Modern Love – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Modern Love – Official Trailer | Prime Video

Julie: Have you ever been in love? No ones ever asked me that in an interview before I don’t have to print it Print what? That story that’s written all over your face You want to grab breakfast? I just met you Therapist: Do you make time? For one another? In what way? Do you have date night? Sarah: Yeah
Dennis: Yeah Therapist: What do you do? This Lexi: This is love Lexi: At it’s absolute best Lexi: And it’s beautiful Lexi: Sometimes Maggie: I can’t bring a baby into the world with a man I don’t love Doorman: Don’t do it because you’re scared You must own your actions in life Sarah: You alright? She hit me in my penis Nancy: I didn’t mean to hit him in the penis I meant to hit him in the balls That’s great This isn’t a sex injury I mean not a weird one Hey why are you still talking Rob? I don’t know Love is trust And you broke it Emma: I don’t love him Maddy: He’s totally my dad Even his smell You smelled him? Tobin: Oh you’re staying? In New York? She’s staying with us Is that ok have you guys discussed that? Andy: we’re discussing it right now
Tobin: no It’s a live discussion I’m so glad you’ve told me Sylvia: It explains so much Lexi: Surely Lexi: There is someone out there Lexi: Who will take me for who I am Lexi: The good Lexi: The bad Lexi: The full story of Lexi: Love

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  1. This looks a bit like any of that pointless Netflix or HBO romcom fare, with the SAME actors and SAME writers and SAME pointless stories and whatnot. Is it supposed to be funny? No… it’s Tina Fey doing Tina Fey amd Anne Hathaway doom Anne Hathaway. Romantic? We will see, but it didn’t look very romantic nor emotional. We can hope. Amazon has raised the streaming game to a higher level with both The Boyz and Carnival Row which beat any other recent show hands down, and made me cancel Netflix and sign up for Prime, so we expect better. Do better, Amazon, try new things.

  2. Look i love love. It's good ,it's pure and it's amazing and I never will deny that. It's just that love is being overrated. We are finding ourselves thinking that our life is not complete without the 'significant other'. Every day we see people whining about love, wasting their perfectly good time. People are unable to bear their own company, and it's so pathetic. What is the meaning of us living when we don't enjoy the 'me' moments. And the parents love or the siblings love is really ignored and people are only interested in one kind of love. People need to realise how pathetic this is…..

  3. Selina Kyle, a.k.a Catwoman, Bruce Wayne's wife in Dark Knight Rises

    Tracy McConnell, Ted Mosby's wife

    Jim Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes' wife (wait…)

  4. Omg so so excited!! This is something I didn’t know I needed in my life ❤️ Anne Hathaway! Andrew Scott! Dev Patel!

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