MOM – Official Trailer | Sridevi | Nawazuddin Siddiqui | Akshaye Khanna | Hindi Thriller Movie

If Wrong… And Not Right…
Are your only options, What will you choose? “Let’s go somewhere far away” “Let’s go somewhere far away” “Let’s go somewhere far away” By the way, papa.
You are looking quite handsome today. What do you want? Don’t you know how
to take a compliment? The last time I looked handsome.. ..I had to buy her
a phone worth Rupees forty thousand. Instead of counselling her.. ..we need to understand her. I always believed,
that things will be fine… ..between Arya and me. But everything is over now. My name is Daya Shankar Kapoor. But you can call me DK in short. By the grace of God, I can deduce the
life of a man, from only his ashes. I am noble but not a fool. I believe an angry person
is capable of anything. I am not sure, if what I am doing …Is right or wrong? It’s wrong. What are you doing in the school? This is your last chance. Have faith in God.
God will set things right. God cannot be everywhere,
Mr. DK. That’s why
He has created a mother. Didn’t you tell them? What? That I’m not your daughter ma’am?

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