MLB The Show 20 – Gameplay & Artificial Intelligence Update | PS4

It’s Coach’s Couch. Robot Coach where’s Coach? I am Coach. Ok. Well since your here I can
tell you about the all new gameplay and AI updates in MLB The Show 20. Sounds good Robot Coach? I am Coach. Ok. In MLB The Show 20 we’ve
improved upon our advanced gameplay fielder efficiency and
even added a new hitter tier Perfect Perfect. With the new Outfield Throw Home Indicator hit the needle with perfect precision
and nail the runner at the dish. Wow, nice throw. The new Extreme Catch Indicator simulates an outfielder’s quick decision making
skills on those hard sinking line drives. Reaction times and first steps
make all the difference in the outfield. Our new First Step System will
help separate the average fielders from the very best in the game. And Ramone, don’t forget The Show 20
has hundreds of new animations to make sure we have efficiently
covered all gameplay situations. Putting the game in the player’s hands. Yeah, that’s very good Robot Coach. Just Coach please. Ok Coach, let’s talk about Perfect Perfect. Hit the sweet spot and get rewarded. Perfect Perfect batting is a true hitting reward
system that allows the best players to shine. Wow! What a dinger. Whenever your swing time and plate
coverage indicator are both the best you will trigger a perfect timing
and a perfect contact feedback grade. The Show 20 has a more
intuitive throwing meter. It simulates the quick decision making
and reaction time a player must possess to be a successful defender. Thank you for that thorough well
calculated explanation Ramone. Your welcome. You know, this has been the most
efficient use of my time on Coach’s Couch. Yes, it has been… Perfect Perfect. [laughs] I just got one question? Where’s the real Coach? Ramone! That’s not the real Coach. I know. Oh. Ok then.
Robot Coach get off of my couch.

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  1. Please fix frame rate issues. It’s gotten worse the past two years. Especially on the standard PlayStation 4. Not everyone is gonna buy a ps4 pro when the PlayStation 5 is coming out holiday season 2020

  2. I just don't get why they say they've added tons of animation but when you play the game 80% seems to be the same to me!! Obviously some changes here and there but overall I feel like playing the same since 18🤷‍♂️

  3. I may be in the minority, but all I want is a revamped Franchise mode. The trade system needs to be revamped so teams will feel the heat of the deadline, top prospects are 90% pitchers (with a lot of closing pitchers?), and young player development is agonizingly slow. I hate watching my top prospects just toil away in the minors cause they're not developing at realistic speeds. I also want to be able to pull up more in-depth stats (not on the level of sabermetrics, but I just want to know something like a guys stats since I traded for em, or my record/stats against a particular team) gameplay is mostly fine–keep tweaking, but what I want is for the show to be more fleshed out

  4. Did y’all fix diamond dynasty? If y’all play it for 3 days it won’t be hard to see what needs to be fixed😂

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