Movie Sex Scenes and Intimacy — Are You Doing it Right?

Movie Sex Scenes and Intimacy — Are You Doing it Right?

Sex. You’ve been doing it
wrong this whole time. In your scenes, I mean. “It’s not what it looks like.” Sex in film and television
will affect your viewership. One way or another. “-Take me to pleasure town. -Oh, we’re going.” So you’ll want to strategize your approach
in a thoughtful and precise manner. Today, we’re going to analyze
sex scenes in film and television to see which are
the most effective and which are considered
to be gratuitous. “This is graphic.” We’re going to touch
on three things, you’ll want to consider when
planning and filming your sex scenes. Story. Tone. And value. Before we jump in,
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to stay in the loop. The first thing you need to
do is consider your story. Many viewers who don’t like
sex in film will accept it as long as it has a purpose
within the overall story. If you have a story about
a group of halflings who walk across a fantasy land
with a magic ring in their pocket, the subject matter may not beg
for a steamy ménage à trois. But though, one could argue. But a film about a marital
affair might require at least one sex scene
to keep things on track. While a story about
lust and betrayal, might also call for a sex scene, but with a much more
nefarious purpose. What about a movie that is all about one man’s
quest to finally have sex. It should mark a
critical milestone in your hero’s journey. Otherwise,
it will be unmotivated. “Something doesn’t feel right.” Our second
consideration is tone. Tone is the attitude
you bring to a story. Is it light and bright? Dark and moody. Or something else? “That’s the spot right there.” If the sex is romantic, filmmakers often take
a lighter approach like a kiss under the moon. If sex is a source of tension, it may work better
to show it off a bit. Sex can be funny too. “-Hi. -Hi. -Hi.” Comical sexual encounters, focus on facial expressions
and awkward blocking. “-Okay,
do you mind not saying that…. -Do you wanna gag me? -Kind of now.” Which brings us to our last
category of consideration. Value. Value refers to both the
artistic and economic effect that sex will have
on your project. The rating system in
the United States, scrutinizes sexual scenes
more than anything else. “-No.” Most blockbuster films
feature very little sex. If you want the coveted
teenage demographic, you won’t want to
show a lot of sex. It’s economically prudent until. Enter.. The filmmakers at the very least wanted to show the sex that was
used all throughout the books. But the sex isn’t purely
for entertainment value because Game of Thrones shows
the dark side of people. There is a twisted precedent
for Ramsey’s villainous actions. “-Oh no, no. You stay hearing.” Game of Thrones may have shown an undeniably
heinous act of millions of viewers in the world of power, to generate narrative value. Did they show too much? Let’s recap. When considering a sex
scene in your next project. Remember to consider the story. Tone. “Do I make you horny?” And value. When in doubt, you may be better off
leaving certain things to the imagination. “-Love me. -That’s my robe.” If you plan your sex scenes out and
take into consideration these elements, you will inspire confidence
in everyone on set. “Cut. Terrific. Nice work. What are some of the most tastefully
executed sex scenes in your opinion? Tell us in the comments. “-Does that feel good?” – I still can’t feel anything. -Okay, `cause it hurts me.” Check the description to
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  1. Another amazing video by Legends, great lesson for young film-makers.
    Things I learned from my first short movie.

  2. I thought the sex scene in The Terminator was nice because it shows it as a very caring act of two people on the run for their lives. I still have memories of the old Michael Douglas films though that are pretty awful now I think back to it. I think those films were made from men's fear of female sexual empowerment. I am still waiting to see a female sexual empowerment movie done right!
    Actually there was one that was ok. She wasn't an empowered person or anything but The Reader with Kate Winslet.

  3. For me, it's generally implied. A bare shoulder, an undraped back, an embrace. But to each his own; sex sells, right?

  4. No mention of one of the most important things to consider when filming sex scenes: the respect for actors’ and (especially) actresses’ integrity. Intimacy directors have been present on most “sexually intensive” tv shows nowadays – that’s a role that would’ve been worth highlighting. Also, not a single shot of non-heterosexual sex was used to illustrate the video… 😬 I love this channel but this episode could’ve done a little better

  5. I remember my first sex scene as a child…Basic Instinct. That's the one with the ice pick right? lol

  6. Karl X Johan – Flames video clip is tastefully intense and sensual scenes because of the supper closeup and creative editing the sex becomes suggestive. You should check it out.

  7. Ahahahaha you can use "The Room" when you want to show a bad example of ANYTHING movie-related. 😀 Super-fun video!

  8. Sir plz make sure that we can use studio binder like…offline software like cletx & final draft ✍📄

  9. Since Hollywood is disproportionately gay, it is nearly impossible for them to depict a good, erogenous heterosexual sex scene.

  10. I think the sex scene in “Don’t look now” and the way it’s edited is one of the best ones I’ve seen in recent memory (I have chills while I’m writing this). Also Almodovar is quite good in staging those, I remember the one at the beginning of “Los abrazos rotos” and the one with the trans in “La mala educacion"

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