MINECON Live 2019: Pre-Show ft. Jessica Chobot

MINECON Live 2019: Pre-Show ft. Jessica Chobot

Welcome everyone, and thank you for tuning into MINECON Live, 2019. I’m very excited you could join us. I’m Jessica Chobot, your pre- and post-show host, and we’re hanging out
backstage at MINECON Live. Now this annual update on all things Minecraft is an absolute
highlight for me. I can promise you we are all
in for an exciting event. I’m super stoked to be here. As you can hear, everybody else
is super stoked to be here. I listen to Minecraft
daily, the soundtrack. I have my own builds
that I work on and I create a ton of stuff with my son, who then promptly
makes me destroy it. Some of which you can see here. I’m very proud of this. This is my Wonder Woman
invisible jet from the JLA comics and cartoon. So I’m super, super
stoked about that. I actually put her inside.
But enough about me. The audience is arriving
in the main theater as we speak and the atmosphere
is absolutely electric. Hopefully at some point we
can go and have a look. But in the meantime, we’ve got
a fabulous program ahead of us. So let me start by giving you a quick overview on how
this day will unfold. So this bit now with
me is the pre-show, and then in 30 minutes time
we will start the main show. We’ll then return here to the
backstage studio and I’ll be joined by some of the
development team from Mojang, who will be here to
answer your questions. So make sure to stick
around for the post-show. We have lots to look forward to. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce our panelists. Now, these guys have recorded
their presentations, which we will make available to
you after the main broadcast. So please welcome,
Kingbdogz, Qmagnet, Ilmango, Skywalker and Iskall85. Welcome to MINECON
Live, 2019 you guys. Thank you. Thanks for joining me here. So can you guys give everyone a quick overview about
what your panel is about. KBdogz, let’s start with you. Yeah. So I’m sure there are
many players out there who’ve had some really great ideas would
like to add to the game. Minecraft is an incredible
platform for creativity. Through the power of modding, no matter who you are anyone could add their ideal
experience to Minecraft. But every experience
starts with design. So it’s like the seed that grows. Basically, you think of an
item that helps you defeat that long-standing boss or perhaps a potion that helps you last a little bit
longer in your battles. Design helps us structure the
experiences we play in Minecraft. But every experience
starts with ideas, and you’ve got to think of like, “How do I bring it all together?” Through our panel, we hope
to inspire players on, not only how to structure these
experiences through design, but also how to evolve it once you’ve actually released
it into the world. Got it. So would you say
that your panel is a way of taking those ideas and learning how to
utilize them in the game? Yeah. Absolutely. So we want to go through the process
of how you actually design these experiences and then implement them into
the game basically. Very cool. All right. So moving on, Qmagnet, pitch me on your panel. So our panel is about
something called Diversity 3. It’s the third game in a series that I’ve been working on
for a number of years, and it’s all built inside Minecraft. Basically, what Diversity is, it’s like 10 games inside one game that’s all
built inside Minecraft. It’s like total gameception. So we’ve got a mystery
space adventure. We’ve got a mob arena
where you fight mobs. We’ve got a puzzle
section, where you can use your brain instead of
your brawn if you want. We’ve even got a trivia section, where if you get an answer wrong, you have to do a funny
little mini game to get out of the punishment. So we had a lot of fun doing that. The panel is sort of are
experienced at building that. We start on a world
that has nothing in it, just air, and we build this thing. So there’s different techniques
that our team used to build it. It’s totally free. So you can download this game, this Diversity 3. You can install it on
your own computer. You can play it solo, or you can upload a server and
play with friends. It’s really, really fun with friends. Very cool. So like a lot of, I guess for lack of a better phrase, many games but all in
one common main area. Yeah. Yeah. It’s really fun because you get a
lot of choice to do. You might not like this one thing, but maybe you like this other thing. Just caters to a lot of
aspects of Minecraft gameplay. Very awesome. All right. So Ilmango, let’s go with you. Pitch me on your panel. So I’m part of the SciCraft
server and we’re trying to do is to push the Vanilla survival
game to the limits. So the server is all about Redstone and building
farms, for example. We work together on that as a team. The title for our panel
is how automation can enrich your game experience and
especially two main points. The first one is if
automation can get around a lot of the
grinding repetitive work, for example, for resource gathering. The second one it’s actually
there’s just a lot of fun. So the Sandbox game is about creating something large out of the
basic components we were given. Our panel will also show
and talk about some of the highly approach of our server
imitated the last five years. Examples include an Ender pearl cannon that can shoot thousands of blocks in seconds. We got a mining machine and a flying machine
that can move bedrock. So would you say you focus mostly
on mechs, if not exclusively? Yeah, mostly. We also try to
decorate the area around it, but we are not really
experts on that. So we mostly trying
to make good farms. What’s the most difficult
mech that you’ve ever built? I would say the mining machine, we call it a quarry. It took me about 80
hours to design it. Yeah. That’s a lot. Very well done. Did you want to elaborate? I looked like I cut you off. Did you- Yeah. So it’s a really complex. Everything has to be right. Trench machine. Yeah. It was the
most complex thing I ever made. Very cool. All right. Skywalker, tell me about your panel. All right. So our panel is
pretty much made up of all of the, I kind of call them the
Marketplace all stars. So all of our panel is made up of
Minecraft Marketplace partners. So we create content for the
Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. So that’s Switch, Xbox, Windows 10 Edition, iPhone, Android, all of that. So our panel pretty much breaks down almost the crafting recipes that go into making
a piece of content. So we break it down through entities, mechanics, textures and
then end up with builds. We show you how we
create stuff and also some of the secrets that
go behind the scenes, like workaround stuff that we do, and show people to kind of
inspire them and show them how they can approach creating
workarounds and tricks. So teaching everybody
on how to be a creator. Yeah, pretty much. Yeah. Yeah. We even have some good chips for people who
are aspiring to become creators. We’re all fortunate that
Minecraft has created this incredible opportunity
for us where we can, this is our full-time job. This is our careers,
creating games in Minecraft. So it’s pretty awesome
when I can go and talk to kids and they’re like,
“So what do you do for a living?” I’m like, “I play
Minecraft for a living.” They’re like, “That’s amazing.” So. Do all the kids think you’re
the coolest person in the room? Yeah. It’s pretty awesome. I’ll go somewhere with my
wife and she’ll be like, “Hey, what is your husband doing?” She’s like, “Well kids if you ask
him, why don’t you go ask him.” They come up to me, they’re like,
“What do you do for a living?” “I make Minecraft games.” Like, “That’s so awesome.” Then I show them stuff and they love it. So. That’s awesome. You’re their hero. Fantastic. Well last but
not least, Iskall85. Tell me about your panel. So we’re here with
HermitCraft Group, Which is a multiplayer SMP server. We’ve been playing together, I think, I’m trying to get this right,
for seven and a half years now. Wow. Yeah. It’s quite ridiculous. But we’re here to talk about
our multiplayer experience because personally I love Minecraft. I’ve been playing ever
since it came out and probably played too much Minecraft
if that is a possibility. But to play together
with your friends, to create things together
with your friends, and take the game beyond what it maybe was meant
to be from the beginning, that’s just something else. We’re here to discuss the
things that we have done in the past and specifically
this season, where we played on the same
for one and a half years now. So we had a lot of
things to talk about. But yeah, multiplayer
Minecraft is definitely, yeah. If people get the opportunity
to play Minecraft, they need to take it.
Play with your friends. So I was going to say, do
you enjoy Minecraft because you enjoy Minecraft or because it’s one more opportunity to
hang out with your friends? That’s a great point. I think
it’s both. I think it’s both. It’s such a social thing and I hope the people
will understand this. We play Minecraft, but we’re also
hanging out with our friends. It’s a very social thing. Well, and that seems to
be the common denominator talking to everybody here, is that it’s really about the
community and friendship, and then all the
additional stuff about Minecraft is just icing on
the cake. Would you say? Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. Very cool. Well thank you
guys so much for joining us. As a final reminder, all of these amazing
panels will be available on minecraft.net over the weekend. So make sure you go and have a look. [MUSIC] All right. So next
I want to look back at last year’s biome
vote and just quickly review what you voted for and have a sneak peek at what you’re
going to be voting on this year. So let’s take a look. That tumbleweed almost hit me. Well, they don’t call it the Badlands because of
their good manners. This new cactus is fancy. What’s that spooky vulture doing? Vultures are drawn to loot
left behind by unlucky explorers. Not the loot. Is that a boat? Yes. This boat has a chest built in for all the cool
things you find at sea. Look, it’s on your friend, the frog. Actually, we’re not that close. Here’s a Mangrove, a tree
that thrives in the swamp. We should get out of here. That frog is looking at me funny. Mountains, snow. Watch your step. The snow
is snowier than before. A goat. He reminds
me of you a little bit. Mountains are getting
an upgrade, jagged cliffs, snow-capped peaks, dramatic views. The goat is getting away. Let’s go. All right. Well there’s nothing difficult about that
choice now, is there? I have absolutely no idea
which one I’d go for. Such a difficult decision. Totally would go for mountains. When the voting happens, please be prepared as
you will need to have a Twitter account so that you can go to the Minecraft Twitter page, where there will be a
pinned poll at the top. So may the best biome win. [MUSIC] Now I’d like to
welcome my next guest, Ben Kelly and Deirdre Quarnstrom. Welcome you guys. Thank you. Thanks for joining me. So Ben, your work epitomizes what
Minecraft is doing in education. You’re a massive champion of
teaching empathy and you’ve been a Minecraft player and
teacher since the very beginning. You recently accepted a
STEM Award for running a global sustainability shuffle
project where classrooms around the world built SDG
solutions in Minecraft. So can you tell us a little
bit of what that means. Sure thing. For
the last two years, students around the
world from kindergarten all the way to College have been working in Minecraft to build solutions for the UN
sustainable development goals. There is a single world file, it was 17 villages and each village
represents a place for a goal. They had been building and handing off to the next country
and then the next country. So it’s been going very
well and the teachers and students involved are
awesome. They’re great. Awesome. Well, so then,
what are some examples of what the UN has as its goals? One that comes to mind right away that’s super relevant today is Ireland did a build for the goal 15, which is life on land and they
did a bee sustainability goal. So they actually were thinking
about bees two years ago. They did a really cool side-project though about cows and the cow farts. Yes, I said cow farts. If you feed cows seaweed, mix it with their food, cow fart emissions or
methane emissions go down. So there’s some real serious
learning here with kids in elementary school that’s
happening in this project. Is that true about
feeding cows seaweed? Apparently if you
feed them seaweed, methane emissions dropped
by almost 99 percent. No. Wait. Well, look at that. You learn something new
at MINECON every year. I feel so much smarter
now that I know about sustainable cow farts. That’s right. Well, what is the
response been from teachers and students
involved in the program? They are incredible teachers using Minecraft all
over the world and the teachers involved in this sustainability
shuffle are no different. They not only taught the
kids about the UN goals, but they also inspired
great solutions, again solutions from all over
the world for these goals and maybe one day the United Nations will get
a chance to see these goals. Yeah, that’s great. Well, it’s been super cool
hearing about students in countries all over the world
tackle the SDGs in Minecraft, especially using your lesson plan. What an amazing way to get Minecraft
in the classroom. Congrats. It’s really fun once
it’s released very soon. Yeah. Great. Deirdre leads the Minecraft Education team and
is a director of the Block-by-Block Foundation which is a partnership between
Mojang and UN-Habitat. So Deirdre, can you
tell us about some of the things that you have done in
Minecraft Education this year? Yeah, it’s been a
really exciting year. I think Ben’s project
is a great example of connecting classrooms
around the world around the theme of sustainability. I think in the last year, the thing that’s been really
exciting is how educators are taking Minecraft Education Edition and
really making it their own. My team visited a school in New Zealand where they
were testing out a world that explored New
Zealand’s Maori language and culture in Minecraft. So that’s been amazing to see how enthusiastic and curious
the students are with that. In the last year we also introduced
endgame coding in Minecraft. So students can mine environment, create and explore using code, which has been a big unlock
for teaching coding in both elementary and middle
and even in high school. With the Minecraft Hour of Code, we’ve had over a 100 million
Hour of Code sessions and pretty soon we’re going to have
a new Hour of Code tutorial to announce which should be exciting. That’s awesome. Is that what we’re seeing
in the video right now? Yes. Yeah. Then this
was back to school update. We put Minecraft lessons into the Minecraft Education
Edition lesson library. So the students can access
it right in the game. We also added some features to make the game more accessible for players, including the immersive
reader where students, maybe early learners or people have language acquisition differences can use Immersive Reader to
change character spacing, change line spacing, have it read any in-game text to them and also translate it into
different languages. I love that. I love that the
immersive reader not only can runs the gamut of the
readers skill level, but also potentially could
teach somebody a new language or any myriad of possibilities there. So how did the
sustainability shuffle, Susan sells seashells, go this year? It was great. I
think it’s sometimes surprising how Minecraft can be used in classroom settings and
educational settings. This is such a great
example of something we didn’t sort of plan
or think was possible but having students all over the world thinking
about sustainability and climate change in the
Minecraft world is amazing. Awesome. Well, this actually goes out to either of
you or both of you, whoever wants to tackle it first. Any advice on how teachers can engage the Minecraft community and then educate themselves using
Minecraft as a teaching tool? Yeah. So we have a lot of
resources available for educators. I think one of the great ways
that Minecraft can come into the classroom is having their
students bring it into them. So we have lots of lesson examples. So if you’re watching and
you’re excited to try this, go and find the Minecraft lesson
or come up with an idea of something that you’re
learning in class and ask your teacher about it. Awesome. Ben? Pressure can be
used for good reasons. If you’re a student watching this, the best way to get Minecraft
into your classroom is to peer pressure your teacher and
principal until they give in. That’s how I was pressured into it. It’s been a great ride since. Just corner them in the hallway. That’s right. Force them to bring
Minecraft in the classroom. I love it. Thank you guys so much. Thank you. You can find out
more information about Minecraft Education at
education.minecraft.net. So celebrating Minecraft 10 years, Mojang has teamed up
with the museum of pop culture MoPOP to create the first ever interactive
Minecraft exhibit. Get hands-on at Minecraft the exhibition featuring life-size
Minecraft creatures. Scenic and interactive experiences. It opens October 19th and
tickets are on sale right now. Let’s now just take a moment to reflect a bit more on all
of the things that have happened in the world
of Minecraft over the last year. Have a look at this. [MUSIC] Where am I. What year is it? Hello, villagers. New villagers, but more of them soon. For now the new villages. I’m loving this. I
saw a boss right there. It look like. I cannot wait. I want to see the actual
fighting mechanics. Into a mini Minecraft world. It actually works very well, especially what the build outside.
It looks amazing. The sponge works. That’s very weird. There’s a cartographer, our farmer, our armorer, Thomas. With foxes, guys we’d been
waiting all week. Super-excited. Not good at all. Oh my gosh. Attack. Shoot the arrows. Go. Holy moly. There are arrows that
flying everywhere. That encompasses
a large majority of Minecraft the last 10 years
worth of accomplishments, but it’s also a highly
connected adventure maps. Yeah. Now you’re looking
like a real sheriff. I’m kind of curious, if 4J built
the maps with default texture. That’s so cute. How are your claws now? They’re nice and sharp? Why are you sharpening your
claws, by the way? Dude. So cool. That is cool. I like this too. Yes, you could play
multiplayer or go up. Then you can start
constructing things the other players are
then able to see. So I can see through the build. I guess you’re going
to be right there. You, can we also put you there? Who is he? Come here friend. Let me be your friend. You are a mason. Jesus, there’s a law in here. Oh, really? Yeah. I also need to breed another cat. I don’t think I need or if
I breed this cat. Yeah. This is amazing, dude. So basically we can play
Minecraft anywhere we want now. Goodbye hard work. Goodbye funny. Guys, let’s just light
everything on fire. Goodbye. Goodbye builds. You will be- I love that one. That sounds
like how I usually play. Let me build all this and then blow
it up with tons of TNT blocks. What an amazing year it has been. So many fabulous things to
look back on and celebrate. To tell us more about some
of their main highlights, I’d now like to welcome
Meghan and Liam. Welcome to both of you. Thanks for joining me here. Thank you for having us. Of course. Now, I know you guys are going to
be part of the show. Do you know anything about
it that you can tell us? You’re just going to
have to wait and see, but we’ve some good
surprises in store. Good. I can handle with that. I can sit with that. That’s great. That being said it’s
been an incredible year. Meghan what has been your favorite
highlight over the past year? My favorite highlight?
Well, I like building. So the scaffolding has
been incredible, right? Yeah. I love the scaffolding. It’s
so fun and the popcorn effect. I don’t know. It’s like ASMR. I got that. Every time you cut
it down and like- Put it down and all this
building falls down, it’s like- Except when I do underneath
me and then I fall to my death. That’s the worst. I do that often. It’s just when do I learn
I don’t think it happens. Liam, what about you? What’s been your favorite thing this last year? The updates have been
a really, really good. Villagers and Pillagers,
that kind of stuff. But I still enjoyed
my roots of caving. I like the adventure aspect
of it too. Explore new areas. There’s new chest and villages too. A bunch of new loot. I just
like the feel of adventuring. How do you guys like
to play Minecraft? Creative? Survival? Friends?
What’s your preferred method? Survival. SMPs. Friends. You have one, your mom. I thought he was your friend? Not after this. Got it. Okay. This is awkward
now. I’ve made it awkward. I’m just kidding. We like playing on SMPs
together, like servers together, which is usually
survival because there’s a bit more grind and
accountability involved. But I don’t mind going into
creative to build things. For timelapses, I think it’s
really satisfying. But- I love creative timelapses. I can watch those
videos all day long. They’re so nice on TikTok. I like making those too. They’re fun. Yeah. They’re good.
How about you, Liam? I enjoy the grinding aspect of it. I love survival. I hate creative. I’m going to be
the one against you two on this. Get off the stage. No I’m kidding. Stay. No. You got to stay. It’s your job. So you hate
creative as much as that hurts me. I don’t hate creative. I just
don’t like using it myself. That’s fine. It takes away a
little bit from me. Yeah. No. I’m only teasing. I don’t like when you tease me. Okay. That’s awkward again. So what’s your method? Just grinding across the board and
just seeing how far you can go? Yeah. I like trying to
go for the big things, like the beacons,
slowly grow up to that. I hate things like me and Meghan have had this
argument a lot of times, the AFK fish farm. I love the AFK fish farm. I hate them. Why? It’s just you do
nothing and you get so many good things.
I want to earn it. Just set it and forget
it. I can be eating popcorn, watching a movie, I’m like, “Yeah. I’m getting that sweet, sweet loose.” Meghan to sleep, is like, “I’m going to have a mending
book in the morning.” Yeah. I want to have 12.
What are you talking about? That’s fantastic. Which biome, since we’re going to shift
gears here a little bit. Are you rooting for
in the biome vote? Swamp. I am recently I have fallen into the place of swamp
queen in Kingdom Craft. So even though I haven’t
posted my first episode, I have a lot of pride in the swamp. Nice. Which biome
are you looking for? Mountains. I want the Billy goats. Yeah. Me too. I’ve
got a build currently that could use an upgrade with the mountains and that
would be fantastic. The Billy goats. The Billy goats. The
Billy goats as well. In your opinion, what
do you think has helped Minecraft stay relevant over
the course of 10 years, and not only relevant,
but also kicked it up a notch because this year it
got really popular again? The thing is Minecraft is just a good game from
the start to finish, and the updates over the years
have only made it better. I think a lot of people
have taken a bit of a break and they have something
so amazing to come back to. We have people like PewDiePie
who’s playing Jacksepticeye. Then Cupquake has
made her return to Minecraft after years of not playing. There’s so much content. You can seriously play it
forever and not get bored. Yeah. It’s definitely updates. There’s so many new
things every year. You look forward to the
snapshots giving you new playability whenever you need it. The game isn’t perfect yet, but you can go on
there see what’s new, test it out and then go
back to your normal world. I also think nostalgia
was a big thing too. Yeah nostalgia. I’m glad you mentioned
that because I was going to say as wonderful as the updates are, I do think that the baseline being what it is and it hasn’t really
changed too terribly much, you’re able to put it
down when you need to and come back to it and
still pick up and go. There’s not that re-learning curve. I mean maybe a little bit, but only for a hot second
in order to remember what your button layout is and then
you’re just right back in the mix. Absolutely. Also them adding to the new console
and that kind of stuff, making it different in every
single console, cross-platform. Yeah. That’s really updated it
to and made it more accessible. Yeah. I heartily agree. Well, we are shifting over to
the new stuff that’s coming up. What are your thoughts
on Minecraft Earth? You’ve actually been playing- I got to play it. Yeah. Tell me about it. I played it at E3 and then
recently at the offices. I’m a big Pokemon Go fan. I love when worlds collide
and AR is just so fantastic. I love going outside and being able
to be surrounded by Minecraft, going mining, maybe doing some
raiding with some friends. There’s so much fun stuff. I don’t want to tell
you too much because I think a little bit of it
should be a surprise. Totally. Yeah. I’m
looking forward to that. Really quick. I’ve got 30 seconds. Give me an answer. Minecraft Earth. I haven’t tried it. Dungeons, I’m very, very excited for. Dungeons is the game that I’m
looking forward to the most. I want it to be so good. It looks beautiful. I want it. It is good. Fantastic. Well judging by the noise that we
were hearing earlier. Things are really starting
to warm up behind me. Shall we go and take a
peek at that main stage? Yeah. What’s up guys? All right. There they are. MINECON Live, 2019 studio audience. Hi guys. Hello. Hey. I’ll be out there in a sec. Lots of energy in there. Everyone looks super
psyched up for the show. Now, bringing it back to you guys. What do you personally hope that they’re going to
tell us about this year? Not asking you to give away secrets, just what you want to see. Man. Hotseat. I want that swamp update
but you already know why. I want more info about Minecraft
Earth and Minecraft Dungeons, but I want a big change to caving. That’s the big thing for me. What would be your ideal change that you could potentially receive
or that you’re hoping to get? More hostile mobs. I want them to hurt me so bad. Really. Man, you
like the punishment. I do. Jeez. Well, that’s just about all
of the time that we’ve got. A massive thanks to
all my guests today. I’ve had a blast as usual. Now, we are ready to go
to the main broadcast. Enjoy MINECON Live, 2019 everybody. I look forward to seeing you
back here after the show. So make sure that you don’t go
away because we will have a much more for you as soon as
the main episode wraps up. See you guys in a bit. All right. So now that
we’ve got some downtime, what are you really hoping
to see in the cave update? Hostile mobs. That’s it? Just hostile mobs? More than that. But I mainly
want it to be the hostile mobs. I want it to be more dangerous. I want to not just be able to get the diamond armor early
on and then just survive. I want there to be something that
this is a hope that they steel armor and you have to
chase them down and have to take it back
from them, right? That would be cool.
Stealing items. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. That could
be kind of a cool add. I just just sounds so
difficult already. I know we have the
swamp biome update, but what other kind of
updates would you want to have happen in any random biome? At any random biome? We’ve talked about this. We want
more flying creatures kind of. More flying creatures.
Yeah. It’s more about the world in general. When we were doing the
rehearsals, you mentioned dragons. Yeah. So you want to see, which I’m not against, but
you want to see more- I want to fly on
something, if the vultures. That would be cool to fly
on them, tame them somehow. But also to be attacked by something from the sky because sometimes
you’re a little too safe, and they’d be scary phantoms
pose a great threat at night, but to have something to during
the day time that would really force you to take cover
or get better at PVP, which, I can’t use
that, would be awesome. So what’s one of the coolest
things that you guys would say that you’ve ever encountered
in the game? It can be anything. It could be something that you build. It could be a particular
mob moment that you had. What was something
that really stuck out? The turtle egg hatched. That
was just such a great moment. Did you have your moment of
making the turtle shells too? Were you with me? We were together. Yeah. We were together. It’s so weird. Yeah. No. I blocked you
out of my memory. I’m sorry. That’s okay. Same. So what would you
say over the course of the last 10 years is
your favorite thing. What really stuck out to you that, because that’s a very long time. Some of the people even
watching the show might not have been even born yet. So what would be the one thing that popped out to you the most that, “Wow this is a really iconic
moment for this title.” I think it’s being able
to play with friends. I don’t if it’s iconic
moment could fit that, but it’s the friendships that
you make just from playing Minecraft together has been
one of my favorite things. There’s people I’ve met from
all over the world that I never would have maybe
had a conversation with, but because we’re on the same
Minecraft Server now we’re friends. So building those friendships and staying in touch with
people who have moved away has been the most amazing part
of Minecraft for me personally. For sure. Liam really quick
because I’m getting in my ear that they are
ready for the show. What would you say is your- Other than that I
would say Redstone. Redstone added a whole
new thing to me. The first day I was
able to use pistons was game-changing for
me. It was awesome. It was like I got to make this
door that I just press a button, I could walkthrough and it just
opens up. It was beautiful. Awesome. I know, right? Very good. Folks,
thanks for joining us in our top secret talk and get
ready for MINECON, 2019. [MUSIC]

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  1. Minecraft if i need too i will walk 500 chunks and i Will walk 500 more just to get the stupid update for Xbox ryly i would

  2. i hate you microsoft and mojang Why does minecraft have to be paid? .minecraft should be a game to enjoy it

  3. So I was looking up Minecraft Earth so I can install on my phone well then I realized Minecraft hurt is only for certain types of phones iPads or whatever mobile Electronics so I'm wondering if you could change that please not trying to be rude also you know the new RTX that's supposed to be for Windows 10 I have a PlayStation 4 and I've been trying to look up how to get the made up texture pack that someone made where are some things look realistic like the blocks the water the Sun but the mobs don't and then I saw the RTX that y'all made for Windows 10 and I'm just wondering can you add it to every electronic that you can buy Minecraft

  4. Can you please introduce apple trees in 1.15?
    I hate it when I have to destroy giant amounts of OAK leaves to get at last a few apples. This would make the game much better. Also, how would it bee to brew potions with golden apples?

  5. Minecraft can u add sloths to Minecraft pleaaaaaase and make it on bedrock and pocket and java? If u do I’ll always play Minecraft forever

  6. I wish that i can have minecraft for free everyone at school has the real minecraft but i dont everyone was talking about minecraft 🙁

  7. please remove the recipe book from Minecraft, It ruins the experience and makes it a childs game, people have to know and learn how to make a bed not opening a book and just click on button, Notch designed the most amazing crafting style 3×3 ever and you ruin it, just remove the crafting and just have to book, there is no logic to have both of them.
    Please remove the recipe book, it ruins minecraft




    Minecraft The Best Game Forever!

    At first. I play alone and without mods.

    Need to make the game more interesting for the game alone!

    Here is what I propose for this.

    For me is most important thing in Minecraft is the infinite worlds! This is not possible without the endless depths and heights!

    Please add the infinite height and depth! 60.000.000 * 60.000.000 * 60.000.000 blocks! This can be an experimental mode for #Minecraft java (Or at least 1000 blocks in height and 1000 blocks in depth)

    Must improve world generation! The sea level must set to 0 height. Lakes and rivers can be with a height difference. Chunk 32 * 32 * 32 or 64 * 64 *64

    When playing one, it's interesting to explore new territories, biomes, caves, deep caves, very deep caves, 1000 blocks down, 10,000 blocks down. Add fast elevators!

    Personally me more interesting to discovering new caves than build.

    It is necessary to make 1000 blocks up and 1000 blocks down for a comfortable creativity and game. Or at least 512 blocks up and down! Caves are also needed!

    Add the flying islands and create floating, moving houses! The fuel can be used coal, redstone, lapis lazuli, or add oil or add sails!

    Add natural disasters. Local changes in the structure of the world. Destruction, fires, floods, damage and destroy buildings, etc:

    1. Volcanoes. Emissions of lava and black smog. Trees and wooden buildings burn.

    2. Earthquakes. Cracks in the earth's crust. The buildings from the earth, cobblestones, wood, etc. collapsed.

    3. Tsunami. Near the oceans. A big wave causes a flood.

    4. Hurricanes. You can fly away and crash. It breaks trees, houses of wood and earth.

    5. Meteorites. Big boom. Crater, fires, burning trees.

    6. Herds of monsters (zombies, skeletons, spiders and creepers), which sometimes go right through the player chunk region. Break doors, walls, boards and the ground to get to the players and friendly mobs.

    (This can be disabled in the game settings).

    I want a new underground biomes!

    Huge crevices and abysses which can be down using mountaineering equipment (alpenstock, a lot of ropes and nails).

    More mobs, subterranean gnomes, trolls.

    Add translucent flying ghosts. Add devils that guard the diamonds at lower levels and spawn in tunnels and from lava, and which emit horrible sounds and pass through walls.

    Giant underground worms that break through the tunnels (like in a movie 'Tremors' and 'Dune').

    You can hunt them to get valuable resources If the worm is close. everything starts shaking.

    It is necessary to strengthen the home and chests with things from the loss.

    I want the high mountains!

    What is this mountains which you can climb for a few seconds. 128 blocks is not a mountain, it is pile of rubbish! ;(

    Mount Everest 8850 blocks. Olympus Mons 21200 blocks!

    Experience of climbing on them with the help of climbing equipment (no stairs).

    Of course the caves inside the mountains and valuable resources at high altitudes.

    With earthquakes and volcanoes and lava up in the middle of huge mountains.

    I also need to diving equipment.

    Deep water with sharks and dangerous octopuses and devil-fish.

    At great depth and at high altitude, you can find rare treasures and resources.

    In each biome you can find a rare artifact. You can collect the whole collection from different biomes!

    With such large distances need to craft teleports.

    Make if hit one animal, all who are close to flee.

    Add gardening. More fruit trees and more fruits from them. Fruit trading with residents.

    Add a telescope or binoculars.

    I like 'Paint the Town Red' game. I would like to see in Minecraft damage to players and monsters in this style.

    I play vanilla only. Add mods for vanilla!

    (Thanks for Realms!)

    I love playing Minecraft at night. Need more ambient. More mystery and mysticism in the game. For example, add the phases of the moon. More dangerous monsters in full moon, with glowing eyes.

    In full moon at this time of bloom rare magic flowers that produce shine. you need to find and collect. From them you can make potions, such as rare protection against monsters (you can walk at night, monsters do not see the player and around player sparkle sparks or flying fireflies).

    Or add a mystical biomes, which can be accessed only from certain places, at certain times. In these biomes, instead of the usual resources, you can find all sorts of new, mysterious and rare resources and objects.

    You can do a parallel world, and the ability to move in time, you can get into the future or the past and see yourself and intervene in the course of time. That would be interesting.

    Add the ability to do high resolution screenshots and panoramas with renderer.

    Each new version Minecraft can add new artifacts for lovers of adventure and search (1 per region, or the current biome).

    Add a generation Crazy worlds, where the blocks are generated randomly and alternately and at any altitude.

    Return Herobrin that can erase the current save game player in the world, if the player died.

    Add monster Eraser (or a few), monsters that erase or change, break a game world.

    Add a swarm of Mantrid's/Herobrine's flying drones, which disassemble the world in blocks, and build from blocks even more drones. As into LEXX. (the rate depends on the destructibility of the blocks)

    Add herds of monsters (zombies, skeletons, and creepers), which sometimes go right through the player chunk region.

    Add more artificial intelligence to monsters.

    Add a variety of frightening sounds in dark places and echoes.

    Add the opportunity to put a torch on the water lilies.

    Add skis.

    Add rhinoceroses.

    Add the background sounds of birds in the forest, subsiding in the evening, but the sounds of owls and crickets appear. And in the swamps the sound of frogs, for example. In each biome, you can add sounds in the settings.

    Add uranium ore and radiation for more dangerous in caves. Can be used for fuel and mega TNT.

    Add birds of prey, eagles (in the mountains) or vultures (in the deserts) so that the player can not feel safe in the open area.

    Add Hunting for Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch, as a yeti) which appears only in a dark night (at 0% brightness in the settings), and disappears when dawn. And which is almost impossible to catch. May appear very far at sunset, on top of the mountain. If you move in his direction begins to run away and hide. And he also makes a loud scream. He quickly runs away into dark caves, hiding, and can kill from one time. In the cave, he shoots down the torchs to make it dark. He hides in corners so as not to be killed from the bow. If you turn on dynamite, it runs away. At dawn disappears even in the cave. If you kill him, his head falls out and maybe something else rare.

    Add villagers – builders who build houses. When the player gives them resources. Add them an artificial intelligence for self-learning.

    Add craft Super-Bombs! Mega-bomb of 9 blocks TNT, which is 10 times more powerful than TNT. Giga-bomb of 9 blocks Mega-bombs, which is 10 times more powerful than Mega-bomb and 100 times more powerful than TNT. Tera-bomb of 9 blocks of Giga-bombs … etc >:)

    Add a map constructor, a mob designer. So that you can create your own mobs. Or shop extra mobs. But not a replacement for standard ones, but as an addition!

    You can greatly extend the game using the constructor. (for vanilla Meincraft). All new mobs, ores, artifacts, items, biomes, etc., will fall into the base of the Minecraft store and are available for everyone in vanilla Minecraft.

    Add portals to move between saved worlds and Realms and other.

    Add the ability to make portals to other worlds (with other seeds) and between worlds in Realms.

    Make passes into parallel chunks or blocks. Pockets. For example, you can go to such a chunk on one side, and from all other sides it will be another chunk / chunk, a separate parallel world. Or the mysterious door-portals, the house where you enter the door in one place, and you leave completely in another place (parallel additional world).

    Or, for example, a circular corridor along which you can go and get into another world. Or dig, and stumble upon an inconspicuous block into another world, disguised as an ordinary block of earth or stone. Block-2 parallel chunk.



    Here is my Minecraft 2D free print and play open world randomly-generated survival sandbox board game https://www.facebook.com/RHOMBICS/posts/1855981007961308 Enjoy! 🙂

    You can draw and print your blocks up to infinity!

  9. Just a thought. A wandering villager not a crappy trader it is a caravan and is lost and if you bring it to any village it will give you xp and a village discount (like the one you get after raids.)

  10. can you fix the bug where the inside of the chest is on top and the top of the chest is on the inside also fix the bug where the cake and the coldren have a black square around them

  11. Ok Minecraft, or Jeb, now can you add to bedrock edition a tab on edit world to update the world to either the new massive update or something else

  12. Well if you're a hater of minecraft then you have a bad life so don't hate Minecraft. Minecraft had make me happy and it has so many memories of the time with my friends and familys so if you hate Minecraft you have a mast up life

  13. Jika salah satu dari situ bisa indo bagus lah
    Aku sebenarnya suka Minecraft tpi entah knp seperti akun ku kyak kena virus jadi aku minta mojang berjuang untuk bisa mengembalikan gelar Minecraft tanpa 1 org yg mungkin selamanya GK bakal ada selamanya aku akan berdoa semoga Minecraft akan populer lagi akhir kata CAO

  14. "In 2019 its the best way to receive MC, even online: wanalt.art/113D/minecraftdll for me its by far the best in 2019".

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