Meet the prototype of our laser-illuminated cinema projector

Meet the prototype of our laser-illuminated cinema projector

In cinema, laser illumination is considered
the biggest technological evolution since the digital cinema revolution. Meet our 55,000-lumen prototype laser cinema
projector. This 4K projector was used during large-screen
demos that Barco organized starting in 2012. For optimal performance, laser light sources
have to be kept at more accurately controlled temperatures compared to lamps. The biggest contribution to the volume of
the total setup comes from the newly designed cooling unit that’s built into the projector
here. This makes the total size of the projection
setup different than what we know from existing digital cinema projectors today. This is true for all types of laser-illuminated
projectors. As you can see, a laser-illuminated projector
still uses a standard cinema lens to project the images from the projection engine onto
the screen. These projectors use the laser light source
to replace the lamp and still focus white light onto the DMD’s. Laser-illuminated projectors for digital cinema
are built to be 100% compliant with existing standards and formats. For the exhibitor, playing back content and
the day-to-day operation of the projector will not be any different. The only differences will be visible on the
screen, by enabling higher brightness and visible on your balance sheet by having a
more efficient light management source which will save you energy and money.

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  1. IMAX screens are silver coated. Can't they act like a mirror and, with time, "hurt" the audience's eyes?

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