Michael B. Jordan Wins Outstanding Actor In A Motion Picture For “Just Mercy” | NAACP Image Awards

Michael B. Jordan Wins Outstanding Actor In A Motion Picture For “Just Mercy” | NAACP Image Awards

Oh, um… Man! This is an honor, um… Yeah, and that time
really is flying, uh… I want to thank
the NAACP for this honor. Um, I’m humbled to be in front
of you guys right now. This, uh, this project is a lot bigger than myself.
It’s not about me… It’s about every person that’s
wrongly, wrongfully convicted that’s sitting in a jail cell
right now, uh, who’s been, um, wrongfully,
wrongfully accused, who’s been unfairly sentenced. I want to thank Bryan Stevenson, Thank you so much
for the person that you are, the work that you’ve been doing. You’ve changed me as a person. You’ve given me a new mission
and a new motivation, so I appreciate you. I want to appreciate everybody, all the other nominees that
were in the category with me. You inspire me,
you motivate me every day. I want to thank Warner Brothers. I would like to thank,
uh, all my producers that was here from day one. Gil, Asher, Alana Mayo
from Outlier Society. I want to thank everybody. I appreciate you guys
and I love you and I’ll never stop fighting
for us, I promise you. (applause and cheering)

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  1. Michael B is so white washed he make sure to speak inclusive and not as a black man trying to inspire black men or women his speech is very all lives matter smh bye 👋

  2. So rude playing the music on him while he talking, he couldn't even get a full minute. But in the words of Genna from Martin, "You go boy!" They shine the light on Jamie Foxx. Michael and Jamie did their thing in Just Mercy.

  3. I'm a disabled Veteran railroaded in Memphis TN. Local Memphis fire Chief's son who is a felon, attacked veteran at the Veteran's home with an illegal weapon in the possession of the court. NAACP, Congressman Cohen and Senator Lamar Alexander all denied veteran assistance. Issue needs publicity and exposure.please. Facebook Eric Green Memphis TN. 901-218-8182.! Veteran has mental health disability.

  4. Finally wonderful movies are being appreciated and winning awards. Just Mercy should have won an oscar and Harriet as well, but no films that does not even make sense as Little Women, Marriage and crazy movies made my white people are winning oscars.

  5. Hollywood dont respect blacks actors but im glad the NAACP started their own reward show for those who dont get the Oscar people deserve peace

  6. I’m tired of seeing Slave movies and movies about BP wrongly convicted. It would be nice to see more depth to BP but we know ol’whitey doesn’t want that. Then the question I have to ask wealthy Black celebrities is why they don’t put their money together and create a streaming service? That way the narrative can be changed. But I guess that would make too much sense.

  7. Unrelated but You know who also needs an NAACP award? Keke Palmer. She's been doing her thing for a minute and especially this past year.

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