Mei’s Bridge – A Film by Charlie  Sporns

Mei’s Bridge – A Film by Charlie Sporns

They seem nice. Mei… you will be fine Mei! Speak English. Mei Chiang- Mai Chiang All right. Jessica Connor present. Dear Father in heaven bless this food you have given We want to thank you from our hearts Will you stay with us and be our honored guests? amen amen How was school? English, please Mei, how was school? Mei… It was fine. Excuse me, Mei? Hi I’m Sylvia Newman. I do English tutoring here at the school. I know it’s uh- Very sudden, but I was asked to see if you may be interested in taking a few sessions with me? Great. I’m looking forward to it. So um I really enjoyed reading ‘Life of Pi’ this summer I loved how the author made the world seem really magical even if all he really was doing was Describing how difficult it was to cross the ocean over to America. Yeah, that was my favorite book. Great. Thank You, Liz. Let’s hear it for Liz. Alrighty, who’s next? Don’t all jump up at once now come on How about you mm-hmm? You. yeah, favorite book? Come on Your first week in Nashville. You not sick of English yet? So do you have a boyfriend back home? Mei… I know it’s really hard at first but Once you start to put yourself out there, and you start to communicate with people it really- it starts to become quite easy. You just you have to make that bridge with people Okay? Can any one of you Sagacious fledglings Tell me what a simile is? How about you? Chang. It is a figure of sp- I’m sorry, what? It is a figure of speech that we use to compare two different things That’s right. good. Did you find it when you went there? What I’m definitely gonna check when I go back, okay, yeah Um Mei, it’s good to see you. Hey all right hey. I’ll see ya all right. Bye Hmm, how’s the work? good. You know what, actually- we’re gonna have to start our session a little bit late today. I forgot my binder at home, so stupid anyways. I just have to run home really quick and grab it Can I come? Um Make yourself at home. I’ll just be a second. May I want to- What’s that? Show me Show me. Let me see. Let me see I’m sorry Look Mei, I know you’re not in an easy situation right now. When I was your age my sister had this boyfriend One time we got caught smoking cigarettes, and I told my mom that they were- Her cigarettes and she told her friends. So- I was terrified to go to school because I thought they were gonna beat me up. Every day I went to school in fear. Mei! Mei, Mei Mei? What you need is a tutor. Tutor-connect is a community of experienced tutors. From language, to mathematics, to music- We cover all ground to help you improve your performance. Get started today, and you may find Not just a tutor, but a mentor. And maybe even a friend.

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  1. POINTLESS CRAP !!!!! Why do all lesbians seem to hate themselves????? 99% of all lesbian themed movies end in death, dismembering,, suicide, despair, ostracizing , etc. ????? Maybe if more LGBT writer/directors would make "upbeat" movies (some, maybe with a happy ending…heaven forbid) more of the community would not think of their situations as hopeless or shameful !! These type of films add to the perpetuation of the stereotype that gay/lesbians are flawed or outcasts. Come on guys/gals…….how about a few "Meg Ryan" type RomComs for the LBGT bro's and sisters out there that need a little pepping up ?????????????????

  2. Whoever made the set designs for this film did a great job, and the actors played their parts so well! The way you could visibly see how tense the mom was and how miserable the girl was, just the films on this channel are absolutely amazing! 💜

  3. I've been binge watching all your movies and i can't help but be mesmerized in an inexplicable way. This is true art, keep it up 🙂

  4. Mie is a wonderful girl if she has someone to talk to , her mum love and support is all she want to be happy,, I don’t know about the Asian community in LGBT but I’m sure that the Middle East is worse for The way of thinking or the acceptance for the gay people ,, I never ever imagine what’s is my parents reaction when I come out !! I will never do this !!!

  5. Look mai if your not up to those meetings I'll be glad to take your place😂😂she looks better than any teacher I had

  6. I remember I was in high school life…i have a feeling when my English teacher in second year level the way she teach she very beautiful face i like her so much…she is merrried 1 child .that time i want to kiss her on my mind. Because that time i was confuse what I am? I mean I am lesbian? After 10years i have been relation on girl for long time….so nice to be kiss the gurl makes me hot hahahahH

  7. I wish they would make more videos to continue the film like what would have happened if the Tudor would have found her after the big scene like what would happen I wanna know 😩😩😩😩😩😩

  8. Can anyone recommend some cute lesbian short films that aren’t plagued with tragedy and turmoil? I’m just trying to watch some cute love stories but all these have me crying in the club

  9. Wasn’t fully about the story but i liked her coming out of the locker, and the scene with her mom got my blood boiling. Great shots as well.

  10. This was extremely fucking sad but I saw it coming from the beginning. I just wish we could see Mei get a happy ending or a nicer tbc. The way it ended I feel like she would either kill her mother, that teacher, or herself. Very open ended. I will imagine her finding a friend in stead and being able to be herself without being told "speak english" or laughed at or beat by her parents. A friend who is there for her during this shitty and difficult time. Yall tryna make me cry 😩😩😭😭

  11. I haven't come out yet but if my mother ever slapped me for liking girls I'd call CPS, no joke.

    Also at 12:44, why a locker? You could of ran ibto the bathroom, an empty classroom, into a large group of people, yet you chose the tightest, most uncomfortable space with the least amount of air, and the highest chance of suffocation. logic has left the chat

  12. One of the best short films I’ve seen in my life and the women who played mei did a brilliant job☺️❤️✨

  13. I'm appalled at her mom, what a uncaring bitch! So what that your daughter is falling for a woman all she should worry about is that her daughter finds someone special. Gender is irrelevant when it involves your zing!

  14. yeah that teacher is hot id probably try and go for it too, but my whole body cringed when she pushed her off so maybe not

  15. talks with parents: not a fucking word of english
    sees a hot teacher: suddenly want to speak all of the english

  16. It's a very well-portrayed movie with impeccible story writing. Great production, hope to see more projects from you guys. 🙂

  17. i am so sorry but i can not watch this with this woman’s lipstick the way it is😂 i can’t take anything seriously

  18. i feel low-key uncomfortable
    i mean
    im bisexual
    but teacher and student relationships??
    i dunno, im pretty sure thats illegal

  19. 12:36

    🎶 3:30, in the afternoon
    I should be doing my homework, inside my own room
    But, bad luck, got me messed up
    I'm in the locker room and now I'm stuck, guess I’m a goner now🎶

  20. ok i haven’t watched the vid yet but here’s what i got from the comments
    1. lipstick
    2. she kissed a teacher..but it’s okay because…she only wants affection?
    3. more lipstick
    4. m a s t e r b a t i o n
    5. miranda sings

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