Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(dramatic music) (soft music) – There cannot be peace without
first a great suffering. The greater the suffering,
the greater the peace. The end you’ve always feared is coming. It’s coming, and the blood
will be on your hands. (dramatic music) – I pray to God that it wasn’t true. – Solomon Lane escaped in Paris. – And now the world is at risk. – This is the CIA’s mission. – You use a scalpel. I prefer a hammer. (punching and grunting) – This is a bad idea. – Is it ever a good one, honestly? – He’s not just some observer. He’s an assassin. – Do not trust anybody
outside of this room. – You go rogue, he’s been authorized to hunt you down and kill you. – That’s the job. No hard feelings. (guns firing) – Which way, Benji? – Turn left! – Go go go go! – What are you waiting for? – I’m jumping out a window. – Oh, sorry, good luck. – When the clock stops,
Ethan Hunt will lose everyone he ever cared about. – You don’t understand
what you’re involved in. – You need to walk away. – Please, don’t make me go through you. (gun firing) – Ethan, that’s not who we are. – Maybe we need to reconsider that. – Accept it, Ethan, you’ve lost this one. What’s done is done. – What’s done is done
when we say it’s done. – Showtime! – Oh, my God! (helicopter blades) (guns firing)

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  1. The movie was freakin awesome but I have a question. Why were there so man deleted scenes like that truck scene and to places they never go.

  2. I don't care what anyone says.. Tom Cruise is the face of Hollywood action movies. He's the best on-screen spy. Also, the sound editing in this movie was fucking beautiful.

  3. Most of these movies are telling you the reality: End of Times. While the majority of the world is distracted, the anitchrist system is being built. A fake love/peace. NWO (New World Order) system run by the anitchrist who will do signs and wonders. Truth is that's why Jesus' name is being blasphemed left, right and center. Because He is truly the ONLY way to our Father in Heaven. We are created beings because no matter what, we have a Creator. Never forget that! Repent, love and forgive EVERYONE and baptize in the Lord Jesus to receive the Holy Spirit of God, you will need God within for discernment because satan isn't called the "deceiver" by chance. The world is being more antichrist because of his deceit as we speak! The antichrist will come before Jesus… please wake up and get into the Word of God while He is near! Jesus is coming soon and prophecies are close to completion! God bless and keep you all in His grace, mercy and love in Jesus name

  4. Ethan your mission: you should choose to accept it , A highly strong villain called Thanos is your target, you have your team with you and to make your mission easier, that Superman guy is with you, Good luck ethan.
    Ethan: Accepted , hold my beer..

    There was an Idea….

  5. Accept it Ethan,we lost this one what’s done is done…

    What’s done is done when we say it’s done!!!!!!

    Who else LOVES mission impossible

  6. Good thing about Mission Impossible movies awesome action but there trailers are bad they show almost all the major action sequence in trailer urself hopefully they don't do that in future.

  7. Thank You Masters

  8. I wish they actually lost in this movie instead of the stereotypical bomb getting stopped at the last millisecond. Would have been a good twist ending, like how thanos won at the end of infinity war. Still a good movie tho.

  9. “There cannot be peace without a great suffering”,
    The greater the suffering the greater the peace”,

    Why is this true

    Ex. Ww1 killed 17-20 million people 21 years later ww2 cane with 80 million deaths and there was a 70+ years of peace between countries but minor wars

  10. พี่หญิงแพทจะหาทางออกให้พี่เลิกทรมานกับแพทนะ คือพี่ต้องชอบคนใหม่ พี่ชอบเบิร์ดก้อได้ ใจพี่จะได้ไม่เป็นทุกข์ ยิ่งพี่รู้สึกชอบแพท พอแพทไม่ชอบพี่ พี่ก้อเกลียดแพท พี่ก้อคิดอยู่ตลอด พี่ก้อโมโหแพท แพทอยากหาทางออกให้ พี่เป็นคนรักเดียวใจเดียวจริงๆ รักมั่นคงจริงๆ ยอมรับเลย

  11. Please help my Mission Impossible: Fallout Trailer 2 music video get more views!! It's really accurate!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MHzj772rMA

  12. Wait so they couldn’t put a fake moustache on henry during this film but instead decided to cgi henry without a moustache for justice league?😂ok….

  13. Anyone know the title of the track for 1:26 – 2:03?
    I know it's either Lorne Balfe or Joe Kraemer, but I can't find the title to the soundtrack anywhere.

  14. I just wanted to thank you guys for having CNN giving fake news in this movie, it makes the movie so realistic!!!😂🤣😂🤣👍👍👍❤

  15. Im a 007 fan but now Bond will br a black woman thst these films have now taken my desire to watch this type of film where before I enjoyed both.

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