our house has fresh items. Keep this.
– Sister, you have trained him very well. It will be very useful for me in future.
– How is your training going on? What training? Oh training? Tell her. What can I tell?
– About my training. What training? Oh yes!
That training is going on very well. My friend is the star of the batch. And he has mugged up
C++ and SAP. And Java has become
very friendly to him. He is so talented that
even they are thinking that there is no need to train him. Because nothing is left that
can be taught to him. So he’ll be joining the job soon.
– Yes, sister in law. Your manager will have long life. No. If he lives long,
I’ll be troubled a lot. Kishore sir! Kishore sir! This idiot is here! Now he is gone. Madam! It is not good to meet anyone
at such market place. Let’s go, sister in law.
– What is this? You won’t even greet the manager
who is training you? Yes. I’ll go and greet him. He is right, sister in law. Listen, there is a tea shop beside,
serve him a cup of tea. Hello, sir.
– Hello! I wanted to tell you that
buy egg plant, it’s good here. I don’t like that. Madam, good that you are here. Do you even know what he has done? I know.
– Is it? Darshan has told me. Darshan?
What did you say Darshan? He told that you want
to talk to sister in law. But how does he know
what I want to talk about? Sir, you wanted to talk
about the same thing that sister in law is aware of? Idiot, first tell me who you are. My friend.
Whoever may say, it doesn’t make any difference.
Getting message is what important. Madam, so you now the matter?
– Yes. I know. She knows. Okay. We are safe now.
So let’s go, sister in law. After knowing entire matter,
didn’t you feel anything, madam? I am really very happy. Why is she happy
after knowing everything? Even I am very happy to know. Dad will also feel very happy
on knowing this. Who is this girl who over acts? His fiancée.
– Fiancée! You are his fiancée?
– Yes. Then you must feel upset
since it is the question of your future. Madam, the matter is that Munna… All credits goes to you for
the position Munna has reached today. You are holding me responsible for this!
This is not fair. How can I be responsible for this? Actually it’s you
who are responsible, madam. How generous he is. Sister in law, you are giving him
the credit and he is returning it to you. Is this the credit?
– Yes. Do you have a problem of hyper tension? Since childhood.
– Hello? Since childhood sir is like this. It’s fine if you are calling me sir. Okay, sir. Bye. See you later. I don’t understand anything.
Don’t touch. Darshan get okra, I’ll arrange an auto.
Let’s go, sister in law. Darshan, does she really knows everything? She knows everything very well
but looks like you need to know. About what? Do you know Shiva? Gone are the days to fear that
hooligan Shiva. I heard that he was thrashed by someone. He is the one who has thrashed him. He! Really?
– Yes. Sir, we strictly need to
follow pollution control rules. Madam will be in meeting for only today
or tomorrow as well? It’s her last meeting here. From tomorrow
she will be at RTO office. Uncle? Thank you. Hello. Some hooligan Shiva
has sent his people here and they said me to call you. His knife looks sharp, shall I ask him from
where has he bought it? We too will get one so that
it will be easy for us to chop vegetables. Munna,
if you don’t reach her in few minutes, I’ll chop her into such small pieces that you won’t be able to identify her. Come on. What happened? Are you stunned? Don’t worry. I will be the winner. My target is your sister in law. This all was just to divert
your attention. Now you’ll at least need
twenty minutes to reach to your sister in law and I’ll reach in just five minutes. And I am already on my way. What kind of a person you are?
You left your sister in law alone? Hey! Stop! Where are you going? Sir, you must not stay here. We have got the information
that there is going be an attack on you. Attack? Are you out of your mind? Who is going to attack on me? Please co-operate, sir.
If anything happens to you, there will be commotion in the city. Please. Protecting you is our duty. Someone has given
wrong information to you. All mobile units, be alert. There is information of
someone going to attack Shiva. His location is pollution
control board office. I repeat pollution control board office. All the units in that area
please approach immediately. You were just five minutes
away from sister in law. Now you are just five seconds away. If you have guts then go ahead. Sir, please get in car. Munna? What are you doing here? I was… Didn’t you go to office? I finished my assignment in half an hour
therefore I thought of coming here. You are indeed talented. Work sincerely
and you’ll achieve anything. Munna, how did you come
to know that I am here? I called uncle Mahesh. He said that you are going to visit temple
in the evening. So I thought I’ll accompany you. Shall we go?
Come on. Where is Darshan?
– He is on counter. Okay. Vijay you take
sister in law inside temple. Sister in law, I’ll buy Prasad and return. Look. Pallavi is here. Pallavi…
– I fell in love with you at first sight. I proposed you in first meeting. I started living in your house. Therefore you don’t value me? Pallavi, it’s not like that…
– They could’ve killed me. Still I was not afraid. And at that time you didn’t care for me,
you left me alone. I was very scared at that moment. But when you left from there,
I felt more terrified. Pallavi… My love was love at first sight. But now I know
that it was one sided love. Wait. Listen to me…
Pallavi. To defeat him is not as easy as
giving checkmate in chess. Yakub, it’s not like that,
it’s very urgent. Hurry up. Okay. It will take two more days
to repair the bike. Bike must reach home before sister in law starts suspecting. Listen.
I want to talk to you something. My name is Narayan.
I am a friend of Srinivas. Srinivas tried to file
a case against Shiva travels by gathering evidences against him. After knowing this, Shiva murdered him
and made the body disappeared. Everyone knows it
but they are scared to raise their voice. Why are telling all this to me? You are the first person
to raise voice against him. I believe that Srinivas has
kept those proofs secured at somewhere. It must be at his home
or at his factory. If those proofs are found,
no one can save Shiva. I’ll lock you here and
will go to murder your sister in law. Then I’ll be pleased to hit you. I had sent Narayan, you fool. I had killed that
military man for evidences. How foolish of you to think that
I’ll let go the evidences. You should’ve used your brains. Now I’ll send you sister in law
to heavens. Game… Finish. This phone? My battery will work in this phone. Pick up the phone, Darshan. Where is madam? She is checking on highway. Breaking news.
Owner of Shivshakti Travels, Don Shiva’s video is
going viral on social media. It has sent a thrill among public. In this video it can be clearly seen that Shiva has murdered
a retired military officer Srinivas. Shiva you immediately leave the city. If you get arrested,
it will be very difficult to bail you out. Police is looking for you. Shiva, arrest warrant
has been issued against you. We are taking you in our custody. Sir? It’s too much of respect for him. Is it?
Shiva? Come here. Just two minutes, sir. It’s small thing. He got trapped in his own ambush. Shiva, you have killed a military officer. You killed him for the sake of evidences. And he turned his death
into proof against you. I had told you that
we get happy on small things. These days even small kids
have facebook account. One interesting video on it
and everyone starts sharing. Listen. What do you feel? Will I succeed in saving
sister in law in these ten days? As of now you are winning.
Can’t say about future. What if I send him to jail for lifetime? Then you’ll win the game. Because of you
I lost my prestige and fame. And my fear as well. Now I do not have anything to lose. But you have your family, friends, middle class emotions and all. Three days are still left
to conclude this game. His chapter is closed,
he’ll not be out any soon. What next? Until now I was on duty for sister in law. From now onwards I’ll perform the duty
said by my sister in law. Before that I need to do
an important task. Why didn’t you tell me all this? I wanted to
but you didn’t give a chance to tell. Is Shiva arrested?
– He is. Madam? Tell me, Munna. Help me little. I had told you about
my girlfriend Pallavi. You talk to your sister
and fix our marriage. Why should I? She is your sister in law,
you talk to her. Madam? Please talk to Sister. I love Pallavi very much. She feels that hers was love
at first sight, it’s same with me as well. Since I saw her for
the first time on that bus stop, I keep thinking about her. The job that I am doing is just for her. After deducting the expenses from salary,
six thousand will be saved. I’ll give those saved money to her. Then she can spend it as she wishes to. If I didn’t get Pallavi,
I’ll stay unmarried for life. Madam, I just wanted to say this. Further as you wish. Proof is very strong, Shiva.
It is difficult to get the bail. If hearing of case happens,
you’ll certainly be punished. At any cost get me out of here
till tomorrow. For that do whatever is needed. Sorry. Sir. Actually I was going to resume
after ten days. But I finished my task early. I sent Shiva to jail
and I myself am locked in this jail. Your sister in law…
– She doesn’t know anything and she do not need to know anything. This is impossible. You use to proudly say
that your brother in law works in IT firm. He is still a hooligan. And you sold your property
for this useless. I had already told you that
fights do not end easily. Not only him but the people
linked to him are also in danger. I cannot put my daughter in danger. Hold on for a minute, sir. Sister in law, I’ll tell you the truth. I was very happy to see
that you have become responsible. You ruined all my happiness. Very nicely you used
to make an excuse of office. All that was a lie! No, sister in law. Listen to me… I don’t want to hear anything. You made me trust you
and you yourself broke my trust. Now how will you get rid of this all? Never show your face to me again. Sir, I wanted leaves for two more days. What are you doing here? No one will come with me. Hello? You must be wondering that
how I am free bird. I never forget my promise. Where were you when your sister in law
was in my grasp? Come. Where is my sister in law? Listen you elfin don’t bark. Didn’t I tell you that
I’ll not let you die easily? Hence forth mourn in pain
and will regret. If I had killed your sister in law, you would’ve mourn for few days and would’ve forgotten her. That would’ve never pleased me. She will die and you will be
the reason of her death. And you’ll keep regretting that
your sister in law died because of you. This story will end
where it was started. I have hidden your
sister in law somewhere. And her condition is such that it is
hard to say till when she can survive. If she dies, it will be because of you. Since you couldn’t find her. Other than me, no one knows
where your sister in law is. If I stay alive, you’ll find her somehow. But what if I die? No. No. I will win. No! No! Shiva! Shiva! Shiva, open your eyes. Doctor! Doctor? Bullet has hit the back side of his head
and there is lot of blood loss. Reticular activity system is damaged. Patient is in coma. You please make a police complaint. ‘I have hidden your sister in law
somewhere. And her condition is such that it is
hard to say till when she can survive. If she dies, it will be because of you. Since you couldn’t find her.’ Sorry, brother. ‘If she dies, it will be because of you. Since you couldn’t find her.’ We searched all over
but we couldn’t find sister in law. Take care of the patient
and make sure he gets his dose on time. Okay, madam.
– I’ll keep visiting for the checkups. Doctor? When will consciousness be regained? I have told you numerous time
that if patient is in coma, no one can tell when he’ll gain
consciousness. Not even I. Shiva is out of coma. Excuse me, how dare you to came inside.
What are you doing? Tell me where my sister in law is! He can’t answer anything,
he is under recto brain amnesia. He has no memories. I will make him remember even
if I’ll need to kill him. Will you say or I…. Don’t do this, son.
Please. I beg you. He is my only reason to live. Last hope has also failed. Since five days we have searched
every corner of the city. God knows
if sister in law is still between us… Nothing will happen to sister in law! She is still alive. How can you say this? Because it’s my belief! She is my mother. Shiva, your friends or I,
no one can help you. Only you can help yourself. Munna, you never forget
what you see or listen. Recollect that day. You might know where sister is
by remembering the incidents. ‘and if you die, will I win?’ ‘And you’ll keep regretting that
your sister in law died because of you. This story will end
where it was started.’ Where was all this started? Story will end where it was started. Bus. The bus those
were ceased by sister in law. Where are those buses? ‘Send the ceased buses to godown.’ RTO godown. ‘Take the pictures of buses
with same numbers and attach it to documents. File the case.’ Second bus. Second bus. Second bus is not here.
The where is it! You know. Try to remember. Coal tar was on his foot wear. That means road was under construction
where he has been to. But where? Shivshakti parking ground. I took you wrong. Sorry, Munna. Sister in law can apologise
but not mother. At least now hire a maid in our house. Welcome, Mr. Sharma.
My son in law has a job. He is in IT company, at higher position. He earns fifty thousand per month. Where is my groom? Tie it. Other side. Perfect. Okay. Thank you very much. Don’t do so much for me. My mother says that whatever I am today
is all because of you. I can do little for you. Let’s go. It’s time for wedding. Munna is difficult to recognise today.
– Start the wedding. You know my son in law, right? He is a software engineer,
earns very well. My daughter is very fortunate. You are joining your duty
from tomorrow onwards, right? I am on leave for two weeks. I am talking about your duty for me,
sir Munna. That means you too will send me to buy
milk and vegetables early in the morning? We are middle class people! All are one. Okay. So shall we marry? “It’s a family party.”

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