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romana It’s no exaggeration to say that these women live their life Essentially a slain mice are there Damn, I’m sure reception will improve once we get this past miss Prescott No, I mean do we think the warlords and up with her? God sound just because I’m here for an election year fought Olaf We’re wasting our time. It only takes one pebble to start an avalanche Thanks What the hell is this I’ll give a lot 1 to Camelot – what’s the holdup I’ll take care of it in a second Jones is down Holy beating on your watch I like your watch. May I see it? You can imagine what can happen to a pretty thing like you in these mountains that Depends on the President of the United States or is you calling daddy? Kendall When I’ll be there in 10 minutes Bring me up to speed Bobby two hours ago. The first artists convoy was hit by militants in the mountains their gangs our province Approximately 30 minutes ago the White House My country isn’t disarray We need a strong leader to united and that Leader shall be me. But I need your help. I ask of the US The rivals pretenders to the throne and install me as a legitimate president Do not play me for the fool if I see as much as one drone what And I’ll start nailing pieces Holy fuck Yeah, that about says him Tell me the president isn’t nowhere near the situation. Oh, he wants blood but has recused himself Now as far as the press is concerned he’s going through a routine medical procedure The good news is we’ve managed to keep him in on the kidnapping so far. So what do we know about this woman? She’s one of five significant warlords in the territory now We don’t know her place of origin date of birth or if Orca is even a real name what we do know is she trusts no men except for her right hand record matters koa their base of Operations is a former Soviet prison. It’s a virtual fortress The locals call it the Citadel frontal assault is out. This isn’t bin Laden’s condo and a body bag She’d be dead why we still trying to kick in the front door Well that leaves us with the longshot infiltration. Now the problem with that is other than Grigory. She’s completely paranoid about all men I mean her psych evaluation says that it’s almost pathological on resort a militias. Got it So she’d be doubly on guard if some strange men started knocking at her door What did she feel about women or hate is unisex? She thinks women are weak and underestimate them then that’s who we go with use her prejudice against her We don’t have any one man I mean at least not qualified the military changed a position a woman in combat too soon for this one in our own people anyone, who could is too embedded and then even if we could get them out without blowing their cover or getting them killed we couldn’t Do any time? We just need to think outside the box in this case We’re more accurately Inside the box Satu weeks up already today I’ve been waiting for today clay NATO he only got two weeks in the hole girls still stuck in a firmly Breathing through a goddamn – I told her what would happen if she didn’t stop shaking me down You don’t think you gotta pay me treat me like everybody else around here No And what was with the Lackey? You should have told me to my face Oh Clay, you know I prefer talking about people behind they bet I Just want my goddamn paper Kassandra clay what? Here kitty-kitty fuck off big gotelli, I’m working I’ll pay every penny you’re worth. Hmm Camp Morgan. Yeah Little privacy, please. I’ll be keeping an eye out on you. Hey big face You’ll do Nathan funk CIA. Give me a moment Nice trick Mona Raven I knew it was just a matter of time before you came crawling back Cutie pie Office park Surprise Ladies I hope you excuse the rough treatment, but time is money mainland Fong explosives Ordinance Disposal Qualified multi-engine pilot. I also play piano Then you turn self-styled techno anarchists blew up what you described at the trial as a crooked Wall Street bank sentenced to 15 years What’s a Chinese girl know about making bombs? Anyway, oh the Chinese invented gunpowder Or did they not teach you that in the trailer park mrs Catherine Morgan Marine Corps qualified scout sniper 10 years for shooting up your boyfriend’s truck while he and his mistress were in it shocker. Not that great of a job You missed if I wanted them dead. I would have only needed two rounds. I was just teaching that cheating bastard lesson Cassandra clay part of the pilot program to prove that women can serve in combat Ranger School The Delta you’re even giving command of your own little unit a real old GI Jane Until you lost half your team in Afghanistan attacked your Co 25 years from nearly killing him you broke his arm broke his legs one in four places Broke three ribs, which resulted in puncturing his long. You squashed his eye socket Take credit for all of that. He was also hit by a truck when you threw him into it and then at your court-martial Not one peep. The why I Couldn’t recall Saving the best for last Raiden I’m not gonna tell you a real name Agency courtesy and all that and I’d crush your fucking throat You’ve seen everybody’s dirty laundry. I think it’s time. They see yours. You see Raven was one of us We taught her how to seduce and kill and she did it. Well very well Until she started moonlighting as a hit woman for hire Private sector pay good. We want to turn our backs on that but then you killed one of ours that Paid even better. You’re all pieces of shit But today you’re lucky pieces of shit because Uncle Sam wants you Uncle Sam must be really fucking desperate The president’s daughter was kidnapped by an amazonian She bitch But she has her hostage in some castle In the backwoods of shit Holliston and she wants us to prop her up his new head of state We’re gonna tell her go to hell first. We need to get the lease back. So this is the reason I’m putting this team together cat long-range interdictions communications male in explosives Raven close quarters wet work clay Tactical training in command you get in grab the girl get out simply Just the four of us no backup, right Simple it’s kind of like a suicide mission. Well, that’s why we’re sending in you for a lovely what’s the job pay we’ve been authorized to give each of you a full presidential pardon and Even you Raven with potential to be reinstated in your previous positions, of course That’s gonna depend on the success of the mission. How does that sound captain? What happens if we say? No If you say no then you go back to your hole and you serve maximum sentence We might even put a few more charges on top of that depending on how vindictive The president feels when his daughter comes home in several small packages So, what’s it gonna be ladies When do we start we already have I brought you some food, huh? Did the cup char your chicken May not be a state dinner But it’s more than virtually every resident here eats in a day You shouldn’t waste it. The United States doesn’t do any negotiations For the masses no but for you The rules are different And there’s virtually no price your father wouldn’t pay to get you back What makes you think that he won’t bomb you even further to the Stone Age if something happens to me? So educated yet, so knave the bullying Americans invading another poor nation for revenge Not in an election year the Exit now silly girl Step away she’s dead Try anything funny they’ll slit your throat go ahead slit my throat I give you permission Neither am I How disappointing I Promise not to harm you not yet, but you do understand that insolence cannot go unpunished Someone else has to be punished Feel free Though changing rooms bashful ours You wanna unhook the back Ladies better than prison jumpsuits, isn’t it? We put together something special for each of you that suits your individual tastes German-made blaser r93 bolt-action sniper rifle shoots of 338 in the full Magnum five round low We’ve customized if you can the Harris bipod attachment and a 4 by 32 Tactical milled out scope with a ballistics computer built into the optics Twin Glock 19 Issued nine millimetre parabellum zone 14 round clip just the way I remember them come to me girls Triggers are broken in These aren’t mine. Your originals are in my office. I have them made into paper rates No problem. I’m sure I’ll find a way to break these in and show you them. I Say you should mark for dental issues package C Pat Micro detonators proximity and radio frequency switches and next ratio subjects Can see a long it’s undetectable to all correctly on just yes dang else What no toys for me anybody can tell you’re a purist so you figured the best thing with you was to keep things simple M1911a1 45 colt old-school gun one old school girl Woman and then woman You put your shirt up funny what is that The universal access number you get into trouble you dial this number any phone in the world? It will ring back here and this chip is undetectable to any metal detector It’s my thing of it ah Fuck we haven’t the old school memorization Ladies your carriage arrives That piece of shit Hey you began to Tajikistan hope to impress meant her color of Dickey. Mm-hmm. What decade the eighties I Am this number one in import/export organza yes not so handsome The important thing is that he says he can get you into the Citadel how I have men on inside when possible His second cousin to third sister’s husband, but I know him like first cousin to second sister’s husband and for like rice He looks other way Any more questions? Yeah What’s to stop us from splitting the moment we hit the road You mean like the micro explosive that’s implanted subdermal II and your carotid when you were all knocked out Are you serious? No We don’t need insurance. Look at you. This is what you were built for No to Citadel is swarming with the pros is best of all Oh oh my God, what is that gasps piss? No, no. No, it’s not. Yes. Let’s go Do you really trust this guy as much as I trust you? So what do we do with a luta Livre, the brass wants to ask her a few choice questions before they shove her and hit dark deep hole Sorry for ruining your fun. The lease is the objective rescue her and your freaky Clocks tickin We have song in America, he’s a Christmas son. He’s very stupid song is a Adolf reindeer with red nose, you know, this song is about mutant Reindeer with Bioluminescent north/south cast is freaky all the reindeer they make fun of you So let’s pretend we’re real military again chain of command and everything Let’s rescue Princess Peach. Let’s get our pardons. It’s just never see each other again Run the crypto check pretty please Charlie 2 3 this is Foxtrot. Wanted to crypto check over Why are we slowing down Zulu the guts patrols, huh? Are they I handily No, no, we keep cool we Cameras Cameras for calling us in guns away hide your face Cock Tila merchandise Merton Oh See Mattson dice I’m going to need to sample your merchant You you don’t want this and these women the good for housework on me They have the disease Make your dick fall Just a blowjob there I like this one. No one that gave me a blowjob. I Asked you a question. Here’s your fucking answer It’s clay What’s going on encountered hostel’s transpose out of commission we lost ves and the contact Recommend we abort mission That’s a negative. I Repeat, I’ll write a shit cannon. We have no leads a mission is fucked strongly recommend we abort in less than 24 hours care packages with bits of the first daughter is going to start showing up at Pennsylvania Avenue, you’re smart just find another way to get in use your feminine charms Charlie to 3m It’s like we’re walking ladies Talk about your shit holes. I haven’t had a functioning government with the Soviet Union one can hardly expect me to maintain a structure Well done Thanks American yeah, come to save us Not exactly. I love America. You guys all have the best stuff the best movies. We even have single up Hey be gone kid. You don’t look like army. We’re not Your mercs, aren’t you? I knew it. I’m Lexie. You should let me join up with you I’ll help you and then you bring me back to America with you deal Look, okay. We’re not nice women. We’re not going on some fun adventure We got to do some very bad things to some very bad people and it’s no place for a teenager. I can take it. I got skills to pay bills Be gone kid Was that really necessary unless you want to be responsible for that girl’s life. Yeah it was Contact HQ that Mona no that we made it to tell How did shatter a screen? Shit my Sat phone Let’s see You take the doors I’ll meet you around back Take your badge What I would have made from that would like to help we need this that was some nice work done Up There back to being again Okay But you’ll never get into the Citadel not without me but is why you’re here, right? Arica What do you know about it? I know that ever since yesterday’s security has been title than ever Something think is going on or week is going to be very cautious fortunately, I have an idea I Could run again every week on Rica sins attract to the foot and every week that truck comes back Always on the same day today What’s inside don’t know? Sometimes guns sometimes medicine but always valuable And I know exactly what route they take Lexi You want to be on the team I still think you guys should have let me use a bigger charge All right, Annie Oakley you’re up Target has been diverted Well, you gonna use that piece of shit on me Keeping body count to a minimum You’re no fun clay What are you gonna do You know what Hold that trigger, I open a vein Thank you for saving my ass mail in my pleasure Raven Domo that’s Japanese, bitch Wow kind of missiles are these ICBM which is Intercontinental ballistic missile with a minimum range of more than 5,500 kilometers primarily designed for nuclear weapons delivery Well, I guess I know what to get you for your birthday Yes, my Christmas wish We’re not taking that right Then we’re not keeping those either mainland where you gonna play well, looks like we found our calling card so Let’s get into character start Colin Rikka what they told us There’s something Thank you for returning my shipment You burn 30 seconds of my time. I suggest you use it to persuade me not to shoot you Absolutely We could have kept this bad boy and sold what was inside but that would be peanuts compared to what we have to offer which is if you don’t Fanni pump daughter of Kong Feng shooey the industrialist Third richest man in China, you broke at the deal we split the ransom Checking identity online Shut up Your offer is enticing Now explain why it makes sense to me to not just kill you now and keep all the ransom for myself. Well, that’s an option But you’d be missing out on a very lucrative partnership Pong is just the introductory offer See, we’re good at acquiring high-value packages like this We just hate the paperwork. Well, you’ve come at a very inopportune time for me I’m not sure I want to take on you distractions If you don’t want the easy payday, I’m sure one of your rivals will be interested You knew coming in here that I would never get to give such a prize to any other Do you see money? Oh No, you you don’t want to shoot us well At least not me Not if you want to know what I changed the missiles aren’t disarm codes, too You can see without those high These are about as effective as a couple of sparklers What makes you think that I won’t torture them out of you? Oh, I know you will. I Just I don’t know if you’ve got the time Good That’s the difference between men and women Brains not thick-headed muscle, but I could keep pushing Because I know you will flinch first But it’s so rare to meet such industrious women So for right now, I think it’s more exciting if I Say deal Deal Craigory have the ICBM taken to the airfield and noted on the plane. I wanted ready to ship as soon as Afonso wipers You and your associates come with me and let’s ham out the details of our arrangement Up. Nope, right you kids. Sorry. You stay here. What’s that’s fucking bullshit I told you about this truck is about my idea Stealing my truck was your idea What’s your name girl Lexi Gregory show Lexi our gratitude Find this thing don’t do it again Oh, I almost forgot for being incompetent enough to be foiled by little girls plants And why don’t we go to the new VIP suite come on Why don’t you make sure Lisa gets home safe that was never be a go sightseeing anyway good Find something to do So what y’all do for fun around here As you can see your country sworn terror has been excellent for us Suicide vests, uh, uh Can’t give away trade secrets to a stranger Well, just as well. We’re business partners We use the sealed gelatin explosive package of emic ball bearings designed to pass right through metal detectors and Bob slivers before brothers in the Middle East fighting the imperialistic in their whatever those crazies say, but They paying cash. So if the fools want signature virgins that bag my concern If I were you I would avoid your shopping malls for the next few weeks Ladies I spared no expense Only I know the code to these call me paranoid What is this business in a sense the oldest business Prostitution every woman under my care are required to perform so money can only buy a man’s loyalty for so long. So If you really want to control Control the choice person in the region and the rest is easy. Well you better hope the choice pussy keeps getting themselves locked up Well, of course Sooner or later every woman winds up in my presence Here we are a new resident Now the villagers will revolt says you can’t your sister oh, yes the chambermaid from yesterday Oh Gregor I didn’t make a mess of her and then to just dump the body on the side of the river Mica quarry is done with her. She’ll be as obedient as a fool You like to watch good thing, let’s go next time Stick to the plants soldier we can’t save her Police is the mission. I Don’t know the bigger bitches you hurt I Want to be upfront with you miss clay, I don’t trust you So, why did you medicine well, let it never be said that I put paranoia before profit Well Listen, it keeps you busy When you just email me your schedule and we can do this another day, but we haven’t even gotten to know each other Your accent American Your posture your past military forgive me for being curious My army days are long gone Dishonorable discharge Go on I Had 20 good men underneath me not a prick of a CEO He said that women in combat were a joke So he would give us missions that were more and more complicated. Hoping that I would fail and every time I succeeded It just really pissed him off One day he tasked us with clearing a cave complex and was Ariston Well, we walked in and we were looking at a hundred fighters that was the beginning of 14 hours of hell At the end of which I was one of the lucky ones. I only caught two bullets Come to find out my Co was intentionally withholding Intel 11 good men died because he couldn’t stand to see a woman in charge So when I got out of the hospital I put him in one I Knew there was something I liked about you clay Your boss lady says we should make ourselves at home At home I I never liked to drink around We are part of an elite sorority Women that have earned the common man So tell me How did you earn yours? my father He was a great military leader But he would never have given me the power like he would have son So I shot him in the eyes and I took it But then I realized staying on top That’s a challenge. Very true Everyone wants to steal your power So I’ve learned to distrust everyone So forgive me for asking clay Why of all days did you come today? Well, we didn’t have the bomb yesterday perhaps Perhaps there’s more to it than that I don’t know what to tell you Well, I can easily have my men make you tell me But for a kindred spirit I prefer a different approach Hey there Phelps Okay favorite Yummy in here’s to the hole that never heals the more you like it I Have a high-profile prisoner one that I’m sure will attract at least one rescue attempt And here you are right on schedule Be truthful with me and I’ll be lenient even generous I Don’t know what you’re talking about That’s a bit of a lie your background that wasn’t Your country may have faith in you But I think you must faith don’t happen isn’t there something you would like? to get off your chest I Win again Jo ass was really open for that knife of the river, huh, and you I’m gonna give you a free tip Stop with that blinking shit. Everybody knows I mean, you ain’t got none Sati sati, you gonna have to wait till next hand to be dealt anybody I don’t them Even if the stakes are high and the game is rigged Oh Elsa But first I need you to call your boss You know, I’m not to be disturbed discussing business Where were we Come on Okay girls, let’s calm down it’s time Go to the end of the hall turn left Go down to doors Make a right Hi Clear go Maislin it’s me. Trying to keep it quiet About time Keep it quiet. She says you keep it quiet Yeah Why aren’t light no, boom no bang no fun Oh, what is Elise Elise Prescott. Yes step back from the door Jehovah’s Witness, can we talk about Jesus Christ? Come on? You guys better get moving, okay Raven how are we in the motor pool? I got your cover clay Okay, just keep on that track. You got a clear path. Yeah Anybody to make it up good Get the light my weapon by weapon Clay you owe me a bottle of single-malt What the fuck am I gonna do with a party clay get a job Find mr. Right You and I both know damn well I’ll be back in a box within a year So I made a change to the plan mm-hmm made a last-minute deal with Grigory Not that he was in any position to argue Eureka agreed Meet my new minister of tourism Yeah I’m gonna wine and dine all the Americans Get them to make their movies here He’ll might even fuck George Clooney With the strategy We’re gonna run for it he’s here you play We’re gonna are you crazy police trust me you can do this There’s drama Oh Take her to her cell the other to do as you please was that American? Hey Gotti the Girl that helped them. What was her name? Let’s see. Ah Thanks Come far Yeah This is always a longshot Pack it up head back here really surprised that you got as far as you did. There’s nothing more you can do for them Oh Hi Okay, don’t go to sleep okay, I’m gonna take you to America okay, you can go to the mall We’re gonna watch crappy movies on cable TV You can go to the prom You know all those things that teenagers are supposed to do, okay? Oh What he’s gonna pick on her You know what the problem is with Chinese cuisine too much MST X.x. I’ll stay and watch But I’ve got Iran North Korea and allocate are very interested in paying for the honor of killing the first daughter Grigory they’re all yours. Enjoy You don’t have the order to survive on this Motto Let the failure of this one the return This one there’s a place Boy load the top – key hmm Next time do it yourself It’s a fucking dick off She’s having are you here for us or do you just need us for at least I mean three Everything so what’s the plan where you go PMS from hell on this place? Okay our new South here Okay, Maitland hit it Clay Marika I have owned other business. Well, then you better unarmed them with Fisher Get the bread So what I’m your bitch now? You are whatever I’m paying you to me I Know the perfect woman for this job Take your time good god that much Huh Now what Yeah, Jesus how many lives you have I was right on them had them and then there was a tunnel it imploded I don’t even Even any closer would be scoping out with a spatula? Can lose her head to go back. Listen, even if you could get through you’d never catch up Hey the service we’re really boring that use the same blueprints for all of their prisons Okay Am I really the only one who reads Cold War Architectural Digest? Okay. What is the point? Okay the tunnel It leads to structure a church. I think in the village right below us this tunnel. Yep. Okay, great I’ll get us some wheels. Come on Oh Rica I won’t shoot if I were you She’s bluffing Hand her over Or we all die You wouldn’t harm her She’s submission the whole reason you came And you don’t want to die do you girl Come on, sweetie. Tell the nice lady. How scared you are Go home Please how much would you give to stuff Ulrika from ever hurting another woman? Everything me too That is dollar you can cover How are you waiting for that shit Hey kitty cat you gonna sit there and admire you are you gonna shoot that My room is crooked. Maybe you should try some basic drive here one Stop your bickering. You too You want a piece of driving? Hang on bitches? They got a rocket launcher, okay, I’ve got um fell on you no pressure two rounds Wow with the 1911 from a moving vehicle or rocket launcher Don’t tell me a limb but he’s aiming for the driver Okay, that’s got to be your plate Claire we playing for girls good like an asian chick gives happy endings Why am I not surprised Okay Ladies and bitches, this is your captain speaking There’s an Asian woman behind the wheel we’ve been cleared to taxi Bonnie’s Your panties on See you next Tuesday Oh Be fun you couldn’t even save your team Not yet, I haven’t Oh We have to take her back Coming back to prison Cell my trafficking isn’t good enough I need eyes on a plane I don’t care if you need F twenty-twos from the fucking moon just do it You know that a-hole you are saving Paul Ricca you think oh you’ll need is a shoebox The razor that bitches wings of an cliff She’s dead as a dodo I Got shot. I have a bullet in my shoulder Ma’am jet is fueled when you go Mr. Prescott, let’s get you out of here. Your dad’s waiting for you Thank you I’m gonna make sure that my father something to help all the weapon here Really help them. Not just some PR stunt Paley’s, yukkuri. I want to be part of the team He’s a great addition somebody’s gonna make sure you guys get your pardons Helluva job clay you and your team Got another assignment for you you interested Maybe tomorrow I owe these niggas dream straight about real ladies night summer in this place Oh You’ve gotta kill the inside You

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