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  1. Enough with the time/day/year you are watching this. Nobody gives a CRAP when you are watching it. Just watch it. Enjoy it. And thank the uploader. Then STFU!

  2. 1:07:02 He looks at him like "He's dead" So he shoots the guy the make it look legit. the only problem is, the man jumps after being hit reacting to the shot. Dead people don't move.

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  4. Not looking Ultra HD, and your channel name across the screen spoils the picture let alone poor sound quality!!

  5. J KOK of all Earth love Jerry Wayne McGuire and Jeremy Scott McGuire yet 2019 still just J

  6. Wow such a nice movie thank u for the upload. N thank u people who commented coz that how I choose my movies❤

  7. The name of this movie is A Man Apart 2003. Im gonna try to find it without a banner across the screen for the entire movie.

    Theresa Balser has it on her site.

  8. This is the shining moment every actor must dream of. The perfect display of his mastery of the craft. This is truely must be of such a vein that today must still be pumped full of blood and pulsing with a heartbeat so strong that there can only be a select far too few actors capable of reaching the level that Vin Diesel has so damned wonderfully accomplished here. I wept, I roared, and somewhat uncontrollably, continued to smile through the entirety of this film. Period. The best work this actor has ever showed to me. Thank you Mr. Diesel. Thank you to all the other great actors. Thank you YouTube. Thank you content provider.

  9. Typically yank yank bs,shite 'music' ok its 4 yanks so u gota dumb it down,subtitles 4 Trainspotting? a chick flick ya fannies,or manky records GFY

  10. Why put sub to pur channel across the screen for whole movie. A sure thing to do if u want to turn people away from ur channel. Its completely unnecessary

  11. jig just saying the way he said it he's buying or dealing with Jig, " mexicain. "" that's good answer ing black when they look like spainish black lmao !

  12. make money you loose it no big deal, you make life and you loose it cause who you are you loose it but oppositely. should have a beer in rembrance all this shit /.

  13. I only realised how young vin is WITH OUT beard.
    Only 2017 lokks like kid no more 25s old with mo beard.
    HE'S HANDSOME dude, o I alwsys FANCY HE'S ASS.
    Sexy MTF .
    Ohhhhhhhh on fireeeeeee

  14. How have I never watched this movie before? Vin Diesel my favorite actor (I am sorry but i dont like those cheesy Last and Frustrated) rice rocket car movies but just not my type of movie. However this is one of his best and only saw it now for the first time. Awesome upload but nothing is better than the Riddick Trilogy series of movies like Pitch Black, Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick.
    Vin Diesel was at his peak in this movie and it shows. There are rumors of another Riidick movie to be added to the series and maybe another after that. Damn sweet.
    Riddick for POTUS and who would not want a Necromancer to rip apart the galaxy since we alreasy are evil anyway. We are very likely the evil invading force in some far far away galaxy while time expands we were the ones they call Necros. It is what it is.

  15. great movie. cc no good. sorry, i WON'T subscribe to your channel because you screamed at me to subscribe for 1hr 40 minutes. loose the banner, and i might reconsider

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