MISS ANNITY | “Prim And Proper” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

MISS ANNITY | “Prim And Proper” | Crypt TV Monster Universe | Short Film

(gentle music) (wet gurgling) (foreboding music) (solemn music) (tense music) (metal clinks) (low rumbling) (scary music) (foreboding music) (loud thump) – [Girl] Mom? (tense music) (door creaking) (gasps) (foreboding music) (screams) (intense scary music) (door creaking) (quiet thumping) (heavy breathing) (intense music) (screaming) (dramatic music) (groaning) (gentle piano music) (wet gurgling) (wood creaking) (creepy Old-Time music) – [Woman] Anna knows that
nothing’s more important to a girl than keeping trim. Stay delicate and don’t take up any space. That’s the first step to
making your dreams a reality. Isn’t that right, Anna? (creepy music) – [Announcer] Watch new vids every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, only on Crypt TV. (intense music)

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  1. i have arachnophobia and also i found a giant wolf spider in my room oh and lets just watch this too! giant spider like woman what could go wrong?

  2. I have a feeling Mira won't be too happy bout another monster messing with some mirror magic and people's self image

  3. Mmmm not a fan of typing out a reply to another comment to look up and see what I thought to be a coat stand or something to start climbing the wall

  4. Oh imma see my grandma today…

    Gets there oh grandma what big eye's you have.. and what big mouth you have…

  5. Theory time: i think miss spidey Here is a Demon. From this vidio and the Trailer we can already Tell that she had her own tv series (Show) telling the Rules of Soceity at that time. Now to her Looks and what it could mean.
    Spiders are observing Thier pray and wait for a certain Moment to Strike where she herself is Not in danger.
    We can also guess that she can warp/influence the prays mind. Maybe even making the Obsession of the Victom worse. Maybe a big scandall happend where she gone to far and the Show was cancelled but it was her all she maybe died becouse of a spider bite.
    The Prey may have been already bitten seeing in the nosebleed and her poisen makes the Obsession warped/haluzi ating.

  6. This shows how much I love crypt tv because I have a huge fear of spiders 😖 to many legs…although millipedes and centipedes are cool to me 🤔

  7. i feel so sorry for her and for everyone who suffers from these thoughts irl… yall beautiful the way you are, just stay healthy please

  8. Oh my lord this is a masterpiece
    I am genuinely terrified, and personally, compared to this, all other horror films seem like a happy little cartoon…. I LOVE IT!!!!

  9. Love it. Alot of these I find kinda hamy but in a fun entertaining way. But there was some nice spooky imagery in here nice!

  10. Miss Annity is probably going to be one of my favorite Crypt Monsters.Her combination of perceived class and spider-aesthetic is just amazing.

  11. i want a monster fight >_>, LookSee VS Miss Annity 😛 is gonna be epic^^" but about the video here it is so sinful, since is impossible to be cutten half with a lace 😛 or with that thing to mesure and yadda yadda >_> so, yea, guess it is miss annity to have a lesson from thanos. lol

  12. Well that’s 1 brutal way to go. Also congrats you made a spider lady that can directly compete with the Beldam from Coraline.

  13. seeing this now makes me wonder if mira will fight miss annity..from the looks of it they both use mirrors for going after people.

  14. Can i see all of that all monster in crypt tv because i want to kill them all no one have a permision to kill one human because i'm the god of destruction😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  15. I've been waiting for this evr since and vry exci-eh…wait…wth is look-see???i thot he be in this vid 😆😆

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