Metal Earth build – Vintage Movie Projector

Metal Earth build – Vintage Movie Projector

♪ [Rock intro music ♪ Hello ladies and gentlemen of YouTube. Time for another Metal Earth kit build Today, I’m going to put together something from the movies.. Well, movie projector anyway. This kit I’ve heard quite a bit of talk about. About it being a rather difficult kit to do with a lot of little bitty parts that you have to worry with well… It’s a little concerning but I’m up for the challenge. So let’s open this up and see just how many little tiny parts there are. Movie film projector. [tearing sounds] We have instructions.. We have more instructions… And we have two metal sheets. Set those aside. Find the first page.. piece of paper.. We open this all the way up [paper crinkles] There we go. Now this is two pieces of white paper. I’m almost willing to bet that when this movie projector first came out it had yellow instructions. I think this is a newer… version? They’ve been going from the yellow instructions that they usually came with in the beginning occasionally one sheet to these larger two sheets of white that have a better detail to them. But as usual we have the the title, the line drawing a section about insertion holes, fold lines tabs, needle nose pliers The usual legend blue circle means to bend tabs over 90 degrees green triangle means to twist tabs 90 degrees to secure them. And then we have the two sheets layouts down here. We find the… associated sheets. There we go. We can then find out all the part numbers find the parts to put this thing together. If we slide over to page 2 to the beginning of the assembly flow chart. And you see part 1.. par 2, part 3, part 4 and these are you know, assemble this, two of these part 2 and 3 That goes here probably here. Number 4 and 5 assemble 2 times. Here and here. So on and so forth. Follow the arrows.. You get to the bottom, flip it over. Here’s page 3 Follow the arrows.. [paper crinkles] Here’s page 4 follow.. When you’re done with that.. the next piece of paper.. Pick up with Page 5.. We have page 5 on the second sheet of paper… Follow the arrows.. Page 6, follow the arrows.. flip it over.. page 7 and then page eight and you’re all done. Tools that I will use in this build. I have my standard set of tools. We have the long needle nose pliers. We have the flat nose pliers. Great for a multitude of bending and twisting and grabbing. We have clippers I absolutely have to have clippers it helps get the parts off the trees quite easily. I have a set of precision tweezers. One with very pointed ends. One with that has had the pointed end ground down slightly. And a flat set. And I have a fairly standard set of tweezers that actually came in one of the ICONX kits that I bought. When it comes to shaping parts I have an assortment of different things to use. I have dowel rods that I’ve used for quite some time. A couple of them have had the end sharpened with a pencil sharpener. Which are great for making cone shapes. I have an inexpensive drill bit set with a lot of different size bits to help with forming cylinder shapes. I also have a couple of step mandrels. I’m not saying you need all of this but these are different tools that I have acquired and I kind of go back and forth depending on the situation. Something else that’s good for shaping, I’ve got some round nose or ring pliers that have rounded noses on the tip. And you can use these to slowly curve different areas wherever you need to. Irregular curves.. back and forth.. These are great for minor detailed shaping. We have the metal sheets, the instructions, some tools to get us started let’s put it together. ♪ [silent film piano music] ♪ I found it much easier to attach the circular parts to the body of the camera then attach the top plate. It made it easier to fold over the tab without warping or squishing the part With part 8, I suggest not twisting the tabs on either side until you are sure that there is enough tab through each side. I spent a lot of time looking for the right sized drill bits to use to shape the many round parts of this kit. It took some time. Getting parts 21 and 22 on straight took some doing. Watch carefully that you roll the end of part 23 the correct way.. This video has bee edited down. I’ve not shown all the attempts adjustments or retries of this build. I also clip out parts where I am studying directions Searching for and clipping parts and sometimes repetitive steps. It may make this kit look like it comes together easier than it did but there are a lot of bending and adjusting of parts to make things fit. Work slowly be patient and take your time. The tabs on part 30 are supposed to be bent over. But that can be real tough to do without more support. I twisted a couple of tabs lightly to hold things in place until I get more on. I intend to come back later when more is assembled untwists and bend over those tabs. I bent the edges of part 44 close to where it closes thinking that when I pushed the two sides together the middle would likely bend more thus keeping it round. Ladies and gentlemen the vintage movie projector. This was a fun build. I went into this kit knowing that there’s a lot of round circular parts. And that no longer intimidates me. I’ve been doing these kits long enough that that doesn’t bother me. This did however turn out to be more challenging than I expected. I ended up actually having to build a second kit. This first one, about half way through there’s a part that comes together funny and you have to leave it open and then I accidentally bent it backwards. And to fix it broke completely. That caused me to have to start over and do it a second time. And I kind of touched on this in the in the video as I’m doing it these circular parts the instructions kid of make it look like you take the ring rounded part and the top flat part you put those together then you attach that to the sides. I did it differently I made circular ring part attached that to the side twisted the tabs on the back then put the flat piece on top it and bent over because it’s easer to hold on to things that way then to try and hold on to these little delicate rings with these big fingers of mine. And not be able to bend very well. It’s a very awesome looking kit. A lot of detail. It’s really neat to see an old fashioned projector put together this way. It was a lot of fun. It was challenging but a fun kind of challenging. build. Took about two and a half hours to do it completely And that was with a sort of trial run. So I had a little bit of practice getting half way through there so you know it may take you a little longer, it may not. I always try to go slowly to make sure I’m getting everything correctly because I’m very prone to errors. And I still make them. As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave them down below thank you for watching. and keep on keeping on. ♪ [silent movie piano music] ♪

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  1. Have you tried any of the Disney Metal Earth Kits? My sister and I just tried the Haunted Mansion kit and came close to lighting it on fire and stomping on it a few times 🙂 (it was also the first time we ever put one of these together) we were a mess LOL.

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