MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24

MIDSOMMAR | Official Trailer HD | A24

– I told you that I wanted to go to that festival in Sweden. – No, you said it would be cool to go. – Yeah and then I got the opportunity and I decided to do it.
– Look I don’t mind you going. I just wished you would’ve
told me, that’s all. Dude, she needs a therapist. You’ve been wanting out of
this stupid relationship for like a year now. – And don’t forget about
all of the beautiful Swedish women you’ll meet in June. – Okay guys. – That’s not her again, seriously? – Babe, what’s happening? Dani? – I was so very sorry to
hear about what happened. – I’m sorry. – I invited Dani to come to Sweden. You know what she’s been going through. – Christian says you’ve got
this special week planned. – It’s sort of a crazy festival. Special ceremonies and dressing up. – That sounds fun. – Unbelievable. – Welcome and happy midsommar! Skål! – What time is it? – 9pm. – That can’t be right, the sky is blue. – This is what 9pm is like here. – How long have you two been together? – Just over three and a half years. – Four years. – Really? – Yeah. – What do you think? – It’s like another world. – Tomorrow’s a big day. – Is it scary? – What is it? – It has special properties. – What am I going through? – We just need to acclimate. – I don’t want to acclimate, I wanna go. – Absolutely not. – What’s happening? – I don’t know why you invited us. – That’s why you look so guilty right now because you know. – We only do this every 90 years. I was most excited for you to come.

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  1. Dammit I cant wait to watch this….this better screen in my country!! (already nearing the end of august and no sign that it's about to; salty af)


  3. I have watched the wicker man (2006) so I knew from the first moment what was going to happen at the end. But it was interesting still. And funny in many parts.

  4. I’ve seen this movie three times and I always listen to Vildhjarta – Thousands Of Evils right after. It’s so perfect. 🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪

  5. Don’t let this movie fool you midsommar is actually a great holiday here in Sweden.
    You should definitely come here and check it out.

    Yes come 😁

  6. Disturbing is a understatement. Yikes! The thing is there are cults out there like this. Lost souls and weak minded people.

  7. I just saw this film with cam version. About the film, dissapointed. The plot is mess, ending omg it doesnt make sense. Idk how about you.

  8. i watched this yesterday because of hereditary. this movie was really good and entertaining. My gf didnt like it at all because, lets be real we didnt really get it. but it was scary and grose at the same time and we didnt get anything that happend, nobody will get the real plot the first time they watch it. but the style the ari aster films movies is epic, the atmosphere, the soundtrack and everything, its really good. For me personally, it was not as good as hereditary which was a 9/10….i will give this a 7/10. next ari aster film i want ghost and demons, like hereditary, but still this movie is worth it

  9. What meaningless movie this is how do u make a movie where non of their character scape ? I mean the worse movie of the year , maybe thats why nobody is talking about it is just meaningless and releasing a directors cut so u can explain the rest of the movie ? U think ppl will pay to see it? Im still thinking what i just watched

  10. Saw it yesterday. I´ve seen over 300 horrors but this has one of the best horror moods. That atmospere was soo good. Really liked Hereditary and this one…wow. Please more movies from Ari Aster, he knows how to shoot it. Not like that boring crap Annabelle and Nun. This is the direction horror films should go

  11. This is what dumb Christians were doing. hence, why they made suicide illegal….good job idiots

  12. the reason there’s no scary parts in the movie is because there literally isn’t any. Lots of mumbo jumbo cobbled together and you have a movie that doesn’t make any sense and no storyline.

  13. It was the worst movie I've ever seen literally if you want to spent money on watching it you'd better throw it away I'm dead serious this was rather a trash comedy with naked people….

  14. If this ain’t the most anti Semitic(Afro) trailer I seen so far this year the first was Marvel Endgame and now this.

  15. This is how Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Peter Forsberg, Joel Kinnaman, The Skarsgård family, PewDiePie, Jake Gyllenhaal, Alicia Wikander, Dolph Lundgren, Will Ferrell, Uma Thurman and every other Swede celebrate Midsommar.

  16. IM so pissed right now! I just watched this movie and it was a waste of time. This garbage is your typical Wine and Cheese affair. If you think this is art, shoot yourself. I'd rather watch a PIANO BURN IN THE DESERT! Crappy Movie!

  17. Highly disappointed and let down by the Swedish portrayal of culture and mating rituals – normally it's two (not one) elderly ladies that helps with the thrusting while one sings (normally S.O.S. by Abba) in your ear.

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