Movie Booth FX Hollywood effects in your pocket

Movie Booth FX Hollywood effects in your pocket

Hi everyone. This is Movie Booth FX. Now you might remember I’ve reviewed
similar applications to this in the past where the application allows you to capture a video, and then overlay cool stuff, and it could be things like giant robots or an alien invasion or guns or explosions and things like that and really it’s kind of like giving you a little taste of Hollywood. Let’s have a look at Movie Booth. So, you have three main types of effect, action, science-fiction and horror and if you go into each one you then have the actual stages as it were
that you can add to your video. So air attacks, machine guns, heavy machine guns, a whip, pistols, AK47s, shotguns, helicopter crash then science-fiction, UFOs, falling money, dangerous mech or we’ll call it a light sword, but light sabre and then horror effects. And so if you want to add one of these to your video what you do is…let’s grab a flame thrower. Just have to download that from the server. It doesn’t take too long to download and what you do is you set up your scene effectively with what you want to record, so what you want to make a video of you use the application to make the video as it’s showing you here and this target is basically the area where the main effect is going to occur. And you press record and it starts recording and it tells you how long you need to wait really to capture enough video footage to do the overlay. And each one of these effects has a slightly different length of time. Some are 30 seconds some 20 seconds. And while this is happening you can move your camera around if you want to or have people acting within the scene
or just capturing whatever funny thing you want to capture in front of you. Once you’ve got your video footage press the stop button and what it will now do is it will start to render the effect over the top of your video. You can also pick as you noticed back there a second, where you would like the effect to start. Usually you’re going to start it right at the beginning. Obviously how long this takes tends to depend on, you know, the power of the device that you’re working with. The more powerful the device, the Galaxy Note 2 in this case, the quicker it’s going to be able to render. So do bear that in mind if you have one of the
slower devices or a slightly older device out there. Obviously, the longer the video is as well, the longer it will take to render so if you’ve shot two or three minutes of
footage you can be waiting quite a long time. But with 20 seconds it takes around 20-30 seconds to do the render. So there we go. Now you can see, this is the video I recorded behind and this is the special effect placed
on top. And as you can see, it does a really good job
of kind of creating that Hollywood special effect. I was really really impressed with this app. Effectively Movie Booth FX uses in-app purchases so you get a few of the effects to begin with to have a look at and play around with and then if you want to buy any of the extra effects you can just download them and then use an in-app purchase for them. And I just found FX movie effects a really great bit of fun. Certainly I think when you’re kind of looking just to do something
a little bit different with your video or just add some extra flair and awesomeness to it. This is a great app to do it with. So go grab it. At the moment you can buy all of them for 50% off so if you do want every single one of these apps rather than just buying them individually they give you a 50% off discount which I think is quite nice. Plenty of things here to have a play with. Certainly I think there were more
special effects available in this application than in previous ones I’ve reviewed which is fantastic from my point of view. You want good value for money don’t you? And as many of these special effects as humanly possible. So there you go. Movie Booth FX certainly worth a play.

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