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  1. A good movie but serious flaws. Quality police would have put out an APB on Jesse when he was a suspect. Additionally, Lily should have known that she was putting Adam at risk when her ex killed the dog. Btw, did Lily ever do any ranch work or was her sole role to be a constant weepy, victim that gets everyone around her killed?

  2. Is there a reason that he didn’t just ask for a DNA test and litigate his case in court vs murdering innocent people? Imagine being so crazy that this seemed a logical approach to getting access to property?

  3. if I seen smoke in the middle of nowhere on a sunny day , I would get my GUN before looking around ?       YES

  4. So the sisters were actually half-sisters (all with different moms) and there was a half brother too, but he was consider "not kin", but they were all half-siblings. The dad was a man-whore! But they made it like the sisters were not halves, and they all were…

  5. Lovely!!! I enjoyed the movie😘
    It took them long enough to realized that all the father wanted was for them to be together as a family pity the son didnt have a happy ending.

  6. "So bill, Bob, Leroy…if we want to have an honest conversation we have to get naked in a hot tub together"…said no men…ever


  8. The actresses are always pretty and in shape. Their male interests have weak chins, thin lips and dadbods. The actors should be forced into the gym when they get the part

  9. l love how these woman writer's always portray these strong independent ranch woman, l grew up on a ranch and not too many woman could handle the work, best they stay at the house and make sure they cook up a good meal or there ass is down the road for good.

  10. I've read the book 8 years ago n I love the story.. Now I'm watching the film..super tnx for uploading this..l

  11. Spoiler

    I kinda knew it was the half brother the moment they brought it up but I'm surprised that he wasn't the one that killed charlie.

  12. Good movie, so good in fact, this is second time I've watched it. But it has a bit of falsehood to it. By"Montana Sky" ~ you expect to see Montana, right ? Wrong ! It should be titled for where it was filmed. thus the title should be "Alberta Sky " (it was filmed in Alberta, Canada because it's too damn expensive to film in the U.S. anymore ! Too bad for Hollywood, ha ha !)

  13. I want some more cowboys ranch movies on YouTube when your service suck for Netflix and Hulu YouTube is there for me

  14. I had 2 sisters. I was the baby of the 3. I would have loved to have those 2 girls my sisters. Because I was the youngest I was not close to them. They had a bond. I really loved them though.

  15. I've always been confused by the Willa and Adam half sibling thing… so they have the same mother? Cause if they had the same father the fact that Adam and Lily get together would be incesty :S

  16. Nora Roberts made several other movie that are as good as this one! Would be great if you put all of them on here 🙂

  17. Umm when did working in post office become a real job. Most are junkies, committed theft while at work and can’t put a piece of mail in the right dam mailbox! But you right it’s a job but nothing to brag about lol…over worked and you probably to dam old to enjoy the money that’s why you at home watching YouTube because you retired rich lmfao.

  18. Read this book Montana sky by Nora Roberts…. I myself had a feel of living in Montana when reading… The silly fights and affection between those sisters was admirable… Loved this book…
    Going to watch this movie now…

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