Morbius is in Both the MCU and the Raimi Spider-Man Films Somehow? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

Morbius is in Both the MCU and the Raimi Spider-Man Films Somehow? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– Wait, what? Is Morbius in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe and the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films? Knock, knock, let the vampire in because the trailer for the latest in Sony’s Mavel Cinematic
Universe is here. Morbius, folks, that’s right,
the living vampire himself. The new trailer dropped on Monday and fans are already
scratching their heads over it. Reactions have ranged from
saying the film looks generic to saying that Beethoven
himself must be spinning in his grave over this trailer. In fact, the best thing
people seem to be saying are that this film looks
it would have been perfect back in 2005. Which seems to be a recurring theme for some of Sony’s Marvel movies, a.k.a., Tom Hardy’s Venom. – Hey, I’m sorry about Venom. – However, there are two
moments in the trailer that have gotten fan’s attention and they have huge implications for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Spider-Man PS4 Universe and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man
Trilogy from the early 2000s. – Pizza time. – There’s so much going on here because somehow the Morbius movie might take place at the nexus
of all of those timelines where they’re all happening concurrently. – What? – So how is this possible? I know, I have that same question. We’re gonna break it down right now. Now, in case you haven’t
dragged out your comic book long boxes in a while, Morbius is sort of this
anti-hero from Spider-Man Comics whose movie rights have
long been owned by Sony and not the Disney
controlled Marvel division. In fact, you might remember
that Marvel made a deal with Sony to use Spider-Man in the
Marvel Cinematic Universe, a deal that almost fell apart last summer. Fortunately, cooler heads
prevailed in a drunken Tom Holland and both sides realized
that they really like making a lot of money. Wow, me too. But, overall, these Spider-Man characters are controlled by Sony when
it comes to the big screen and they’re able to do
what they wish with them. And Morbius is one of those characters. Now, in the comics Michael
Morbius is a biochemist who tries the radical
treatment of becoming a vampire to fix his rare blood disorder. And look, who wouldn’t? And while this movie most
definitely takes place in the same cinematic
universe as 2018’s Venom it might also take place in
the Marvel Cinematic Universe because the first thing
that has fans talking is that button at the end of the trailer with the appearance of Michael
Keaton as Adrian Toomes a.k.a. the Vulture who was
last seen in the slammer at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which is a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie co-produced by Sony. Now, in that movie’s mid-credit sequence Michael Mando’s Scorpion
teases out the long-time Spider-Man villain team, the Sinister Six. And in this trailer fans are speculating that Vulture is trying to recruit Morbius to join that team as
well when he asks him, “Got tired of doing that
whole good guy thing?” Now, if this movie’s a part of the MCU as indicated with Michael Keaton’s Vulture appearing in both movies, it looks like Sony finally go their way as this is something they’ve wanted to do for a very long time. And Marvel, specifically Kevin Feige, had definitely not wanted to do this since they can’t really control how those Sony Marvel
characters are portrayed on the big screen. You’re not gonna see Tom
Holland chompin’ a lobster while he sits dead ass
in a whole aquarium. (groans) No! You’re gonna see him, like,
not remember cool movies from the ’80s. – I do not want another
single pop culture reference out of you for the rest of the trip. – Of course, if this does tie into the MCU this raises a ton of questions like, is this how they introduce
vampires into the Marvel movies? Did Venom get snapped by Thanos? – Hey, I’m sorry about Venom. – And what about Spider-Man? Like, specifically Tom
Holland’s Spider-Man? How does he fit into this. – (sighs) You’ll fit right in. – But now here’s where
the fun really begins because if that wasn’t confusing enough there’s another shot in this trailer that ties this movie to not only the MCU but to two more Spider-Man
universes as well! In the trailer we see
Morbius in an orange jumpsuit walkin’ past a post of Spider-Man with the word murderer written on it. Murderer most likely refers to the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home when Mysterio frames
Spidey for that catastrophe that happened in London. However, the devil is in the details and eagle-eyed viewers
were quick to notice that the suit in the trailer isn’t the one worn by Tom Holland in Far From Home or anywhere in the Marvel
Cinematic Universe. It’s the suit that was made
famous by Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy. And on top of that the picture itself was taken from a promo
image for Insomniac Games Spider-Man PS4 DLC where
players were able to use the Raimi suit in-game. So, has the video game universe merged with the Raimi-verse and the Venom-verse of Marvel characters as well as the MCU? Well, there are a couple of options here. One is that it’s all true and ooh boy the Spider-verse
has been confirmed for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’re off to the races. Number two is that someone done goofed by using that particular Spider-Man image and it’s gonna be swapped by the time Morbius actually hits theaters. You know, kind of like how Jenny
Slate pronounced symbiotes. – [Jenny] We call them symbiotes. – When they fixed that for the film. – We call them symbiotes. – Simbiotes? – Number three is that this is a poster for the Spider-Man game
in the world of Morbius, a fun little cross-promotion, which would make sense if
you had these major figures in the world, they might
they to capitalize on them. Option four is similar to two, in that the image is gonna be swapped out when the movie comes out but the reason is that the real image is hiding a much bigger reveal, like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man
and a potential cameo. Look, while the Spider-verse
confirmed is a fun theory, if we had to put money on
why this actually happened, it’s most likely because
someone just goofed and we’d imagine they’re gonna
see a fix for this happened before the next trailer comes out. Unless, of course, it’s real, in which case (laughs), oh boy, we’re just gonna have to wait
and see where the facts lie when Morbius hits theaters this summer. What do you folks think? Are all of these universes connected? Is this how Marvel should
set up vampires in the MCU? And did you notice that
Batman, a.k.a. Michael Keaton met the Joker a.k.a Jared
Leto in a Marvel movie? (croaking laugh) – What’s the deal with that? Let’s discuss! Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed what you saw why not give us a like and
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in the pop culture world. (electronic music)

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  1. Sony is only doing this just so they could hold on to the film rights, they don't give a shit if it's confusing or bad. This is going to ruin the MCU and the fact that so many people are okay with this is baffling. Do not go see this movie

  2. The "murderer" Spiderman logo with the tie to Insomniac and Raimi are probably just nods to them. Probably nothing to worry about.

  3. Hey wanna hear a joke?

    Batman (Michael Keaton) met the actual Bat-Man (Morbius)

    Get it because Morbius got powers from bat vampires? Eh?

    I’m gonna see myself out.

  4. vampire coming into the MCU and needs a name
    Cisco Ramon: “M-“
    Marvel: “Morbius, boom”
    Cisco ramon: “for real?.”

  5. Seems like a ridiculous amount of questioning. Because it’s supposed to be graffiti on a brick wall made by some civilian with a can of spray paint that has nothing to do with anything.

  6. If Sony is leaning into the Multiverse/Spiderverse angle, then that could simply be an Adrian Toomes from another universe. In this case from the Toby Maguire universe, and his inclusion could be to get people talking about the trailer, and get across the idea of multiple universes in the film. As for the poster I think Maguire's Spider-man was accused of murder several times wasn't he? This could all be just to create buzz for the movie, and it's totally working.

  7. Or option 5! You're a stupid bunch of nerds who are over thinking things.. it's just a dicing Spiderman picture, who gives a fuck which pic is used

  8. If this is true (I’m open to the possibility that Sony is tricking us, and Keaton is playing a different role), I’ve got mixed feelings about this:
    – On the one hand, Sony’s quality of superhero films is much more hit and miss than Marvel Studios. Even fun properties like Venom are rife with errors that the MCU consistently overcomes. Sony’s especially lacking in an area where the Marvel Studios reigns king: mapping out and planning a cinematic universe.
    – On the other hand, I really like the look of Morbius here. It’s not the scariest thing I’ve seen, but it’s definitely less family-friendly than the MCU is known for, and in a way that justifies its appearance. I’d like the addition of more tonal variance in the MCU; especially with the Blade movie coming. Morbius isn’t a traditional vampire, but I feel like this movie’s potential success could inspire more monstrous-looking vampires in Blade.

  9. It’s not in the raimis Spider-Man they just used his look because they aren’t allowed to use the mcu suit cuz of rights but that is canonically Tom Holland’s Spider-Man after he was framed for killing mysterio and that is vulture from homecoming

  10. Plot twist :Keaton is actually batman whos from the dc universe trying to kill the joker who is disguising himself as a vampire.

  11. It would be cool if it was in the Reimi-verse. Sometime after Spiderman is killed by hob goblin or something. Madame Web could bring Tom Holland from the MCU to fight some bad guys.

  12. Ok so no way would this be an "accident" with the poster when there are only two Spiderman references, I just don't believe that everyone at Sony would miss it. I say either is a marketing gimmick to get people talking, or something else is going on…

  13. Anyone think the use of the Raimi suit in the poster might be an intentional attempt to not violate terms with Marvel Studios? Perhaps they can't use the mcu design in the Sonyverse without a special mutual agreement. Given the tenuous nature of the MCU/Sony agreement on Spidey I bet this is case

  14. I have a theory of Spider-verse being two parallel universes. One exists in MCU where as the other in the Venom-verse. Most of the details are same, Mysterio dies in both universes but the Avengers doesn't exist in Venom-verse. That should make sense about different costumes but same people playing same characters. This could also enable Venom make an appearance in the MCU.

  15. #1Tobey
    nerd, shy, can't make friends, best Spider-Man

    Punk kid, rarely gets bullied, Kissing Gwen 24/7

    died came back still shy at MJ,
    opens up to "less white, gay Spider-Boy"

  16. Anyone just think that the spider man graffiti is just that graffiti artist’s interpretation of spider man’s suit. I feel like we’re over thinking it.

  17. What if Keaton isnt even playing the vulture, that graffiti was only put in for the trailer, and this is all a big marketing scam by Sony? Honestly would make more sense than putting this in the mcu…it just doesnt fit. It's like the Andrew Garfield SM continued without Garfield.

  18. People just don't want to give Sony a chance to get better. They are taking steps to improve…and y'all are being dicks. Guess what disney is a MONOPOLY. I don't like sony. But I hate Disney more.

  19. So we’re all talking about the Spider-Man graffiti, but I just noticed that Morbius is wearing an orange prison jumpsuit while also carrying a change of clothes. No idea if this is or will be significant, but just wanted to point it out…

  20. All the more reason Sony should just give Disney full custody of Spider-Man stuff already, I mean it feels kind of inevitable and in the meantime they are just sort of embarrassing themselves while they drag it out.

  21. Marvel owns Morbius, not Sony. When Sony bought Spider-Man, Morbius had been moved to the Blade comics. Apparently because of that, Morbius remains under Marvel. They loaned Morbius to Sony as a part of the sharing deal. It's a crazy set of documents. Lot's of reading to find out definitively.

  22. Guys cmon the reason they had to use the PS4 spiderman Rami game image, is because they don't own the right to all of Peter's fucking Stark Tech suits.

    Also yes all of these Universe are connected, in the same way the "Universal" incredible hulk is literally the same one as the one in the mcu. That's why hulk hasn't had his own movie in like a decade because Disney don't wanna pay out to Universal.

    We need to stop thinking that Spiderman and Vulture are Mcu (or better yet disney) characters, when in reality they are not.

    They are Sony's movies and characters, if it says in association with marvel it connects to and is apart of the Disney movies just not directly. It's not that hard to grasp.

  23. Spiderverse unfolds, perhaps a quiet deal to use some other spider-man baddies in the MCU proper. It has elements from multiple spider-men because there's been multiple, or one that's been through some serious phases.

  24. I love how everyone is over analyzing it when it all it could be is a Easter egg that calls back to the old movies by o idk just using an old skin to say hey look Easter egg 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  25. Most logical reason why its Rami's spiderman is because since the costumes Holland used in the movies is Stark technology wouldn't that make it Disneys property so Sony cant use it in their movies.

  26. This is definitely a fun theory and would be insane if it actually occurred but I think we're really just gonna see a Spider-Man sinister six with Tom Holland's Spider-Man finally meeting his most famous baddies.

  27. People should stop saying that this movie should connect with MCU Blade.
    Sony doesn't even have the rights to Blade. They shouldn't be allow to use any of the MCU characters, only Spider-man. Plus, we all know this is an alternate universe type world. Legally, Sony isn't even allowed to use MCU Spider-Man Villans, so they'll have to make a new back story for Vulture if they wanna use Keaton.

  28. It’s not that hard this movie takes place after far from home and venom the sam suit was used because marvel owns the rights to this suit from Spiderman far from home and homecoming so they had to use another suit

  29. It be nice if people stop bitching before the movie is released and watch it then come to a conclusion…. But people love to whine about everything so That's never gonna happen

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