Michael Bay Maybe Made Will Smith’s Career by Getting Him Shirtless in THAT Bad Boys Scene

Michael Bay Maybe Made Will Smith’s Career by Getting Him Shirtless in THAT Bad Boys Scene

-Thank you for coming back.
We love having you here. -Thank you, man.
It’s always fun. -It always is.
We always do something fun. -It’s always fun.
-Is it weird rapping your whole entire career? -Yeah, you know, it was —
it was weird doing it with you. -Yeah.
-You know? [ Laughter ]
-No, I mean, okay. [ Laughter ]
-I understand. I’m not a rapper. -No, no — [ Laughs ]
No, ’cause — -I don’t know if I imitated
the Beastie Boys. -Yeah, Beastie Boys.
That’s what I was like — -“That’s Philly!”
-Yeah. -Yeah, it’s like, stop.
What are you doing? -Here’s a little story
I like to tell — -Yeah, I know.
I was doing that. I don’t know how to rap.
I don’t know how to rap. -It was fantastic though.
-It’s that or Run DMC. I was trying to do like,
“Me and my Adidas…” [ Rapping ]
…try to keep my rhythm. -You are very special with that
though, man. Like, it’s, like, I love
coming here for that. -Do you, like — do you
remember all the things that you’ve done?
-No, I was, like — As we were going through,
it was like, “Wow, that was kind of —
I had a nice little run.” -No, you had a great run.
Yeah. You’ve done so many things. So many different chapters
of your life. Is there any projects that you
turned down that you regret, and you go, “Ooh,
I could have done that”? -Yeah, there was one.
I missed — -“Titanic”?
-Yeah. “Titanic.” Yeah, I missed —
I’d have been walking up on that bow, like,
“Hey, girl.” No — I went too far.
[ Laughter ] No, it was — Martin and I were
talking about that. We were sitting down. You know, ’cause it was 25 years
since the first “Bad Boys,” so we were talking about
stuff like that. And, you know, the ones
that got away. And for me, Neo was the one
that — I had “The Matrix” first.
-Really? -Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -Who was going to be Morpheus?
-Val Kilmer. Val Kilmer was going to be
Morpheus. So I was Neo.
Val Kilmer was Morpheus. -Wow.
-I heard somebody go, “Eh.” [ Laughter ] -We’re happy with way
it turned out. -No, no.
But it was better this way. ‘Cause, you know, like,
if I would have been Neo, then Morpheus wouldn’t
have been black, and then it would have just
threw everything else off. -Yeah, everything else would
have been — -I think he — it was perfect. -I got to tell you, you were
in my house every single day day for the past year.
-Hey, hey, hey. -No, in a good way.
-Oh, okay. -Yeah, a great way, no.
[ Laughter ] My daughters love you in the — -I didn’t know you knew
I was there. -No, no —
[ Laughter ] You got to get your own
apartment. You got to get
your own apartment. [ Applause ]
You got to move out of my house. -[ Laughs ] -My kids are obsessed
with “Aladdin.” And they love you.
-Aw, man. -You crushed that movie.
-Thank you, man. Thank you, thank you.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You crushed it.
So good. So funny. It’s all of your talents. -Yeah, no, it was like so — you know, so many years
of things that I worked on. I got to use all of them
in that movie. So I got to rap, to sing.
-Dance. -To dance, to act.
There was comedy. -You were funny.
-There was drama. -Yeah, it was like —
it was — -I mean, my Alexa is, like,
there’s like, “Play ‘Friend Like Me,’
Will Smith.” That’s what my kids say
all the time. It’s like,
“Get a new song, please.” [ Laughter ] You’re every single day.
You crushed it. The first “Bad Boys,” you were
saying, was that 1995? -Yeah, 25 years ago.
-Wow. -Yeah, and the second one
was 17 years ago. -Is that right?
-Yeah. -Is it like —
look at these dudes. -Yeah. Yeah. -Yeah, that’s what
I’m talking about. [ Cheers and applause ] -Now, that’s all CGI?
-Yeah. I was like — I was really,
really thin then. I was really thin.
Those were the days. -Anything you miss
from — Will Smith? -So, for this scene, right,
so this is the scene, so Michael Bay was
shooting this scene. And I wanted to have
my shirt on. And Michael was like,
“Dude, I’m going to make you
a frickin’ movie star. Take your shirt off.”
[ Laughter ] You know? I was like, “Mike, come on, man. That’s, like — running
with your shirt off? Like, come on, man.” He was like, “Dude,
you don’t know. I know.” [ Laughter ] So we compromised in that scene. I was line, “Mike, I have to
have a shirt. Just let me — I’ll have it
open, just not off.” And we compromised.
-And that’s that. -And, you know, it was
one of the iconic scenes from that movie. And to this day,
every time I see Michael Bay, he’s like, “Dude, I should be
in for half. You owe me half.”
[ Laughter ] “I made you a movie star.”
-“I made your career, man.” [ Laughter ] Was it like riding a bike? You and Martin getting
back together? -You know, I was definitely
nervous. ‘Cause, you know, it had been
so long. But literally the first moment
that we were back together, like, the chemistry is so crazy. -Just there.
-And it’s like, Martin as a comedian
is wildly unique, you know. It’s very few people that — the line that “Bad Boys”
tries to walk is it’s, like, a serious, you know, cop drama. There’s real killings
and things like that. But then there’s really
broad comedy, and walking that line takes
a really deft hand, and Martin is such
a unique talent in the ability to be able to get
a big gut laugh but not break the reality of
the scene that’s happening. So it’s — I love
working with him. -Is it tricky to do?
Because you’re funny as well. So it’s two comedians.
Like, who gets the funny line? -Yeah, you know what?
In the first “Bad Boys,” right, because we both
had our TV shows, so we’re both comedians.
We’re coming to it. And, you know, Michael Bay
had a different vision for the characters. He was like, “No, no, no.
You’re funny on TV, but Martin’s is going to be
funny in the movie.” I went, “I’m funny.”
[ Laughter ] You know, so, it was really hard
those first couple of weeks. ‘Cause Martin is killing.
Martin is killing. -Yeah.
-And Mike’s like, “Will, stop. Stop making faces, dude.” Like, “Stand there,
just be hard. You’re hard.” You know?
-“Take your shirt off, dude.” -“Take your shirt off.”
Yeah, you know? But it was definitely
the right idea. And I learned a lot about
balancing a scene. Where, you know, one guy plays
the straight guy, one guy plays the funny guy. And we were able to go
back and forth in a way that I feel is beautiful. -You and Martin weren’t
the original choices for “Bad Boys,” right?
-No, that’s true. All right, so Dana Carvey
and Jon Lovitz. [ Laughter ]
That’s really — like, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz
originally had the script, and they were the original
Bad Boys. -Wow. -And then Jon Lovitz’s
schedule changed. So he had to push four months. And Dana Carvey couldn’t wait
the four months. So then Dana fell out. So then Jerry Bruckheimer and
Don Simpson had the script. And they, you know, they had
a green light to make the movie, but — and then they went,
and Martin was first. They had Martin. And Martin actually picked me
for “Bad Boys.” -Is that right?
-Yeah. -Props to Martin Lawrence
for that.

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  1. Will Smith is the kind of person that can make Jimmy Fallon look like a decent interviewer. He's a miracle worker.

  2. Does anybody know what you win if your the 500th comment, BC I'm the 500th comment, an you can't cheat BC they'll know…JEALOUS MUCH!

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  4. Dana carvey and Jon lovits!? Lmao good lord that sounds like a spoof combination. Thank God things worked out the way they did and it became Martin and will.

  5. Why doesn't this say Martin gave Will Smith his career I feel like all this was said to get to that final point Will made. They got a good cinematic bond

  6. The moment you know when you are really sucking up to someone….when you tell them they "crushed it" in a film that completely failed and bombed.

  7. Thankgod he wasnt Neo… omg… Matrix would have been a TERRIBLE movie. Keanu Reeves was the ONLY one who could be "The One"…

  8. Will Smith & Val Kilmer wouldn't have been as good as Neo & Morpheus, but Dana Carvey & Jon Lovitz could NEVER HAVE been Bad Boys! That just wouldn't have worked at all! 🤣😂

  9. I love WIll Smith so much but I'm eternally grateful he couldn't do The Matrix and Neo went to Keanu Reeves instead. I wouldn't want it any other way.

  10. dont mean this in a bad way lol, but its funny how martin picked will to be his partner in bad boys, and then will became the deciding factor on when to make the 3rd movie lol

  11. Will Smith as Neo and Val Kilmer as Morpheus lol no fucking way…The Matrix would have been trash lol..Sorry Will Smith I love you to death but I'm so glad you let keanu reeves play Neo in the Matrix..I remember him in the movie Speed, awesome movie back in 1994

  12. Who the HELL thought Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey would’ve been good as Bad Boys?! 😳😳🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

    Was Bad Boys originally supposed to be some goofball comedy then??

  13. Please. The Fresh Prince was long a star before that silly movie. He became a bigger star IN SPITE OF that horrible director. On fact I would say Will Smith helped him. Not the other way around.

  14. Why when Will was telling the open shirt story about Michael Bay, Jimmy Fallon IMMEDIATELY went into character?!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣






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  16. Stop going on about the matrix and let that to rest. it was destined for Keanu and his hit. Will you need to let that rest. You don’t have to Keep going on about it. jeez


  18. But is it just me or did Will Smith say “Micheal Bay’s kinda of dick” without saying “Bay’s a dick”? That’s how charming the prince who would’ve been Neo is(Ice Man as Morpheus!?🤔)

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