MISS ANNITY TEASER | NEW EPISODE THIS FRIDAY | Short Film Trailer | Crypt TV Monster Universe

MISS ANNITY TEASER | NEW EPISODE THIS FRIDAY | Short Film Trailer | Crypt TV Monster Universe

(eerie music) (squishing) (car rumbling) (soothing orchestral music) – Peter knows that a man
belongs in the workplace and a woman’s heart is in the home. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it always should… Be.
(dissonant string music) (thuds) (whooshing) (smacks) (babies laughing tinnily) (light switch clicks) – Peter, what? (panting) (frantic music) (eerie music) (echoing whooshing)

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  1. The creature design is perfect for those with a fear of spiders. Well done in creating yet another fascinating monster that will haunt our dreams.

  2. Holy hell guys, how are you so good?! I love horror that doesn’t rely on jump scares, but well-crafted, deep chilling elements and monsters! These monsters look incredible!

  3. I loved the diversion of expectations when he paused the video and after a moment’s pause it played anyway. Followed by spider legs out the mouth and computer screen. Like, “Ahh! That’s not supposed to happen!”

    It’s interesting how both comedy and horror can operate on the subversion off expectations. Just different flavors of it.

  4. As alot of these. I find mostly campy but fun. This trailer looks like its got great legit creepy imagery . like the first paused video scare it golden. Something super unnatural esp with YouTube watcher to have a video keep playing after a pause. I love it.

  5. So we got a misogynist spider-bitch going around killing people for not following her norms?

    This shit getting nuts

  6. T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉w҉n҉ ҉R҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉B҉e҉f҉o҉r҉e҉ ҉ T҉h҉e҉ ҉S҉u҉n҉-҉R҉i҉s҉e҉ ҉I҉s҉ ҉T҉h҉e҉ ҉D҉a҉r҉k҉e҉s҉t҉ says:

    This reminds me of my principal during middle school. There was this one girl who was smart and tomboyish. Nearly all girls keep that soft/passive behaviour at all times, cuz the entire damn school is hurtfully/forcefully traditional.
    One day, when she was being given a prize or something, the principal noticed how non girlish / boldish her walk/talk was and lectured her for that. It was like, extremely creepy af to me. 😱😩

  7. OMG! I am officially ready, and so hyped up!
    I did have a mini panic attack from the scare. Thank goodness it was not the full thing, because I am at work and I did not bring a change of pants.

  8. I am loving all of your short films, I cant wait to check Miss Annity this Friday, I love all of your monsters, their all have such unique looks, keep up the awesome work,

  9. I see your spider monster and wonder. Do you want us all to become pyromaniacs? Is there a secret plan?

    Anyways I`m going to open a "how to get away with arson" club and everyone is free to join.

  10. I'm having mixed feelings about this… On the one hand, this is genuinely interesting(and it jumpstarted me when it wanted to). On the other hand, it reminds me of that really crappy Slenderman movie………. Let's see what's in store 🙂

  11. Just imagine someone trying to hire her

    Me: ok miss annity do you have any special skills
    Miss Annity: i kill people and turn into a spider
    Me: Ok….do you have any references
    Miss Annity: the person who directed look-see

  12. Uh… yeah, NOPE. Spiders are one thing, and The Look-See is another…
    But this forbidden lovechild between the two?! Yeah, one way ticket to Horrortown, no refunds or returns! Naseau and Paranoia Included!

    Seriously though, amazing job at designing one of, if not the most terrifying Crypt TV monsters to date.

  13. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and the first thing you see is that thing standing in your doorway…what would you do?

  14. it all makes sense now…. that why little miss muffet ran away from the spider that sat down beside her…. cause that shit is gonna crawl all up in her mouth and posses the shit out of her!!!😆😧😥

  15. I’m scared of spiders and if there was a humanoid spider (not Spider-Man) I would freak out. Keep up the amazing work crypt tv

  16. Spiders! 🕷️🕸️ I hate bugs!
    Interesting and scary.

    I saw Eva 💓 from the Troubled Youth.

    Miss Annity!❤️🕷️🕸️ Another Great Monster I started loving. Impressive Monster. I can't wait to see her first movie. 📽️🎞️🍿
    Because it is from the director of the L👀K – SEE I can expect a great show. 👏😃
    Next Crypt TV CreepyPasta can be Miss Annity against The Look-See. Also, they can meet each other and work together in some of the upcoming Miss Annity or the Look-See Movies.

    Is Peter eat a Spider? 🤔🍽️🕷️ I saw that black liquid on his mouth. All other characters have something like that. Eva vomit 🤮 black liquid, the boy has that thing leaking from his nose, another boy has possessed – his eyes. Everybody has a problem with The Miss Annity "from the inside".

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