“Say something funny” “Say something worldly” Hey. What are you working on? You know, I’m gonna solve the warming. That’s what I’m up to. Sounds hot. I might have some cool ideas to help you out. “David! Large Americano.” Have you been to that new Himalayan restaurant on 15th? I haven’t. “David! Large Americano.” I’m gonna guess you’re David. “Say something smart” Hey! I just saw you stealing money out of the tip jar. Excuse me? Ohhh! Very smooth. Ok, let me get this straight… You steal money out of the tip jar and then you try to pin it on me? Hey! Everybody? She’s trying to pin it on me. This lady just stole money out of the tip jar. That’s right, I saw her. You should put that back! Shame on you. Shit. Hi Taylor. How’s life on the mainland? Hi. Martin. I don’t know how to say this,
so I’m just gonna tell you straight up. Since the Deerfield project finished, they’ve completely slashed our budget, and I’m not going to be able to have an assistant anymore. What? So that means I’m gone? You’re firing me? More like laying off. If we get another big project soon, we should be able to hire you back. Right. Two and half years… and you fire me without warning? No, it’s not me, it’s the budget. You’ve been amazing. Yeah, please don’t be patronizing. No, trust me. Even with you working in the Virgin Islands, we work great together. You knew this shit was gonna happen. You have to had known. You could have given me a heads up. I’ve got kids. [ HANGS UP] Hello? Hi. Hey Kaitlyn. You’re following me! Look, I don’t know who you are… or whatever the hell you want, but don’t fucking follow me! What the hell are you doing? Ah…. I’m… What? You’re stalking me? It’s not what it looks like. I, um, I just I saw you and… This is so stupid, but… I was just fascinated with you! Right. No, please believe me. I’ll go and I won’t bother you anymore. I just… um… I just saw you and I wanted to… Wanted? I don’t know. I just wanted to do anything with you. I wanted to… spend a day with you. I don’t know…Go to the library… Dinner? I’ve never done this before and I’m really sorry Fuck. Just stop. I don’t want to hear your story. I don’t know you. I don’t want to know you and I don’t want you to know me. Go home! Anyway you got the wrong mark. I’m not into girls. I saw you with that purple haired girl at club Dominion I haven’t been to that club in over a month! You’ve been stalking me for over a month! I’m not a psycho. I I was trying to figure out what to say I? Look. I have a really good job. I make a great salary. I have a nice house I just found you so interesting. I’m I’ve never done this before, I swear. I just want to make you dinner or something. Sit Give me your phone. Password. Stay. Who’s this? My brother. And this? My boss and his wife. That’s my dad. He passed away. Are you a dog person? I love dogs. But I can’t have one because I travel for my job. Don’t look at that. That’s my ex-girlfriend. And this? This that’s when I redid the tile… in the kitchen. I’m so sorry. I’m… Sit. Na. Not by me. Right there. So, what did you see…. at the club? Umm…. I saw you being really cruel to that girl… You were hurting her. And… it was hot because…. She was into it. And there was an energy on your face… and I wanted to be her. And… So I followed you. I promise I’ve never done this before. Okay Okay? Okay, you can make me dinner. Oh my God. Like tonight? There’s just one condition. Anything. I’ll do anything. Don’t ever try to kiss me. Okay. Not until I can trust you. I want you to trust me. And after you make me a lovely dinner… You’re gonna fucking pay for this little game today! [Techno Club Music] [Techno Club Music]

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  1. the end credits showed up and i was like.. NOOOOOO!
    i like how they showed their dom and sub parts. definitely needs a part 2!!

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  4. Já muito tempo eu perguntei a vocês se haveria continuação , responderam que sim , já se passou muito muito tempo até hoje nada ter novos vídeos , venho de novo ,mais um vez ,vê e perguntar .. mas já nem sei depois tanto tempo 💔💔💔

  5. I am vehemently against part 2 or a sequel . This video was perfect and ended suggesting an explicit dominate sub sexual encounter. Those who want a sequel simply want to satisfy their lust to watch them in a sexual S & M scene. But please don’t pander to these people. No need for this. If you want to relieve your bondage cravings there are plenty of YouTube videos that will cater to your desires. This is an artistic film and beautiful shot and the theme is more than implied. Let it be.
    A sequel will detract from this perfect video.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority’. First, this is the best lesbian short S& M movie I’ve ever seen because it was suggestive and so well acted. For me, it doesn’t need a part 2 . All that needed to be shown and said was said and shown and implied. A real turn-on without the need to undress or act out the scene which would probably be part 2 —if there was a sequel.

  7. Hiii… Please take part 2 or please take it as web series….It has so much content and thank you for directing this awesome movie…

  8. OH MY F**KING GOD!!! I'm totally dead.
    Blond hair, blue eyes, cool look and forced tone are all so fascinating!
    I wanna do everything with you too!
    Please tie me up! Please whip me!

    (auto comment by the system)

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