MLB 18 Road to the Show – Part 1 – HERE WE GO!

MLB 18 Road to the Show – Part 1 – HERE WE GO!

It’s officially spring time as of a couple of days ago and you guys know what that means a welcome to MLB the show at 18:00 and Welcome to our road to the show a series I’m excited about this guys, and this is always one of our biggest series every single year. I love the show you guys Do too and so we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this so here. We go the journey starts now I’m gonna go ahead and start a brand new career here call of baseball is heard from playgrounds and Backyards come play it says learn how to catch how to throw how to hit Next thing we know we’re squeezing the last bit of daylight out of the day For just one more swing or pitch or fly ball this call rings on through Sandlot games youth leagues and into high school and during this time a Dream is born of one day making it to the big leagues Every year a new crop of hopefuls eagerly awaits to hear if their name will be called on draft day for a select group of blue chippers Expectations will be high for the rest there can be no Expectations only hopes these are the Dark Horse’s Garnering little fanfare they’ll need to find a way to demonstrate that they belong amongst the best of the best History shows that a handful can defy the odds and succeed at the game’s highest level What does it take for one of the many to rise out of the pack and make it to the show? It takes finding an identity as a player It takes learning from one’s successes and failures on the field It takes the desire to raise the bar of our potential it takes a lot of things that’s why only the most dedicated and driven will get an Even fewer will see their star rise to the full Realization of that whispering call to play from so long ago All right that was pretty awesome. I’m not gonna lie here. We go. Let’s go ahead and use current rosters Select what region would have play for and the prospect showcase I’m gonna go with Let’s go with east We’re gonna choose our position all right. This is always an interesting choice here. I think I’m gonna go this year Part of me wants to go outfield But I also really like playing shortstop to shortstops probably my favorite position to play Get just lots of varying plays you get to make double plays you get to make fly balls You get to do all sorts of things. I think I’m gonna go shortstop here. I think that’s gonna be the most exciting Mimic and MLB player we’re gonna make a custom player absolutely all right here. We go guys. This is it I’m always like I don’t know it’s always exciting to create your character Do everything we do it every single year, but I’m always I’m always equally excited every single year for a new series And I know we’ve got some big changes this year some improvements to like the RPG aspect of it of choosing like the archetype of your player and and Development it’s gonna be pretty cool. All right. We’re gonna go to the Gees here The RS Looking for the t’s Trevor Trevor Trevor Trevor Trevor Trevor there it is all right Trevor last name. We’re gonna. Go to the MS March and March and March and March and March and March March of it now though there. It is preferred number I’m gonna go with number seven looks good to me secondary position um I’m not gonna put a secondary position now. What a play shortstop like I said right hand right batting birthplace is, Florida all right? What else do we have here physical appearance okay? Body’s skin tone ooh? We have a lot of options here Obviously we’re gonna be sticking around up in this area. Maybe a little tan, ooh A lot of these are like sickly white so I think but but then this is like sunburned. You know what I mean We’ve got to find a nice Nice balance I think Something like that all right looks good to me height and inches. I’m gonna raise this one up Just a little bit 276 so weights. I’m uh. I’m a skinny dude, so I’m gonna drop this now I don’t want to be too skinny though like I want to have some muscles body type buff fat Normal husky. I’m gonna go with buff. Well uh Normal honestly doesn’t look bad I’m gonna keep buffed. I’d like to be buffed next size medium small. I’m gonna say medium Looks good to me shoulders and collarbone looks good I don’t think we really need to change that too much make the arms a little bit longer I do have long arms spine length, just gonna keep that normal hips and glutes normal I don’t want to get too crazy and start looking like a weird alien or something like that. You know what I mean head shape Interesting I don’t really like a lot of these What is he doing I want to go with this one shape to forehead wrinkles not a head sighs I Mean, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve got a pretty big head I don’t want to get too crazy, but I’m gonna go with like a 15 head scale We really want to cheat. I just feel like if I mess around with this stuff too much We’re gonna get We’re gonna get a really weird-looking Weird-looking dude all right looks good to me hair Let’s get some interesting hair here It looks like some fun This is kind of like what I have going on right now You could have a fade I don’t know. Why but this food looks kind of like Lonzo ball to me does that does that make sense? I’m gonna go for some brown hair here Darker brown hair looks good the color sliders are interesting. We haven’t had those before we’re gonna have some sideburns Sideburns facial hair do we want some facial hair? Some of these are pretty crazy. Oh you have way more options. Okay, I get it now I Got you There are so many options here, dude. We could have a what was that one. Where was it? Backwoods. Chic oh My gosh Some of these are pretty crazy, I don’t know if we’re gonna be able to change these later I kind of want to go with something funny, but I’m worried we won’t be able to change it I might go with that the straight beard all right looks good to me Do we want to try to frame hairstyles yeah, we’ve got way better hairstyle is here spikey Faux hawk Go with the mullet Rat tail all that is just disgusted we got the Jersey Shore that doesn’t look bad. I might go to swoopy top That’s kind of cool, too What do you guys think VIPs kind of nice too, I like VIP, I like Jersey Shore and I like swoopy top Let’s have a nice little fade going here alright. Looks looks good to me length stubble full Medium yeah, I’m gonna go stubble for now facial hair style – oh You can really influence Certain areas I’m gonna go ahead and pass on that you could have three four facial styles That is ridiculous all right moving on cheeks, not gonna have any blemishes no moles Freckles age Tupac Marcus you ready I’m just gonna go with normal rosy cheeks. I Don’t think we need rosy cheeks, I’ll leave it there fat This is kind of buddy cheekbones we can change our cheekbones I Have a pretty skinny face, so I’m gonna leave it about their eye Color I’m gonna go with Bluish-green do they have like a blue green yeah? This is kind of a Bluegreen in their eye bags are not gonna have any bags, or crow’s feet All looks good to me. I don’t want to get too crazy with this eyebrow color Honestly, I have some very blonde eyebrows which I know is kind of weird. They’re more you can’t really see them So we’re gonna go more on the blonde side, but it’s still kind of a little bit Brown, so we’re gonna. Go there looks good Knows I Feel like I Honestly don’t know I Feel like that noses are hard man I Feel like he has a huge nose right now, but I don’t want to make it too small You know to like nut noses just look weird They do Does he look abnormal he looks pretty normal, right? Bottom Does that look like There we go It just looks like he has a huge nose. All right Nose bump. That’s what I want to take off There we go that bump was just enormous No size Noses are a weird thing. You don’t really think about it Until you’re making a character on MLB all right that looks pretty good to me moving on ears Ears look good to me Maybe a little bit smaller chaw size protrusion That looks about normal All right cleft chin chin ball. This is there’s so many options here. Do we want some pretty lips I? Don’t even really see the color changing that much That looks good to me neck all right. We’re good. We did all that I think it looks pretty good It’s got some facial hair, which I could never personally grow batting stance creator Think about what I used to do probably something kind of like that generic stance seven I Didn’t really lean over that much though. I’m just gonna go with ten. I Was a little bit more up like this this is interesting man Okay animations I’ve got a couple options here. I kind of like for catch your style. We don’t really matter about that swing style Honestly these all look pretty similar to me I’m good with that. Oh, we can change homerun celebrations I Don’t really know what I wanted to hear lots of different options Who has a really good celebration I’m not even sure you have to sit here and wait too long to see it Got some generic options here. Hey, I like that that’s got it cool I’ll take that we’re gonna do a front-flip We throw the bat Yes, sir I like that style six right there all right There we go looks good to me music. I’m not gonna change. We’re just gonna keep that stuff to fall all right We’re looking pretty good boys It’s all on the hips here. We go six foot four 200-pound Trevor Martin starting off at a 38th overall Welcome to wrote the show your journey begins at the Bowman Scout Day event is the opportunity of mov Scouts create your individual skills according to your true 2080 scale Crates along with the performance the showcase games to follow will help the scouts generate your official scouting report just David draft for the 40-round MLB Draft some lesser-known Prospects get one last chance to make an impression at Bowman Scout Day All right for some of you today may end up being your whole baseball career So bring your best and leave it all on the field here. We go guys This is gonna be big. We’re doing like skills testing like drills and stuff or What’s the plan here Ran our 40 Not looking like it went very well His name haven’t finally been called an anxious prospect steps up for his turn to put his plate skills on display Son good eating requires superb timing and rhythm so I suggest you take some practice cuts first I’ll be trying for power just going for contact scouts wanna See you square up and make solid contact with lead taken out of your power to stay within yourself use the old field If you happen to drive one or two deep all the better all right who? Do we want to go Most of today’s Scout day participants are not considered blue chip prospect But they all have blue chip aspirations do we want to go for power swings, or what? What do you guys think? Or do we want to just go for some good solid contact? I’m gonna try a couple of a couple Of power swings here. We we might be able to go for power swings, dude. That’d be nice We’re still getting some some decent contact, so I want to knock one the distance a Little bit late on that one. I’m gonna take a couple more here Whoo that’s looking better. Let’s try to get out ahead of one If we can what the heck how do we miss that one that felt good? All right one more one one decent one here. I’m not noticing I’m not noticing that the power swing is really making that much of a difference so we might want to go for the contact swing Just because we’re gonna be guaranteed to get more contact. You know what I mean. I want one more good one here come on That felt good Whoa That’s what I want to do Right there, all right here we go Scouts are now evaluating Let’s not joke all right. That was good Pop up I mean we made contact right I made it to the outfield. That’s not bad Okay Another one out to the outfield a nude as soon as we started evaluating. We’re short a bit more power Whoo yes sir that’s a single right over the the second baseman there What happened there, I think that was a line drive back at him a Little grounder I mean, this is all good news I Went for one power swing there, let’s try one more ah I mean we’re hitting all these balls There we go Really what I there we go they liked that okay, that was that was good. We didn’t have one mess up there We didn’t have any super deep ones or out of the parks or anything like that, but we didn’t have one single missed Missed opportunity there, so that was solid to follow up his efforts at the plate with a demonstration of solid defensive fundamentals Being evaluated for your footwork arm strength and accuracy show us you can make clean plays and deliver the ball where it needs to go Here we go All right We’ve got practice to start things off major league level the defensive standard is near perfection this Prospect looks to deliver as clean a performance as he can Thank goodness that wasn’t in the evaluation Bobbled the ball when we first picked it up For the balls field you should always preload your throw to the base. Yeah, I know that I Know knew all right, let’s get one more in here There it is all right, let’s start the evaluation here we go boys Hill ground balls to your left How do you want me to get that How do you want me to get that you’re gonna die for it Gotta get it there come on Yes Dude our Drive stop went down so far because of those two Bs ones right in a row Come on got it there double place. It’s good to be going a second I’m honestly a little bit upset about that Boy I can’t even control that There we go did he even touch the bag right there, I don’t even know if he touched the bag Looked like he jumped over it This is some ash pan Get it to second Yeah, it really doesn’t even look like he’s feel double plays from second base. She’s gonna be going to second base. We’re gonna run over Got him yes, sir Another one I’m kind of upset are hidding went so well, and then we had those two Those two ones from And they went far left, I don’t even know how to die. I think it’s r22 dive I’m not sure I’m gonna fill them one of these we’re gonna have to ground the ball pick it up and then tap the bag note Beautiful work I’d say that went pretty well Over all that when well we got a couple of really BS ones that were like right over the bag going to center field, but we tried I Think it’s our to to dive I should have been heading back sure to dry out the room this player is met by one of the scouts and attended Quite a clinic you put on a day Trevor Wow I think they’ll save a seat for me right by the draft stage I’m just gonna say Thank you, who reminds him that he still got one more chance to make an impression on the big league buyers Sounds good to me. Let’s go ahead and continue on so the skills showcase honestly. I think was pretty well It wasn’t perfect. We could have done better, but I think overall we showed a very very solid performance there and Now it’s time to put that action to work in a game while preparing for the first of two games at the tops amateur showcase a Prospect is approached by a representative of the MLB Scouting Bureau Okay, I’d like to get a little bit more information from you Trevor could pass on any interested big league franchises of course anything you need What type of infielder do you imagine yourself becoming the wizard defensive wizard known for the range quickness and glove Strengths is fielding and speed weaknesses power Ok good hands great hand-eye coordination ensures success at the bat And a glove strengths fielding and contact weaknesses speed mr. Reliable solid contacts and strongarm makes this reliable option for most positions arm and contact weakness power Field general fielding an arm weakness speed fielding in power weakness and speed Power and arms weaknesses speed So for shortstops suggested position they want to sin fielding in speed – power fielding in contact – speed or arm and contact – power I’m going to say I want fielding do I want contact or do I want speed I? Want to be able to power I want to be able to power I want to hit home run, so I’m gonna go with good hands here So solid defense and good contact reminds me of Steve Garvey or Corey Seager both great dodger players That works for me I’ll add that information to your profile. Good luck today, Trev. Hope your pants workout We see you as an MLB shortstop one day ok. I like that We are gonna have to work on our speed a little bit I do like stealing bases and stuff you guys know that but I think that’s a good archetype to start things off Alright, so I realize this is gonna be a little bit weird because I totally changed shirts in the middle of this episode but Everything is fine here. We’re gonna be ok guys I just I had to stop playing that last section and then when I took a shower Not back. I change clothes up to shower typically so We’re good to go Anyway guys here. We go. This is our first of to showcase games here and This is gonna be a huge part of where we end up in the draft, so I’m kind of excited about this We’ll see what we can do. We’ve got little brown right hander is on the mound on the mound for us What’s the word on hopefully puts in there this guy has a great mix of fastballs? Yeah, so here we go We’re seamer that straight that you’ll got one out guy on second plays a first hunter Which breaks away the camera is like way that angles way further out than it normally is Also, it’s kind of weird this year I don’t know if this is always Or if it’s a setting act will turn off or something like that or if it’s just because we’re in this like tutorial mode This is kind of like a tutorial mode it like slows it down and tells me which way to run Mark to catch the dog get his first opportunity, and that’ll like that obviously alright Man in scoring position on second I’m gonna. Call a four seamer We don’t have guests pitch on Whoa the change-up goes a bit ahead of that one. That’s okay, though. Oh One pitch on its way. Oh, he popped me up That’s gonna drop in time. No okay here we go boys Yes in game got a pick up pick up pitches a little bit better than that fastball after the change He had to be sitting off speed right That’s way out of there, and he’ll just waste one there one and two I have no issue But he Clara way back in this advant here to get a guy to go fishing, but it has to be somewhat them That’s low you’re not gonna get anyone to swing the bat at that pitch count even at two and two This should be a good pitch here to – oh We’re at towards the left center keep going ah dang it Didn’t have enough on it, but it is gonna be enough to Advance the runner little sac-fly action alright with one gone. I’ll take it that was a good hit Gotta give it. Thanks again alright guy on second each one out of his first time on DoublePlay territory here. We go boys The one two, but you guys will see what I mean it tells me which way Are you kidding me I Can’t even control that that’s 100% random computer BS right there alright Dig to on we’re up by three Trevor mark one out flew out in his last at-bat mark the first offering on its way No pulling softly down the right-field line okay A little bit behind now one, but we’re gonna be fun just like practice come on now He’s ready. Here’s the o1 there we go oh All right, that’s in there base hit. We are Not gonna be able to make it two We probably could have made it to actually now that I think about it, but that’s alright. We aren’t the fastest player yet We haven’t been working on our speed cellar. It’s a base. It’s better than say on days away Scouts Love a guy that could get timely hits well done there. Okay a Little single with an RV I’ll take it well the lineup flips over and digging in Erik Kendrick and their runners at the corners now It’s gonna take a little one step lead here is a wave and a Miss he struck him out strike three alright Ready once again for a dolmen turn two outs oh one count again. I’m gonna take one little step for a lead Oh one here’s the pitch Got a run on everything to you Away and the side is retired Well so with the run on no errors and two men left I mean things are going just as we would hope I guess I wish we could have had that defensive play here We go two outs force out at any base. Whatever is easiest probably just going to go to first base And to God here in the fifth Is under it we better catch that what’s gonna save you some I make me drop this. I’m gonna be real upset Okay, I’ll take it We do have one error on the game which is unfortunate Whose team change up his slider He made it in there he’s safe ah right, and as he steals the bag easily a little bit late on that two seamer That was a nasty slider, I’m not gonna lie alright guys. That’s just a nasty pitch right okay? I can’t tell you how many nightmares I’ve had about nasty sliders, and that’s exactly what it was right there. Oh come on Here we go we’re 1 for 3 in the day Let’s get another RBI here for sinker ball two seam sliders back after striking out his last time up That’s love and he takes we got to be a little bit more careful about the pitches were swinging at that last at-bat was Case in point of that we can do better than that one. Oh count here it is Perfect time to use show time right there, that’s going to be a two RBI and double We could have kept going I could have been a two RBI triple right there five now we’ll take it well coming up clutch boys with satisfaction when it’s all said and done we should have went for the tripping to show the scouts that you can blast a double and Drive, and runs at this level and sorry do it with two outs is even better shows the scouts that you have the mental toughness Trucker mounts this is strike three and that will retire the side, so I would say overall that was Pretty good performance. I guess we’re gonna get one more bat here. We’re up 11 to 5 no outs Men on the corners this guy’s got a whole smorgasbord of pitches east of the throw are away on Its way not I’m gonna try to predict any of those timing. What were we on now a little bit late Hit in the air down the town field line Alright, this will wind up being a we’re a little bit behind quite a few of these we’ve got a gonna get get a little bit more ahead of it here for Ken and It’ll be smart though probably not gonna. Give us a good pitching on to Owing to count here’s the pitch Fastball called strike three, and there’s the first I pressed to use Showtime, and it didn’t use Showtime I guess we were out of it. That’s unfortunate weird now I was like ready for it to slow down and that was the perfect pet. I shouldn’t have even tried Can’t even get close to that wound off man’s aboard dang it we’ve got two strike outs Now is good to say things were going well We had to strike out we had the error, but overall we were doing all right and now his first cuts here It’s not quite as sweet, and this could be two Double play who say not in time as he beats it out That’s all right We won the game We got it done. We had some moments of War II these guys came away We had some moments that were not so great for the next two four five with three RBIs and a double score in this ballgame. It’s not bad Really not it could have gone better. We probably shouldn’t had that third strikeout That one honestly wasn’t really my fault like I I went to slow it down. It. Just didn’t let me slow it down so I wasn’t ready to swing yet of course but We did okay, I’m not too worried about it, but a move on to Game two Looks like we’re being scouted well above Almost everything our contact is up around a 65 powers around 55 speeds at a 60 Fielding’s at an 80 which is elite Arms of the 70 which is well above average okay for a newbie I’m pretty happy with those those numbers. Let’s put those numbers up though. Let’s see we can do here Not quite ready for the next pitch you could call it time out as a batter by pressing down I didn’t know that that’s cool. All right here. We go guys We’ve gotten this plate Luther Whitehead hit leave things off here in the bottom. It’s going to be going to first I’m just not quick enough to get to that man. I’m sorry so that leadoff base hit means considerable speed aboard destroy Right now with the plate running fastball slider and a Fulton change interesting unity in this one Ready with the first pitch here it comes I wanted that We’re a little bit too far ahead of it Dang it a little bit too far ahead of it again Alright we’re gonna slow it down just a little bit. He likes that lower outside corner, huh? We’re gonna try our best not to get in these two situations, that’s just it’s so hard as a batter to Come back from now. He’s gonna start playing with the edges Magus swing it something stupid Lifted out towards straightaway center field Whitehead on the move he gets two. I mean makes the catch. We try hers down. It’s good swing good contact We just didn’t have enough on it to get it out of there We’ve got to work on our strengths a little bit. I do want to be a power hitter this year I think it’d be fun to be Aaron Yes, let’s go, baby. We’re doing making our second baseman look good out here Striding in One out one man on tour seemed slurred change up. We’re gonna wait on that change. Don’t be too far ahead of it Here comes the first pitch That’s high in the face We got this baby Whoo get down oh no no no no dude. Just enough as he takes it in in hiding left-center for the second out That’s it out, but Scouts will like that at that solid contact. Okay, the ball a good ride. That’s good to know Digging in once again is not all about your batting average all right We’re gonna be turning to let’s retire the side here moving to the seventh inning To Get there oh My gosh, dude, that would have been such a nice play We almost had it. That’s all right digging in and looking for more Mauricio all right gonna be turning to here for can time era the one – That’s what I’m talking about double play Good catch good throw easy peasy we’re in there all right We wrote for two in the day top of the 8th We’re down by one we need to make some stuff happen here foreseen sliders Twitter change I Might try power swing with some cumin here It is some show tonics of pitch did show time even said it was a ball pretty liberal strike zone there. It’s Owen one ok From the stretch And here’s a swing and a Miss as he falls behind nothing in – how did that miss I? Want to see my timing on that those perfect timing dude show times sometimes screws me up alright here, we go oh It’s on the ground a second did he get his DoublePlay the second for one factor disappointing First game was good this game Disappointing I mean we didn’t have strikeouts we had good contact all around, but this was disappointing disappointing performance sanded off Showtime screwed me twice in a row there now the two two on The ground ashore could this be to to second for one At least got the one in at first got the lead man I’m gonna have one more opportunity to field here Actually, we could have another one in the night – alright. Let’s try to turn – lets make up for our lackluster batting experience With some good defense here. Oh, that’s a double try if I’ve ever seen one Oh easy peasy We’ve played eight full Looks like our boys are not going to be able to get it done on offense So we’re gonna lose this game for these pictures pitch Man Oh for three there are all good hits though. We got to give it that No strikeouts, that’s a good thing, let’s see Can we see our stats again with nothing left to do? But await his fate this young hopeful receives a check-in from his former high school coach who’s been acting as his advisor through the process Well done. You’ve done all you can do son. I’m proud of you. Just hope was enough could have done more How do you feel about my chances? Trevor I believed since the first Jer coached you that you got big-league potentials some smart GM is gonna see what I see Thanks for believing in me, bud I’m gonna go ahead and fast-forward to our pic with the Select Work over to Toronto boys Holy cow round twenty-seven pick 12. Yeah boy was at the bottom of the barrel been attracted by the Toronto Blue Jays the MLB drafts their triple-a affiliate is the Buffalo Bisons double a New Hampshire Fisher Cats, I’m pretty sure we played for the Fisher Cats in the past Looks like we’re going to Buffalo down in lonely first two days of the MLB Draft This players wait is finally over We did it we could be a dick here I’m just gonna be thankful Now you know the minor league system good all you’ve got unless you’re allowed to play college ball for a year instead I’m ready for pro ball while being selected is a major milestone New draft e still face long odds of ever making it to the big leagues We’re gonna make it though I’m not worried about it one bit Obviously we’ve got some stuff to work on our speed needs some work our power need some work Pretty much everything needs a little bit of work, but we’re gonna work on it We’re gonna make big big things happen, so hope you guys enjoy this first episode Drop a like if you did. I’m gonna see you guys Probably tomorrow for the next episode. I don’t know if I have a second one coming out today But definitely tomorrow if it’s not today. Thank you guys so much for watching catch you all later peace out

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