MISS ANNITY | “Baby On Board” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

MISS ANNITY | “Baby On Board” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(somber music)
(rope creaks) (baby cries) – Shh, it’s okay. It’s okay, it’s okay. (phone vibrates)
(baby cries) Yes sir, I understand,
I just wanted to be home for my daughter. Okay. Yes. It won’t happen again. – Is everything okay? – It’s fine, I just wanted to
say goodnight to Mackenzie. – [Woman] She’s already asleep. – She always cries when I hold her. – Hey, I told you you have to
stop doing this to yourself. She’ll understand everything you’re doing to provide for us. (somber music) (phone vibrates) (baby doll screams) (baby doll giggles) (email chimes) (somber music) (old fashioned music) – Peter knows that a man
belongs in the workplace and a woman’s heart is in the home. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it always should– Be. (monster growls) (frightening music) (baby doll giggles) (eerie noise) (frightening music)
(Peter screams) – Peter, what the hell are you doing? Come to bed. (eerie music) Peter. What is it? – It’s behind you. (eerie music) (light switch clicks) Peter, what? (Peter pants) (creature shrieks) (woman screams) Peter, Peter! (baby doll giggles) (baby doll cries) (intense music) (baby doll voice distorts) (door thuds) Peter? (creature gurgles)
(Peter screams) (somber music) (body thuds) (old fashioned music) – [Woman] Peter knows where a man belongs. Peter knows a man’s place. No fancy notions on encroaching
on his lady’s territory. (laughs) And look, he’s
all the better for it. Isn’t that right, Peter? (hokey music) (shutter clicks) (eerie music) – [Man] Watch new vids every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Only on CryptTV. (eerie music)

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  1. That's the way it's always been, that's the way it's always should be…Miss Annity knows best. Were you brave enough to watch this fullscreen??

  2. So miss Annity is jealous of the people that want to better themselves and in the end she turned into a spider lady afterwards……. I’m all for that notion boys let’s get this bread

  3. I straight up jumped and screamed LOL! That monster is scary! The camera work of her running after him across the bedroom was shot so amazingly. P.S. Peter (Steven Song) is mad sexy!

  4. Miss Annity will be supporting the no fathers day movement….
    The dude was literally trying really hard. Is there no god in this universe.

  5. She came when he started to doubt staying at home. She killed him, when he left his wife in danger not helping her. After seeing the 3rd episode it seems like she tests people and punish you when you don't make the right decision.

  6. I'm not sure because i only watched the first episode and this of annity but i think she kills people who are stressed or tyrying to be perfect without rest and also lures them with what's cussing thier stress and if they repeat they die

  7. I like how no one ever screams when they see miss annity show herself there just like

    Well shit that just happens

    Edit: never mind I just watched more

  8. Would she go after a workaholic who avoids the family by working 2 or 3 jobs to make money and avoid the family? When I was married I actually would take a bad day over being with my wife and kids, work was and still more important than family, now my ex wife is a trump lover

  9. Miss Annity is the polar opposite of the Beldam from the movie Coraline. Unlike other horror movie characters, she takes out her vengeance on the bad guys. What may appear to be old fashioned values shown at the end of these shorts are actually Miss Annity's means of dishing out Reverse Psychology. A sexist & unnurturing dad gets his just desserts & put in the place where he deserved to be…. An eternity in Miss Annity's web.

    AND I LOVE THE MONSTER AAaaaAaaa i want more seasons with them😩😩😩

  11. I don't understand what the guy in this episode did wrong. The girl in episode one was dead in the moment she didn't cut the string thingy that was pulling her. The guy in episode one stayed alive because he didn't accept the stereotype and it was representedby hugging the hallucination. But what was the thing the guy in this episode did that killed him?

  12. Do all the Miss Annity videos take place in the same apartment complex? I see Miss Annity using passages in each apartment that seem to be connected. If it is one apartment building, I'd move the hell out.

  13. So…is the spider lady (I can’t spell her name) trying to make a “perfect” world of 60’s stereotypes? She REALLY reminds me of look-see, as if these kinds of monsters are trying to make a world without grief and that conforms to stereotypes…interesting

  14. I am not a horror movie person, I don't like feeling scared or chilling thrillers but…. i love practical effects makeup and amazing world building. Congratulations Crypt Tv you have won me over and muted my fears with your amazing crew of people to make these interconnected masterpieces of well acted, filmed, edited, sewn, and written videos. Thank you everyone for helping me see the beauty and hardwork put into this channel! -with love, a scaredy cat fan.

  15. People learn throughout their life, just because there some days are bad, doesn't mean u would punish them…i think u seem to hv some own problems that surface your psyche , that is why are on kamikaze murder spree…

  16. That kicked ass !!😎👍👍 the guy locked his wife in the bedroom with that monster ?!! What the hell is wrong you dude ? Enjoy your eternal torment!😆😆😆

  17. One part I found so hilarious was that when Annity came charging at him…he LOCKED HIS WIFE IN THE ROOM WITH HER!!!! Even though she can't see her, I would be piss knowing he locked me in there with some shit I can't see!!!

  18. Miss Anity hangs herself in the basement where now are stored her human dolls. That strange glowing spider 🕷️ bites her, and she transforms into Spider Monster. This is a Purple Spider. It's a Spider with Purple Crystal, and those Crystals make a Monsters from Humans.
    Hmm! This means that she kill herself to complete a ritual from the Tome and become a Monster. 🤔

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