Meri Shaadi | Film | Mooroo

Meri Shaadi | Film | Mooroo

Now since I’m getting married so
I’m also planning for the future. Out of which one is that this top
section which was only used by me. Has to available for my wife too. So first of all I took off all the
nude girl pictures from the walls. Other than that needed a TV which TCL
gave us so in the amount it’s for… …in that amount there is no
competitor that can beat this. So Daniyal Sheikh from Karachi
Vynz has asked me a question. Why should a human get married
or why did you marry? What was the need you felt
and why did you do it? My mother had told me to get
married from a long time period? Meaning that since I completed my studies
since then my mothers friends used to get their daughters to the house to look for
an opportunity for arranged marriage. But I wasn’t a good sample
for arranged marriage. One that the career that I
had chosen this artistic career this is considered
to be risky career. Secondly the weird
answers I gave to their questions never inspired
much confidence in me. Okay son tell me your routines? What time do you sleep nowadays? Aunty nowadays I’m busy with a project so I
stay up all night and sleep in the day. It’s something like this now. Okay son. What are your plans for making money? Aunty if the work is giving
less money but if you like it so you can even live
in a simple life style. Son do you smoke cigarettes? No no aunty no such habit of smoking
but I’m addicted to music. Meaning that the aunties got
such weird answers from me that they were forced to keep
their daughters away from me. And it was good as I
wasn’t ready for marriage. And whatever people may say only you
know when your ready for marriage. I had to prove myself I had
to stand up on my own feet. I had to make my mistakes
and learn from them. So I wasn’t ready, some parents
know their children too well. Me who didn’t listen to my parents
where my profession was concerned wanted to take my own
decision regarding my wife. And from this approach I got my
wife who is an independent woman. Is from my own field and is an artist. And most of all is a beautiful person it’s a love marriage and I wasn’t judged in it. Only the two of us decided that we want
to spend the rest of our lives together. And I think that was the only way for
me, don’t see any other possible way. I’m in Deepak Perwani so we’re
here to check Mooroo’s kurta. This isn’t the kurta this is the under
sherwani whose side shoulders seem a little longer but since no one will ever see this
therefore I’m not making a fuss over it. Nobody is going to come and tell
me your not looking good see this. Brother Mooroo what are you getting? Sherwani, suit, kulla is there. Clothes for my marriage. So today is the first event of the wedding
so we’re calling it musical evening. Mostly we have Mehndi’s instead
of this but since I’m not fond of dancing and arranging
dance practices is a hassle. So we have set up a stage behind
where my friends Jimmy Khan, Shamoun Ismael, Rakae Jamil, Ali
Sethi will request them to sing. I hope they will sing today
and I will sing too. Excited. Wife has just landed. -Will you ever get married?
-No. -No, won’t ever get married?
-No, it’s too expensive buddy. It’s too expensive.
Ahsan how many kids do you have? I have two kids will be starting
the production of the third soon. The production of the third is in progress. -Will be starting.
-Pre-production. I’m taking interest in pre-production. Will you have an arranged or love marriage? -Love one.
-Love one. -Hmm.
-Have you found her? -It’s in process.
-It’s in process. -Yours was an arranged marriage?
-Yes arranged, no. -You didn’t meet on your own?
-No, no. -Parents introduced you’ll?
-My aunt as mother wasn’t there. So I did everything myself my
wife used to like me not me. This boy has come here to do Ishti Bishti. He told me there is a jam or party but
still I wore Mehndi clothes and came. The aunties are sitting on the front side
and the uncles on this side over here they’re talking about politics over there
they’re talking about couples and servants and kids. Now we’re at the girls side where
me and Ali Gul Pir two girls are present. At this time. Aunty see here. Hi my little girl. One more. Wow, wow, wow. Hmm, this scene should
have come a little later. I don’t know about that transition. Yuck!
Looks like a marriage video now. This scene has become too
long, should have cut it. Now here another cheapster transition. I’m a completely unconscionable man. Cut this brother. Cut. Yes, I’m editing the marriage vlog and to
tell you’ll the truth I’m not enjoying it. So much has happened
between all of us and this, vlog is not able to throw
light on all of it. Just like Amaanullah said in the
MoltyFoam video. Such a big ocean but we can
only see it from the top. What all is inside of
it what do we know sir? Meaning under the decoration of the wedding
what happened that we came to this point. The last stop of train of love where if you
get down then you can’t go anywhere else. Why, people don’t get divorced? They do I was just getting a
little romantic for the vlog. -Mum has sent pulao.
-Oh I love her pulao. -How many characters will you play in it?
-At least one or two. -Okay show me.
-Here you go check the rough cut. See it’s not so in a humans case that he
may appear all of a sudden from the sky. Or may just come out from the land. Or you may find it hanging from a
tree and you may take it home. A human is born as an infant on this earth. And is dependent on another
adult human being. He has too learn a lot from this world,
he has to learn to walk. He has to learn the language
and then he has to learn some profession that may
give him some space in this world. Then at the age of
20 to 25 a human comes to such a stage where he can
take his own decisions. What after that? 20 to 25 more years
after that and the old age begins. In that old age even after knowing all of
this a human becomes estranged to all of it. He has to be taken care of by someone,
this is a complete human being. What are his needs and what
society needs to be made for him? This is a question, one it can be that
you may have a contractual relationship. In which you may spend a couple of years
together and then it comes to an end. But in this the needs of a
complete human are not completed. Because in the nights you need someone
who stays up for the children and who may take care of someone
in their old age is also needed. In my thoughts these words of
Mr. Abidi were echoing that all of a sudden
in my life Eruj came. And this girl had a very different style. The breeze from the padestal
fan touched her hair as a soldier touches his
gun before the war. Firstly. Secondly at least pronounce my
name properly in your vlog. I’m just doing it for the drama and I
will get the pronounciation right too. E. Ruj. E. Eruj Yes what happened? See this. -This is how you actually met me.
-Yes that’s true but… -I was just dramatizing a bit buddy.
-Excuse me. Mooroo this is reality it’s not a
sketch our names are being used. Where is the real footage of the wedding? That will be coming in a while you take
this pad and write the feedback on this. See the vlog once I mean the short film. Then tell me. Fine. And that’s when she dumped me. Brother my heart has been
broken before as well. But in Eruj’s case I
feel a little different. Something like if this opportunity
goes by it won’t ever come back. I’m not a very sentimental sort of a person
but with her it felt as if this time, would go by nicely. Time, the tyrant that
does not stop for anyone. And my age is also increasing. Have started getting
white hair in my beard. Until when will this heart loaf about. I feel this heart has
found it’s destination. Okay. Firstly he never proposed
and secondly where you got this model from she doesn’t
even know to walk in heels. You write down the feedback see the
whole thing once you will like it. Okay fine. -What’s this scene?
-This is now. -When did you shoot this?
-Just now. -Your going to put this on edit now?
-Yes I put it on edit then now it’s coming. -Then when?
-Just now. What? Buddy I’m going mad
with this, cut this. I will tell you’ll what
happened in reality. I met Mooroo at one of his
music video projects. But unfortunately at the shoot your
physical appearance goes from bad to worse. And the first time I met
him in girl clothing. That’s was when he fell for me. Hi. -And tried to hide it.
-Hi. But I understood. We look for all those qualities in our
significant other that we found in our parents. And on the contrary we want our significant
other to improve on all the mistakes. That our parents made on us. Love makes us erase the already done. -Just this much till now.
-It’s really good I love the character. And the cinematography is
also good the edit is almost complete and in the colour grade
his face shall also be seen. Okay that’s fit thank you that’s all I need
a little encouragement and all gets done. Yes but your typography is bad
but I’ll get that sorted. And do this fast the wedding
season is going to get over. Okay it’ll be done in 10 days. -In seven days.
-Okay fine. Reminds me of my mother. Oh my handsome son see you can’t go
for weddings in casual clothes– But mum in these clothes– See your father he is looking
so nice in these clothes learn to tie the double knot you
will look so smart go get ready. -Okay I’m coming in 10 minutes.
-Not 10 minutes five minutes come fast. Okay in five minutes. So in todays wardrobe. We have Ambassador’s custom
fitted suit, I don’t remember where I bought this tie from, the
shirt is from Deepak Perwani. These shoes are from Baldinini
with which I ordered socks from Ali Express formal socks don’t
need to buy any special socks I thought. This is my double knot of the tie. It’s the power that a suit gives you. I feel it. Wife needs a tissue roll and
a tissue box from down. So the husband is performing his duties. (indistinct dialogue) Most girls love make up
and I’m mostly like most girls. But I remember the first
time I applied kajal to my eyes after that my natural eyes
seemed smaller to me. I remember the first time
I straightened my hair. After that I never liked my
naturally wavy hair that much. This is how make up deceives
or cheats you in a big way. It makes you hate what your born with,
so don’t bullshit yourself. Everyone praises you when you stay all
dressed up, what’s the big deal with that? With such a lot of make up
you will look nice obviously but I like my face only when
I take off the make up. -Hi baby.
-Hi! -Hi baby.
-Didn’t you wear any make up? Then one day this also happened. What? Why are you back so early? -I was just about to come.
-The show got over that’s why came back. No there was an hour left. Actually you had to reach
an hour earlier for the show now the show is
over and I’ve come back. Mooroo I’m so sorry buddy my meeting
went on for too long I tried my best. It’s okay your meetings your busy nevermind
it doesn’t make any difference to you. And that’s not true I’m
sorry what happened? Nothing happened it was just the worst
show of my life, that’s all that happened. That’s all. Okay and you yesterday
when the drone crashed you had a deadline today
also you had a meeting. Mooroo you even have your things to do. Yes but I don’t shut you out right? If I call you at least I
answer your call right? Mooroo I’m sorry stop
saying these things okay we can we can do something and stop smoking.
What are you doing? No buddy you do this that you don’t care.
Why do you care if I’m smoking? -Does anything even bother you a bit?
-Buddy please stop it. You don’t care and what stop it? -You don’t care.
-Then tell me how to care? Buddy haven’t you written
two fights together. Huh? This is the black jeans that you wanted me
to wear has been eaten up by the leech. This I was going to wear
originally as I was thinking of it to be a colourful
scene and I liked it. Bought this wedding bed
sheet worth 50,000. There is no drama there is only love. (indistinct dialogue) I was so stressed on the event dates that I
mistakenly bought tickets for Islamabad. In those days tickets were
so expensive so I thought I would take a bus from
Islamabad to Lahore. I’m a postive thinker so thought
of the loss as a profit. And in Islamabad my most
favourite people live. Have heard the tea shop
has great juice as well. That is so not sweetened. It’s real, coming to Islamabad didn’t go
that bad my wife got to wear her overcoat. Wife wanted to wear it
but was saying people will judge me. In Islamabad nobody judges you. Why would they judge? It gets cold there
and people even wear their coats. And these two are also found there. These are those favourite people
I was mentioning earlier. Karachi to Islamabad, Islamabad
to Lahore, Lahore to Karachi, Karachi to Lahore
and then back to Karachi. Did you like the itinerary? So I’ve reached Karachi from Lahore
and it isn’t as cold here three of my friends have come from Lahore
and I’ll tell you the story of this finger. I was flying the drone in Lahore and I
tried to catch the flying drone and this finger got stuck in the propeller
of the drone so it’s in bad shape. So I’ve hid it a little. There’s more Lahore
representation in Karachi then there was Karachi
representation in Lahore. So I’m a little disappointed with my friends
from Karachi but what can I do now? Their weddings are also coming up I won’t
go for it just kidding love you guys. Ladies and gentleman
Ahsan Ahmed, Mashallah! The shoes are so fit. One of the three
people who have come from Lahore. Most important person as he is not only a
friend but cousin as well double dose. With us in the entourage
we have Momo Khan. I’m just a single friend. Ali Gul Pir hasn’t come as yet as he didn’t
get water in his house so he couldn’t take a shower so better than the stinking
Ali Gul Pir the late Ali Gul Pir is better. This sherwani that you’ll can see will be
used by me for the first and last time today as it will be worn once by me I can’t
wear these sort of clothes again. I feel as a limited Terminator style
as I can’t move properly. Sometimes he says there are no
flowers on the car brother Mooroo. Then he says don’t speak you
have to stay quiet and sit. You can’t say congratulations
until Eruj Bibi doesn’t arrive. This is our tradition we should hold
on to our cultural things right? -Yes.
-Yes Ahsan. This is part of the culture. Seriously this from the older people
like in our times it was like this. The night went the talk went and
the era and times also went. Today is honeymoon. On the honeymoon do you eat Saag?
What’s there to eat on the honeymoon? Before the honeymoon you
drink milk and eat rice pudding which is called
rice pudding chalai. I’ve put the waistband myself
today it took me 10 minutes to put it but it’s a special
waistband check this. A bride was going by her when she turned
and saw her it came out to be Faiza Saleem. Just in case if I’m lost at sea then the
breeze would sail and take me along. I think that’s why it’s there. (indistinct dialogue) Zainab. -This.
-This look. What? Are you serious? Yes yes. This is like a jail, basically. Symbolizes that this is a jail. (indistinct dialogue) But of flowers meaning he will be
comfortable but it’s a commitment. -Walk Mooroo walk fast where here?
-Here. -Here?
-Here. Where? Up. Chicks and girls all
over from today. But wrist watches on. -What advise should be given for marriage?
-I would advise him to focus on music. But focus more on this
marriage life of yours now. Okay and then make music
inspired from it. Meaning you sing Tapay’s now you
know what I’m trying to say? Yes. I have no life path just get married and get
others married only this is left in life. If your wife asks you to sleep on the couch
then do it, nothing happens with this. -That’s all.
-You’ll have to lessen out the chick check. Definitely it’s over this
is our responsibility now. (indistinct dialogue) Now the chick checking will
be done by us me and Ducky and Sammo. Please come and let me give you
a tour of Mooroo’s wedding. And along with it we will ask the guests
what advise they would like to give Mooroo? Right this way what advise
would you like to give Mooroo? Sir I would say he should eat
onions and chillies mostly. I just want to say get married. Advise the correct answer
is yes to everything. See I never got married
so I can only tell you do all that I didn’t
do at the wedding. Advise is that the wife is always right. Brother Mooroo is married now
he should give me advise now. Mooroo gives advise to the whole world what
advise we may give him just stay married. Okay don’t let it go. We can’t give him any advise. Just follow the Ishti Bishti system. Buddy the advise I would like to give
Mooroo is that time has gone by Mooroo. -That time has gone by okay.
-He can’t check chicks now. He can check chicks out but
he can’t check mate now. -That’s all.
-Good one. It’s interesting to note that guys get these
sort of advise at the time of marriage. But women aren’t bourned about it they’re
not told to keep it in their pants. It’s cause girls aren’t like that. Why? Girls also get frustrated. We also have a heart and harmones. But it’s so easy to just be attracted to
someone, actually that’s the easiest part. I totally agree with you my wife there
is attraction in the gender perspective. But the real examination is of
keeping this relationship together. In which sexual attraction play a small role
and Jimmy Khan, I don’t check mate bro. In my life for the first time I’m certain
about something that she is the one with whom in the winters
at the age of 80 I’m going to be warming my cold body in
front of the heater. Sir you have to come to room 221 and then
I’ll escort you downstairs to the reception. -Oh look at you! You look so nice.
-Thank you! You look so amazing. Hiding of the shoes happens then Hamad
will do the door stopping. -Then the compromising will be done.
-Tasting of the rice pudding will be done. -What tasting the rice pudding?
-What? Tasting the rice pudding
there is food eating also. Okay! It happens so that our whole life we
have to face difficult decisions. We actually are a result of our own
decisions that we made in our lives. But only a human has the skill, of loving. And to find happiness. Finding care, in a family. In your work. And in this hope that the coming generations
will make this world a more better place. I think your done. Thank God you don’t know how much of
brain racking I had to do on this. Yes but there is still the
matter of typography. Yes you do that yourself
and put the subscribe button here and the previous
video button here. It should be done, Mooroo out. Cut.

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